tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Katie 004

Exposing Katie 004

byTom and Katie©

One of our issues was coming up with things for Katie to wear for showing off. Being petite and small breasted, tight fitting clothing or plunging necklines were not as effective on her. More than body style, they did not suit her personality either. I think that what I find most sexy about Katie is how totally natural she can be while naked. The women that I have been involved with in the past that were amply endowed always seemed to be self conscious about their bodies when they were naked. They could be sexy when they were in the bedroom, but they were uncomfortable just sitting around naked.

Katie has a way about her that has definitely been drawn out as she gained confidence in her body. She looks fantastic in just a pair of jeans, naked from the waist up. In fact, she can be naked from the waist up with the same ease that a man can be. Not that anyone would mistake her for a man, her boobs have enough curve to them to leave no question and her nipples are incredible, like rosy little thimbles. Just that she can be as unselfconscious about her toplessness as a man can be. Curiously, I find that she almost has a greater effect on me when she is not trying to be sexy than when she is trying at times. Her?casual? nudity is what drives me wild. I?d love to be able to go someplace where it was accepted for men to be shirtless and just have Katie walking around in jeans and white sneakers, like it was nothing at all.

Perhaps it is just me, but the other thing that turns me on is the incongruity of the situation. As I said about our hiking episode, something like having Katie totally naked except for hiking boots is incredibly sexy. I guess it is similar to the Catholic schoolgirl look. The idea of the white shirt and plaid skirt being the symbol of the chaste, regimented school contrasted with having this sexy, naughty woman dressed up inside the clothes. Probably also why you can find pictures on the internet of women dressed up as nuns, lifting their habits to show off lacy stockings and bare flesh.

Another favorite article of clothing that Katie has are a few T-shirt dresses; essentially just an extra large T-shirt that goes down to just above her knees with longer sleeves and a bit of a scooped neckline. They are great for flashing because they are thick and loose. They cover her well enough that you would never guess that she didn?t have anything on underneath yet they are very easy to pull up (or off!). Further, being under $20 apiece, you don?t have to worry too much about them.

As our warm winter turned into spring and the evenings became warm enough, I convinced Katie to wear one of these for our evening walks. The first time out she was fairly careful about it. She wore the T-shirt dress with a denim jacket over top, which she left unbuttoned. She would walk ahead of me a few steps and lift the back of her dress to flash her ass at me. A few times she would turn around to face me and flip the front of the dress up to flash me her pussy. At one point she put her foot up on a low wall alongside the sidewalk and bent over to adjust the laces of her shoe. She pulled the hem of the dress up as she did this and I was treated to a good view of her pussy.

Our town dates back to the late 1800s. There are a few Victorian houses and large portion of the houses are from the twenties and thirties. The streets are lined with trees and streetlights. Unfortunately, the streetlights have been updated, they are not the old fashioned ones. Between them and the lights from the houses you have enough to see where you are going, but the trees filter the light enough that you are not too well lit up on the sidewalk unless you are standing directly under a streetlight. From experimenting at our own house and looking out the window at night, we knew that you could only see a person outside vaguely if your lights were on inside. If you had the lights off, you could see people pretty well but still did not have a whole lot of detail. Unless someone was standing right at their window with the lights off, they did not stand much of a chance of seeing anything and then someone outside could see them as well. Katie and I figured that we were pretty safe with our games. We did wait until we were a number of streets away from our house before we would get into our games, just to keep the neighborhood gossip to a minimum if anyone did see us.

We went out several times before the weather warmed up enough for Katie to go without her jacket. Things started off pretty much the same as before. She would walk a bit up in front of me and pull her dress up to flash her ass at me or turn around and pull it up to show off her pussy. Of course I was egging her on and it did not take much before she was pulling her dress up to show off her breasts as well. It was cool enough that her nipples were rock hard and I did not skimp in telling her that she looked fantastic.

There is not a whole lot of traffic down the side streets, just the occasional car. We stayed back in the residential sections and away from the main roads that cut through them. After one car passed us Katie pulled her dress up past her breasts while facing the retreating car. I really doubt that he had any chance to see her, but it was still a turn on to imagine him looking in his rearview mirror and seeing her. The fact that he did not swerve into a tree probably meant that he had not seen. Katie kept her dress up and turned back around to face me before letting it slip back down.

Another time we had been out walking for awhile, just talking quietly to each other as we played our games. At the next corner, Katie said that we should head back home because she needed to pee. When we are out in the woods Katie has no problem taking a pee, so I asked her why she did not go here. She gave me a funny look and said that this was different and that it was a bit unhygienic to pee in someone?s yard. I told her that it was not any worse than the dogs that do it while people are walking them and dared her to do it. I told her that if she was concerned about the hygiene issue, she could pee in the street. It would be dry by morning and I was sure that there was much worse on the pavement anyway.

Well, the dare was what did it. We had continued walking along as we talked and she was looking for a good place to go. Towards the middle of the block there was a big old tree between the road and the sidewalk that created a shadow from the streetlights. We took a quick look around and did not see anyone else outside or any cars coming. Katie walked over to the curb and took another quick look around before raising the dress to her waist and squatting down. It took a moment before a stream splashed out onto the pavement. The night air was cool enough that there was a bit of steam rising from the puddle.

She finished and stood back up, letting the dress drop back down to cover her. There was a fairly significant puddle there, faintly steaming. We walked home, talking between ourselves. Katie told me that she felt particularly naughty having peed on the street like that. Peeing out in the woods was just sort of necessity, peeing on the street was decidedly naughty.

As the weather continued to warm up, we continued with our little games. Katie progressively got more daring with her exposure. She would lift up the hem of her dress and roll it back under to her waist so that she would walk along with her pussy and ass exposed. She also continued with her peeing on the street. When she would have to go, I would cross to the other side of the street so that I could watch her. She would walk along until I had crossed over, then she would come to the curb and squat down, lift the hem of her dress, baring her pussy to me, and begin to pee. With me as an audience this led to her exposing more and more as she peed. When she started she would just lift the hem far enough to get it out of the way. This moved on to pulling it up to her belly and then above her breasts while she peed.

One time she had just finished peeing when I noticed a car coming down the street towards us. She dropped her dress back down and started walking down the sidewalk away from the oncoming car. I thought it would be too obvious to cross the street back over to her, so I continued walking along on my side of the street, paralleling her but a bit behind. Well, the car pulled up to the curb right where she had peed. I hung back a bit to see what was going to happen. The guy turned the car off, opened up the door, and got out. Going around in front of his car, he looked down at the puddle that was just under the front of his car. He stopped for a moment like he thought that his car was leaking or something. I thought that he was going to pop the hood but after a moment he continued on into his house. When I caught up to her, I told Katie about what had happened and we both had a good laugh.

Another time I dared Katie to just wear an extra-large T-shirt of mine instead of one of her T-shirt dresses. We had not really encountered much of anyone out walking other than the occasional person going to or from their car, so it did not take too much effort to convince her to try it. From the back you could just see the curve of her ass and if you got down to eye level you could just see her pussy lips. That was when she was standing still. When she walked the shirt would rise up enough that you could get a pretty good glimpse of her charms.

She spent some time in front of the mirror to judge how much she was showing. She agreed to do it, but said that I owed her something in return. When I asked her what she had in mind, she told me that I had to wear a T-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. I have a number of plaid boxer shorts that look like shorts except for the fly in the front. Inside the house I will wear just them in the Summer when it is hot. I will even go outside in them to get the paper or take out the trash or something minor like that. However, the fly is a bit loose and there is the tendency for me to?escape? if I am not careful. Having a hard-on almost guarantees that I will be poking out. Since our little evening walks usually gets me fairly aroused, I pointed this problem out to Katie. She just gave me a mischievous smile and told me that she was certainly hoping so. I guess that it was only fair. After all, I was getting my kicks from baring her body to the night air.

I pulled on a T-shirt, a pair of boxers, and put on a pair of dock shoes. Neither of us had any pockets, so I put a key on a loop of string and put it around my neck. We headed out the back door and walked up between the houses to the street. We walked up to the corner and went down a couple streets and I was starting to get comfortable with my situation. Then I made the mistake of looking over at Katie. As she walked, the shirt had ridden up a bit and you could plainly see the lower curves of her bottom. I could feel my penis start to swell and had to adjust it a bit to keep it from leaving the confines of my boxer shorts.

Another block away from the house and Katie pulled the shirt up past her waist to bare her ass and pussy. Suddenly I was fighting a losing battle. I was fully aroused and every other step that I took seemed to cause my penis to poke out of the fly of my shorts. I stuck it back in a couple of times and tried to adjust my boxers, but it was no use. Katie asked why I was being bashful after all the times that she had walked along exposed. She had a point and I let my penis continue to poke out into the night air.

There were a couple cars that passed us as we walked. Katie would pull her shirt down and I would stick myself back in my boxers. I just always hoped that things would stay put long enough for the car to pass. I noticed a couple of drivers checking Katie out. I doubt that they could really see anything, but they were still treated to a lot of leg. In the Summer, it is not uncommon to see girls walking around in a bathing suit with a T-shirt over top. At first it looks like they are naked under the shirt and I did not see that this was that much different. Except for the fact that it was a bit late to be thinking about swimming. If anyone ever actually thought that we were up to anything, we did not have any problems from them.

This was turning me on incredibly and I was rock hard by this point. Katie would walk about a step in front of me so that she could reach back to hold onto my penis. Sometimes she would just hold onto it like we were holding hands, other times she would run her fingers along it. I was oozing with pre-cum and Katie would rub her thumb over the head of it to coat it with the wetness.

We turned down an alley and Katie dared me to take my boxers off. There were shrubs and garages on either side, so there was not much of a view from the houses. Besides, there were no streetlights in the alleys, only the occasional light on a garage. We would only have to worry about it if someone pulled into the alley or came out of their garage, so I took her up on it. I admit that she had been baring her ass and pussy all this evening as well as countless times before. However, all she had to do was pull her shirt back down while I had to put the boxers back on.

Well, I stopped and slid the boxers off and then held them in my hand as we continued walking down the alley. I have to admit that the cool night air was really arousing. As it blew softly across my penis it felt cold on the wetness of the pre-cum. Katie told me that she finds it very arousing to have the air blowing over her wetness as well. We had not gone a quarter of the way down the alley before Katie told me that I should roll my T-shirt up as well to expose more of myself to her. I really could not argue with her requests since she had been doing the same things for me.

We walked a bit further down the alley and Katie stopped me at a point where we were in some deeper shadows. She knelt down in front of me and began to suck on my penis. She made a point to lick my whole shaft so that the cool air was even more noticeable. She even licked at my balls and every little breeze made me aware of how exposed I was. Despite my thought that I was already rock hard, her actions brought me to a raging hard-on and then she stopped. We walked a little further along before I had to do something about my situation.

I grabbed Katie at the hips from behind and got her to bend over forward. Thrusting my hips up against her ass, I grabbed hold of my dick to guide it into her. We both let out a moan as I penetrated her. We were standing there off to the one side of the alley, fucking out in the open. It was all I could do to keep from shooting my load into her, but I wanted to tease her a bit as well. I thrust into her firmly for awhile before pulling back out and continuing to walk down the alley. She groaned and followed after me.?You?re mean,? she said.?No worse than you,? I replied. I was acutely aware of the breeze as it blew across my dick and balls where Katie?s juices coated them.

As we came to the end of the alley, Katie dropped her shirt back down and I stopped to put my boxer shorts back on and pull my shirt down as well. We turned and continued walking down the street. I was so hard that there was no use trying to keep my penis in my shorts. It stuck out like it was pointing the way. I had an idea and headed us over towards the town library.

I knew that I was taking a chance because as town property, the local police sweep through the parking lot every now and then to keep an eye on things. However, the library is an old stone mansion that sits up about eight feet from the road and sidewalk below. Beside the building itself is a side lawn to the corner that stretches back along the parking lot behind the library. This is an open grassy area but there are these huge ancient oak trees along the top of the hill that goes down to the sidewalk. Underneath these trees you are really out in the open, exposed to both the street and the parking lot in the daylight. However, at night the trees keep this area in deep shadow. Since you are at the top of this hill, the headlights from passing traffic really do not reach up to you if you are back under the trees. The road in front of the library is fairly busy, though. About all that we would have to worry about was if the cops came through with their spotlights, they would shine them back under the trees as they cruise through the parking lot.

The library was a couple blocks away and I started turning at corners to head us over to it. Katie noticed the hurry to my step, but did not say anything about it. We chatted quietly to one another as we walked. I did not want to talk too loudly and attract any attention. My dick was still raging as I thought about what I wanted to do.

We reached the library and I took us up the steps from the sidewalk to the side lawn. There are three sets of steps coming up from the sidewalk. One was at each end of the property along the main street and the side street (which we had just come up) and then one in the middle at the corner of the two streets. There is a path that runs along the top of the hill and connects the steps with the library. We were coming in from along the side street, but we could see a number of cars going by on the main street in front of the library. We walked along under the trees towards the front of the property. There were no cars in the parking lot and we could not see any signs of anyone around. When we reached the front, we stood there under the trees for awhile, watching the traffic. It was not continuous, but there was at least a car every couple of minutes. We were looking down on the cars and there really was not much chance of anyone looking up at us. Also, the front of the library was lit up, so that made it all the more difficult to see us under the trees.

Along the path from the corner steps to the library was a bench that faced the street. I walked over to the bench with Katie following me. Standing behind the bench, I positioned Katie in front of me, facing the back of the bench and the street beyond. I stood behind her and rubbed her shoulders for awhile, then continued on down her back. I spent some time rubbing her ass through the T-shirt before I reached under it to rub her ass directly. I continued to rub her bare ass with one hand while I pulled the shirt up with the other. She bent over slightly and rested her hands on the back of the bench. I got the shirt up around her waist and continued rubbing her ass with my hand (she loves this). After awhile, I moved my hand down between her legs, following the crack of her ass. As I did so, she moved her legs apart a bit so that I could have better access to her pussy. Running my fingers in along her seam, her juices coated my fingers.

Katie groaned and pushed her butt back at me as I slid my fingers back and forth along her juicy slit, working them in between the folds of her labia. When I finally started easing a finger further into her she started pushing back against my hand to get me to penetrate her deeper. I pulled my hand away and moved closer to her. I grabbed hold of my dick and ran the head of it over her ass cheeks for a bit. Then I ran it up and down the crack of her ass. Finally I started running the head of it through her labia to cover it with her juices and stroke her clit with it.

Katie was moaning and pushing back at me, begging me to penetrate her with it. When I finally accommodated her and sunk my shaft into her, it glided in easily as wet as she was. Katie gave out a cry and her knees nearly buckled. I put my hands on her hips to steady her and started to slowly pump in and out of her. She was breathing heavily and making little whimpering noises as I would draw out until I was nearly all the way out before pumping back in the whole way to the hilt.

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