tagBDSMExploration Ch. 01

Exploration Ch. 01


Alice sprawled out on the couch and pulled her long, dark brown curly hair out of the pony tail that it had been in all day. She shook it out and ran her fingers through it to allow it to flow freely over her shoulders. Alice's long legs rest over her boyfriend, Erik. He ran his hands up her thighs, over her stomach and around her huge, soft breasts.

"Alice, you have such great tits!" He exclaimed.

"No stop!" She blushed, pushing her chest out slightly.

"C'mon. You're what, an F now? Pretty fucking big." His gentle careess turned into a squeeze.

Alice moaned lightly under his grasp and bit her lip. He moved in towards her and stared into her eyes. It was easy to tell she wanted it. The way she looked at him, the way she pushed her chest out. Her legs moved restlessly too, and he could tell that she was purposely trying to push her thigh up against his cock.

Moving in even closer, Erik pushed his lips up against Alicia's and started to rotate from a loose and a tight grip on her breast. They were so soft, and he could barely contain from holding and squeezing them.

"Oh Erik!" She cooed, her hand now brushing over his crotch. He was getting hard, and she could feel the heat coming off from his jeans.

Erik ran his fingers up the base of Alice's neck and into her hair. He tightened his grip around a handful and pulled Alice's head to the side. Erik trailed his lips up and down her neck until she started to breath deeper, her chest heaving in and out. With a small chuckle, he quickly sunk his teeth down onto her neck.

Alice inhaled sharply and squeeled under the bite. She loved it when Erik got rough with her, and he liked to give it to her just as much.

Erik pulled on her hair even more, forcing Alice to expose her neck. Once again his teeth clamped down against her skin. Shivers ran up her spine and she let out a soft moan. "Oh Erik, take me!"

Not another word needed to be said. Erik quickly pushed Alice off of him and flipped her onto her back. His kisses came down on her neck, harder and more urgent then before. He moved between her neck and full lips while starting to undress her. His hands worked up under her shirt and pulled it off.

A wave of ecstacy ran over Alice when Erik took off her bra. The feeling of her chest being exposed in the cold air of her basement always got to her. He teased her nipples with his tongue, and the perked up under his touch. Erik once again grabbed Alice's hair and pulled back on it. He kissed and bit her neck while pinching on her small, cute nipples. Everytime that he pressed his fingertips closer together, Alice would squirm and squeal.

Erik's hands moved down to her pant line, and he quickly pushed them down her thighs. Alice rubbed her legs back and forth to finish getting them off while Erik slipped a finger under her lacey thong. He ran his finger over her already moist slit and started to make small circle patterns over it in a fast pace.

Alice moaned in a low, sultry tone that Erik only ever got to hear when she was at her horniest. Her back arched and her breaths started to get shorter and more shallow. After every rotation of his finger, Alice jolted and her large perky breasts bounced up to. It drove Erik nuts when they moved like that, and he began to suck on them harder. Alice reached over Erik's shoulder and tugged on his shirt. She wanted him to feel his skin against hers.

Erik paused to quickly toss off his shirt and pants. He pulled his now fully hard cock out of the top of his boxers and tugged on it. Alice pushed off his boxers with her feet and raised her hips towards him. "Please Erik, I want it now." She moaned.

Erik grinned and continued to play with her clit. His other hand pumped his cock and he eagerly slid a finger inside of her. Alice kept raised and lowered her lips and started to moan more for Erik.

Erik moved over to where Alice's head was and pulled her up by the hair. He pushed her head right in front of his cock and pressed his head against her lips. Alice opened her mouth and started to lick up and down along the shaft. She moistened her lips and sucked on the head of Erik's long and impressive shaft. Erik's breathing got a bit heavier. He forced Alice to start taking more of his cock into her mouth and deep throat it.

Alice pushed away and choked slightly. "Erik, not so hard, you're too big!"

This didn't stop Erik though and he pushed her mouth back around his cock, thrusting forward. Alice sputtered and tears formed in her eyes. All she could think about was getting Erik inside of her.

When Erik was satisfied with his blowjob, he pulled Alice by her hips and flipped her around onto her hands and knees. Alice dug her face into a pillow, her cheeks flush with a bright shade of pink. A thin layer of sweat covered her skin and Erik started to rub his head against her clit, teasing her. He brought his hand down hard on her ass and she squeeled in enjoyment. Again and again he smacked her firm, round ass until there it was bright red. Everytime he slapped her, Alice jerked forward and moaned.

Erik placed his hands on both of Alice's hips and squeezed hard. He pressed his dick so that just the head was inside of her, and she pushed back to get it in more. Quickly he pulled out and smacked her hard on the ass again. "I get to decide when." He told her. He smacked her ass again, this time causing Alice to whimper.

He continued to just stick his head inside and out of her slowly for a few minutes, and occasionally ran it over her clit. Alice could hardly bare the wait. She was ready and wanted him now, but in bed Erik was in charge.

Without any warning, Erik thrust deep inside of her. Alice screamed in surprise and clenched the pillow. Erik went slow at first, but it didn't take him long to hit full speed. Small beads of sweat rolled down his face. He wasn't only moving into Alive, he was using her hips to pull her onto him as well.

"More, more!" Alice gasped. "Now, now! I'm cumming!" She bit into the pillow to surpress her moans and screaming. Erik went harder then ever and Alice orgasmed. He slowed down to give her a second to catch her breath. Alive breathed heavily, small whimpers and moans in between.

Erik slid back inside of Alice slowy and pulled her up by her hair. He moved her hair out of the way of her slender neck and kissed it. She used one of her hands to run her fingers through his thick black hair and grip onto it.

Erik's kissing soon turned to gentle and tough biting, and he used his hands to pinch and pull on her nipples.

"Ah, aah, no Erik! Too much!" She cried. Her nipples were getting sore.

"Quiet, bitch!" He commanded, slapping her left breast. He pinched the right nipple harder.

Alice squirmed under his touch and stuck her ass out against Erik. "No, ow don't!"

Without another word, Erik forced Alice back down onto the pillow. He pulled her ass up into the air more and forced her legs wider. "No you're going to be punished." He told her.

Erik placed his dick just above her asshole and started to rub against it. Alice tried to clench tighter but Erik pulled her cheeks apart and pushed harder.

Alice and Erik had never actually done anal before. He'd rub up against her hole, but never had he been able to actually get in. Erik just used it to taunt Alice when she tried to defy him.

Today was different though. Erik spt onto her and rubbed in in with the tip of his dick. After a few moments of deciding if he was going to go further, Erik pushed his head into her.

Alice screamed, and it felt like there was a tearing feeling coming from behind her. He made small thrusting motions and every time Alice shrieked.

"Are you going to behave now?' Erik asked.

Small tears formed in corners of Alice's eyes. "Yes, yes I will, I promise."

Erik pulled out from her rear and rest his dick on her clit. "Beg me to fuck you."

"Erik please, please I need you now."

Erik pushed his dick head back into her pussy.

"Erik, please, I want your cum!"

Like earlier, Erik just pushed himself into Alice. For the next hour, he slammed into her, making her orgasm numerous times. His stamina was incredible and Alice wasn't sure how much longer she'd be able to take it. Before Erik, she had been a virgin and Alice had never seen herself in the bent over position she was in now, taking it hard from behind. Erik's long cock slid in and out of Alice easily. She was so tight, but just as wet to match it.

Erik pulled out of Alice and strated to jerk quickly. "Flip over now." He demanded.

Alice did what he had told her and spun around onto her back. Her legs quivered and shook. Erik never failed to satisfy her, and always managed to exceed in turning her legs to jello.

With a few grunts, Erik released his seed all over Alice's pussy, and covered her in his sperm. Alice gasped, and tilted her hips forward slightly. It was so warm, and she could feel exactly where it was dripping and covering. Erik moved off of the couch and stood right near Alice's head. She lapped up the cum dripping off of his head.

With a much more gentle touch, Erik helped Alice get up so she could use the bathroom to wash herself off. When she was done, Erik was waiting in their bedroom with a glass of water. They laid next to each other and in no time, Alice had fallen asleep. Erik ran his fingers through and pet her soft curls, kissing her lightly before he too fell asleep.

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