tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExporoni Puts on a Show

Exporoni Puts on a Show


Ray was certainly no Svengali but he did have a certain control or power over me that made me trust him no matter what he 'forced' me do. Early in our marriage it was fun to have someone that recognized my exhibitionism and allowed, even encouraged me to show myself. Except those early times we played it pretty safe, not putting me at TOO much risk. We would do the expected, curtains and blinds open at home, flashing and great upskirts and even some pretty nasty behavior in Dallas at the Lido and other ABS.

But one of the first true tests that Ray had for me was in Bedford, TX after the Labor Day Blues festival. I always get confused on that whole H-E-B (Hurst, Euless, Bedford), anyway we stopped at Don Pablo's (in one of those three places) to eat and get some 'more' tequila. I was not dressed sexy, shorts and blouse, flip-flops. Shorts were not real short, loose leg and my blouse buttoned down the front came to just past my waist. We had spent all afternoon in the hot Texas sun listening to music and I am sure I was not the sexiest thing in the restaurant. But as we were seated there was a couple seated at the table next to us and the dude was staring a hole through me, like he was some long-lost relative.

The truth is, I was not wearing my 'whore' clothes and was pretty beat down from the heat and most definitely needed a couple of Margarita's. The guy was nothing out of the ordinary, overweight, t-shirt, shorts, wife even more overweight, pretty typical Wal-Mart patrons. She had her back to me and the way he acted was kind of sneaky, like he did not want her to catch him looking at me, though a couple of times she turned around to see but was blocked by Ray's position.

I told Ray about all the attention this dude was giving me and he of course told me to put a smile on his face. The way I was dressed about all I could do was unbutton my blouse and show him some titty, so that was what I started to do. But Ray stopped me and told me to show him my pussy! Ray immediately read the puzzled look on my face and before I was able to ask "How," he told me to take off my shorts.

Wellllllll, this was something new and different, in a family restaurant on a busy Friday night and he is telling me to take off my shorts. Hmmmm, I wondered how this was going to work. Our table had a table cloth that partially covered me on one side and where Ray was sitting I was hidden from that direction, leaving only my admirer with a straight shot under the table.

Tentatively looking around for the waiter and other potential victims, I looked at my not so handsome voyeur and winked and smiled as I motioned towards my lap. Okay, now came the tricky part, as I unbuttoned the top of my shorts and slowly unzipped the zipper. Then raising my butt off of my chair I began to work my shorts off, finally getting them past my bottom, I slid them past my thighs and knees as I took first one foot then the other foot out. Bringing my shorts to my side, I politely folded them and set them on the table next to me so that Ray could see my accomplishment.

My blouse was long enough that it partially covered me from the side so our waiter would not notice that I was sitting there in my panties, but the dude sitting across from me was awe struck as he sat staring under the table at my open legs as I had put one foot on Ray's leg and the other on the chair sitting to the side of our table. I began to rub myself, pushing my panties deep into my wet gash as I massaged my CUNT. Ray had me give him a running commentary as I played for my friend. It was really funny because the dude's old lady would turn around every two or three minutes trying to see what had him sooooo interested.

I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and let him see my sweaty pussy and used both hands to pull my fat lips open to show him my swollen CLIT!! Ray told me to take my panties off. I did. I continued to touch myself but by now I was masturbating as I was seriously fingering my HOLE, pushing two fingers in and out of my cunt, stopping long enough to let my friend watch me lick my own frothy juice off of my wet fingers. Ray was talking sooo nasty to me and the way this guy was staring, I knew I had to CUM for him. It was like I had totally zoned out as I finger-fucked myself and began to clutch at my titty, rubbing my breast, unbuttoning my blouse and putting my hand on my breast, pulling my titty out of my brassiere as I squeezed my hard nipple.

There were two knives on our table that had thick wooded handles; Ray picked one up and wrapped his napkin around the blade and handed it to me. I needed no further instructions as I put it under the table and started fucking myself with the thick wooden handle. It felt okay, I preferred my fingers but I knew Ray had me using it more for the 'show', as I slid my bare ass to edge of my chair as I rubbed the handle on my asshole. No luck I could not get very good action so I went back to fucking my pussy. Taking the cream covered handle to my mouth I deep-throated the knife and licked it like a COCK as I once more began to finger myself.

I started to CUM, OH FUCK, I remember Ray actually looking side to side as I moaned out loud and let my climax totally wash over me. Ray was wearing shorts and he said he felt my pussy squirt all over his leg as I climaxed, I remember he told me to show him my titty. My orgasm finally passed and I was sitting there looking down at my blouse, I had pulled it open and I was sitting there with my shirt to one side leaving my left breast completely exposed.

The waiter showed up and asked if I was alright and my smart-ass husband told him I had a seizure as I covered my bare breast and buttoned my shirt. But I was still sitting there without my panties!! The waiter left us alone and I smiled at my friend that had just witnessed on of the most unbelievable sights he would ever see. Not that I am such a HOTTIE, but c'mon, how often does a woman show you her pussy and then finger-fuck herself to a climax.

His face was beet red as I took my soaked panties and rubbed them over my wet CUNT. I sopped up some of my pussy juice off my chair and was sitting there on my bare-ass as I let him again admire my big clitoris. I left my panties off and took my shorts off of the table and struggled to get them back on, finally standing up as I pulled them up and zipped and buttoned them.

It was then the dude's wife got up to go to the ladies room and I took the opportunity to approach his table. Reaching out and taking his big hand, I put it between my legs, letting him feel of my cunt, then as he took his hand back, I put my 'soiled' panties in his palm and leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

As Ray got up and walked towards us, I whispered in my big friend's his ear that I would love to suck his big COCK! His wife returned just as I stepped back and Ray realizing the situation reached over and shook the guy's hand so his wife would think they knew each other. Then we left and by the time we got to our car I had my blouse unbuttoned and planned to ride all the way down 183 to AmeriSuites naked as I sucked Ray's hard dick.

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