my poems are more than descriptive
they're down right explicit
but if it ain't broke
i'm not gonna fix it
my topics run the gamut
i write about everything
strip clubs, lap dances
and one night flings
if you're not into raunchy
then steer clear of my work
my stuff might make you blush and embarrassed
and your little feelings may get hurt
there's nothing wrong with saying
pussy, ass, and dick
i'm just open and honest about sex
not some pervert who's sick
you can get offended
but i won't apologize
if this poem is too much for you
maybe you should close your eyes
i've got my doctorate
in sexology
that's why so many
seek sexual advice from me
i might say tits and boobs
before i say breasts
because i decide
what words work best
if my stuff turns you off
you may be excused
don't want you feeling violated
or morally abused
i talk about tossing salads
which means eating ass
i've even talked about
drinking cum from a glass
i've talked about orgies
where there are no men
it's not up to you to deicde
if my craft is looked at as a sin
you may have seen my pictures
and been in severe disgust
but the majority of people
are over taken with lust
my work is not
for the faint of heart
when it comes to sexual matters
my work is where you should start
i can teach you some things
like lessons and tricks
my pictures and poems
are a high voltage mix
when i mention golden showers
your jaw may drop
you might even questioin my ability
to fuck non-stop
when it comes to masturbation
you many think it's wrong
then i'll know you'll have a problem
with a man in a thong
i cover all the bases
from "a" to "z"
there's not another picture taking poet
who can fuck with me

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