tagRomanceExploring New Territory

Exploring New Territory


Jen and Chris had been best friends for quite some time and were looking forward to the long awaited camping trip. Chris had just finished hitching the boat trailer to his truck and they were starting the drive to the lake. Both of them loved the outdoors and the water, and the lake setting in the middle of the forest was bound to be a very fun, yet quiet weekend.

When Jen and Chris arrived at the campsite, they began to set up the tent. It was large, and they were only half way thru the setup when the storm rolled in. They quickly finished setting it up, grabbed their sleeping bags, cooler, and duffels, and ducked inside to the dryness. Once inside, they looked at each other, and began to laugh... both looked like drowned rats! They began to set up their sleeping areas and settle in to ride out the storm.

Jen's clothes were soaked and sticking to every shapely curve of her body. She was wearing a pair of khaki shorts, mid thigh in length, with a tie around the waist, and a pale pink fitted t-shirt with a low scoop neck. Since her clothes were wet, Chris was able to see that she was also wearing a pair of striped panties, and a matching bra. Of course, he couldn't help but notice her amazing cleavage too! He tried not to let on that he was turned on by the appearance of his rain soaked friend, but she just looked amazing with her wet, wavy, brown hair, brown almond shaped eyes, big beautiful smile, outgoing personality, and drenched clothes. He had a hundred thoughts running through his head. It seemed like something he'd see in a movie, and wasn't quite sure that he should have these thoughts about his friend.

Jen saw Chris glance at her a couple times, and she was wondering if he was checking her out. You see, down deep she had wanted to tell Chris of her interest in him for a long time, but had been too shy. Their friendship was strong and she didn't want to chance changing anything.

Chris and Jen had finished getting things set up inside the tent, and they were relaxing on the air mattresses, chatting about everything under the sun. Another hour or so had passed, the storm had moved on, and the sun started to peek thru the clouds. Jen asked if Chris would like to join her for a walk down to the dock. Chris was happy to walk with her, and they started down the gravel pathway to the dock. Jen was hoping to watch a beautiful sunset over the lake.

They stepped down onto the dock, and walked to the far side. Jen leaned onto the railing to peer out over the lake, and could see it was surrounded by dense forest. The air smelled of the recent rain, and the sun was starting to set. Jen could tell that the sunset was going to have beautiful shades of pink, orange, and yellow, littered with a few remaining dark clouds. Chris glanced off to the opposite direction, and quickly told Jen to look... he had spotted 4 beautiful deer standing at the bank about 100 feet away. This natural beauty was exactly what they had hoped they'd find this weekend.

As the darkness fell, they began to hear the little fish jumping from the water. Chris thought he'd try to play a bit, and gave a little push to Jen. Jen let out a shriek, as she lost her balance, and nearly fell into the water. Chris quickly grabbed for her, so she wouldn't fall in, and pulled her to him. He didn't realize how close he had pulled her until her body came to rest against his, and his eyes locked gaze in hers. He felt a spark of electricity run through his body. This was something he had not planned on, and once again, thoughts began to run wild in his head. Jen had not broken the gaze. She was lost in his deep blue eyes, and had noticed how strong his arms felt as she was holding them. Chris was smitten by her devious little half grin, as the surprised look in her eyes turned to a naughty little gaze. Chris leaned in and softly kissed Jen's tender lips. Jen was quickly turning to putty in his hands. As the soft kisses continued, they grew more intimate. Jen followed Chris's lead as his mouth opened, and his tongue softly intertwined with hers. One on Chris's hands was on Jen's back, while the other stroked her still damp hair. Jen had both of her arms wrapped around Chris, just holding him close, completely lost in the moment. The kisses ended and they looked at each other with astonishment. Had they really just ventured into new territory? Chris quickly started to apologize, and Jen abruptly stopped him, giving a sweet smile. They turned, and followed the gravel path back to the camp, hand in hand, both wondering what would lie ahead.

They went to sleep, chatting in usual conversation. When morning rolled around, they awoke to the chirp of birds and crickets. They slowly began to stir. Chris started a fire, and they fixed some eggs and bacon over it. Neither made mention of the prior night's happenings, and things seemed quite normal for them. They changed into their swim attire, lifted the cooler up into the boat, and grabbed a few miscellaneous items and started for the boat ramp.

Once the boat was in the water, the fun began... speeding around on the lake, listening to good music, laughing, jumping the wakes of other boats, and indulging in more great conversation. Lunch time rolled around and they found a quiet little cove and dropped anchor and had some lunch. Once Chris was finished eating, he stepped to the back of the boat and jumped into the lake. Jen giggled, gave a taunting grin, and dove in to chase Chris. They swam circles around the boat, chasing each other, and diving under the water to surprise one another with playful little "attacks."

During one of the playful moments, Jen caught Chris's eye again. All the energy from the night before immediately came back. Both of them tried to fight it, but to no avail. The lust overcame them and their lips locked in a fit of passion. This time their hands began to explore each other's body. They stopped long enough to move to the other side of the boat, out other boater's view. Though nobody else was in this cove, they wanted to be sure that they would not be caught.

Still hand in hand, and treading water to stay afloat, they resumed the lustful kissing. Chris had one arm around Jen, and his other hand moved up to a breast. The first thing he noticed was the amazing fullness and her erect nipple. He slipped the bikini top up over her head, and gave her a naughty grin, as he tossed the top into the boat. She giggled and quickly engaged him in another kiss. Jen wrapped her legs around Chris, and could feel the hard bulge filling his swim shorts. Wow! She reached down with one hand and stroked his thick cock from outside his shorts. Then, before he knew what was happening, she pulled back from him, dove down and stripped his shorts off! She emerged from the water with a huge smile and his shorts in hand! Just as he had tossed her top into the boat, she did the same with his shorts! Chris's laughter filled the air.

Chris was behind Jen, and he pulled her to him. He wrapped his arms around her, cupping her breasts in his hands, and softly kissing her neck. Jen was paralyzed with chills of anticipation, as he gently rolled her nipples between his fingers. She let forth a soft moan, and turned to face him. His blue eyes caught her attention, and again, she was lost in them. Chris held Jen by her waist and began to slip her bikini bottoms down. Jen decided to reach down and strip them off herself, and held them up for him to see. His ornery smile melted her and the bottoms were tossed into the boat. She, again, wrapped her legs around him, and this time, his hard rod was skin to skin with her soft, bare mound. Still locked in a deep stare with him, she reached down and wrapped her hand around his long, thick cock, gave him a naughty grin and slowly, gently started to stroke it. She worked her hand from the base of his cock all the way up and around the head, varying in tightness and speed. His eyes closed, head tilted back, and heavy sighs began to escape him.

As Jen was intently pleasuring Chris's manhood, he slipped a hand between her legs, and for the first time, ran his fingers among her soft mound. It felt wonderful. He gently spread her lips apart, like the petals of a flower. He watched the expression on her face as he slipped a finger into her, and rubbed the palm of his hand against her swollen clit. Watching the approval in her body language, he slipped a second finger into her. She began to grind against his hand as she let forth soft moans. He whispered in her ear, "Should we get back on the boat?" She nodded. Chris was the first one out of the water and down into the cabin, with Jen quickly following.

Chris turned, and for the first time, saw his friend standing there in all her beautiful nakedness. He had never imagined that their friendship would lead down this path. Not sure why, but it was territory that just hadn't been spoken or thought of. Jen couldn't help but stare at Chris's body. From his sandy brown hair and blue eyes, to the musculature of his upper body, which was apparent, but not overwhelming. He had a bit of a belly, which she found to be cute. Her friend was incredibly sexy. Feeling a bit of shyness, she tried not to look further south, but couldn't help herself. The sight of his erect pole sent chills thru her body! She stepped toward Chris, offering a shy, sweet smile. She placed her hands on his chest, and played with the curl of his soft, light brown chest hair. Chris knew Jen all too well, and could tell she was trying to cover up her shyness. He wanted her to relax, drew her in, tenderly kissed her delicate lips, and a flood of feelings came back. Jen was in heaven, and never would have thought that she'd be in this position with her friend.

Jen withdrew from Chris's kiss, and stroked up and down on his chest with her fingers. She led him to the bench, where he sat down. When Jen knelt in front of him, Chris could feel pangs of electricity thru his gut, as he anticipated what would be next. Oh, my! Could this really be happening? Jen wrapped her hand around his manhood and began to stroke it. She leisurely ran her tongue around the head, up the shaft, and back down the other side. She resumed stroking and glanced up at him. Jen couldn't help but notice his provoking grin. With her tongue, she began to trace around the head once more, then took him partially into her warm, moist mouth, and back out to trace up and down his shaft again. She was teasing him, and he was enjoying it! Then she did it... she took him deep into her throat, working back and forth with her mouth, stroking him with her hand at the same time. She cupped his balls with her other hand, and felt that they were tight against his body. She continued with her mouth... varying in speed, intensity, and suction. She could taste his sweet pre-cum as it leaked from his pole. Chris was grasping at the bench, breathing heavily, with intermittent heavy gasps. He moved his hands to Jen's head, gently guiding her with one hand, and stroking her silky hair with the other. Jen continued to stroke him, back and forth, with a slight twist, as her mouth also pleasured him. Jen could feel Chris's pole swell and begin to pulse. She could tell by the slight pumping of his hips that he was getting close. Jen wanted to send him over the top, and took him into her mouth, as deeply as she could and out to his head... deeply, and out again, faster, and faster. Her hand followed suit with a firmer grip, and he let forth a loud moan. She began to swallow, gulping to keep up with the massive amount and thickness of his load. She slowed the stroking, and worked him thru the wonderful orgasm, as she finished up by licking around his shaft, and working her lips around the glans of his cock. She layed her head on his lap, and allowed him to recover from the wonderful moment.

As Chris was relishing in the afterglow, with Jen's head on his lap, he gently fondled her breasts. They were naturally full and soft. Her nipples were erect, and he circled around them with the tip of his index finger, teasing at them. Jen glanced up at him, as he leaned down and gingerly kissed her lips. It was Chris's turn to pleasure Jen as he guided her up, over to the bed, and lowered her down onto it. Jen was on her back, with her knees drawn up, but feet flat. Chris lied next to her, propped on one arm, with his other draped over top of her as he began to tease her neck with soft kisses and nibbles. Jen began to tremble, and Chris looked to her to ensure that she was comfortable. Jen whispered, "Don't stop" and he continued. He was so turned on, that the kisses to her neck could bring such a reaction, and he moved on to her breasts. He paid each breast equal attention, rolling his tongue around her nipples, and gently suckling. One hand reached down and slid between Jen's thighs. Her pussy was amply moist, slippery, and warm. He ran a finger up and down at the junction of her lips with each pass, spreading them a little more, and sinking his finger a little further till it entered her cave. She gasped and pressed her mound into his hand, as his body moved into position, and his tongue found her clit. He began to taste her juices. Her clit was swollen, and he traced around it with his tongue and sucked on it. He slipped a second finger into her and felt the smooth ridges of her vagina. He curved his fingers and applied gentle pressure as he worked his fingers in, out, and around her luscious pussy. He ran his tongue up and down her labia, suckling on each one, always going back to her clit to heighten the stimulation. Jen's moans were becoming stronger, and as time was passing, she was grinding herself into Chris's face and hands. The intensity increased. With the added pressure, Jen began to quiver. She reached down, both hands on Chris's head, pulling him further into her swollen flowering pussy, as he alternated between suckling, and flicking his tongue on her clit. The quivers grew stronger, and her moans louder, till shrieks of pleasure resonated thru the cabin.

Chris slowly removed his fingers, and moved over top of her, again giving attention to her breasts, and running his erect cock along the folds of her pussy. She pressed against him, and he sank into her. The feeling was nothing short of amazing! Chris slowly and sensually pumped in and out of her, as her hips followed motion. Jen grabbed her legs and pulled them up, holding her thighs, and allowing Chris to move to his knees and bury his cock deep into her. She could feel his balls against her ass with every thrust of his hips. The intensity varied from soft and slow, to hard and fast. Jen turned over, and rose to her hands and knees, and Chris slipped into her from behind. This was Chris's favorite position. He held Jen at her waist, and watched her pussy as his cock thrust in and out of it's depths. He gazed at her plump ass as her moans filled the air. Chris started to moan, and the intensity grew. Penetration was harder, deeper, and faster. The boat was rocking, and the smell of sex filled the cabin. Jen moved forward and turned to Chris, telling him to lay down. She straddled his hard cock and rode him like a wild mustang while the cacophony of their moans filled the air, and both reached climax.

Jen collapsed against Chris, and rolled off to his side. They laid and snuggled against each other, Jen's head on Chris's chest, while she listened to the pounding of his heart. They relished in the afterglow. The afternoon had progressed in a fashion that neither of them would have ever dreamed of, but they were oddly at ease with.

Afternoon had turned to evening, and the sun was beginning to set. They put their swim attire back on, and headed up to the deck. The ride back to the boat ramp was quiet, but nice, with intermittent smooching, and smiles directed at one another. No doubt they were wondering what their relationship had in store.

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