tagGay MaleExplorers Ch. 11

Explorers Ch. 11


During the night, I decided not to tell Kenny about the security system recording of us sucking each other's cocks. The recording would be a turn on to watch. Maybe I would show it to him without telling him about it first. I was pretty sure that he would find it exciting and that we would get it on together for some hot guy sex immediately afterwards. And I knew that his sister, Eva, would get off on watching it. In the meantime, I needed to find a secure place to keep it. If Marcia found it and watched it, I didn't think she would be too pleased to learn that her big brother was a cocksucker.

My desk had a concealed compartment in it and that would have to do for now. I put the disc away before I went down for breakfast. Mom and Dad were going to go on another drive and picnic. Marcia asked me to go look at more cars with, but I begged off. I wanted to have all my homework done and up to date in case Lana decided that she could forget about her internship at the newspaper for one afternoon. I suggested Marcia ask Kenny to go with her. He was knowledgeable about cars. She demurred until I told her that I'd call Kenny and ask him as a favor. She watched as I punched in the number.

"Hey, Kenny. Gary. You doing anything special this afternoon?"

He wasn't and wanted to know what I had in mind. I explained to him that Marcia wanted to go look at more cars and I wanted to work on my school work. I asked him, as a favor, if he would go with her. He laughed and said he would, but it was going to cost me. I told him that I knew it would, but that I'd really appreciate it and I would make it worth his while. I told Marcia that Kenny would go with her and I handed her the phone so they could make arrangements to meet.

Marcia was on the line for just a few minutes before she hung up. She looked pleased and a little surprised, "He said he's pick me up at one o'clock."

"See. There you go. Kenny's o.k."

"He said you owed him big time."

"I'll probably buy him a twelve pack or something," I smiled. "He's pretty easy." I knew I'd pay him back by sucking his cock until he filled my mouth with his cum several times. Marcia didn't know that, but I was looking forward to paying him back as soon as I could.

I worked on my two classes at the kitchen table while Marcia went back upstairs to her room. Just before one, she came back down.

"Wow! You look great!" She was wearing a plain blouse, capri pants, and sandals instead of shorts and a t-shirt. My little sister was a good looking young woman. "If Kenny hits on you, don't be surprised."

Marcia grinned, "It isn't a hot date, big brother. He's a friend doing you a favor."

We were interrupted by a knock on the back door just before Kenny stepped into the kitchen. "Hi, Gary. Hi Marcia." He whistled softly, "Wow, Gary, your little sis is a babe!"

Marcia actually blushed, "Hi Kenny. Thanks for doing this as a favor to Gary."

Kenny grinned, "Oh, I'll make him pay for it." He winked at me as they started for the door. He actually held the door for her on the way out."

I had almost finished my homework when the phone rang. "Hello."

Hello, Gary, this is Sandy. Are you free this afternoon?"

"Uh, yes, I guess. I'm just about done with my school work for Monday."

"I don't want to interrupt anything, but Dan and I would like you to meet us at this address."

I wrote it down. It was across town near the city limits. "You're not interrupting anything. I can be there in thirty minutes or so."

The drive across town was pretty hassle free and I found the address without any trouble. It was a large old house that was set on a large heavily wooded lot. The driveway was flanked on both sides by brick pillars and a fence that was overgrown with bushes and vines. I drove up the long drive and parked behind Dan's and Sandy's cars. No one was around. I got out of my car and walked up the steps to a wide porch. The front door was open.


"We're in here, Gary."

I went inside. Voices were coming from the back of the house. I walked down a central hall and found Sandy and Dan in the kitchen. "Hi. What's going on?"

Dan smiled, "Hi Gary. How do you like the place we bought at the auction?"

"Is this the place on the edge of town that you and Sandy decided to bid on?"

"Yes. We got it for a good price." Sandy handed me a sheet of paper with pictured and a description of the house. "It was sold by an estate. No one in the family wanted to keep it."

Dan interjected, "It sits on a good sized piece of ground. We're going to see about some rezoning for two or three large lots or maybe four or five smaller lots. It we can't do that, we can either fix up the house or, if that is too expensive, do a scrape off and build a new house in the middle of the grounds."

"I looked at the sheet Sandy had handed to me, "It says it hasn't been lived in for several years." I looked around, "If this kitchen is an example, it looks like it will need a lot of work."

"And it's been broken into a couple of times. Nothing seems to be stolen, but there was some vandalism." Sandy continued, "We were wondering if you would like to live here and keep an eye on it for us?"

"Rent free. And we'll pay the utilities."

"I could work on it while living here."

Dan grinned, "That's what we were hoping you would say. Work on it, whenever you have some time while we figure out what to do with it."

"I'll need to talk it over with my folks and if it is fine with them, I'll need to get some furniture."

Sandy smiled, "I can help you with that. I've got a whole bunch of stuff in storage."

"We'll get the utilities turned on, I've checked the appliances and everything seems to be in working order, but we'll replace everything if we decide to fix it up for resale."

Sandy handed me a set of keys, "These are keys to the front door and the locks on a couple of out buildings. We haven't really checked those out. If you want, bring your folks over and let them look around before you decide one way or the other." The she took out her car keys, "I've got to be going. We can talk more on Monday afternoon."

"O.K., Sandy, See you Monday morning. I'll show Gary around. I haven't seen all of this place myself."

"Bye, Sandy. Thanks. I'll be in right after class."

"Bye, Dan. Bye, Gary."

Dan and I stood in the kitchen. "Well, let's see what we got here, Gary."

We walked through each of the rooms. The place was huge. Two stories with a full attic and a full basement plus a large garage, several sheds and what looked like the remains of a either a pool or a pond. There were a number of broken window panes but everything looked pretty good in spite of the neglect.

We were standing in an upstairs bedroom that had French doors opening on to a balcony overlooking the backyard.

"We get it cleaned up and that view will be quite a conversation piece."

"Conversation piece, Dan?"

"Yes. I think this would be a good place and time for one of our conversations. We didn't get to finish the last one we started."

"I see."

Dan was already taking off his shirt. In a few minutes both of us had stripped naked. Dan was stroking his cock.

"I think the last thing that I said before I had to leave was that I owned you a blowjob."

"Uh, I guess so.'

"Well," he grinned, "I'm ready to repay you. Actually, I want to get you hard then have you fuck my ass."

"Uh, fuck you?"

"Sure. It's been a long time since I've been fucked by another man."

"Uh, what about Laura? What if she finds. . ."

"Relax, Gary. Laura does me all the time with a strap-on. She likes to watch me get fucked."

"Watches you?"

"Well, she hasn't watched for a long time, but then it's been a long time since another man has fucked my ass. When we lived in the commune, everyone was available to everyone else. Laura and I sucked dicks together and ate pussy together and fucked together too. She really used to get off on watching me and other guys suck and screw each other."

While he was talking, Dan walked over and gripped my cock. He leaned down, licked the head then stuffed as much of my cock as he could in his mouth. He sank to his knees without missing a suck or slurp. He sucked so hard that it almost hurt. In just a few minutes my cock looked and felt like a steel rod. Dan took me out of his mouth. He licked my cock from end to end a couple of times before he stood up.

"That looks good. I know it's good enough to eat," he grinned..

"Uh, do you have any lube, Dan?"

"Yeah, I have a small tube in my pants pocket. I'll get it."

He walked over to where his clothes were lying of the floor. When he bent over to pick up his trousers, I got an excellent view of his big balls and his ass. Dan straightened up. He tossed me the tube.

"Here you are, Gary. Grease your big dick and let's do it."

"It doesn't look like there's enough here to do both of us"

"We don't need to. I hope you don't think I'm taking you for granted, but I greased up before I left the office."

"Well, I think. . ."

"I think you'll enjoy this as much as I will. Let me grease you."

He took the tube of lube and squirted a large amount into his palm. He rubbed his hands together then rubbed them up and down the length of my cock.

"That should do it. Now, where will we do this." He looked around the room. "Let's do it on the balcony."

"Uh, I don't know Dan."

Before I could say anything else, he had walked out onto the balcony. He looked around then turned to face me.

"Come on, Gary. You can't see a thing from here. It's so over grown you can't see fifteen feet into the trees. We can't see anything and no one can see us." He turned his back and bent over the railing. He reached behind himself and spread his ass cheeks. "Hurry up, before you lose your hard-on."

I walked out and stood behind Dan. I thought to myself that I might as well do it, because Dan seemed determined that we'd fuck. I held my cockhead against his brown pucker and pushed. He grunted as my cock pushed through his muscle ring. His asshole was clamped tight around my cockshaft. I couldn't tell if he was just naturally tight or if he was clamping down.

Dan grunted as I pumped my hard cock in and out of his ass. He looked over his shoulder at me.

"Don't be so tentative. Fuck me like you mean it." He grinned, "Everyone wants to tell their boss to get fucked in the ass and here you have a chance to do it."

I grinned back and picked up the pace. Soon our balls were slapping together and my pelvis was smacking against his ass cheeks. Dan was really working my cock with his sphincter muscles until he straightened up.

"Let me change positions so your dick can massage my prostate."

He moved to the end of the balcony and sat on the wide railing.

"Hold me legs while I hold onto the balcony."

I lifted his legs and held him steady until he got his balance.

"O.K., Gary. Ram my ass as hard as you can."

I held his legs tight while I worked my cock back into his ass. When I got the head lodged inside his hole, I pushed hard and fucked him with fast, deep strokes.

Dan was straining to keep his balance and keep from falling off the railing. The strain showed. He was biting his lip and his knuckles were white from gripping the edge of the railing.

"Yeah! That's it, man! Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass1"

Dan tightened his sphincter again. My cock felt like it was a finger in a too small glove.

"Oh, yeah! Keep that going and I'm going to blow my load!"

Dan released one hand from the railing and grabbed his bouncing cock. He began to frantically jack off as I desperately held on to his legs. I was getting tired from holding his legs and humping my ass as fast and as hard as I could.

"Gahhhhh!" Dan held his cock as he blew a long stream of cum onto his chest and stomach. "Oh, Yeah!" His cock pulsed short steams of thick cum as his asshole suddenly felt like it got two sizes smaller around my cockshaft, then it quickly released.

The sudden release in pressure around the shaft and watching Dan covering himself in cum did it for me. I slammed my cock as deep as I could into him. "Ahhhh!" My nuts popped and I shot what felt like a huge load of hot cum deep into Dan's tight ass.

"Oh, shit, man! I can feel you cumming." Dan's cock squirted another stream of cum onto his chest.

I kept my cock buried deep up his ass until I stopped cumming. Then I pulled out and lowered his legs so he could stand.

Dan looked down at the gobs of cum in the hair on his chest and stomach. "Fuck, Gary! I haven't been fucked like that in years. A hot, hard cock beats a strap-on any time."

We went back inside. I got my handkerchief out of the pocket of my shorts and wiped off my cock. Dad did the same with his chest and stomach. I got dressed as Dan cleaned himself off.

"I'll shower back at the office. I keep a change of clothes there. Sandy will have gone home by the time I get back there."

"I'd better be getting along."

"O.K., Gary. Let us know what you think about staying here to keep an eye on the place."

"I sure will, Dan. I'm sure it will be fine with my folks. I'll be able to let you know Monday afternoon."

I walked downstairs and out to my car. I stopped at an unoccupied bus stop and tossed my handkerchief in a trash can. When I got home I showered, then went back to finishing my homework. Marcia and Kenny came in just as I finished putting the school work away. We had a beer before Kenny left as we talked about the cars they had looked at.

Mom and Dad got home shortly after that. We ordered a pizza and while we ate, Marcia talked about the cars that she and Kenny had looked at. Dad suggested she check the want ads in the Sunday morning paper. We asked them about their drive and picnic and they just smiled at us.

I told them about Sandy and Dan wanting me to stay in the house while they decided what they wanted to do with it.

Mom was ever practical, "What about furniture and what about the water and electricity?"

Sandy said she had a bunch of furniture in storage and I could use some of it. There's a kitchen range and refrigerator in the house, but they need cleaning and Dan was going to get the utilities turned on."

"Well, I don't know. . ."

"They'll pay the utilities and I'll work a little on cleaning the place up. It will only be until they decide what to do with it."

"That's a valuable piece of property," Dad commented, " I'm surprised there wasn't a lot of interest and competition for it. That's the old Keller farm. Their family settled there years and years ago. They owned most of the land that became that part of town."

"Well, the house isn't in the best of condition. And apparently none of the family wanted to keep it."

"You know, I bet the old place still has a septic system and it probably isn't connected to the city water and sewer systems. That's probably why there wasn't much interest in buying it. It could cost a bundle to extend water and sewer if they want to subdivide the property."

"That's their plan. Subdivide it, I mean. There's been some vandalism and they want someone to stay in it while they decide what to do."

Dad looked at Mom, "I don't see why Gary couldn't stay there. Give him a chance to see what it's like to be on his own."

Mom smiled, "I suppose. One of these days both of you will be going out on your own."

"Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad. I'll tell them Monday."

We finished the pizza and Marcia and I cleaned up the kitchen.

"This so neat, Gary! Getting a place of your own!"

"Easy, Sis. It's just for a short time and it's not like I'm leaving home."

We watched some television together before I got on the computer to check my e-mail. There was a note from Lana asking me to call her. I went upstairs to use the phone in my room."

"Hi, Lana. What's the word?"

"What do you want to do tomorrow afternoon? Mom and Dad told me get out of the house and do something beside sleep and work at the newspaper."

"That's great! Do you want to explore an old house?" "What old house?"

"My dad calls it the old Keller farm That's the place your dad and Sandy bought in the auction. They asked me if I wanted to stay there and keep an eye on it while they decide what they are going to do with it."

"I didn't know they bought some property. I didn't even know there was an auction." Lana laughed, "No one tells me anything."

"Would you want to do that? Or would you rather catch a movie or something?"

"Pick me up at one and we'll go explore that old house together."

"Great! I'll see you then!"

Just as I hung up the phone, I heard Marcia at the door to my bedroom.

"Hey, big brother. May I come in?"

"Sure. What's on your mind?"

"I had a good time with Kenny. He's a lot of fun to be around. And he asked a lot of good questions about the cars we looked at."

"See. I told you that you'd have a good time."

She smiled, "I thinks he likes me. Would it bother you if he asked me for a date?"

"No. Why should it bother me. But I don't think he'll ask you."

"Why not?"

'Cause he has a steady girl friend."

"Marcia grinned, "Not any more. She's staying with family upstate and she e-mailed Kenny a sort of Dear John. She wanted to date some other guys during the summer and he told her that was fine."

"Well," I grinned, "That changes everything."

During the night I awakened and jacked off while I imagined Kenny and Marcia fucking. His nine inch cock pumped in and out of her pussy and they watched me lick her pussy juices off of his cock before I sucked his cum out of my sister's hot, wet and juicy pussy. I fell into a deep sleep after I cleaned up a big load of my own cum.

Fortunately, Marcia didn't come downstairs until after I had finished breakfast. I probably would have blushed when I looked at her and I know she would have been upset if she knew I fantasized about my sister and my best friend fucking each other. I kept her out of my sight by mowing the lawn and using the string trimmer the rest of the morning. When it was time to clean up to meet Lana, I showered and carefully shaved my cock and balls. It was all I could do to not jack off again to the imagine of Marcia and Kenny.

When I got to Lana's place, Dan was washing Laura's car. He turned off the water, came over and slapped me on the shoulder. "Have you made a decision?"

"No, I haven't decided yet. Is Lana inside?"

"Uh, Lana isn't here. She got called back to the newspaper. There's been a really bad accident or something across town. She tried to call you, but I guess you'd already left home."

"Well, that's a bummer."

"Yeah, I know. She's been working every day and I know she was really looking forward to spending the afternoon away from the house and her internship. You want a beer?"

"No, thanks, Dan. I think I'll go back home."

When I got home Marcia was in the kitchen, "Hi, big brother, Lana called right after you left."

"Yeah, Dan told me right after I got to their place. 'Said she had to go back to the paper."

"Yes, something about helping the paper cover an accident or something. You got two other calls too."

"Oh? Who were they?"

"Kenny asked for you to call him."

"I'll bet you hoped he was calling you."

"Not really," Marcia smiled, "I like him, but I don't know if I like him enough to go out with him on a date. The second call for you was from Coach. He asked if you could call him at your convenience."

"Thanks, sis. Since I don't have anything else to do, I guess I'll return the calls." I went upstairs to my room and closed the door. I knew what Kenny wanted so I called Coach first. The phone rang several times before he picked up. He sounded a little breathless.

"Hello, Bubbie, this is Gary."

"Hello, Gary, I'm so glad you called so soon." I could almost hear the smile in Coach's voice.

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