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Exploring My Fantasy


First let me give you some quick background on what led up to this point. My husband's job has him changing shifts every six months and this particular shift meant we saw each other for about 3 hours an evening, and even his days off were totally different then mine. This meant I had a lot of time to myself, which while not totally a bad thing the first week or so, I did begin to miss his company and his touch. The little time we did have was often spent with him getting ready for work and us grabbing a quick meal with each other. There was not much time for other things and I was growing hornier by the day. I was using my vibe, fingers, and anything thing else that seemed handy almost daily heck even twice a day at times, I was becoming insatiable. It was like the fact that I couldn't have it that made me want it more than ever; like you never really want an apple so much till you get braces type of a thing.

I found myself beginning to read more and more sex stories online. I especially like the stories of the submissive women more specifically stories "forced" woman. I certainly had a submissive side to me that longed to be used and explored. One of the stories dealt with a submissive couple being used by another couple mostly with the husband having to watch his wife get used. I must have read this story ten times over a short period. I was fascinated with the idea as it was close enough to reality that I could see it happening, and wanting it to happen at least in some form.

While my husband would be described as more of an alpha male, in the bedroom he was more subdued. We would even talk about me being fucked by other guys and how I would be such a slut for them. The though of me being fucked always got him going but I was never totally sure if he really wanted it to happen. Well this story had me reading more stories about cheating wives and cuckold husbands and that type of things. I was actually beginning to really get into the idea and I especially liked the parts talking about creampies or the hubby cleaning his wife with his tongue.

I wondered if Mark, my husband, would go for this type of stuff. So I got home one evening and suggested a quickie before he got ready to go to work. While he was fucking me I said, "I bet you would like to be watching another man fuck your slut wife right now wouldn't you." I could feel his pace quicken just a little as I said it.

"Mmm yeah that would be a lot of fun to watch and hear you moan as he fucks you hard." he said the desire was obvious in his voice.

We had shared this type of fantasy conversation so I knew he liked the idea. "What if you where tied to a chair and made to watch. Would you like that? Like seeing how a real man fucks!" I was pushing farther trying to determine if he would really go for the idea. The truth was he was a wonderful fuck in his own right and I was saying this mostly because of the stories and scenario in my head. "Well would you like that?" I wanted him to answer me not just dream about it

"Maybe," it sounded like the kind of maybe that was a yes but he didn't want to admit fully admit it.

"Well maybe you will be blindfolded and only able to hear him pounding my pussy. Just sitting there listening as I moan in ecstasy on his big cock. Smelling the sex in the air, hearing him grunt as he pumps my pussy full of his cum. Oh yeah I can feel his warm cum in my fucked pussy." As I was saying this I could tell from his body, and the speed he was fucking me, he was really getting into the idea. I knew he was on the verge of cumming himself. "Then maybe he will untie you an tell you to go clean up your slutty wife with you tongue as you wack off!" That did it as I was saying this he was having his own orgasm. We then kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before he ran off showered and head to work.

I played with myself after he left cumming two more times thinking about that evening. I wanted this fantasy in my head to become reality and I was beginning to think Mark like the idea also. Problem was I was not so sure that he was as into the idea in reality. I knew I could get Mark to agree to almost anything when he's horny and about to cum but after the blood returns to his head is another story.

The next evening I got home and quickly shower and put on a sexy bustier, panties and garters, then waited down stairs for him to get up. My pussy was already wet with anticipation of what was to come when I heard him coming down stairs.

"Mmm this is a nice treat to wake up to," he said with a smile on his face, "feeling horny again?" He met me on the coach and began kissing me.

"I sure am, but I want you to put on a show for me first," my tone slightly more demanding, "stand up and strip then stick out your hand."

He paused, looking at me with a puzzled look on his face. "Do it!" I said more forcefully.

He stood stripped down for me. He was not a big guy at only 5'5 and 130lbs but was in wonderful shape with what I would describe as a swimmers build, I was truly attracted to him. "That's a good boy now stick out your hand," a twinge of condescension now in my voice as I punctuated the word boy. Sticking out his hand I grabbed the lube I had from down on the side of the couch and squirted some in his hand, "Now play with your self for me."

"I can't do that," his face turning red with embarrassment and disbelief that I just asked him to do such a thing.

"Why not, I have done it for you."

"But that is different, and I just couldn't," he was almost pleading.

"Ok never mind," I said slowly getting up from the couch, "I will just go up and take a shower."

"No. Wait, I will do it for you," he said as began to stoke his cock for me.

I leaned back in the coach and just sat there incredibly turned on as he played with him self right in front of me. While it was sexy to watch, it was the rush of power and control that was surprisingly turning me on more.

"Yeah that's a good boy," I moaned as my hand slid into my panties, "make that little dick of yours good and hard." I could see my words were making him embarrassed but I noticed him getting harder as I said them. At this point you should understand Mark is a fine lover and is of average size but at this point the verbal humiliation seemed appropriate.

After a few minutes of watching him stoke himself for me and tormenting him, I came up next to him. As I rose he stopped rubbing his cock. "Don't you dare stop!" I demanded. He quickly resumed playing with himself. I circled him rubbing my body against his back side. He moaned as the feel of my warm body and silky outfit rubbed up against him.

"Close your eyes for me," seeing him shut them, I quickly placed a blindfold on him. "This is how you are going to be when my lover is using my body the way it should be, blindfolded with your little dick in your hand."

Leading him to the edge of the coach, "On your knees," I pressed his shoulders down making him kneel.

"Use that tongue of yours to get your slutty wife good and wet for her lover," I pulled his face into my pussy. Just the warmth of his breath had me in another world then the feel of his tongue on my pussy and my body went nuts.

"That's it," I was moaning in pure pleasure as he licked my pussy, "suck on my clit wimp. Use that tongue of yours it's the only thing your good for," I was completely lost in lust not truly realizing everything I was saying. The more I degraded and humiliated him the more he responded.

After having him work me through two wonderful orgasms I pushed him back. "Stand up." Standing I knelt in front of him, "you want to cum don't you boy," I asked rubbing his balls with one hand while rubbing both my breast and pussy with my other.

"Yes I want to fuck you I feel your pussy on cock, I love the way you feel," it was pure pleading from him at this point.

Slightly laughing, "Fuck me, with the little thing, I don't think so!" My hand had moved from his balls and I was now tracing his ass with my finger. Feeling him tense as my finger slid over his asshole. I stopped putting just a little pressure on the tip of my finger but not actually entering his ass. "Tell me you want me to finger your ass," he just continued to rub himself without saying anything, "tell me wimp. Say fuck my ass."

His humiliation was obvious, "Please fuck my ass. I just want to cum." I was a little surprised he was still accepting me treating him this way.

"Ok I want you to shoot your cum on all over my breast," I rubbed up against him so he knew my chest was right in front of him, "cum for me while I fuck your ass." My finger was now probing in and out of his ass. It took only a matter of moments till I felt him tense and then his warm sticky cum landing on my chest. I continued to finger his ass till he was done rubbing himself.

With a sigh of satisfaction he began to step away, but I quickly stopped him. I licked his cock for a moment figuring this would reestablish some of his man hood. "I am not done with you yet," I said in sultry voice still running my tongue around his cock.

I rubbed his cum all over my tits, imaging in my mind it was my dominant lovers cum, "Kneel back down." I knew this was the big test, "know be a good boy and suck my tits for me."

I could tell he had not fully realized what I was telling him to do as he began to lean in then it hit him and he hesitated. Grabbing the back of his head I pulled him in my chest, "be a good boy and clean me up," I demanded as I felt his face against my breast. I could not help but rub my pussy as he began to lick and suck on my tits, "that's it. That's a good boy clean up your slutty wife," I noticed his cock actually getting a little hard again which sent me into another orgasm. I was now convinced I could take this fantasy to the next level and begin to seek out a lover.

After he finished licking me clean and I came back down from my last orgasm I told him we should go shower and he needed to get going or he would be late for work. In the shower I began to reassure him how wonderful he was and how much I loved him as I was grinning from ear to ear.

To be continued...

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