tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExporoni Shows Off

Exporoni Shows Off


I don't know what made me think of this, but of those many nights that Ray and I would go to Nino's for enchiladas and Margarita's, then buzzing off to Union 76 truck stop to sit in the "trucker's side" (those small two person booths) of the restaurant; flashing, showing my titties and pussy to anyone sitting near us as we sobered up, drinking multiple cups of coffee, one night REALLY stands out (another one does too, but not so much!). It was when I was flashing a couple of old dudes and maybe because of the Tequila, maybe the weed, whatever it was, I went totally over the edge and lost it!!

I was wearing my favorite "hoochy" dress, low scoop neck, button down the front dress that actually came to my ankles. The buttons at the top undone to a inch or so below my breast and the neckline tucked under exposing my aureoles and if I moved just a little too quickly my nipples were fully exposed! The black lace brassiere was an "open-cup or shelf style" that only gave support, did not cover much. I had a pair of stiletto heel ankle boots that I just loved and I wore a pair of black thigh hose, held up by my matching black lace garter belt. I usually had the bottom buttons of my dress unfastened to about mid-thigh but for some reason, the Tequila or the weed, I was unbuttoned all the way to my crotch. Did I mention I was even wearing black lace panties? They seem to add a lot of drama when take I them off in front of my voyeurs.

Our usual waitress, Karen, was always quick to chide me if I was too exposed and sure enough the minute she brought our coffee, she gave me the once over and suggested I button at least one button to cover my exposed nipples. She was right, my breasts were uncovered as my dress had shifted allowing both nipples to escape, causing the neckline of my dress to slip below my C plus titties. Of course my equally drunk husband had noticed my exposure but choose to not say a word. I pulled up, buttoned and tucked in my excitedly erect nipples, but could not help noticing the two old guys eyeing me as I covered up.

Well, not really covering completely as I had opened my legs as I turned towards them, pushing my dress to either side of my legs, now letting them see the lace at the top of my thigh-highs and the snaps of my garter-belt. I opened my legs more and let them see my very sheer lacy thong panties, bi-secting my puffy pussy lips as the material disappeared, making my CUNT appear naked.

Karen was still giving me a hard time, scolding me for trying to give the two old men heart attacks. She knew our game, our kink, our fetish and did not seem to mind; maybe it was because she liked us, but probably because we always tipped her ten bucks. Plus she knew I was not a "lot lizard" or hooker, but some HORNY housewife and her perverted husband that got off on showing off to a bunch of old/young truck drivers.

While she was busy filling our cups and making conversation with Ray and me, my right hand had found the thin strip of lace hidden between my wet lips and opening my legs even wider, I pulled the material to the side then using two fingers, separated my CUNT and showed the two dudes my swollen CLITORIS. OMG!! It felt HUGE as it throbbed between my fingers! I gasped! I swear I did!

Karen suddenly stopped her chit-chat about the weather and looking over her glasses, in her sarcastic tone, asked me if I needed some fresh air. Standing next to me, I knew she was looking down past the table, at my lap, my naked, exposed crotch as my one leg opened wider bumping against her as I rubbed my pussy. I know she could see me showing my pussy as I spread my wet lips apart and now using both hands, pulled my labia open. I still looked at her as I tried desperately to carry on a conversation as I masturbated under the table.

I am sure my eyes were heavy lidded and I felt my breathing become deeper as I started pushing my finger inside my wet hole. Looking at her plain face I was using two fingers as I fucked my CUNT. In and out, sometimes spanking against my pelvis as she seemed to be testing me. Reaming my fingers in my pussy, rubbing, sliding them up and down my very wet snatch, even seeking out my bunghole as I arched back and pushed my finger in my ass.

I brought one hand back to my breast, unfastening the buttons I had previously button, undoing even more as my dress was now open to the waist as I searched out first one breast, baring it, then the other, pulling my dress open, so that both of my titties were completely exposed. I fondled myself, squeezing and pinching my nipple, then the other, pulling and twisting it.

Still talking to Karen as I finally softly announced to her, "I'm going to CUM."

Then pitching forward as my spasm over took me, almost banging my on the table as my ORGASM enveloped me. Moaning, groaning, I felt my hand being saturated as I squirted my thick juice, covering my leg, Ray's leg, I continued to spray as my CUM made me shudder, sobbing as I felt like I was having a seizure, my legs stiffening as I pushed, hunched my pussy upwards, banging into the table as I loudly called out. Then collapsing, limp as I sat on the hard seat of the booth, the curvature of the seat collecting a puddle of my CUM juice, my piss, as I sat, not caring, yet not wanting to open my eyes, as my shoulders heaved forward, my breathing shallow as I tried to recover.

Never had I made such a spectacle of myself in such a public place. Finally opening my eyes I see Ray, smiling as he slowly nodded. Looking around Karen was gone only to be returning with a mop and cleaning cloth. The old men sitting across, now side by side as they watched my show, also smiling. Four or five other men, drivers, standing, staring, gawking as I realized I was basically naked; my dress unbuttoned to my waist, and pulled over each shoulder, even my brassiere straps pulled down onto both arms as my breasts, naked, heaved with each breath. Seemingly held with only one button, my dress was pulled back away from my legs, leaving my pubic area, my PUSSY totally exposed. The musky odor of my sex filling the air as Karen begin to mop the yellow ejaculate from under our booth, in the aisle as she handed me the wash cloth to clean off my legs and sop up the mess I had made on the booth seat.

As if in a daze, I stood, not bothering to cover my nudity as I wiped the seat, then in a most unladylike manner, I half squatted as I dried my wet thighs, between my legs, my pussy. Using the the dish cloth, I wiped it on my wet gash and up and down my butt crack as I realized everyone was watching. I stood in the aisle, truckers, waiters, cooks, bus boy all watching as I unbuttoned the last button and opened my dress, removing it as I tossed it across the table to where Ray was still sitting.

Using Karen's wet dish cloth, wet from my own pussy juice I stood in front of everyone, wearing only my brassiere, thigh high hose, garter belt and ankle-boots. My breasts tumbling over the top of the too small brassiere, my aureoles puffy and my nipples erect, my black garter belt presenting an archway to my naked pussy, my deep purple and swollen CLITORIS sticking out from inflamed labia like an erect penis, tender and still throbbing. I used the cloth to sponge bath my nearly naked body, still stoned and horny, even more so with my now larger audience. Finally someone with some authority, came out from the kitchen and in a not too serious voice told us we had to leave. With Ray carrying my dress, we paid our tab, and left, leaving Karen a $15 tip! Never went back!

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