tagNonConsent/ReluctanceExploitation of a Housewife Ch. 2

Exploitation of a Housewife Ch. 2

byA Cracker Slut©

Fay was in a mess, it had been two days since the incident at the tennis club and she couldn't think about anything else, she wanted to wake up and realise it had all been a dream but she knew that wasn't going to happen.

Fay seemed to have only two emotions at the moment she was either racked with guilt or so horny she thought she might burst. It was exhausting her, wearing her down, she needed to talk to someone, get it all out of her system but she had no one to turn to. Richard had left for a business trip the night of the incident, he had been in such a rush he didn't notice any change in his adoring wife.

Since then Fay had been on her own, she hadn't dared go to the tennis club, she was scared she might bump into her Master. She knew only to well she wouldn't be able to resist his instructions if they met face to face. She had thought of little else these last two days, his face haunted her dreams, he was always dominating her, using her, fucking her.

She had woken up in a sweat a couple of times, the image of herself on her knees sucking a cock or being fucked from behind was always at the front of her mind. She hadn't dared to make herself come, she knew his rules, she needed permission. Although she couldn't understand why she was agreeing to his terms, he wasn't there, she only knew she had to obey her Master's wishes.

That was Fay's main dilemma, she wanted out of her predicament, but part of her was desperate for it to continue. What worried her was that the part that wanted to continue was winning the battle at the moment.

Fay had kept her Master's card in her purse at all times, she could almost hear it calling her, ring the number, ring the number. So far she had resisted, but Fay had a feeling today would be the day she bowed to the need within her and called her Master.

At midday it became to much for Fay, she was pacing in the hall way, heart thumping, phone in hand, the card in her purse, she had already memorised the number. She dialled, her hands shaking, she could barely press the right numbers. It was ringing, Fay panicked, what was she going to say, god I'm sweating, she thought. The line connected.


"S..S..Sir its me"

"Who's me?"

"Your slut sir."

Fay could just make out the sound of quiet chuckling.

"That didn't take long slut, missing me already are you"

Fay was already excited, just the sound of his voice was enough to set her clit throbbing. The realisation that she was missing her Master hit her hard, she slumped down on the stairs what was happening to her.

"Yes Sir your slut has been missing her Master"

"Good Slut, now what do you want?"

"I need to see you Sir"

"OK beg me first though"

"Please Sir I need to see you, I want fucking, I need to be used, I don't care how, I just need it"

To her shame the words tumbled from her mouth, she blushed at her readiness to utter obscenities.

"Here are your instructions slut, obey them to the letter or you know what happens. I want you to dress like a cheap tart for me, tiny skirt, tight top, no underwear you know the deal, don't forget the high heels either. Ring me back when you are finished and don't keep me waiting slut"

With that the line went dead, Fay scampered upstairs, she had no idea what her Master had planned for her but she could feel her excitement mounting, she felt deliciously alive again as though the cloud had lifted, she knew she would get what she so desperately needed. Fay accepted that she would have to work for the fucking she was sure to receive but didn't care.

She frantically started searching her wardrobe, she normally wore subtly tailored dresses and suits and very much doubted she had anything tarty. Inspiration struck, she saw the bin bag in the corner of the room. Fay knew it contained a load of her old clothes from her school days, she had meant to take them to the tennis club for their charity drive and had clean forgotten. She tore the bag open clothes spilling out all over the floor.

Fay pulled out a skirt, it was so short she knew it would barely cover her ass let alone anything else, she set it aside looking for a top to match it. She picked a skin-tight white boob tube with a flower on the front, ideal, very tarty, nearly see through. She hoped her Master would love it, it would certainly show of her assets to full effect.

Fay stripped and flung her old clothes on quickly, just stopping to check herself in the mirror as she pulled on her high heels. The image that presented itself could not of been farther removed from the smartly attired well off women she normally looked like. Fay thrilled at her transformation, she looked like a cheap tart, nipples clearly visible, skirt just touching the top of her thigh, teetering on her heels. She knew she looked hot and was all too aware what anyone seeing her would think. She didn't care, all she could think about was pleasing her Master.

She went downstairs careful not to trip on the stairs, the skirt swirling around her. God what did I do with the phone? There on the hallway table. She re-dialled.

"That was quick Slut, I hope you complied fully you will be punished if you didn't"

"Yes Sir, I complied fully, I am a good slut"

"OK get in the car and get on the A3, take the turning for Surbiton and when you get there head into Kingston. Park in the drapers car park on any floor you like, then wait for me at the ground floor entrance, then we go shopping, Understand slut?"

Fay was paralysed, she hadn't imagined her Master would make her go out in public like this. Yesterday's brief public walk to the toilets and back had been bad enough but she had known it would only be short lived. To have to go shopping dressed like this was too much to bear, she could feel her tears rising, the words sticking in her throat.

"Don't make me wait slut"

"Sir your slut will be waiting for you"

The line clicked dead again, Fay sat down on the stairs, her earlier thoughts of excitement replaced with ones of dread. What if she saw someone she knew, she couldn't explain why she was dressed in such a way, never mind the fact she was with a huge black man. She sniffed once again she knew she had no choice, the thought of the video getting distributed amongst her friends and associates was a far worse fate than going shopping dressed like a tart, might as well get on with it, she thought.

Fay drove, deep in thought, she had resigned herself to her fate and was now fixating on the fucking she so badly wanted and needed. She was trying to figure out how she could get her Master to fuck her, so far he had only let her suck him off, she couldn't believe he didn't want her as much as she wanted him.

Fay parked up and sat for a moment trying to remain calm, she was virtually naked. The clothing she did have on made her look like an eighteen year old, not just any eighteen year old either, an eighteen year old slut, a sure thing at any party, good for fucking and nothing else.

She got out of the car, smoothed her skirt down and made for the stairs. Trying desperately to think about something other than the heat between her legs and her throbbing nipples. She headed down the stairs, the all familiar car park smell of urine in her nostrils. The stairs allowed anyone following, or in front of her to see her nudity, at least its warm she thought as air played over her pussy hair, tickling her.

She stood outside the car park, it was next to a busy road and she could see the heads of drivers and passengers swivelling round to get a second look at her. She blushed at the attention, secretly thrilled at the openly lustful looks she was receiving.

A loud blast from a car horn rang out, her master had finally arrived, Fay waved shyly at him as all eyes turned to her to see what all the noise was about. She blushed at the attention realising that her Master had engineered the first humiliating episode of the day for her. His car disappeared into the car park and Fay was left with her cheeks cooling as the embarrassment subsided.

"Good Slut finally you look like the cheap slutty tart you really are"

Bill groped her ass, Fay's blush returning as she caught the disapproving stares of the people walking past.

"Thank you sir, your slut is glad you approve"

Fay was hoping no one could hear her talking like this, her battered sensibilities couldn't take much more abuse.

"OK slut lets go shopping I hope you have your credit card handy you'll need it for what I have in mind"

With that they set of into Kingston, they looked like an unlikely couple. Bill was very smartly turned out in an expensive looking black tailored suit. Fay on the other hand looked like a tart that had been picked up by a business man for the afternoon. She was only to aware of the looks she was receiving. Disapproval from the older couples walking about, smirking looks of pity from the thirtysomethings and blatant leering and whistling from the builders and adolescent boys.

By the time they reached the Bentalls centre a small crowd of teenage boys were following at a discreet distance, not to far enough away however for Fay not to catch the filthy degrading comments. They stopped at the entrance.

"Before we go in be a good slut and give your fans a look at what there missing"

Fay looked at her Master imploringly, her eyes desperately searching for a shred of pity, there was none, part of her had known there wouldn't be. Fay bent from the waist, her skirt rising to reveal her cunt, framed by her firm shapely thighs, exposed for all to see.

Fay craned her head round for an indication of how long she must stay in this position, the blood rushing to her head making her cheeks flush. The overwhelming feeling of shame was twisting her stomach inside out, compounded by the throbbing heat between her thighs that seemed to be increasing in light of her further humiliation.

"You may get up now slut"

Fay gladly straightened up, she was acutely aware of the whistling and shouting from the small crowd that had followed them from the car park. She was blushing furiously, eyes downcast secretly pleased that she was being lusted after by so many men at once.

Bill gripped her arm and hauled her inside the shopping centre, making her trip slightly as she tried to keep up with him.

"You enjoy being the centre of attention don't you you naughty slut"

"Yes Sir"

"Good your due a lot of attention today slut, but first lets shop, clothes first, I want my slut to look her best when she's out and about with me"

"Yes Sir"

They walked to the quicksilver shop on the first floor, Fay knew the sort of clothing sold in the shop, she even had one of there bikini's for her holidays. It was all skimpy skirts and low cut blouses, more suited to young girls with suntans and bleached hair than respectable ladies of leisure.

Her master was already searching the racks, pulling items out at random, holding them up against her, as though she was just a clotheshorse. A young woman came over to help them.

"Hi, may I help you guys? Maybe you would like to try some clothes on, we have changing rooms out back"

She was about 19, her name badge said "Hi I am Sarah", she was very pretty, blonde hair, blue eyes and a stunning figure. Fay had never really looked at another woman before, but so much had changed over the last few days that she found herself imagining the young woman licking her thighs, she shook her head, hoping to dislodge the image, god how far was she going to sink? . She seemed to be viewing everyone as a possible source of relief from her pent up sexual needs.

Fay's master had a couple of outfits for her to try on, as the unlikely threesome made there way to the changing rooms at the back of the shop. Through a door and into the darkened room beyond, as the door shut Fay felt immediately cut of from the relative safety of the shopfront. Her heart beat a bit faster, what had her Master got in mind for her and the lovely assistant?

"OK slut you may strip of out here, there's no one to see you and your virtually naked as it is"

Fay gasped at his talk, she could see the assistant looking questioningly at her Master, he turned to her.

"Don't worry about the slut, Sarah she does what's she's told"

Sarah was fascinated she looked at Fay, who averted her eyes, to shamed to do anything else.

"What stuff will she do"

Her voice betrayed her interest, she was openly checking Fay out now, running her eyes over her exposed body.

"I cant see you removing your clothes yet slut"

Fay hurried to comply, it didn't take long and she was soon naked except for her heels in the back room of the shop, standing in front of her Master and this shop assistant who was a good 8 years her junior. The familiar feelings of shame re-surfaced, would she ever get used to this abuse?

"What stuff will she do?"

"Anything you ask her, go on get her to do something"

"What do I call her?"


"OK slut, stand on one leg"

Fay had no choice but to comply, she felt ridiculous.

"Cool, she's like a real live doll, will she really do anything you ask?"

"Yep, she loves it, she's a dirty little slut and likes to be treated like one, get her to do something naughty, shell love it"

"Pinch your nipple slut"

Fay, eyes cast to the floor unable to look this young woman in the eye, pinched her left nipple making it throbbed painfully, she stifled a moan. She knew she was highly aroused, she had been since her Master had first rang earlier that morning, she didn't want to come in front of this young woman, but had to face it might be a possibility.

"See I told you she's very obedient"

"OK slut, keep that nipple hard, use the other hand to finger yourself"

Fay groaned she knew she needed permission to come and was dreading having to ask her Master in front of his new friend. Her tender fingering between the slick lips of her steaming pussy were having the desired effect though and she was painfully close to coming, let me stop, please, her mind screamed at her. She looked up at her tormentors, desperate for a sign that the delicious torture would end without her having to ask permission to come.

"Will she come?"

"She knows she needs permission, from me first. She wont last much longer, but she wants you to tell her to stop, so she doesn't have the shame of asking my permission in front of you"

"Stop, no way I want to see her lose it"

Fay wilted, she had no choice any longer, she had to ask now or it would be to late.

"Please sir may your slut come?"

"Ask Sarah nicely slut, its up to her"

Fay hit a new low point, tears welling in her eyes, acutely aware of the shame piling up on her.

"Please Sarah, may slut be allowed to come"

Fay had never felt lower, asking permission from this girl, who was just a shop assistant offended all of Fay's sensibilities.

"This is so cool, wait till I tell my friends, you may come slut"

Fay nearly screamed out with the force of her orgasm, her fingers were soaked, she could feel her juices running down her legs. The smell of her arousal filled the air. All through her release she was aware of her Master and Sarah watching her as though she was there own personal porn movie made real.

Finally Fay stopped shuddering and tried to regain some composure. Her hair was plastered to he face, sweat trickling over her sensitive skin, her entire body felt exhausted, yet she had never felt to alive, so fulfilled.

"Cool she comes like a train, can I meet her again in a more private place??Please"

Fay could hear the pleading in Sarah's voice, she was secretly proud that the girl liked her, she knew she had put on a good show for her abuser's. Fay wanted praise from her Master though, a sign that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. It was with a tinge of disappointment, but not suprise that no praise was forthcoming.

"OK Sarah I'll tell you what I'll do, you give us these slutty clothes for free. I'll take your mobile number and we can arrange a time when you can play with her properly, how's that sound"

"Deal, the clothes are yours, here's my number"

Once again Fay felt they were treating her like an object, to be swopped in exchange for money, clothes whatever, she was nothing more than a commodity to be traded for whatever her Master wanted.

"Slut get dressed you look like a cheap hooker, we've got more shopping to do yet"

With that her Master threw some clothes at her, turning to talk to Sarah, ignoring her again. Fay reluctantly picked the clothes of the floor and put them on. The bright colours would draw immediate attention to her when they went outside, Fay was past caring however. Her will was in tatters, all her dignity washed away in a tidal flow of hormones, come and need.

She straightened the short skirt in the mirror, noting the amount of thigh on display, the top was no better clearly showing her erect nipples rubbing against the soft material and a fair amount of cleavage.

"You guys better go out the back door, I don't want my boss to see you wandering out with a load of clothes you haven't paid for. Anyway love to see you again, particularly you slut"

With that she smacked Fay on the backside, winking at her. Fay couldn't help herself smiling shyly at the young girl, a blush rising in her cheeks.

They stood in the alley at the back of the shops, Fay wondering what was next, still desperate for some attention from her Master. This was an ideal place for him her Master to fuck her, she hoped desperately that was what's was on his mind, she could make out a large lump on his trousers and she was keen to get it in her mouth without further ado.

She awaited her instructions, finally she would get the cock she needed so much.

"Right slut, we've got lots more to do, so far your credit card hasn't taken a battering but that will changeover lunch. Then were carrying on with the clothes shopping OK"

"Y.Y..Yes master"

"What's the matter with you slut, something on your mind?"

Fay's stomach was looping in on itself, she felt like a nervous 14 year old girl again, waiting to be asked on her first date. Get a grip on yourself woman, you're 28,She plucked up the courage and stuttered an answer.

"Please Master I thought you might like to...."

"Spit it out slut we haven't got all day"

Fay took a deep breath.

"Please Master I need fucking, badly I am so hot I don't think I can bare it any longer, I thought you might like to fuck me, please Master"

Fay flinched as her Master laughed at her openly, she felt cheated, tears welling up within her once again.

"What makes you think I want to fuck you, you cheap slut?"

"I thought you liked me"

Fay sounded hurt, she was trying to choke the tears back now as they rose within her unbidden.

"I am here to slut you to other people, not fuck you. You will get fucked by me when I want, not when you feel like it, understand Slut?"

"Y..Y..Yes Master"

"Good, now lets go eat, I'm sure your behaviour has left you with more than one hunger that needs satisfying"

And with that, he strode off out of the alley leaving Fay to trail along behind him snivelling to herself, she felt hurt and let down, would she ever get the fucking from her master she felt she so richly deserved?

Ten minutes later Fay found herself sitting in the Pizza Express looking out over the Thames, she was waiting for her Master to order for her. She had been told to sit and wait and only speak if spoken to. The reason for Fay's enforced silence was simple, her Master had made her put a six inch dildo inside herself just after they had sat down. Fay knew if she opened her mouth, a slutty moan would come out and nothing else. Her master knew this as well and had told her to button it while he ordered the food.

Fay sat there, gently shuddering, only to aware of her appearance. She had already received a number of odd looks from the waiting staff, one of whom, a 40 year old waitress, had winked at her knowingly, making Fay blush furiously and look away. To make things worse Fay had looked away after the wink, but the woman had caught her looking coyly over at her again only moments later.

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