Note from the author: I put this story in the Exhibition/Voyeur section however it does have some loving spouses, lesbian and incest moments. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage with explicit permission from the author.


Maggie didn't realize something was wrong with her relationship with Joe until their wedding day. The wedding was being held on an island in the Bahamas and the two families and many friends had flown there for the ceremony. Most were even staying the following week.

After the ceremony Maggie was standing outside the church in the reception line wearing her strapless gown when she felt something tugging on the back of the dress. At first she thought a small kid must have gotten behind her and was trying to get her attention. After most of the family had passed and when her husband's younger brother Tim walked up to give her a kiss her dress was suddenly pulled down until the top of her right breast was exposed. Maggie pulled back feeling the material sliding over her hard pink nipple. When she looked down so did Tim. His eyes were as big as hers.

"OH!" She cried as she grabbed the front of her dress and pulled it back up over her bare breast. She blushed looking at Tim and turned sharply to glare at her new husband Joe who had quickly removed his hand from her dress. Joe and Tim watched as she gathered her long gown and ran back into the church.

"I told you to be prepared." Joe laughed at his 18 year old brother.

"You're sick man." Tim said as he watched his new sister-in-law's body disappear behind the thick brown door.

"She'll get over it." Joe said. He grinned and walked in to find her.

"Maggie let me in." Joe said standing outside the locked rectory door.

"GO AWAY!" She cried out. God she had never been as embarrassed as she was now.

"It was just a joke." He said. Suddenly the door opened and her mad face popped out.

"How could you?" She asked. "God. It was your kid brother."

"I'm proud of your body and wanted him to see you." Joe said smiling. "Your breasts are magnificent."

"Hey come on the limo is waiting!" Chad, the best man, yelled while standing in the large doorway.

"I'm sorry." Joe said as he pulled her body into his. She shook her head and walked out ahead of him.

"What happened?" Her maid of honor, Jill, asked her when she moved into the limo across from Chad and her.

"Nothing." She lied as she moved far over to the window away from Joe.

"Good start for a marriage Joe." Jill said. She had warned Maggie that Joe was kind of weird but Maggie wouldn't listen to her.

The limo pulled away and they headed to the reception hall. The facility was over thirty minutes away so they all settled it as Chad opened the bottle of Champagne. He poured the four glasses and gave them all one for a toast. "This is not the one I'm giving later." He laughed. "To my best buddy and his beautiful new wife. He got her before I did." Chad looked at Maggie who grinned as she clinked her glass to his.

Maggie soon forgot about the incident and moved back into Joe's arms. His lips found her ear and he started nibbling on it. He knew that it was one thing that drove her wild.

Chad and Jill smiled as the two lovebirds hugged and kissed. But, they both became more uncomfortable as Joe's fingers moved up Maggie's side and over her right breast. Before Maggie could stop him his fingers slipped down under the top and into her semi-bra.

"JOE STOP!" Maggie said as she jerked her body away. The action left her dress and bra beneath her naked mound and hard nipple. Both Jill and Chad got an eyeful.

"Look what you did." She said as she again pulled her bra and dress up over her bare chest.

"I didn't do it. You did." He said without smiling. "You jerked away."

"Hey. Forget about it." Jill said seeing the two of them going at it.

"That's twice!" Maggie said with her teeth quenched.

"Twice?" Jill repeated looking at Joe.

"We are here." Chad said looking out the window at the line of cars heading into the plush restaurant.

"Good." Maggie said as she jerked away from Joe's hand again.

The two of them moved into a side room while the guests were seated.

"Why did you do that?" Maggie asked as she stood away from him.

"God Maggie. It was just your breast. You'll be topless next week on our honeymoon." They were going to a clothing optional island.

"That's on a beach. This was in front of Chad and Tim."

"You are so beautiful I want to show you off." He whispered as his hand pulled up her gown until her white garter belt showed. He looked down. "You did wear them."

"I think I made a mistake. You'll want to show my ass as well." She said trying not to smile. She realized she was probably being silly after all he was right that she would be topless next week on the beach.

They were soon announced and the reception started without any more mishaps. They danced and then they danced with their parents. The wedding party soon mixed in and Chad and Maggie found themselves dancing.

"I'm sorry about what happened in the limo." Maggie said to the best man. His muscular body was very close to hers.

"I should say me too but I'm not." Chad whispered.

Maggie smiled without him seeing her. "You men are all alike." She whispered as her thigh pressed against the hard lump in his tuxedo pants.

Maggie glanced over at Joe who was now dancing with his twin sister Jennifer. She could see Joe whispering something to her and then his sister laugh. What was disturbing was that his hand was very low on her hip.

Later as the wedding wore down only the family and the wedding party remained. Joe and Maggie were staying in the hotel as was most everyone else still hanging around. "Everyone is invited to the hospitality suite." Maggie's father Bill announced to everyone as the waiters cleared the tables. "Except the newlyweds that is." He laughed.

As Maggie and Joe headed up the elevator an arm came in and Tim ran inside. "OH! It's you two. I can catch another one." He said as he turned to leave.

"No stay." Joe said while grabbing his arm and pulling him back into the small space.

Tim looked at Maggie who smiled. All the wine had gone to her head and right now all she wanted was to sleep. She leaned over into Joes arm and suddenly the elevator became dark.

"Shit. She passed out." Joe said as he caught her from falling. He pushed the penthouse floor. "You have to help me carry her to our room." He said to his high school brother.

"Sure." Tim said as he grabbed her arm to keep her steady. The elevator door opened and Joe said, "Grab her legs." Tim looked down at the long gown. He couldn't even see her legs.

Joe laughed. "Here." He said as he reached down and grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled upward. Tim's eyes almost fell out of their sockets as her white stocking covered legs came out. He watched the dress move up over her knees and up over her...holy shit....she was wearing a garter belt. He had never seen one on a real person before.

"Grab her legs." Joe laughed at his frozen young brother. Tim's shaking hands moved under her knees and he lifted. The dress moved higher until he saw the satin white triangle of her panties resting at the vee of her thighs.

"In here." Joe said as he held her up with one arm and slid the passkey into the door lock. The large door opened and they carried her inside. "On the bed." Joe said. Tim had always followed his older brother's direction and now was no different.

Maggie's still body fell onto the huge bed and her dress remained above her panties. Tim stood back waiting for Joe to pull it down but he didn't.

"She's got a nice body doesn't she?" Joe grinned at his brother.

"I..I...better go." Tim stuttered as he turned to leave.

"No way young bro. I need you to help me get her dress off."

"What?" Tim asked. He heard what his brother had said but didn't believe he would say such a thing.

"You heard me." Joe laughed.

"I don't think Maggie will want me to help you undress her." Tim said as he turned to leave.

"Tim stay!" Joe ordered. "She won't know and I do really need your help. If I try to do it myself I could damage the dress."

Tim shook his head. No matter what he did he was stuck. "OK." He swore to himself he would not look at her exposed body.

"Unzip her." Joe ordered as he grabbed her arms and pulled her to a sitting position.

Tim's trembling fingers pulled the noisy zipper down over her creamy skin. He stopped when her white lace bra strap appeared.

"Keep going." Joe said smiling. This was one of his favorite fantasies having another man see how sexy his new wife was and it being Tim made it even more special.

Tim pulled the zipper down to the end and saw the tops of her garter belt and panties. He stopped and moved away.

"Pull the gown off her shoulders." Joe commanded as he held on to her wrists to keep her body sitting upward.

At least I'm behind her. Tim thought as he pulled the silky laced gown over her soft and delicious shoulders. Joe held onto her arm as Tim slipped them down over her hands. When the gown was freed from her arms Joe dropped her lifeless body onto her back. Tim's eyes tried to look away but couldn't as her full white breasts nearly spilled out of the semi-bra.

"You can do the rest." Tim said as he stood to leave.

"Pull the dress out from under her as I hold her hips up." Joe said trying not to smile. Joe watched his younger brother move to her feet and grab the dress bottom. "Now." Joe said holding up his wife's hips. The white dress slid under and down Maggie's stomach, over her ivory garter belt and panties. Her tan muscular but soft thighs were exposed as Tim pulled the large garment off her legs. Tim dropped the large pile of white lace as his eyes roamed a woman's near naked body for the first time.

Joe saw his expression. "Shit. You've never seen a naked woman before have you?"

Tim could only shake his head no. His eyes were glued to the slight indentation of her panties between her thighs. "I better leave." He said without moving.

"This has to stay between you and me." Joe said as his hands moved down to pinch the front clasp on Maggie's bra. His hands swiftly released it and pulled the flimsy material to the side. Her magnificent breasts and large pink nipples spilled out.

"God." Tim muttered. He knew this was wrong but it was a sight that would stay with him forever.

Joe laughed. "You've never seen a pussy before have you?"

"I......." Tim tried to talk but his vocal cords were paralyzed. He sat back as Joe's fingers released the garter belt snaps and moved up under to pull her white satin panties down over her flat stomach. Tim watched as a fine perfectly trimmed mound of silky dark blonde pubic hair made its appearance. As the silky panties moved over the narrow mane of corn silk the curly hairs sprang upward until they stopped and her wonderful pink slit started. Joe stopped to tease him. Tim's excited eyes looked up at his brother with the word please written on them. Joe chuckled as he pushed the panties down, down and down until they pulled away from the pink folds of her pussy. He moved the silk undies to the middle of her thighs and dropped them.

"I can tell you like." Joe said grinning at Tim's expression. "Now you can leave." Joe said laughing.

Tim managed to stand and walked to the door. "Thanks for the help." Joe said laughing as his little brother walked out and closed the door.


It was almost two hours later when Maggie slowly came to. She looked at the large mirror mounted on the ceiling above the bed and saw a pink form. She blinked her eyes and focused to see her naked body lying on its back with her panties down around her thighs. Her bra was spread to the side. Her head turned to look for her husband but he was not there. She quickly pulled up her panties and snapped her bra. Why was she laid out with her underwear off her breasts and pussy? It was like she was on display. But for whom? She picked up the wedding dress and neatly hung it up on a hanger and slipped into a dress. She remembered the room number for the hospitality suite and headed down to find Joe.


Tim did not make eye contact with his brother as the family sat around the large suite. Joe had told everyone that Maggie had a few too many and had fallen asleep. Since everyone knew they had lived together for almost two years they figured a wedding night was not that special anyway. He was talking to one of the cute girls in the wedding party when the door opened and Maggie stood there glaring at her husband.

"Maggie!" Joe said surprised she was awake. "We were hoping you would make it." He watched as she moved into the room and grabbed him arm.

"We need to talk." She whispered as she pulled him into the small bathroom and closed the door. "Why was I lying on the bed with my underwear half-off?

"You were out of it and I started to undress you but you woke up and told me to stop. So I did." He lied.

"I don't remember waking up." She said looking him in his eyes.

"I wanted to make love but you told me to go away." Joe lied some more. He had perfected his lying many years ago.

Maggie starred at him for almost a minute. Joe's eyes did not blink. "OK. I'm sorry." Maggie said as she hugged his body to hers. "You want to go back up to our room?"

"We have time for that." Joe said smiling. "We should spend some time with the family." Maggie smiled and had her arm around him when they walked back out.

"Are the newly weds fussing?" Joe's twin sister asked when they reappeared. Jennifer had known for some time about her brother's voyeur addiction. He had told her while they were dancing that he had pulled down her gown showing her breast to both Chad and to Tim.

"We are fine." Joe said smiling.

The next hour was uneventful but Maggie had noticed Tim avoiding her. Most everyone was dancing so when she asked him to dance he had to look at her and talk to her.

"I'm sorry about what happened before." Maggie whispered in his ear as their body's swayed together. "Joe is an ass sometimes." She felt his hard-on pressing against her stomach but did not pull away.

Tim panicked thinking that Joe had told her about them undressing her. He did know that she was only talking about flashing her breast at the church. "I didn't want to do it. Joe made me." He whispered. His mind still showed videos of her naked breasts and pink pussy.

Maggie heard his reply and was confused. Joe made him do what? Tim had nothing to do with her breast being exposed. Then it hit her. He helped Joe undress her. Tim had seen her naked while she was passed out on the bed. Her first reaction was to turn and scream at her husband but she kept her cool. As she thought about what to do her stomach pressed and rubbed against Tim's hard bulge. Maggie grinned as she thought about her revenge.

"What room are you in?" Maggie asked softly.

Tim answered without thinking. "434."

"I'll meet you there in fifteen minutes." She whispered as she broke away and walked over to talk to her mother. Maggie made the rounds greeting her friends and peeked over at Joe to make sure he would not miss her when she slipped away. Her watch showed a span of twelve minutes when she saw Tim glance at his watch and suddenly leave the room.

Tim didn't really know what Maggie wanted. Did she want to yell at him or something else? He refused to think about the something else because she was all he could think about now. Her perfect breasts and her golden pubes. He dropped the passkey to his door three times before he managed to open it. He sat on the bed and awaited his fate.

"If anyone is looking for me tell them I went downstairs for some fresh air." Maggie whispered to her maid of honor Jill. Jill was half loaded and just smiled. "Sure whatever." Maggie watched as her husband talked with her older sister Janet.

Tim heard the light tapping on his door and quickly opened it to peek out. He wanted to make sure she didn't have a knife or something. Suddenly the door burst open and Maggie slammed it behind her.

"Sit." She commanded pointing to the bed. Tim quickly did as she said.

"Speak." She commanded as she stood before him with her hands on her hips.

"Maggie...I..I..I.." Tim stuttered nervously.

She saw how scared he was. "I know Joe made you do it so just tell me what happened." She said calmly as she sat down next to him on the bed.

Tim starred straight ahead as he stumbled over his words. When he was finished he put his face down into his hands. "I'm sorry."

Maggie took a deep breath. Could she do it?

"Tim look at me." Maggie said with a grin. Tim pulled his head up and looked at her.

"It's OK." She smiled.

"It is?"

"Yes. Joe should not have done what he did but, if it had to be somebody I'm glad it was you."

"You are?"

"Un huh.' She smiled. "However now you owe me."

"I know. I'll do anything." He said excited that she was not mad at him.

Maggie grinned. "Since you saw me naked I want to see you naked too."

Tim froze. "Naked?"

She nodded her head yes. "Stand up and strip."

"I.......can't......." He groaned.

"You will or I'll tell your parents." She bluffed. She knew she couldn't do such a thing.

Tim knew she had him. He stood up and faced the other way as he pulled off his tie and removed his shirt. He was still facing the other way when he pushed down his pants and stood in only his boxers.

"Turn around." Maggie ordered. At first she was doing this as a payback to Joe but now seeing his well formed young body she was doing it for something else. She looked at the huge tent in front of his underwear as he turned to face her.

"You do like your sister-in-law don't you?" She grinned. "Take them off."

Tim's fingers shook as they moved under the elastic waistband and pushed downward. No girl had ever seen his penis but he knew he was larger than all of the guys on his swim team. He closed his eyes as his boxers moved over his hard-on and down to his feet. He kicked them aside and stood erect in more ways than one.

"GOD!" Maggie exclaimed when she saw the size of his penis. He had Joe beat by at least three inches. "And Joe calls you his LITTLE brother?" She laughed. Joe had taken her virginity and had been the only man she had seen naked before now.

Maggie had only planned on having Tim expose himself to her to payback Joe but now the payback was much bigger. About ten inches she figured. "You know I have to pay back my husband." She said as she stood up in front of him.

Tim shook his head yes. Her fingers reached back behind her and unzipped her dress. She pulled it off her shoulders and it dropped at her feet. I think he owes you as well don't you?" She asked as she released the bra clasp and pulled it off her naked breasts. Tim again shook his head yes as his eyes followed her hands down as she removed her panties. "You act as if you've never seen me naked before." She giggled as she stood up only inches from his body.

"Tonight's my wedding night and my husband doesn't seem to want to fuck me." Her hand moved forward and her fingers opened as they curled around his hard-on. "Will you fuck me?"

"I've never........" Tim groaned as she pulled him by his pecker over to the bed.

Her body fell onto her back and she spread her legs wide to allow his lean but muscular body between them. "I'll teach you." She whispered in his ear as she guided the tip of his huge rod to her throbbing pussy. "Go slow." She whispered as she let his prick go.

"OH GOD!" Maggie cried as his long hot rod moved deeper and deeper inside of her. Her stocking legs moved around his ass to lock him in. "FUCK ME TIM!" She cried as his hips moved with the age old knowledge found deep inside his genes.

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