tagLoving WivesExposing Katie 008

Exposing Katie 008

byTom and Katie©

In my last submission, I mentioned that there were two incidents at the office that pushed our exploits substantially further. Although neither incident was really planned in any way, the second incident took a decidedly different turn. To put it simply, we nearly got caught. From a logical standpoint, that was not all that surprising. The risk was there.

Our first incident had definitely increased the heat of our adventures by adding the elements of fantasy and role-playing to our sexual life. It may sound strange to a lot of people that these were not part of our lovemaking before this point, but it really had a lot to do with Katie's insecurities. The idea that I may be turned on by imagining her to be someone or something other than what she really was did not appeal to her. To her, it was literally like I was telling her that I wanted her to act like this other person because I desired them more than I did her. Any attempts at sexual fantasy were met with suspicion. It took me quite some time to even begin to realize where she was coming from on this matter. Even once I understood her thoughts, I could not seem to explain my view of the situation in a way that she understood enough to trust me, so the whole issue of sexual fantasies was something that got dropped. Issues like this were what brought us to the point we were at that night at the restaurant. What started at the point of not being able to communicate our thoughts and feelings to each other eventually turned into resentment that the other person seemed to not feel that those thoughts and feelings were important.

To make a simple illustration, take the example of my possibly suggesting a little fantasy involving Katie being a waitress and coming out and serving me in some skimpy little outfit, it develops into licking food off of each other's bodies, and ends up having sex on the dining room table or kitchen counter. However, when I present my little idea to Katie, her first thought is that there is some cute waitress somewhere that I have my eye on and I'll be thinking of her instead of Katie while we play this little fantasy out. So there is an argument and hard feelings. I feel that I have been turned down for suggesting something fun and playful that we can share. Katie feels that there is someone else that I desire more than her and that I am trying to coax her into some sort of game so that I can play out my fantasies about this other woman. Chances are that it does not end there. The next time I take Katie out to dinner, if I seem to be too friendly with the waitress Katie's suspicions are aroused. Perhaps Katie accuses me of flirting with the waitress, but maybe nothing is even said. Either way, Katie does not enjoy the dinner and is upset. I pick up on her mood and to me it seems like once again I try to do something nice (take her out to dinner) and she is upset with me. I withdraw from her because it seems that I cannot do anything right. She sees my detachment as one more sign that I don't desire her and the whole things continues to escalate. This is the vicious cycle that we were in.

However, for some reason that first incident at the restaurant sparked some element between us that said we both valued the relationship and needed to find some way to make it work together. A benefit of the discussions between us that followed was that as we began to understand where each other was coming from. Katie began to see the possibilities of me being turned on not by me imagining her to be someone else, but by what she herself may imagine her to be. She began to see that it was an active role, a story created by the two of us, rather than merely a passive role to force herself into being something else that I desired her to be. Although this may be an unorthodox method, taking active control of your life is an essential part of building self esteem and self worth.

I found some extra excuses to go in to the office in the evening more often and Katie would always tag along. The first noticeable change was in our dress. Katie was first to ditch the jeans and sweatshirts, opting at first just to leave on what she had worn to work rather than changing into something more comfortable for the evening. As I caught on to her intent, I began to stay dressed for work as well.

It made sense for our role playing to start out with the office setting theme. While I worked on the server, Katie would sit at my computer. She was not as quick to get naked, but worked on developing the fine art of flirting. She'd unbutton a few more buttons on her blouse than was proper, exposing glimpses of lacy bras or bare breasts. After a few episodes of this, I began to notice that she must have acquired some new clothes. Still along the lines of what she would wear to work, but the blouses were more sheer and the skirts and dresses were shorter. She'd wear a sheer blouse with no bra underneath, making it quite clear as to why she felt that she needed to wear a bra to her office to remain proper. Her pert little nipples poked out quite clearly. She'd wear her short skirts without any panties and make it a point to stand and bend over when she "accidently" lost a pencil or to get something out of the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet. Eventually she would come over to my chair and stand to talk to me, absentmindedly rubbing her leg and "accidently" pulling the hem of her dress up so that her pussy stared me in the eye. The game was that of the office affair, the guy fooling around with the female coworker. Sex was always quick lest "coworkers" caught us. I'd eat her out as she leaned against the desk or laid back on it. A couple times I'd drop my pants just enough to give it to her, both of us coming quickly. We'd save the slow, sensuous lovemaking for when we could take our time at home. It was all part of the roles that we were playing.

One day Katie took this a bit further. She had been out at a meeting late in the morning, so she decided to swing past my office to see me over lunch. I really did not give it a second thought other than to be pleasantly surprised when she walked through my office door slightly before noon. She was wearing a semi-typical business suit, dark skirt with dark nylons, and dress jacket. The skirt was not particularly short and the jacket was not particularly revealing, so nothing really alerted me that anything out of the ordinary was up. She told me that she had been in the area and figured that she would stop in and spend our lunch hour together. I gave her a quick kiss and told her that if she gave me a few minutes, I'd finish things up and then we could go out.

She took a seat in my spare chair while she waited. I was concentrating on my work for a few minutes, trying to get things finished up, and not really paying attention to her. When I finally glanced up at her for a moment she flipped her jacket open, having unbuttoned it while she was sitting there, to show me that she had nothing on underneath the jacket! Ok, fuck work, it could wait until after lunch. She had my full attention! Work, what work?

Knowing I was paying attention now, she pulled back both sides of her jacket further for me. Nobody else could see her unless someone came down the hallway, but it was still an incredible thrill to be seeing her like this in the middle of the day with the full office staff around us. Also, with the lunch hour only moments away nearly everyone on the second floor would be walking past my doorway to reach the stairs, adding a certain amount of risk to her actions. She slowly closed her jacket and almost silently mouthed the words to me, "No panties..." I gave her a slightly quizzical look, glancing down at her nylons, and said quietly, "Let me see..." She stood and gathered her jacket back around her. Reaching down, she lifted the hem of her skirt and slowly started drawing it up her legs. Despite drawing her jacket closed, bending over obviously caused it to gape open again, giving me a delicious view of her breasts once again.

Although I would never turn down a lady's offer to lift her skirt for me, I would prefer bare skin over nylons if given the choice. However, as she drew the skirt up her legs, I got another surprise as the tops of her stockings and then her garters came into view. Katie was just full of surprises, this being the first time I had ever seen her wearing stockings and garters.

Her bare breasts were forgotten entirely as I focused on the hem of her skirt as it slowly made its way up her legs. As the hem reached the tops of her thighs, she paused for a moment before drawing it up the rest of the way to expose her sweet pussy to my waiting eyes. She held her skirt up for me, exposing herself for a moment, before letting it fall once again. Straightening up, she buttoned her jacket together as well. All I could say to her was, "Wow!" She smiled at me as she finished straightening her clothing. Finally I found my voice again. "You are incredible, my love," I told her as her smile broadened. "I love you," I continued and she replied that she loved me. With that there was movement in the hallway as people started to leave their offices for lunch and the moment was broken.

I took a few moments to finish things up and collect my things. Also to let the rush of people get out of the office before I took Katie out to lunch. As I unlocked the car door and opened it for her, she took a quick look around and then pulled her skirt up around her waist to sit her bare ass on the seat and show off her garters and stocking tops. On the way to the restaurant I enjoyed myself, rubbing her bare leg above her stocking and just enjoying the view. At the restaurant, I went around to open her door for her and she rewarded me by taking her time getting out of the car, spreading her legs to the point that her glistening pussy lips began to spread open before she stood up and let her skirt fall back into place.

I always enjoyed getting together with Katie for lunch during the work week and that day was no exception. Of course, starting things off with her little exhibitionistic displays did not hurt the mood one bit. During our lunch, she took a couple opportunities to lean forward and let her jacket gape open so that I could see down it. With the way that we were flirting and given that both of us were wearing our wedding rings, I am sure that some people around us probably jumped to the conclusion that we were having an affair. It is a shame that society tends to believe that married people should not have so much fun!

It was after one o'clock by the time we finished up our lunch and paid our bill. I put in enough extra hours that the boss is not too concerned when I run a little late, though. At the car, Katie repeated her performance, pulling up her skirt to sit down on her bare ass. For the short drive, she also unbuttoned her jacket to let it open up. Frankly, I was surprised at her boldness. She left her jacket unbuttoned the whole way to the parking lot and I began to wonder how far she was going to take this. I parked in my usual space, somewhat away from the building and with several cars blocking the view. I got out and went around to her side to open her door for her. She repeated her previous display, slowly spreading her legs as she got out of the car to give me a good show of her pussy. Adding to it, once she was turned fully towards me with her legs spread wide, she lifted her hands to the lapels of her jacket and slowly drew it completely open. She held this pose, looking up at me with a mischievous and totally sexy grin on her face, until I finally reached down to run my hand over her breast. Finding her nipple, I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger and then tugged gently on it, causing her to close her eyes and give a shudder. Reluctantly, she drew her jacket back around herself and fastened the buttons as she got out of the car, knowing that if she did not put an end to things we would probably end up going too far.

Katie followed me into the office, ostensibly to use the phone to call her office to let them know that she would be running late. She made her call, but as she went to leave she pushed the door closed. Flipping her skirt up in back and spreading her legs, she bent over to give me a wonderful view of her tight little ass and her pussy peeking through between her legs with her stockings and garters framing the view. "This will be waiting for you at home tonight, mister," she told me with a grin. Without giving me a chance to respond, she pulled her skirt back down, opened the door, and walked out without another look back.

True to her word, she was waiting for me when I got home, quite fortunately still dressed in her outfit from the day. I immediately talked her into removing her skirt -- leaving her in her jacket, stockings, and heels -- and kept her like that for the evening. The jacket was long enough to mostly cover her, but showed off the tops of her stockings and her garters. She looked quite sweet wandering around the house dressed up like that (Dressed down like that? Undressed like that?).

At dinner, she unbuttoned the jacket for comfort, giving a tantalizing view of her bare chest. She did not make the effort to pull the jacket apart, so I never did get a glimpse of an actual nipple or substantial portion of her breasts while we were eating. In a way, I found that more tantalizing. She was being completely natural and that is what I always found most sexy about her.

After dinner, she made no move to button her jacket back up, which left her pussy completely on display and would expose her breasts as she would bend over or move her arms. As we were finishing up, I could not take it any longer. She was standing at the kitchen counter and I reached my hand under the back of her jacket and eased it between her legs. I was greeted by a warm and wonderfully moist (although not incredibly wet) pussy.

As she stood there, finishing her cleaning up, she absentmindedly moved her legs apart, giving me better access to her treasure. I ran my finger along the folds of her slit, probing her gently until my fingertip found the nub of her clit. I felt her body give a little shudder and heard her slight intake of breath as my fingertip grazed across it. I contented myself with rubbing her nether lips some more for awhile, teasing her gently before I searched out her clit again. There was more firmness to it this time and I paused at it to rub it more directly this time. I was rewarded with another shudder and intake of breath. I eased my finger back down her slit, noting the growing wetness of her pussy, before returning to her clit once again to rub at it gently. This time I was rewarded with a small moan and Katie stopped her cleaning for a moment. Letting her finish up, I went back to gently rubbing her slit. When she was done, though, I probed against her little clit with a vengeance, rubbing it and feeling it harden beneath my finger.

With my other hand, I helped her slip her jacket off and bent her over the counter. I could imagine the cool surface pressing against her breasts. Her legs spread further apart, inviting me to do as I pleased. I continued to tickle her clit and rub at the folds of her pussy, her breathing was becoming heavier and she was beginning to let out little moans. When I slowly pushed my finger into her wet folds, she began to spasm and groan. I fucked her with my finger while rubbing her clit with my other hand, bringing her to orgasm.

As the tremors subsided, I did not give her much chance to recover. Lifting her onto the counter gently, I turned her over and got between her legs. I began by kissing the insides of her thighs, working my way up to kiss on either side of her pussy as well as her tummy. Slowly I worked my way in towards my target. I gently kissed along her labia, feather touches, knowing how sensitive she was after her first orgasm. Finally I allowed my tongue to find her clit and gently made love to it with my mouth, kisses and gentle caresses of my tongue and lips. I could sense her tension building once again and gently inserted my finger into her, rubbing inside of her with one finger while using the knuckle of the next finger to rub between her vagina and asshole. Combined with my gentle eating of her clit and she began to orgasm for a second time, moaning and gasping for breath, heaving her hips off of the countertop towards my face.

As she recovered, I gently lifted her from the counter, urging her to wrap her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. Her head fell to my shoulder, almost sleepily, as I carried her to the bedroom. I gently laid her down on the bed and quickly undressed myself. I leaned down to kiss her before getting between her legs once again. I tenderly licked and caressed her to one more orgasm before pulling myself up and easing down onto her. She wrapped her legs around me as I kissed at her neck and rubbed our naked bodies together. I spoke to her softly of my love for her and how beautiful she was between the kisses, letting her know that all that she did for me, all of my crazy desires that she indulged, everything about her only heightened my love and desire for her. I licked at her nipples and kissed the underside of her breasts.

My body was between her legs, but I had not yet entered her. We maintained that embrace for some time before I turned my attention to joining our bodies. I began by only rubbing my member along the wet folds of her sex. I could almost feel the hardened nub of her clit as the head of my penis rubbed against it. I could feel the shock run through her as our two bodies met at their most sensitive junction. It was almost as if my penis plowed through the folds of her. I could feel their hot wetness glide open as I slid between them, as they wrapped around the lower half of my rigid tool. Both of our bodies were sweated from the exertion and desire, our breath coming in pants. It was entirely by accident that I finally slipped inside her as I tried to drag out our foreplay for as long as I could. We both cried out as my penis plunged into the hot wet depths of her and I collapsed onto her at just the joy of our final joining.

In time I raised myself from her and slowly began to piston in and out of her. I continued to kiss her neck and the top of her chest as well as her lips as I told her of my love for her and slowly fucked her. I could feel the warm heavy feeling in my groin and knew that I would not last much longer. As she felt me begin to spasm, she wrapped her legs and arms around me, drawing me to her and grinding me deep into her. As I shot into her, it sent her over the edge for her fourth orgasm of the evening. Exhausted, I collapsed onto her once again. All was silent except for the sound of our ragged breaths and the pounding of our hearts.

In time, I kissed her once again. Sleepily, she asked if I was ready to go at it again. We both laughed. For once in our relationship, I think that she was as worn out as I usually was by the experience. Most of the time it gives her a second wind. She is ready to go out and party the night away while I feel as though I have run a marathon. We disentangled ourselves and took a moment to go to the bathroom to clean up a bit before returning to bed for the night. We lay together, nestled against each other's naked body and quickly fell asleep.

The outfit of garters and suit jacket played a role in our after hours office exploits for awhile after that. Katie added a matching shelf bra to the ensemble that exposed her nipples and most of the upper portion of her breasts. She did not need the bra for support, but explained that just as the garters framed and presented her bare pussy with no panties the bra was meant to draw further attention to her bare breasts and I had to agree to her. Somehow, the bra made her seem more exposed than if she had been totally bare breasted. It is true that a barely clothed body often can be more sexy than a totally naked one. The minimal clothing only serves to draw even more attention to the parts that are exposed.

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