tagBDSMExposed Has More Than One Meaning

Exposed Has More Than One Meaning


My name is Michael, and I write for women! I write for women who fantasize of being possessed by a strong, dominant man.

If you are a woman who fantasizes about being possessed by such a man...if you are a women who can imagine herself as the 'arm candy" of a man such as that, then read on my dear.

In this story, and in my other posted stories, you are my character, "Sweetness"...a previously meek and timid woman of hidden yet captivatingly beauty who has only recently given in to her submissive nature.

I've taken her under my wing...conditioning her and leading her more and more erotic obedience and rewarding her when she pleases.

Among other submissive displays, I require Sweetness to dress as erotically as I order when together. And whether together or apart, she is not allowed to wear panties, nor touch her pussy, (My pussy), or cum at her own hand, unless I give my permission. Can you be that obedient? Then, I dare you to dress now, in only your highest, sluttiest heels (and a choker necklace if you have one), and read on!

Today, I take you to the neighborhood playground...a playground where tall, lean sweaty men play basketball under the blaring summer sun by day, and artificial light by night. Oh Yes, you are dressed in your choker and naughty stiletto heels. You wear a tight, white, leather bustier that zips up the front, while barely covering your firm ripe breasts...one that accentuates your sweet fuckable little tight ass. The virgin, white leather contrasts sensually against your toned flesh. Over that outfit, you wear a long, thin, black raincoat. You and I both know how hot you look, and you've learned to flaunt your sexuality.

Me, I'm wearing a stylish pinstripe suit...the class of this neighborhood. All others are dressed in athletic garb.

We stand out, not merely because of our more formal, regal dress, but because of our attitude and confidence. Athletes are so confident, and we fit right in...making a bold erotic statement. You do nervously shiver, but you cling submissively to my strong arm.

It's day now...late afternoon, just before the sun goes down. It takes less than a minute for you to attract the attention of all these sweaty men and the disdain of all their collected girlfriends. But, if truth be told, you really squirm uncomfortable warm, but greedily hot and horny as I whisper naughty thoughts into your craving ear. They seep into your insatiable mind as we sit in the bleachers watching these lean, muscled men jump and run. Many of the naughty suggestions seeping from my lips, stimulate vivid pictorial thoughts in your mind as do many of their bodies; like mine, so lithe and lean and manly!

Several of these men approach me to ask if I'd care to join in...it's very obvious that they know me, and obvious that I could and have participated in their games. But this day is an exhibition. It is an exhibition of you for their enjoyment...a coming out party. And perhaps they merely want to steal a hungry look at you by coming close pretending to try to entice me to join in, while they secretly strain to catch a closer look at your naughty features.

This day is also a test for you...another training session, designed to test your obedience and stretch your erotic limits. A day to lead you through another sensual experience you've never, ever imagined, nor thought yourself capable of!

You cling tightly to my side, like a tiny protected feminine morsel, all the while...and as the day turns into night they continue to play, (and catch seething glimpses at you), while I purposely expose slightly more and more of your raw flesh by the hour. One hour, I fold the lower flap of your raincoat up to expose a lean calf. Another moment I tug one shoulder down to expose a glimpse of flesh; and still another I position you such that an outer thigh and your cleavage escape cover. The looks you receive come more and more frequently, and you squirm uncomfortably under the prying eyes.

But late at night, just before their games end, I lead you by the hand back to our auto...a sleek dark Mercedes with tinted windshield. But before allowing you to enter, I slowly strip your covering coat completely from your luscious body...a quick and naughty strip so that all can see more of your nasty, naughty secrets. When you look back, you see all games have stopped and all hungry eyes upon you.

For an hour, we ride the dark deserted streets while I possessively grope and softly caress all your womanly treasures. As I do, I deny you the opportunity...I deny you the right to touch you or I. I also deny your pleas to allow you to fully disrobe or cum, even as you promise to suck me like a slut, and offer any and all of your holes for my pleasure. Those denials, and the tingling sensations you feel from my wandering hands send shear moments of frustrated anxiety to your mind and shivers up and down your spine.

Then, finally we return to the playground. Just one singular light illuminates this playground when we return. All the earlier attendees have long since gone home to bed.

First retrieving a sleek black bag from the trunk, I lead you from the car to the court...a court surrounded by an 8-foot high chain link fence.

At the gate, we enter, you sauntering, teetering on your highest, naughtiest heels, your legs sleek and shimmering. Still without your raincoat, your nipples strain against the fabric of the leather bustier, and your pussy, (My pussy for I possess it as I possess you) seeping, weeping, yes flowing...beginning to flow uncontrollably.

You look up into the tenements surrounding this urban playground and see lights open in windows and shadows crossing the beams, and you wonder who might be watching, but more, you wonder what I have in mind. You think you know what's to come, and although you are somewhat frightened to be exposed as you are in this open neighborhood late at night, you've waited for this for what seems like an eternity. As usual, I've awakened an erotic craving and a seething need that you barely thought you owned and never thought you'd act out. To be taken...roughly fucked in a public setting is what your mind leads you to believe is coming. And you know that as excited as you are, there is no way you would stop it from happening here and now, even if you could. "This is the moment" your naughty mind whispers.

Slowly, without speaking, I lead you. I lead you as you feel yourself wiggly wet with excitement...or is it fear? Now the fright of exposure begins to overtake you, and for a moment, I almost have to drag you forward. One glance from me sets your timidity straight. We press on...on to the chain link fence just below the single solitary remaining light.

"Hands high, Sweetness and legs spread...up against that fence," I order.

You don't speak, You do comply.

Once in position, I order, "Close your eyes and repeat as follows...and repeat this mantra over and over until I tell you to stop Sweetness! Repeat, I am Sweetness, Michael's cock craved slut, I want his cock in all my holes."

"Now close your eyes and begin" I say!

You hastily close your eyes and stretch onto your toes, straining your toned calves and stunning thighs; lifting your arms high and leaning back against the chain link fence pressing your sweet hot cunt forwards to meet what you hope is a tender soothing touch. You are so fuckin' hot looking but so freaking horny feeling, so eager to be filled because my whispered taunts and possessive gropes this day have left you wet and impatient for a rough and hungry raping!

And as you speak you repeat, "I am Sweetness, Michael's cock craved slut, I want his cock in all my holes...," and then you add, "Fuck me Michael, do it now...In my mouth, in my cunt, oh Michael fuck me!"

But that addition gets you nothing 'cept for a handful of your hair in my fist, and my lips at your ear..."Obedience, Sweetness!" I respond, "Now repeat as I ordered."

You begin to repeat, and as you do so, you feel a blindfold tied around your eyes and then feel one ankle handcuffed to the chain link fence. You want to look, but you dare not...and can not as blindfolded. Still, one bright light shines through the covering of your eyes...a blinding light which burns indelibly into your seethingly horny mind. But it also reminds you that you are under an intense spotlight...positioned as you are in the one illuminated spot in this urban jungle playground.

You begin to repeat for a 2nd time and feel the opposite wrist handcuffed to the chain link fence. You gasp, but begin to repeat louder...your pussy aches, and you wonder if anyone is watching...you care not...you know I'm well known here and wouldn't put you in harms way...but you wonder how exposed you are; you wonder if anyone might be watching and still, you know how ripe and ready you feel.

You can't help it, but you know and feel your hips undulating, pressing forward for a touch, and you feel your warn cream soaking the crotch of your bustier. You smell your sweet arousal in the air! To make matters worse, out of nowhere, I suddenly kiss you roughly, mashing my lips against yours and pressing my tongue between your ruby lips. At the same time, you feel my hands groping at your ass, and then, my pelvis pressed firmly against your cunt!

"Want that cock?" I ask when I break our kiss. "Don't answer in words, Sweetness, show me with your actions while you chant your mantra!"

Loudly, louder, more excited still, you begin to repeat for the 3rd time..."I am Sweetness, Michael's..."

...and you feel your 2nd ankle cuffed to the chain link fence....

Louder still, excited beyond belief you start to repeat for a fourth time, all the while shuddering and, naughtily slithering, like a stripper doing a pole dance with the pole at her back and her hands above her head. "I am Sweetness...." you start again...

...and you feel your 2nd wrist cuffed to the chain link fence....

Louder still you moan, "I am Sweetness...a cock craving slut...Michael's possession. I want his cock filling my holes..."

...and you feel your bustier unzipped and feel it sliding down your torso to your quivering knees.

"Oh God, Michael," you sigh as the cool night air meets your wet, eager snatch! "I am Sweetness, Michael's cock..." you begin for a 6th time...truly knowing, truly believing, truly submissive, truly possessed, but with no control, no control over the situation, no control over your emotions and no control over your drooling pussy, (My pussy), which gives away the excitement you feel!

And then you feel it, my lips again on yours and my fingers in your pussy, (My pussy) groping, but toying, spreading the folds and slipping in and out...your hips sway in rhythm, and your body hangs dangling by the cuffed wrists...you naughtily dance and pull, straining to get your hands around me and drag me deeper into your fleshy folds....you know a crowd might be watching, but right now you cannot help yourself...you love this "edge" you are on and want to live it. If you be a show, so be it, but just please don't let the erotic anxiety, the pleasure and the excitement stop, is all you can think!

....but as quick and sudden as it began, it DOES stop.

Then, you disappointedly hear my heels as I walk away...click, click, click on the pavement of the court...and then you hear my voice, as you rest chained and exposed; chained under the single solitary light....naughtily naked, naughtily chained, spread and vulnerable...exposed for all to see...

...."Loudly, I say, "If there is a better man than I, he may take her...take her now, but make certain you have what it takes to satisfy one as hot, as beautiful and as submissive as she, for "She" is Sweetness, Michael's cock craved slut, and she wants cock in her holes! And if another takes her body, he shall answer to me!"

Your mind begins to wander. Exposure has more than one meaning you think. And you suddenly realize that you are exposed on more than one level. Exposed here, nearly naked for all to see is only one level. On a more important level, your captivation and the sound of your voice chanting your mantra exposes all your Submission...and most importantly it exposes your unbridled submission to YOU! You cannot ever again deny the pleasure it gives you.

Snapping back to the moment, you hear my footsteps pressing forward in your direction again, then my breath, hot and firey at your ear. You tilt your head. It falls on your naked shoulder, your long, shimmering hair cascades down your arm.

"Later," I whisper, "Later tonight...I'll fuck you till your legs are wobbly, and drench you in cum." You'd like that wouldn't you Sweetness?"

You merely nod "Yes" over and over, but unconsciously, your little pink tongue wets your ruby red lips, silently signaling your cravings and your back arches as a shiver runs up your spine.

"Keep repeating your Mantra Sweetness," I holler, and then you hear my footsteps retreating once again, hear my car door open and close, hear the engine start, hear it shifted into drive and hear me slowly roll away...

...and you squirm, naked, raw and exposed...all your womanly treasures exposed but more importantly, all your submissiveness exposed. But without reservation, you begin to repeat; not knowing who may be watching, who may be approaching, you begin to OBEDIENTLY and respectfully repeat...

"I am Sweetness, Michael's cock craved slut..."

A quarter of a mile from that playground, I park and enter a highrise. At a window that overlooks the park, I pull out my pocket watch and glance at the time, then at the "ripe" you, "exposed in the glowing yellow light of the playground.

"Your reward will be soon, Sweetness. Just you wait and see."

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