tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Katie 015

Exposing Katie 015

byTom and Katie©

Our most recent adventure, that involving Sharon interrupting our Sunday morning play, had been spontaneous and unexpected. I loved how Katie and I were getting to the point where we could just go with the flow and know pretty much what the other's thoughts were about what was happening. There was no jealousy nor was there a fear that the other was jealous. In a lot of ways, it felt good that Katie was just as quick to expose me as I was to expose her. Letting Sharon masturbate me was a bit more than I could have expected considering that we had a rule against people touching Katie during our adventures, but Larry had hugged Katie on two occasions that she was completely naked and gotten in some good fondling. Believe me, it wasn't something that I was going to argue about!

But as I waited for Katie's and Sharon's return I began to have a few fears. Not about anything between Katie and me, but I began to second guess Sharon's reaction to things. She had started out excited by the temptation of seeing me naked, but when she realized that she had caught us in the middle of sexual play it had unnerved her quite a bit. I guess that just seeing me naked could be seen on a non-sexual level, but seeing the remains of our sex had crossed that line. She had regained her composure and seemed to get into things, but was somewhat quiet and withdrawn after I had climaxed. Perhaps a bit embarrassed by her obvious enjoyment of what had happened?

I trusted Katie and her judgment, but had to admit that I was a bit concerned that we had moved too quickly with Sharon. I did not want to have everything fall apart before anything had a chance to even happen.

When Sharon just dropped Katie off without coming in, I was almost convinced that we had gone too far. Katie quickly put my mind to ease, though. She said that she and Sharon had a good discussion and that Sharon only had to get back to her family and had said to be sure to say hello to me and give me a kiss for her.

I think that what Katie had to learn most in all of this was to trust me not to treat her as badly as others had done in her past. For me, I think that what I had to learn most was to trust Katie's judgment when it came to dealing with others. She definitely has a lot more skill in dealing with people than I do. And I think that her skill has only gotten better as she has come to see through my actions that not everyone was out to harm her in some way. If only I could learn to quiet my own inner fears as well as Katie has done with hers.

We talked a bit about her conversation with Sharon, but I got the impression that there was a certain amount of "girl talk" that I just wasn't going to hear about. That was fine. I knew that Katie would tell me anything that was really important. She did mention that Sharon had been interested to hear about our adventures with exhibitionism. Although Katie told how Sharon kept saying that she could never do anything like that herself, Katie thought that Sharon was just a little too interested to be able to turn around and casually forget about doing such things. I couldn't help but wonder whether anyone else in the coffee-shop had gotten an earful of their conversation. I'm sure that Katie was discreet in her storytelling, but I could imagine that as she got into the excitement of a story her voice would rise and she would not have been paying as close attention to her surroundings.

The rainy day did put a bit of a damper on our activities for the day. We took some time taking care of the usual household chores and then settled down to read the Sunday paper together. When Katie and Sharon had left for the coffee-shop, Katie had just thrown on some clothes. She had grabbed a pair of jeans and one of her button down Oxford cloth shirts, leaving the shirt unbuttoned to a point between her breasts. The shirt fit snugly enough that it did not gape open to show off her breasts, but it did show off skin from her neck down across the flat of her chest. I think that the look is a great tease. Not really showing anything she shouldn't be, but pretty obvious that she is not wearing a bra and that only a couple buttons are between decency and having her breasts exposed.

Once she was home again and we had started in on the household chores, it was not long before another button or two was released from its bonds. Katie knows how much I love to just look at her and is sure to humor my desires. For the most part she was still covered, but as she was cleaning her movements would often give me a view of a breast peeking out from her shirt. I've gone on about how much I love to just see Katie fully naked, but I have to admit that getting a "peek" of her nakedness has a certain thrill to it of seeing something forbidden even after all the years that we have been married. I love watching her from bare naked to wrapped completely in a winter parka with her face barely showing and everything in between!

Our chores and the Sunday paper only got us to about mid-afternoon. By the time that we sat down to the paper, another button or two had become undone. So her breasts were both on display at times. That seemed to make the dreary state of world affairs somewhat easier to take. But with the paper finished, we were once again at a loss for activities. The weather did not have either of us in the mood to go out someplace. It just seemed like a day to stay holed up inside. We could not seem to hit on anything that we wanted to do.

Nothing interesting was on television, neither of us had a good book we were reading, we were not in the mood for watching one of the movies we had. It was just one of those times when absolutely nothing seemed interesting. Of course, boredom is the devil's playground as they say.

Katie's teasing through the morning had definitely set the stage for continued games, but it was more of a playful mood than just heading off for a romp in the bedroom. If the weather had been warmer, I could have possibly convinced Katie to play naked in the rain in some secluded spot. But the day was dour enough that doing so just did not seem appealing. I think that it was the combination of the playful mood and the desire for a more pleasant day that got my mind to thinking.

I suppose that a little back-story is required at this point. This was after the point a few years ago that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue came out with the body-painted swimsuits. I had bought both the magazine and the calendar that came out afterwards. After the year was over, I took the calendar down but kept the two of them together on my bookshelf. One day Katie came across them and pulled them out to look at them again.

She commented about how that took the term "painted on clothing" to a whole new level and questioned whether it was art, whether in and of itself it was something that turned people on, or whether it was mostly just an attempt by Sports Illustrated to push the boundaries by really having naked models while attempting to maintain the guise of showing swim-wear. She pointed out that they included all the information on the swimsuits that were used for reference as though it was all about showing off the swim-wear, which to her only confirmed that they were doing their best to sidestep the issue of the models being naked. "Thou protesteth too much!" and all of that.

Her question about whether the body-paint in itself was a turn-on led to me telling her a story about how back in grade school I saw one of my father's Playboy magazines that had a pictorial of Veruschka in body-paint. Some of the designs were abstract, but a number of the photos were of her with "painted" clothes on. If you looked at it from a distance, it just looked like she was fully clothed. Only upon looking closer could you see that she was really naked. One image that I can picture clearly to this day was of her painted up as a gangster with a dark jacket, white shirt, and red tie. The only physical props she had were a gun, fedora hat, and a cigarette. Everything else was paint. The pictorial left a definite impression on my young mind and the idea of a woman with "painted" clothes has always been a turn-on for me.

Katie always (even to this day) gets this funny smile on her face when I start going on about something from my past that she has never heard about before. We have known each other for over fifteen years now and she sort of thinks she knows me better than I do myself at times. Much of the time I have to admit that she actually does know me pretty well. Then something like this comes up and she cannot believe that she has never seen this particular side to me.

At first, she could not quite understand why a naked person that looked like they had clothes on was a turn-on for me. This led to another story, about how my one roommate in college maintained that nobody paid any attention to greetings. He set out to prove this at his evening job at a fast food place. He was getting sort of tired of the job anyway, so he was not too concerned about the consequences. He was required to say to each customer, "Welcome to ---, may I take your order?" He changed this to, "Welcome to ---, may I fuck your daughter?" A bit forward of him if you ask me, but his point was that they sort of sounded the same if you said them quickly. In any case, he did this for a week without one person actually hearing what he was really saying. He finally gave up on his little game, mainly because he got bored with it. So two slightly weird stories from my past in one evening had Katie considering that I was more of a lunatic than she had ever previously thought.

So I tried to explain further. Have you ever noticed that you usually only serve to dig a deeper hole for yourself the more you try to explain something? I told her that it often seems like a majority of the population operates on auto-pilot, never bothering to look beyond their definition of what is normal. Although some people take delight in blatantly crossing those boundaries and getting in people's faces, sometimes there can be a lot of fun in crossing the boundaries more covertly and seeing what you can get away with. So the body painting was a human trompe l'oeil of sorts. Luck was on my side and the light finally dawned for Katie and I knew that I had explained myself to her.

This discussion led to us searching the internet for pictures of body painting and nudity and we ended up finding a lot of pictures of Fantasy Fest in Key West. We had seen pictures of Mardi Gras before, but after seeing a few women flashing their tits for beads you've pretty much seen all there is to see. Only the sizes and shapes change. Fantasy Fest intrigued us both, though.

I guess that it was a combination of the accepted partial or full nudity instead of just merely flashing coupled with the creativity of the body-painting that appealed to us both. We each have our artistic interests and we were amazed at the detail involved in some of the designs. I'm not sure which one of us was more interested in the full body paint costumes. The idea of a woman being completely naked except for paint had quickly become a real turn-on for both of us. We downloaded a number of the pictures and brought them up a couple times to talk about them since first seeing them.

You can see that my fetish for body paint has a long history. Now it began to work in my mind that it also had the potential to provide the possibilities toward achieving my other fetish of having Katie completely naked in public. I think that is much of the reason that I found myself drawn to the images of painted clothes in particular and also why I like my term of "human trompe l'oeil" so much in referring to such body paint -- that by "misleading the eye" the wearer is allowed some secret freedom. We've actually found a few related experiences where people that were fully naked except for body-paint at Fantasy Fest or similar venues received less attention than people in revealing clothes that still had all the important parts completely covered. People just did not realize what they were really seeing.

So, getting back to the story, the playful mood and the wish for warmer weather combined to remind me of Fantasy Fest in sunny Key West. We had never quite gotten to the point of discussing actually doing any paint work ourselves, but this rainy afternoon seemed like the perfect opportunity to put it to a test. I excused myself for a moment and went into my study where I pulled out my set of acrylic paints. It has been years since I have actually done any painting with them, but I keep meaning to make some time for it again. This was not exactly the use that I had been meaning to put them to, but it would work. I rifled through them a bit and turned up a few colors that I thought might look good. A tube of black, one of white, alizarin crimson caught my eye, hookers green just begged to be used, and I finished off with a tube of hansa orange. I grabbed a couple brushes and set everything on my palette to take out to the living room.

At the doorway I told Katie to close her eyes for a moment and finish unbuttoning her shirt. She sat there smiling with her eyes closed as she did as I instructed. I don't think that she could have imagined what I was up to, but I guess that she had decided that whatever I had thought up would be better than sitting around bored for the rest of a rainy Sunday afternoon.

When she was ready, I came into the room and knelt on the floor in front of her. I put my supplies down on the floor and decided to start with some white. I squeezed a bit onto the palette and ended up deciding to forgo the brush. First I pulled her shirt down off her shoulders to make sure that it would stay out of the way and then I dipped my finger into the paint and raised it to the naked canvas in front of me. I paused for a moment, trying to decide what I was going to attempt to paint on her. I finally decided to just go with something abstract. I raised my finger towards her shoulder and drew my finger down along her breast just to the outside of her nipple and continued down towards her belly in a bit of a sweeping curve until the paint ran out. She had flinched slightly when I first touched her from the coolness and slippery feel of the paint. She knew something was up, but I wasn't sure if she knew what I was doing yet.

I dabbed my finger into the paint again and mirrored my first stroke down the other side of her. I squeezed out a bit more paint and decided to try a brush. I loaded it up pretty good and worked on filling in what I had started with my fingers. I think that the brush tipped her off to what I was doing, but she continued to sit there patiently with her eyes closed.

I squeezed out some crimson and used a second brush to paint in two crescents across her breasts and over her nipples. Imagine sort of a v-neckline in white with cups of red across her breasts. I realized that I needed something to wash my brushes out in, so I told Katie to stay put for a moment and I would be right back. I dashed to the kitchen and quickly filled a jar with some water. When I returned, Katie was still sitting there with her eyes closed and a grin on her face. I don't know if she had peeked, but she seemed to definitely be enjoying what was happening to her.

I dipped the brush in my jar of water to rinse it out and loaded the brush up with black paint. I touched my brush to Katie's nipple and could see the shiver run through her body as she reacted to the cool slime of the paint. I carefully painted just her nipple so that it would contrast starkly from the rest of her crimson colored breast.

The tremors that passed through her body as I concentrated on getting my paint-job just right told me of the effect that I was having on her. To her credit, she kept her eyes closed (at least I did not catch her peeking) and held relatively still so that I managed to get her first nipple painted. I started in on her other nipple and could tell that she was really having to hold back from the sensations that I was imparting to her sensitive spots. I got her second nipple about halfway painted when Katie finally could not keep her silence any longer.

"Umm... I can pretty much tell BASICALLY what you are doing to me, but what EXACTLY are you trying to do to me?" she asked.

Playing naive, I said, "Oh, nothing much. Just painting your beautiful body."

"Any particular reason you may be doing this?" she asked.

I explained that I had been thinking about the Sports Illustrated calendar and the Fantasy Fest pictures that we had seen and just thought that I would try my hand at it. By this point I was nearly finished with her nipple.

"So, am I going to get to see this masterpiece?" she asked.

"Of course, dear," I answered.

There was a bit of a pause. Then she asked, "Nothing else going on?"

"I don't think so. Why?" I asked.

"Ummm... Well, you're doing a damn good job of getting me all hot and bothered with the way that you are playing with my nipples there," she said.

I finished up with my painting and told her that she could take a look. She opened her eyes and looked down at herself then asked if she could go look in the mirror. With my permission, I followed her into the bedroom so that she could stand in front of the full-length mirror.

She looked at herself for awhile, turning a bit to look at her breasts from different angles. Then she turned to me and asked what was next.

I said, "I don't know, what would you like to do next?"

"Do you plan to paint any more of me, or is that it for now?" she asked.

"Well, to paint any more you'd have to take the rest of your clothes off." I told her.

"That could certainly be arranged. But I do think that it would only be fair that you removed some clothing too, mister, and that I got to paint on you as well," she said.

That definitely was not an argument that I was going to have with the lady, so we both quickly stripped. Katie went to the closet and came back with some old towels, which she laid out on the floor of the living room so that we would not have to worry about any accidents. I got the rest of my paints from the study and we both sat down on the floor. It worked better to take turns painting. With both of us trying to paint at the same time, we'd invariably end up moving at just the wrong moment and messing up the other person.

We lost track of time a bit and spent a good portion of the afternoon painting each other and wound up looking like we were the victims of some drive-by hippy graffiti artists or something.

Katie had a harder time of it since painting over my body hair was a bit difficult. She had fun painting my penis and balls, though. She painted the head of it blue and then painted white and red stripes along the shaft. She said that she was going for a patriotic theme, but it sort of ended up looking more like a barber pole. She painted my testicles blue (what other color would they be, she asked) and painted two big eyes on them. She painted little flowers and other patterns across other parts of my body.

I continued the abstract theme rather than really painting anything in particular on her. She wasn't sure that she wanted to have to clean paint out of her pussy, but did allow me to get a little creative down there. I painted her white up to the edges of her lips to accentuate her pink and then painted her clit crimson with a black stripe down across it to continue the theme I started with her breasts and to make it stand out as well.

It was definitely a fun afternoon, but we quickly realized that the acrylic paint was not going to work very well for body paint. As it dried, it would crack and "alligator" with any movement. Eventually it began to peel and flake off. But we had a good afternoon out of it and left our "decorations" on for dinner. It was a sort of silly thing to do, but there is nothing wrong with being playful and I'm never going to argue with anything that gets Katie out of her clothes. The evening found us in the shower together with some cold cream and quite a bit of scrubbing to the get the last remnants of it off of our bodies.

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