tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposed my Wife, She didn't Know

Exposed my Wife, She didn't Know


Sharon and I have been married for 25 years and have had a great sex life. I am 57 and Sharon is 52. At her age she still has a great figure not at all overweight. She has always liked posing for me and I have a collection of her posing nude from the time she was 23. She is definitely a closet exhibitionist but only for my eyes. Getting naked in places where she could not be seen by anyone but me made her hot but always left me wanting others to see her.

Years ago I use to send her photos into magazines with a request to trade photos to my PO mail box so she would not find out. We use to spend a weekend night taking a couple rolls of 36 exposures and then sending them in to a "confidential" developing service. This was a long drawn out ordeal because the magazines always ran 3-4 months behind. When the replies started to come in I would send a couple of her photos out to guys who would also send some of their wife or girl friend. I would fantasize about another guy seeing her nude while she masturbated.

Now days with digital cameras and the Internet, things can happen much faster and I am able to get her on the net for more than one guy. It is great to hear what the guys say after they see her. However, I still wanted her to put on a show live for me and another guy but she was not up for this. I figured the way to fulfill this fantasy was to arrange someone to be hidden.

When I discovered newsgroups, I posted a notice for a willing participant in the Nashville area to watch my wife without her knowing he was there. I had numerous responses but selected to correspond with one particular guy named Roger. I explained that I would find a spot where he could watch but he had to have absolutely no contact or let her see him. I also explained that if he could follow my directions, it could be possible to do this again. He agreed and I went to find a spot.

This does seem risky with a complete stranger so I needed to find a spot that would keep him at a distance and a location that is not to secluded.

Sharon and I will occasionally find a hotel parking lot and park in the back under an overhead light. The front of our SUV will face away from the hotel so no one can see us. The rear windows are tinted so even if someone did drive up we would be unseen. The light makes it more daring and so I can see her when she gets undressed.

I found a hotel that backed up to a rock wall that was left when they cut out the parking lot. The back corner had an overhead light. The wall was about 20 feet high. On top, there was a construction site for another building. I parked my SUV in the corner and walked around to the top. From there you could look down into my front seat. If I positioned the SUV just right, Sharon could not see the top of the wall due to the roof of the vehicle but Roger could see her from the neck down. The perfect spot.

I passed this info on to Roger and he went to inspect the spot. He agreed that he could stand there unseen and we arranged a time the next Saturday night. I could think of nothing else the rest of the week.

On Saturday, I told Sharon that we should go out to dinner and drinks and that she should wear a button up dress. This usually meant that we would go find a spot to let her put on a show for me but this time there would be an additional audience.

It was a warm spring night and Sharon chose a sleeveless denim button up dress. We ate early and stopped at a club for a couple of drinks. She likes martinis and this night she had two in a short period of time, which made her a little looser. At 10:30, we left and drove to a new spot that she had not been before. My plans to Roger were that I would get here between 10:45 and 11:00.

As I drove around back to the corner of the parking lot, I noticed that the lot was not full at all and looked up to see if I could see Roger. I could not. I thought that perhaps something had come up or he just decided that it was too risky. I parked under the light and Sharon remarked that it was kind of bright. I assured her that the hotel was not busy and besides there was a rock wall in the front of us.

Sharon and I started to neck and fondle. This helps her lose her inhibitions and gets her more excited. As she unbuttoned her dress to her waste, it was all I could do to keep from looking to see if Roger was there. She reclined her seat and told me to sit back have a smoke and enjoy the show. Sharon started to rub her stomach softly and then across the top of her bra.

As I lit my smoke I dropped the lighter on the floor so I could bend down and look to the top of the wall. As I glanced up, I felt a flush in my stomach when I saw a silhouette of a man standing looking into our SUV. I was as excited as I could be realizing that another man was about to see Sharon and whatever was about to happen.

I lit my smoke with shaking hands and told Sharon how sexy she looks. I asked her to take off more. As I reached for her bra strap, she told me to keep my hands off and just watch. She unhooked her bra and let it fall to her waist. Sharon is 5'6" 135 lbs. Light brown hair with green eyes. Her measurements are 36C-24-36.

Her breasts are full round with pink nipples that are by now fully excited and hard. She loves to rub her breasts for me and roll her nipples in her fingers while gently but firmly squeezing them. She reclined her seat and unbuttoned the remaining buttons of her dress. With a free hand, she reached into her panties feeling her wet crotch and then placing the moist finger into her mouth. I was rock hard and had to undo my pants before they split. Sharon wet her finger again and placed it into my mouth.

As she slid her panties off I was hoping that Roger was enjoying her show. Now she was lying back in the seat with her dress open exposing her breasts and pussy for Roger and me. What she did next surprised me. She usually leaves on her dress for a quick cover up but I guess the two martinis made her brave. Sharon took her dress completely off and layback in the seat spread eagled fingering her pussy and thrusting her pelvis up as if she was being fucked.

As bright as it was, I am sure Roger could see the folds of her pussy as she slid her finger in and out across her clit. As she masturbated for the two of us, I told her how great she looks and that if anyone saw her they would be turned on. She did not say anything, she just smiled. I always thought she had a great ass and wanted Roger to see it as well. I told her to lay the seat down all the way and lie on her stomach so I could see her ass. As she laid flat I started to rub her ass. She would moan with pleasure when I let a finger slide into her crack, each time going closer to her pussy.

The closer I got the more she would raise her butt to meet me. Sharon does not like anal sex but does like to be touched there. She especially likes oral when it includes both locations. As I rubbed her ass, she got up doggy style with her butt up in the air while I gently rubbed her asshole. I was excited that Roger has seen Sharon like no other man has.

Sharon was now hot for a fuck and said so. It is too hard to do this in the car so we decided to head for home. I looked at the clock and we had been there for 45 minutes.

When I left the lot and stopped at the light, a Jeep pulled up behind us. I figured it was Roger.

The next morning Roger had sent an email thanking me profusely and describing what he had be a witness to. He had asked for a return showing and since he had cooperated completely, I thought why not, I loved it too.

We stayed in contact via email. I would tell him of our outings when we traveled like the night we left the hotel curtain open in New Orleans. I always sent him a few photos as well.

For our next adventure, I thought I would try to make it a little more personal. I thought Roger would enjoy meeting Sharon so we decided to meet him in a bar before we went to park in our new favorite location.

It was now early summer and much warmer. I had arranged for us to meet Roger in a hotel lobby bar after dinner. I had not met Roger before and he had not met us so I told him that Sharon would be wearing a light colored button up dress with thin straps and we would be sitting at the bar. I took Sharon out on Friday to look for a summer dress that would be easy to access. She knew what I meant and welcomed any reason to go shopping. We found a perfect dress as I described. It was thin white cotton with floral designs.

After dinner on Saturday, I suggested we go to the Hilton for a couple of drinks before we go parking. I told her that she looked sexy in her new dress and asked her to take off her bra and panties. She said that it would be too noticeable but I persisted and told her that the bar would not be that light so she should be able to get by without drawing much attention.

As we walked to the lobby I could tell that she did not have on a bra. Her breasts rocked gently with every step and her nipples were showing their shape through her material. I asked if she was uncomfortable and if she wanted to go back and put on her bra. She said that she was all right and it made her feel erotic having only the dress to cover herself.

We sat ourselves at the lobby bar and ordered a drink. Sharon got her usual martini. In about 5 minutes a guy sat beside Sharon and ordered a martini as well. I had no idea if this was Roger or not as I had not met him. He was around our age group and a little taller than I with well-groomed clothes and hair with a muscular build.

Sharon paid him no mind and we continued our conversation. A sudden noise caused us both to look his way. He had knocked his drink over reaching for an ashtray. Sharon picked up her drink to avoid the flood of gin from his direction while he grabbed for napkins to stop the drink from going too far.

He apologized and Sharon said no harm. He said to her that he was almost brought to tears from spilling his drink and since she also drank martinis she would understand. We both laughed at his remark. He introduced himself as Roger and asked if we were staying in the hotel. We introduced ourselves and told him that we were not but only stopping in for a cocktail. He said that he was in town on business and was stuck over the weekend. Of course I new he was not.

Roger had the gift of conversation and did not let on at all of the pending parking lot show that was coming later. We talked about our travels, as did he. I would catch Roger glancing at Sharon's breasts when she turned to say something to me. Of course I did not mind and he would give me a raised eyebrow when I looked at him. We each had a couple of drinks and Sharon excused herself to the restroom.

Once she was gone, Roger and I shook hands and he said that he is really glad to meet us and was ecstatic that I would share Sharon with him. I asked him if he liked what he saw and he said that Sharon was even lovelier than he imagined and I was uglier than he thought. We both laughed.

Roger said that when he was looking at Sharon's breast, he could see the bottom of her breast through the gap of her dress between the buttons. He thought that that was a nice touch for our meeting and asked if Sharon was uncomfortable. I said at first yes but after a couple of martinis she probably in enjoying the idea.

When Sharon came back, Roger suggested we go to a booth. We went to a corner booth that has a half circle cushioned seat wrapped around the table. The hotel bar had a band that night and they started to play. We all sat and talked for about a half hour and I noticed that Sharon really was enjoying his stories. During this I was working on sliding my hand up her dress rubbing her thighs.

At first she would close her legs when I got near her pussy but she eventually opened up allowing me to fell her trimmed crotch. I needed to go to the restroom and left the two of them. When I returned, the two were rolling with laughter. It seems that Roger had told a joke, which she thought was hilarious. I told one I had heard recently which made reference to a woman's breast.

He returned with another a little more suggestive and did not bother Sharon at all. He told her that he was sorry if he offended her and she said that it did not but wondered why guys don't tell jokes about men's "cocks." This was uncommon for Sharon to say this and it caught me by surprise and Roger and I both chuckled.

Roger left for the restroom and I asked Sharon to dance. When Roger returned, we were on the dance floor. Sharon was now into her third martini and enjoying the dance beat. She was not at all concerned about her braless breasts swinging and bobbing. She was really having fun and said that that guy Roger is fun. After a couple of dances I wanted to sit but Sharon wanted to continue. I told her after a smoke and a drink I would take her back for a couple more dances and then we would leave for the parking lot. All she said was, "I can't wait."

When we got back to the table Sharon was still rocking to the beat. Roger said, "It looks like your are not tired of dancing yet," and Sharon said, "I could dance all night."

Roger looked at me and asked if I would mind if he danced with Sharon. I shrugged and said it was up to her. Sharon said sure and the two headed for the dance floor. As the songs played Sharon did not try to slow down her rhythm. Her breasts were bouncy with every step and I could tell she was having a good time out with a couple of guys and getting tons of attention.

The third song ended and the next was a slow dance. The two were talking and Roger gave me sign language as if to ask permission to slow dance. I shrugged an OK. Sharon or I never had dance lesson so neither one of us knows how to slow dance except to wrap my arms around her waist and hers around my neck which is how Sharon was dancing with Roger. I could tell they were talking and was wondering how Roger liked the feel of Sharon's breasts against his chest. I wondered if Sharon was turned on thinking that the only separating her nakedness from a stranger was a thin cotton dress.

At the end of the song the two headed back to the table. Sharon had a funny smirk on her face and I noticed that she was visibly turned on because the shape of her nipples protruded through her dress material. I met the two and said that we should be on our way. Roger asked for our email address and said that if he comes back to town he would like to meet us again for a drink. I knew this was part of the show for Sharon and he was playing it well.

We both thank him for the drink he bought and left the hotel. Sharon was not saying much but I could tell she was thinking about something because she was kind of giddy. I asked her what she was up to. She said, "nothing." I said come on what. She said that Roger had told her that she felt soft when they were dancing and that she thought his hands were feeling for panties because they went a little low onto her backside. She said that he probably knew she was not wearing a bra or panties.

I asked if this bothered her and she said not really because he is a stranger and we will probably never see him again. I asked her what the smirk was for and she said that she thought he was hard when they were dancing. I chuckled and said it was probably his buckle. Sharon said that was no buckle. [When I asked Roger about this in a later email and was apologetic.

I told him that there is no harm and that Sharon was not insulted. I asked how she felt and he said that he could tell she was not wearing a bra but was not sure about underwear until he let his hand slide down to feel the top of her ass. He said that he was so turned on thinking about seeing her a few weeks back and now he is holding her about to see her naked again that he got hard.].

We took our time driving to the hotel parking lot giving Roger a chance to get to his spot. While driving Sharon had already unbuttoned her dress and started playing with her pussy. As we drove to the back of the hotel I noticed that Rogers Jeep was parked at the now finished building parking lot so I knew had made it. To add another dimension to the night, I had asked for Rogers cell phone number because I wanted to have him hear Sharon's moans. I told him when we got to the parking lot that I would call his phone from mine and leave the line open. We both had to disable our sounds so Sharon would not hear me send or his ring.

Sharon was already in action when I stopped. The seat was back and her dress was off. I pressed the speed dial to Roger. It was a warm night but from the looks of her nipples you would have thought is was cold. Sharon's breasts are lovely. Her nipples are pink and perfect. She trimmed her pubic hairs earlier in the day. Not smooth but short. She did shave the rouge hairs between her legs and down to her ass. This really allowed a good view of her pussy, which I was sure that Roger could see. We don't talk much during our sex playtime just kind of touch and feel with a few comments about how sexy she looks. She would ask if I like to see her naked rubbing her pussy and asked if I was turned on.

When I knew she had lost any inhibitions that she might have remaining, I told her to look in the glove box. When she opened it she saw the new toy that I bought her the day before. It was cock shaped and bigger then me, which is not saying much. It was called "Big Friend" at the store. It was about 10" in length and at least 1 3/4'" in diameter.

I was amazed that the thing actually looked and felt like a hard cock. Sharon was surprised by its size and said it felt real. I am sure that Roger was up for what I was hoping Sharon would do with it. I told her to pretend that it was a stranger and she was having sex with him while I watched. She said that it was large and was not sure if it would fit. I told her if she took her time and made sure she was good and wet it would probably feel real good. She asks who the stranger was and I told her it was someone she picked up when we were out. She said someone like Roger, and I said why not. I sure Roger was excited to hear he was on her mind.

Sharon started stroking the dildo like a cock and saying, "Roger your cock is so big and soft. Let me taste you," as she placed the dildo in her mouth closing her eyes and sucking it as if it were real.

I was rock hard and had to pull my own cock even though I knew that was not what Roger wanted to see. I had my own pants around my ankles stroking my own cock watching Sharon listening to her moan with pleasure. She then said, "Roger I want your cock in my pussy," as she placed her feet on the dash and lowered the dildo to her wet cunt.

She slowly rubbed the dildo over her clit and eased it in her pussy a little at a time. It about 10 seconds she had it in and was stroking herself with pleasure. Suddenly she stopped in mid stroke and squeezed her shoulders together with a shudder.

At first I was not sure what was going on until her moans grew to a sound of ecstasy. She was having an orgasm and sure that Roger heard it as well. She was really into it by now moaning, "Fuck me Roger, fuck me."

She wanted me at the same time. She said she'd always fantasized about having two men at once. As she leaned over to my lap and took me into her mouth, she still had the dildo in her pussy now pumping it with hand and hip strokes. She told me to rub her ass and to use my finger. Her breasts were bouncing wildly and I am sure if someone came to the window she would not care and in fact welcome them to replace my finger.

Sharon was the center of attention to two men and she had no idea. No guy had ever seen Sharon in person exposed in raw sex like Roger and me. She was at this point in such a frenzy I almost considered telling Roger to come down and she would suck him as well. I held on as long as I could and told Sharon that I was about to come. She pulled the dildo from her pussy and started to jerk me off.

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