tagIncest/TabooExplorations Ch. 03

Explorations Ch. 03


Author's note: I originally wrote another version that skipped ahead a couple years. I decided Jessica was too deviant to miss out on some good opportunities. I'll save the originally chapter 3 for later in the story arc. I'm new to writing erotica or any fiction for that matter, so your feedback is welcome for all of my stories. Thanks for reading

Part 1 - Implications

Amy dropped her bags and yelled, "What the fuck is going on!"

Dan immediately pulled his cock from Mary's mouth and stared at his mother, wide-eyed, shocked, and a little scared. Mary turned her head with a jerk and jumped off the strap-on that was buried deep in her pussy. Jessica's reaction was delayed. She turned slowly toward the sound of her mother's voice, displaying the absurdity of the situation with the large dildo hanging between her legs.

Not sure what to say, Jessica slowly said, "I thought you were coming home tomorrow." She gave a slight smile as she tried to defuse the tension in the room.

"Apparently," Amy said, as she looked first at the strap-on, then at her daughter's face. "Go to your room, Jessica, and for God's sakes, take that ridiculous thing off and put some clothes on." Without a word Jessica left the room. "Mary, grab your clothes and wait downstairs." Mary walked around the bed and picked up her clothes in a jumble before heading out the door and down the stairs to the family room. Left in the room were the 37 year-old Amy, her 19 year-old son, and a semi-erect penis that would not leave Amy's gaze.

Dan stood there facing his mother, wondering what he should say. It was only then, seeing his mother stare at his exposed body, that he realized he was still naked. "Shit," he said, grabbing a pillow and putting it across his lower body. "Sorry Mom," he said sheepishly.

"Sorry," Amy said flatly, out of the trance. "Sorry?" she asked rhetorically. "I come home and find you and your sister with Mary. Naked. Having sex in my house and you're sorry?"

Dan blurted out, "Jess and I didn't have sex. It was just with Mary."

"Well," Amy said sarcastically, "then everything is just fine now, isn't it?" She looked down at the pillow, "Put something on and stay here. I'll deal with you and your sister in a minute."

Amy walked down the stairs to the family room. Mary was on the couch, her head in her hands. Mary saw Mrs. Tanner walk into the room and started to apologize when she put up her hand and said, "Look, Mary. If you're sexually active, that's between you and your parents. Let me just give you a little advice. Perhaps you should be a little bit more careful in choosing who you have sex with, don't you think?" Mary nodded up and down like a bobble-head doll. "Now," Mrs. Tanner continued, "Go home. I need to deal with those two." She motioned with her head up the stairs.

"Yes, Mrs. Tanner. I'm sorry."

Amy nodded slowly, "I know."

Before Mary got up to leave, Amy turned and went back up the stairs and into Jessica's room. She was wearing her pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. Amy sat down on the bed next to her daughter. "Would you mind telling me what in the hell you were thinking."

Jessica wasn't sure how to answer. She started to speak and stopped. After a few seconds, she started again. "It's all my fault, Mom. I orchestrated this whole thing."

Amy was intrigued by her daughter's honesty. "Go on," she said.

"I knew that Mary liked Dan. She told me. I knew that Dan thought Mary was hot by the way he looked at her at school. So, I set up this whole evening of them getting together." Jessica finished, realizing that she had not answered any of the real questions on her mother's mind.

"Okay," her mother said. "That hardly explains your being not only in the room with them having sex, but participating...with your brother!" Amy's voice flared with the last part of her statement. "Do you have any idea how wrong that is? Do you have any idea what it's like to come home from a long couple of days expecting to spend some time with my family and see that? My son and daughter having sex with our neighbor; at the same time!"

Jessica said nothing.

"Okay," Amy said in a lower voice, "how long have you been having sex?"

Jessica answered, "A few months."

"With whom?" Her mother continued.

Jessica replied, "With Justin a few times and Mary a couple of times."

"I have to ask," Amy said, "have you had sex with your brother?"

"No, Mom." Jessica thought it best to keep their mutual masturbation session they had had to herself.

Amy let out a huge sigh, "Thank God. Look, Jessica," Amy put her hand on her daughter's leg, "you're 19 years old. I'm not upset that you're sexually active. I would have preferred you wait a little longer; like 10 years or so. But, there's nothing that can be done about that now. You're going off to college soon. Please, honey, please don't do anything you'll regret. If you're going to have sex, be smart about it because once you go down that path with someone, you can't take it back. A woman's body is her most precious possession. You are a beautiful young woman and have all the power; use it wisely."

Jessica completely agreed with her mother's last statement. "I will, Mom. I'm sorry I made you so upset."

"Alright," Amy said as she rose from the bed. "Go to bed. I'm going to go talk to your brother before he jumps off a bridge."

* * * *

Amy stood at the threshold of her son's room. She watched as Jessica pounded Mary with her strap-on, her left hand holding the base of the dildo. She felt anger well up inside her and wanted to yell out. She couldn't. Her hands cupped her large breasts; she ran her fingertips across her hard nipples. Amy slipped a hand under her shirt to feel her hot flesh. She looked up to see her son looking at her and he motioned for her to come toward them. Amy walked to the edge of the bed where her daughter was on her knees in back of Mary, thrusting her dildo into Mary's body. Her ass was so perfectly shaped that she wanted to reach out and touch her daughter's skin.

Amy looked into her son's eyes as Mary's mouth worked up and down his shaft. Seeing the length and girth of it made her mouth water with anticipation. Amy crawled onto the bed next to Mary and watched Jessica's strap-on fill the girl's hole. Her daughter looked over at her, and while continuing to thrust into Mary, reached out and pulled her mother toward her lips. Amy could feel the heat from Jessica's mouth as they looked into each other's eyes. As she closed her eyes, she felt Jessica's tongue grazed her parted lips. She gave in to her daughter's advances and, leaning on Mary's ass, kissed her daughter; at first tentatively, and then as she felt Jessica's tongue slip inside her mouth, more urgently. Jessica leaned so that her mouth was next to her mother's ear, "Do you want to suck his cock, Mom?"

Amy awoke with a start, her alarm arresting her from her sleep. She reached out and turned off the alarm clock, placed her head back on the pillow, and closed her eyes. A couple of moments passed and her eyes shot open. She remembered her dream. "What the fuck?" she half asked herself. That was the most screwed up dream she could ever remember having, she thought. "Dreams don't mean anything," she told herself. "My mind took what I saw last night and tried to make sense of it. That's all it was." Amy almost convinced herself that were true.

After taking a shower and having an awkward breakfast with her children where hardly a word was spoken, Amy went out to the grocery store. Dan put on his bathing suit and went to the pool. Jessica went up to her room and wrote Mary an email:


Still alive after last night? Everything's all right here. Mom blew off her stream, but it's quiet right now.

Had fun last night while it lasted,


* * * *

Jessica looked out her open window to the backyard and saw her brother swimming in the pool. God, he looks good, she thought as she watched his lean body push through the water. As she looked out at her brother, she slipped off her clothes and stood at the window naked. She pictured his large cock under his swimsuit and wished she could have it to herself. She knew she couldn't. She knew it was wrong to think of her brother like that.

Jessica let her fingers trail down her trim body to her pussy. She rubbed the puffy lips and felt the wetness between her thighs. She let a finger slide inside as she pictured Mary sucking Dan's cock last night and wishing it were she. Unable to let go of her fantasy, Jessica made a decision. She went to her drawer and pulled out one of her bathing suits.

Dan was in the middle of doing laps in the pool when he saw his sister walk out onto the deck. She was wearing her red halter-top bikini. Her long, tanned legs walked over to the edge of the deck. Fuck me, he thought to himself.

"Please," he said, barely audible.

Jessica lowered herself into the cool water. "Hey, Dan. You don't mind if I join you, do you?" She waded over to him and stopped just a few inches from where he stood, the water coming up to her large breasts.

"No," Dan replied, a little nervous. "What are you doing?"

"I saw you swimming and thought I'd join you. Do you like my bathing suit?"

Dan couldn't believe his sister's audacity, especially since what happened the previous night. "Jess, are you crazy? After last night you're still playing around. Mom would kill you if she saw what you were doing."

Jessica feigned confusion. "What do mean? I just asked if you like my suit." Jessica turned so her back was to her brother and backed up, her ass rubbing against him. "I know you like the attention. I can feel your cock getting hard. Do you like the way it feels against my ass?"

Dan wanted to back away from his sister's advances, but his feelings clouded his judgment. "What do you think?" he said

"Did you have fun last night, Dan," she asked, her hand reaching back behind him and pulling his body against hers.

Dan grunted as he felt his cock push against his sister's scantily covered butt, "Yes, Jess."

"Did you like the way Mary sucked your cock?"

"Yes," Dan replied.

"Did you like watching me fuck her?" she asked, as she leaned back against him, reached up, and wrapped her arm around his neck.

Dan felt flush as his heart pounded against his chest, "It was amazing," he said.

Jessica brought her hand down to his swim trunks and caressed him in her hand. "Why are you so hard, brother?" Dan didn't answer. She asked, "Is it your sister that makes you so hard?"

"Yes, Jess," he replied

"When you jerk off," she started, continuing to stroke his cock, "who do you think about?"

Dan hesitated and then said, "I think about you."

Upon hearing her brother's admission, Jessica, still with her back to him, grabbed the waistband of his trunks and pulled them down to his knees. Surprised by her sudden move, Dan was about to say something when Jessica reached back, grabbed his butt, and grinded her ass against him.

"How does that feel, Dan?" she whispered.

Dan wrapped his arm around his sister's waist; the feel of her smooth skin under his fingertips drove him crazy.

"You do like it, don't you, brother? You like feeling my body against yours." Jessica pulled down her bikini bottom so that it rested just above her knees. "Rub your cock against my bare ass. I want to feel how much you want me." Jessica felt short of breath. She was so close to throwing caution to the wind and make Dan take her right then and there in the middle of the pool.

"Jess," Dan whispered into his sister's ear, "What are we doing? What are you doing to me?"

Jessica replied in a low voice, "I know we need to stop. I know it's wrong. Just put it between my thighs; let me feel it against my pussy. I know we can't do what we want to do. Just let me feel you rub my outer lips; then we'll stop."

Dan took hold of his stiff shaft, bent his knees to get in position, and slipped his cock between her legs. He held his breath as the head grazed against her pussy lips.

"Slide it back and forth, baby. I want to feel you against me." Jessica spoke to him more urgently as she felt the engorged head of his cock rub her clit with each slow thrust. It was maddening; she could feel little electric shocks shoot through her body each time her brother pushed against her. "Kiss my neck, Dan."

Dan's heart raced as he continued to rub his manhood against his sister's exposed pussy. He so badly wanted to thrust it inside her. He moved her long, black hair to one side and kissed her neck, allowing his tongue to caress her skin.

"Jess, Dan – I'm home." It was their mother.

Dan jumped back from his sister, pulled up his shorts and sprinted onto the deck and into one of the deck chairs. Jessica was amazed at the quickness of his actions, as she pulled up her bathing suit and began to swim up the length of the pool away from the deck.

"We're out her, Mom," Dan yelled.

Amy went out to the pool and saw Dan sitting on the deck. Hearing splashes, she looked to see Jessica swimming in the pool. "Dan, could you come help me with the groceries?"

Jessica swam up to the side of the pool, "Hi, Mom."

Amy waved to her daughter and said hello.

Dan got up, looked over at his sister, and then turned to his mom. "Yeah, on my way." As he climbed down the stairs from the deck he realized he was sporting a large tent in his wet swim trunks. He turned around and grabbed a towel. "Let me just finish drying off," he said.

Amy, standing a few feet from the deck, noticed the tent in her son's swimsuit. She gasped at the size of it and quickly wondered what had caused it. Her second thought went to the dream she had that morning. She turned and went to the car.

Jessica watched her mother and saw the look on her face. She followed her mom's eyes to Dan and saw what had caused her muted, but obvious reaction. Jessica smiled to herself and pushed away from the pool's edge.

The next couple of weeks were frustrating ones for the twins. Their mother seemed to always be home when they were. Whenever they had a moment alone, the sexual tension was palpable, but they never had the time for any release save for in the privacy of their respective rooms late at night. Jessica had heard back from Mary in an email that said she was game for another round, but wanted to do it at her house once they were out of school; she didn't want to take the chance of getting caught again. Both of Mary's parents worked and she had no siblings. Jessica agreed.

Dan agreed to the rendezvous, but only after some convincing by his sister. "Jess, Mary is really hot and I'd love to have sex with her but as wrong as it sounds, the only person I think about is you." They were in Dan's bedroom. Their mother was downstairs in the kitchen.

"I want you too, baby, but we can't," Jessica said. "We can fool around a little like we have been, but in the end, we shouldn't go any further."

Dan lowered his head. "I know."

Jessica sprang an idea on him to lighten the mood. "Mary and I were talking and we think it would be really hot to record you two with my camcorder. Between you and me, I really want to do it so I can make myself come watching you whenever I want when we're apart at college. Are you game?"

Dan nodded, "Yeah, definitely."

Part 2 – Cause and Effect

A week later, and now out of school with only their graduation ceremony left, Dan and Jessica walked down the street to Mary's house. It was 1:00 in the afternoon and both of her parents were at work. Mary opened the door as they made their way up the walkway. Dan had to admit that she looked really cute in her pink v-neck tee and white shorts that hugged her small ass perfectly.

Mary led them downstairs to the finished basement. Jessica walked over to Mary who was standing by the bar her father had put in. "Dan and I have been looking forward to finishing what we started," Jessica said as she leaned in and grazed Mary's lips with her own. Jessica trailed her fingertips down Mary's side and, when she reached her ass, spanked her.

Mary jumped as the hand struck her ass. "Fuck yeah. Spank me again." Mary leaned against the bar and arched her back, sticking her ass out for Jessica.

Jessica handed the camcorder to Dan. "Turn it on, Dan. Film me spanking Mary's tight, little butt." Dan took the camera from Jessica, pointed it at the two girls, and pressed the record button.

* * * *

Jessica awoke on top of her bed, naked and glistening from perspiration. She had just had a dream that made her want to do things; things she'd only thought about up to now; things that her and her brother fantasized about but never brought to fruition.

It was Friday morning, the day before she would leave for college orientation. She was already packed, her bags and boxes downstairs in the family room. Jessica looked over at the alarm clock that read 8:30; her mom was already at work. She put on the pair of shorts and tank top that she had discarded in the middle of the night and went downstairs to the kitchen. Dan was sitting at the breakfast bar having a bowl of cereal. Jessica stared at his lean, muscular body that was impossible to miss, as he was not wearing a shirt.

"Good morning, Dan," she said as she passed in back of him, lightly touching his back on her way to the stool next to his.

Dan loved the feel of her hand on him. He knew they had little time together before they went to college and he wanted to beg her for his release; he had been living in torture since that day in the pool. "Good morning, sis. Did you have a good night's sleep?"

"Restless," she said. "I woke up in the middle of the night sweating from a dream. I had to strip off my clothes and lie on top the sheets."

"That sucks," Dan put a hand on Jessica's back. "What was it about?"

Jessica looked at her brother and saw the concern in his eyes. No matter what their relationship, he would always be her protective brother. She smiled and said, "I'll tell you later. I'm going to get something to eat."

After some small talk over breakfast, Dan said he was going to take a shower. Jessica went up to her room and turned on her computer to check her email. After a couple of minutes, she heard the shower in the bathroom down the hall. In the middle of writing an email she stopped and thought about her dream. She thought about how she had woken up in a sweat, her clothes clinging to her body, her nipples hard and piercing the delicate fabric of her shirt. She had stripped off her clothes and let her hand trail down to her pussy that was already wet. She had given in to her lust and pictured her brother's fingers on her as she rubbed her clit. She had thought about his tongue jabbing into her wetness as she plunged a finger into her pussy. She had pictured her brother's face buried between her legs as she came with a shudder in the middle of the night.

Jessica had a hand down her panties when she stood up and walked to the bathroom door. The sound of the shower hammered against her eardrums as she imagined her naked brother standing in the shower stall, the hot water running off his muscular body. Jessica lifted off her shirt and dropped it to the floor. Her heart pounded as she slipped her thumbs under the seam of her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. She closed her eyes and opened the bathroom door.

The steam from the hot water engulfed Jessica as she drew in a long breath, taking in the moist, stifling air. She walked forward, her resolve and her lust getting stronger with each step. Her brother stood on the other side of the shower door, his figure a blur from the translucent glass. She reached out and opened it.

Dan felt the draft and turned. Jessica, his twin sister, stood naked outside the shower; her eyes were fixed, her jaw was clenched, her body was impossibly beautiful. Without speaking, she stepped into the stall and under the shower, inches from her brother.

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