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Exploring You


I Explore You

I need to touch you. I ache to simply slide my hands along the contours of your skin. To learn every inch of your body, every scar, every dimple, soft hollow and hard muscle. Soft hands and wet lips lingering over favored places.

Listening for every breath and moan of need. Your eye's following every touch, kiss and stroke as I sensually learn your heated body. Those eye's that wont let me hide anything, that linger, inside mem in my soul. The softness of your lips..when they meet mine, tasting and turn hungry, deep and hard taking what's left of my resistence. The lips I want to lose myself in... The strong wicked mind calculates and waits, learning all he can to mold me into his deepest desires. The hidden heart that shields its softness, protected to deeply. The heart that needs love and devotion.

I avoid the most sensitive places..getting close but dare not touching. Simply letting my hair graze over your hardness as I move on to other areas with nothing more than hot breath and a promising kiss of return. I wonder how long it will take. Kissing and stroking and waiting... The wide expanse of your chest..to cuddle close to and savor the sweetness of your nipple's with my lips and tongue grazing the hard points.

Strong thighs and long legs to push your hard cock deep within me. Knees that I can rest between and feel your soft touch, that you are happy I am there. Tight arms that hold me captive or keep me safe. Your hands that touch me gently or harshly and make me yearn for something more.. Those delicious hands in my hair and around my neck. Those hands that pull me tight against you so I feel every inch of you on my sensitive skin. There are your feet that bring you back to me when we are parted , those Master's feet that I shall kiss and rest my head upon.

Sitting up between your now parted legs I stretch my hands forward sliding up your thighs and wait. Looking deeply into the depth of your eyes..I am breathing hard and I smile rather wickedly, and make you wait for what you know is next. Just a bit longer til I feel you reach the edge of your patience, your hands reaching into my hair tightening in warning....sighing with pleasure because I love to push you over the edge. I lower my head and let my hair envelope the gate of heaven and rest my head against it's pillar of strength and ultimate maleness. Breathing deep I gather your scent around me and let my mouth open slightly my tongue reaching out for that first heated taste.

I continue the exploration with my tongue and wet every inch of your cock, circling the throbbing head but not taking you within me just yet. I work my way back down to your balls licking and sucking each one and enjoy the soft sounds you make as my tongue goes lower. Finding your asshole that I know drives you crazy when my tongue slides over it. Licking and slurping reaching in as much as I can..feeling you shake with desire... I am pleased that you are feeling good and work my way back to the cock that is begging for my attention.... I stop for a moment an look into the eyes of the one who owns me...and flashing a grin, I say who owns who, and love to hear your growl as I take your hard cock into my mouth holding it there as I swirl my tongue around its huge head and grow accustomed to your size. Sliding deeper and deeper into my mouth sucking and teasing, tormenting you but know you are enjoying every minute. I take you as deep as I possibly can before the gag reflex kicks in... and feel you throb in my mouth in response to me not being able to swallow your huge cock. I try again and again. Feeling your hand tightening in my hair guiding my head up and down your thrusting into me fucking the mouth you own. I can feel your tensing and know you are close to cumming. I let go of your hard cock with my mouth and look into your eyes and ask you, Master, cum on the slut you own, please.

Your response is swift as you firmly push me to the floor and lift my face and tell me to cup my breasts in your favorite way, offered up for your pleasure. I am breathing hard and love watching you jack your cock. I hear your own breathing grow ragged and the moan come from deep within as I feel your first shots land on my face and run down to your breasts. Its so very hot as it lands on my skin. The next shots land across my fingers holding my nipples up for you and it brings a moan from me. The heat is so strong and slick and I love the look on your face as you shower me with your cum. I open the mouth you own for the last of it and you slide your cock in I gratefully suck the last of it from you.. Savoring the flavor of you, my Master.

I am weak with my own desire for you but happy to have pleased you... I feel your touch it's firm but gentle as you lift me from the floor whispering the "Mine" as you take my mouth deeply, and loving the taste of you inside me. You continue kissing my face and licking the cum from me, you so graciously showered me with. Feeling you do something so intimate after such an act shows me I am so very lucky to be owned by such a generous and giving Master. After all, I am only yours..




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