tagLesbian SexExplanation of Love 02

Explanation of Love 02


Chapter 8

"Wish Clark's was open," Paula admitted as she ushered them into the kitchen.

"Two o'clock in the morning?" Terry asked sleepily.

"Yeah," Paula sighed. "Only thing I hate about living in this itty bitty town; nothing's open after the sun goes down."

"Uh huh," Terry smiled.

"And it's always so damned hard coming down after a rough one like tonight," Paula went on.

"I bet!" Terry agreed.

"Thank God I got a hot tub," Paula said, opening the door to the small patio.

"You got a hot tub?" Terry asked, peering at the covered box.

"Yeah, come on," Paula said, pulling the cover off.

"I um, I don't have a suit," Terry said.

"And?" Paula asked, already dropping her clothing to the concrete patio floor.

"Paula!" Terry gasped, looking around. "Suppose someone sees us?"

"Stone wall, Paula said, pointing. "And if they do, so what?"

Paula dashed inside for a moment, and then returned with two large towels.

She turned on the jets of the tub, smiled and walked up the small step ladder, then sat in the swirling water.

Terry looked around furtively, then steeled herself and took off her own clothing.

"Damn, you really do have a beautiful body," Paula murmured as Terry rapidly scampered up the ladder and into he bubbling water.

"Oh, this is nice!" Terry sighed.

"Yeah, supposed to seat five, but only if all five are real good friends," Paula said and touched the touch screen. "You mind if I turn the temperature up a little?"

"No, go for it," Terry said, enjoying the feeling of the jets pummeling her gently.

They were seated across from each other, both with their heads lolled back. Moments later, Terry felt Paula's toes touch her foot.

She giggled as Paula's foot slowly edged up her calf.

Paula lazily rubbed her foot up and down Terry's shin, and then disappeared. Then her other foot began to trace up Terry's other calf.

"Quit!" Terry giggled.

In answer, both of Paula's feet came up on the outside of Terry's lower legs and affectionately squeezed in a 'hug.'

A moment later, one of Paula's feet again rubbed up and down Terry's leg, then began trying to come between Terry's legs. Terry instinctively parted her legs a little.

"I love you," Paula whispered dreamily.

"Love you too," Terry murmured.

"Yeah?" Paula asked, insinuating her foot between Terry's thighs.

Terry's head buzzed slightly from the feelings Paula was giving her. Inside, she felt tingly, warm.

"What are you doing?" Terry asked

"Nothing. What are you doing?" Paula asked.

"Nothing," Terry giggled.

"Paula!" Terry suddenly gasped as Paula's big toe rubbed against her pussy.

"What?" Paula asked innocently.

"Quit!" Terry demanded as Paula's big toe rubbed at the top of her slit.

"Don't like my toe playing with your kitty cat?" Paula asked, pulling her toe slightly back, but still between Terry's thighs.

"No!" Terry said.

"Aw!" Paula said. "But my toe likes your little kitty cat!"

"Paula!" Terry giggled as Paula wiggled her toes.

"In fact," Paula said and pulled her foot from in between Terry's thighs.

"I think," Paula said and floated to sit next to Terry.

"ALL of me likes your little kitty cat," Paula said and placed a hand on Terry's belly.

"Paula!" Terry whispered urgently.

"What?" Paula asked, leaning her face close to Terry's face.

"I thought you said you weren't gay," Terry asked as Paula kissed the side of Terry's neck.

"I'm not," Paula said softly.

"But you keep..." Terry protested weakly as Paula softly licked Terry's neck.

"No," Paula said, playfully poking Terry's nose with her forefinger. "YOU; YOU'RE the one keep making me do these things."

"What?" Terry protested.

"I'm not gay," Paula affirmed, nuzzling Terry's ear lobe. "But somehow, I don't know how, but somehow you just really get to me."

"But I..." Terry turned to argue.

Paula slid her tongue into Terry's mouth. Her fingers pressed gently at the back of Terry's head, holding her into the kiss. Her other hand came up and softly stroked Terry's face and ear.

Terry returned the kiss, her hands mirroring Paula's.

Finally, Paula broke the kiss and looked into Terry's blue eyes.

"I mean it," Paula whispered. "When I said I love you, I mean it."

"I mean it too," Terry whispered her voice barely audible over the bubbling water.

"I'm not gay," Paula said, kissing Terry's nose.

"But the whole time I was working, all I could think of was getting home and being with you," Paula said, kissing Terry's eye lids.

Suddenly, the timer dinged and the jets slowly died down.

"We have to get out now?" Terry quietly asked.

"Yeah," Paula said, lightly stroking Terry's face. "Come on."

They kissed for a few more minutes, and then Paula slowly stood on the seat, swung her leg out and stepped down the step ladder.

Terry could see that Paula's nipples and large aureole were hard and wrinkled and that Paula's inner pussy lips peeked out, puffy, purple.

Terry got out and when her feet were firmly on the concrete floor, Paula began to lovingly envelop Terry in a fluffy towel.

"Here, I'll dry you off," Paula cooed.

Terry felt Paula's lips press against her bare shoulder, then felt Paula's teeth bite down on the flesh.

Paula took Terry's hand and pulled her into the condo.

"Ooh!" Terry gasped when the chilled air hit her damp flesh.

"Hurry!" Paula giggled, slamming the door shut.

They scampered up the stairs and into Paula's bedroom.

"Here, quick, get under the covers," Paula ordered.

Terry slid into the bed, which sent it rocking wildly for a moment.

Paula scampered around, lighting several candles. Then she crawled into the bed and wiggled under the covers and took Terry into an embrace.

: God, you're even more beautiful by candle light," she husked and pressed her lips to Terry's lips.

"You keep saying that," Terry said when Paula pulled her head back.

"It's the truth," Paula whispered.

"But you're the beautiful one," Terry whispered and softly stroked Paula's face.

Paula softly kissed Terry's lips. She sucked Terry's bottom lip into her mouth and chewed it lightly. She put her left hand underneath Terry's face, cupping Terry's right cheek.

Her right hand lazily ran up and down Terry's arm. Paula released Terry's bottom lip and softly kissed Terry's mouth again.

"I love you," Paula mouthed, then kissed Terry's chin.

Gently, Paula put her right hand on Terry's hip, rubbing in small strokes. Her lips kissed lightly on Terry's neck.

Paula smiled as Terry let out a small sigh.

She kissed Terry's collarbone, then slid down slightly.

"Ooh!" Terry sighed as Paula's teeth lightly grazed her shoulder.

Paula's right hand traced up Terry's side, along Terry's rib cage.

Paula's right hand reached Terry's left breast just as her mouth encircled Terry's right nipple.

"Oh, God, Paula!" Terry softly protested.

Paula's tongue licked around Terry's hard nipple while her right hand softly stroked Terry's left breast.

Terry's hands came up from her sides. She put her arms around Paula's neck and held Paula's head to her breast.

Paula pulled her left hand from Terry's face and reached down to cup Terry's right breast. She kissed from Terry's right nipple, down the inside of Terry's right breast, to the space where the two breasts pushed against each other, then up to the left nipple.

Paula let out a small groan of pleasure as Terry's trembling hand lightly touched her right breast.

"I've never..." Terry whispered as her trembling hand clumsily stroked Paula's breast.

Paula continued to suckle Terry's nipple while her left hand gently guided Terry's left hand on her breast.

Paula smiled as she felt Terry's lips gently press on the top of her head.

She gently pressed her palms against Terry's breasts, 'drying' her saliva from Terry's nipples. She then tilted her head up and kissed Terry's gaping mouth.

"I have two of them," she whispered, smiling as she grabbed Terry's hands and pushed them firmly against her breasts.

Paula kept her hands on top of Terry's hands, pushing the hands into her hard nipples. She thrust her tongue into Terry's mouth and smiled as Terry energetically returned the kiss.

Paula again slid down slightly and again kissed and licked Terry's neck and shoulders. Terry continued to rub her palms over Paula's heavy breasts, sighing as Paula's mouth touched her hot flesh.

Paula's mouth again encircled Terry's right nipple but her hands now traveled down to Terry's taut belly.

"Oh God, I'm so ticklish," Terry moaned, warning Paula.

"Uh huh," Paula murmured and released Terry's right nipple.

"Oh!" Terry sighed at the loss of Paula's mouth.

The last boy Terry's had in her bed had been clumsy, almost savage in his treatment of her flesh. He'd sucked on her nipple so hard, it actually hurt putting a bra on.

Paula's mouth, however, was soft, loving, and sensual.

Paula's hands were now caressing Terry's hips as her mouth kissed softly on Terry's belly.

Terry combed her fingers through Paula's reddish blonde hair.

Terry bit back a scream as Paula lightly bit down on her belly.

"Oh God!" Terry groaned as Paula's lips again applied feather light kisses on her belly. "Oh God, Paula! I don't know how much more..."

Terry stiffened as Paula's soft lips gave a gentle kiss to her navel.

She felt Paula's hands softly pushing on her legs and slowly parted her thighs.

Terry sucked in a great lungful of air as she felt Paula's soft lips kiss her pubic mound, just where her blonde pubic curls began.

"Oh God, Paula!" Terry gasped as she felt Paula kiss her all over her pubic mound.

"Aaiigh!" Terry screamed as Paula's tongue grazed her throbbing clitoris.

Terry shook in orgasm; Paula just lightly stroked her belly and upper thighs.

When Terry finally quit convulsing, Paula again began to softly kiss her pubic mound.

"Mmm!" Terry heard Paula moan.

Paula's tongue licked slowly, softly, from bottom to top, between the right outer and right inner pussy lips. Then, so slowly, softly, licked up from bottom to top on the left side.

'"Oh, you taste so..." Paula moaned from under the sheets and comforter.

Terry's limbs tensed as Paula slowly and softly licked up and down the outside of Terry's slit. Terry let out a shuddering sigh as Paula blew warm breath over her pubic mound.

Paula's tongue snaked into Terry's drooling pussy. And again slowly licked from bottom to top.

Terry tensed as Paula's tongue flattened against her clitoris. Just as she was about to crest, though, Paula again dipped her tongue into Terry's pussy, away from Terry's throbbing clitoris.

Again, Paula rested her tongue against Terry's clitoris, but just before Terry exploded in orgasm, Paula returned her tongue to the inner walls of Terry's pussy.

"Please, Paula," Terry weakly whispered after a third time Paula denied her an orgasm.

Terry felt Paula's soft lips encircle her clitoris, then a moment later, felt Paula begin to hum.

With a shriek, Terry exploded in orgasm.

When Terry quit shuddering, Paula began to lick up and down her slit again.

"No more, please Paula," Terry weakly begged.

Paula ignored her, softly, slowly licking her way up, toward Terry's clitoris.

"Please Paula," Terry begged again.

Paula did not respond, just again took Terry's hypersensitive clitoris into her lips and then began to hum.

"Ah God! Oh shit! God damn it, Paula!" Terry again shrieked in orgasm.

With soft kisses for every inch of flesh she encountered, Paula wormed her way back out from under the covers. She looked at Terry's sweaty face and smiled.

She laid her head on Terry's gasping chest, curled her arm around Terry's torso and said, "I love you."

"Love," Terry gasped. "You. Too."

Terry caught her breath and realized that Paula was sound asleep, head laid on her chest.

She softly pressed her lips to the top of Paula's head, lay her head down on the sweat soaked pillow and fell asleep.

Chapter 9

For a moment, Terry didn't know where she was. The murmur of voices had awakened her and she glanced around the dark room.

"Sherri, that's black mail," Paula sighed. "Fine, fine; be there at one."

Terry swung her legs out of the bed and stepped onto the cold floor.

"Well, I'm bringing Terry with me," Paula said.

Terry didn't hear the rest of the conversation; she was in the bathroom emptying her bladder.

A glimpse into the large mirror made Terry pause and look. She had to agree with Paula; she did have a beautiful body. Not quite as sexy, as sensual as Paula's body and her face were not as beautiful as Paula's, but terry had to agree; she was beautiful in her own right.

"Dinner at Ron and Sherri's, one o'clock," Paula snapped, striding into the bathroom. "Please, please, please tell me you'll go with me?"

"Well of course," Terry agreed.

"And," Paula said, opening the door of the shower.

Terry joined Paula in the large shower cubicle.

She looked at Paula's nude body, looked at Paula's large breasts and large nipples, flat belly, and dimpled navel. She smiled as she looked at Paula's reddish blonde pubic hair, trimmed into a little heart that left most of Paula's slit bare.

Paula's legs were muscular, shapely.

And as usual, Paula's heels did not touch the ground, almost as if she were wearing her customary high heels.

"Listen," Paula said, starting the shower. "I'll be introducing you as my lover."

"Paula! Why?" Terry cried out.

"Two reasons," Paula smiled and grabbed Terry in an embrace.

"One," she said, kissing Terry softly. "It's true."

"And two," she said, bringing a hand down to caress Terry's tight ass. "It'll just fuck up their whole world."

Again, Paula was aggressive in the shower, but because there was no time constraints, she did not force herself to stop.

Terry too was willing to lather up Paula's curvaceous body and surprised herself and Paula when she used the thick washrag to masturbate Paula to an orgasm.

"I do love you so," Paula whispered in Terry's ear.

"I love you too," Terry affirmed.

"Thank God I put in that tankless water heater," Paula laughed as she finally rinsed herself free of lather.

Terry wrapped her wet hair in a towel, grabbed a towel and blotted the dampness out of Paula's hair, then pulled her onto the bed.

"Oh, I LIKE this!" Paula giggled as Terry sat behind her, legs wrapped around Paula's waist.

"Shush; this is so I can do your hair," Terry said, kissing Paula's shoulder.

Slowly, languidly, she brushed Paula's longhair. Some brush strokes were interrupted so that she could kiss Paula's shoulders, back, or neck.

"Fuck, Terry! That's it!" Paula said after Terry gave a final brush stroke. "I'm never going anywhere else to have my hair done!"

"Better not," Terry warned.

Terry then unwrapped her own hair and brushed it out. Paula searched through their clothing and picked out their outfits for dinner at her parents' house.

"You're not allergic to cats, huh?" Paula asked as she put their panties on the bed.

"If I was, too late now, huh?" Terry smiled as she finished her own hair.

"Okay, Paula said and grabbed Courtney as the cat jumped onto the bed to see what was going on.

"Paula, what are you doing?" Terry asked as Paula rubbed their clothing on the protesting cat.

"Ron's highly, deathly allergic to cats," Paula shrugged.

Terry looked at the clothing and wrinkled her face; the clothing seemed very inappropriate for a family Sunday dinner.

Paula hat put Terry's black sports bra a short sleeve white blouse and a pair of white shorts on the bed, along with white thong panties.

Paula's own out fit was very similar, red bikini top, yellow blouse and yellow shorts. She also had a pair of white thong panties.

"Noticed you have those really pretty black sandals; wear those, okay?" Paula ordered.

"Paula' I hate those shorts; they're always creeping up my butt," Terry complained. "You really want me to wear those the first time I meet your family?"

"Absolutely," Paula affirmed. ESPECIALLY if they creep up your butt."

"All right," Terry shrugged and brushed some of the cat hair off of her panties.

"Oh God damn, you are one beautiful woman!!" Paula enthused as Terry put the clothing on.

"Paula, I look like a slut!" Terry complained.

"Don't!" Paula snapped no smile on her face. "Don't EVER say that again!"

"What?" Terry asked, confused.

Paula was very matter-of-fact about being a whore; why would the word 'Slut' upset her? The tone of voice and the scowl she now wore told Terry that the word 'Slut' did upset Paula greatly.

Paula slipped on a pair of bright red sandals.

"Sluts are stupid, selfish, classless people," Paula snapped. "My mother is a slut. Amber and Kenyata are sluts. They're too stupid to know just how fucking pathetic they are."

Paula grabbed Terry and kissed her forcefully.

"You are not a slut," Paula affirmed, resting her hand on Terry's bare belly. "You are a sweet, loving, beautiful little girl."

She kissed Terry again, rubbing Terry's bare belly.

"Now, come on; we got about an hour to kill before we go to Ron and Sherri's," Paula said, grabbing Terry's hand.

They scampered down the stairs. Just as they reached the kitchen door, Terry stamped her foot in impatience.

"Damn it, see?" Terry complained, turning around so that her back was to Paula. "See? This is why I hate these shorts! My ass is all hanging out!"

"God, Terry, I would kill to have an ass like yours!" Paula shrilled. "Those shorts are just perfect on you!"

Terry did not believe Paula, but fished the shorts out of the crack of her ass, and followed Paula into the garage.

"I figure, there's about three or four used car lots between here and Ron and Sherri's; we'll just take a quick look and see what they've got, all right?" Paula said.

"Okay," Terry shrugged.

The first lot was close to the two seediest strip clubs in Bender and the cars available reflected the neighborhood.

"Good God! I wouldn't let my cats piss in those things, much less drive any of them!" Paula said, driving on to the next car lot.

"Oh yeah, this is the 'Church of the Used Car and Salvation,'" Paula sneered as a few people spilled out of the office, dressed in quite conservative clothing.

"What?" Terry asked.

"It's a used car lot; guy who runs it also has a church set up in his office," Paula explained. "He calls himself Reverend Zechariah Smith."

Paula peered past Terry at the cars that dotted the sales lot.

"Ooh, now that's a cute little car," Paula said, pointing to a Volkswagen Beetle convertible. "We'll come see it after dinner, okay?"

The third lot had a Mini-Cooper and an Escalade SUV. Paula pulled into the lot and got out of the car.

Terry went to adjust her shorts.

"Don't," Paula hissed.

"Paula, I got my ass hanging out all week long in them shorts I wear for work," Terry complained.

"Uh huh; you got any idea how fucking hot you look?" Paula asked and pulled her to the Mini-Cooper.

"You not thinking of trading that in, huh?" a salesman approached, indicating Paula's BMW.

"No, not really," Paula said and bent over to peer into the small car.

The salesman's cock immediately sprang up as Paula's shorts crept high into her crack.

"Um, that's a two um, two thousand and nine," he said. "Got only thirty four thousand miles on it."

"Uh huh; how much?" Paula asked, turning so that he could see her full breasts in the skimpy bikini top.

"Seventeen five," the salesman croaked.

"Uh huh," Paula smiled and licked her lips. "That Escalade over there?"

"Uh, yes ma'am, it's an uh," the man stammered as Paula again licked her lips slowly.

"Come on Terry, let's take a look at it," Paula demanded, grabbing Terry's hand.

"Almost feel sorry for the poor bastard," Paula giggled as they strolled across the clam shell parking lot to the gleaming black Escalade.

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