Exposing Neva


As many of you who have read my previous adventures know I enlisted the help of my friend Ed to look out for my safety. He also helps to push me beyond my comfort zone, which by the way has been pushed far beyond my expectations. He is also whom I call when I need help to bring a plan to life. Many of you also know about my friend Jenna who with Val and Matt caught me naked in a bar/restaurant. After that she expressed a desire to try public nudity and has shared a few experiences with me. I am helping her to lose all of her inhibitions, which I love. Jenna's progression is coming along but at a slower pace than it might be for some others.

Since I have been posting my adventures I have received many emails from women or their men telling me they have the urge to flash or get naked in public, but they are afraid to take that first step. Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting a very beautiful and sexy woman whose name is Neva. I will go into more details about how I came to meet Neva in another post. This post I want to tell you about the very first experience Neva had with public nudity.

First let me describe Neva so you have the full picture. She is 5'5", 120#, 34c-25-35 with long brown hair that that reaches below her shoulders and green eyes. I had talked to Neva a number of times and during one of our conversations she expressed her desire to be naked in public. She also confessed that she could not fulfill her fantasy without help. She finally came out and asked if I would help her make her fantasy a reality. I looked at this sexy woman and agreed to help her, I couldn't say no. I told her that she would need to trust me and do as I say. She then confessed to being submissive and that she would comply with my requests.

We agreed that she would come to my house Saturday night, which was just two days away and I went home. I had not yet developed a plan for Neva so I got myself a nice jack and coke, pulled off my dress which was all I was wearing, except for sandals. I then began to formulate the plan. I called Ed first and explained it all to him. I then called Jenna and my friend Jeff and explained my plan. Jeff jumped at the chance to be a part of Neva's fantasy, especially after I described her to him.

Everyone agreed that they would be at my house 9pm Saturday night for drinks, food and a poker game. I called Neva and told her I wanted her to dress as sexy as she could including sexy panties and bra. I knew Jenna would be looking sexy and I of course would wear one of my sexy outfits from the Flirt catalog. Normally I may have dressed in sandals and nothing else but this was to be Neva's night. She would be the center of attention for a few hours anyway.

Saturday finally arrived and I spent the day preparing for our little poker party. It was about 7pm when I went in to take a nice hot bath and finalize the game plan for the evening. I had selected a short flair skirt and crop top. The skirt was short but it was not as short as some others I have in my wardrobe. I wanted to look hot but wanted most of the attention on Neva. There was still more than an hour before I expected anyone so I remained naked as I checked to be sure that everything was in order. At 8:30 I got dressed and put on some sexy 3" sandals, no panties or jewelry. I had told Neva to arrive about 8:45 and to be prompt.

I wanted the opportunity to see what she was wearing. I would have her change into some of my clothes if hers were not acceptable. Neva arrived promptly at 8:45 and when she walked in she looked so sexy. She was wearing a short camo skirt riding low with the hem just a few inches below her pussy. The top was button down and a left few inches of skin exposed between the waistband of her skirt and the hem of her top. I asked to see her bra and panties and she complied without hesitation. She unbuttoned her blouse and showed me what look like black bikini top which pushed her boobs up nicely. Leaving her top open she lifted her skirt and revealed a sexy pair of black panties. She let her skirt fall back in place and buttoned her top. I saw she was wearing a pair of nice sandals to complete her outfit.

I offered her a drink and then explained that there were a few of my friends who would be joining us shortly. I reminded her that she had agreed to trust me and she replied. She admitted that she was very nervous but she wants my help to fulfill her fantasy and will do as I tell her. She continued telling me that she knows it will take time but it will happen eventually. She had no idea how soon it was going to happen. I was getting excited at the thought of what was to come this evening. Jenna was the next to arrive looking very sexy. She was wearing a pale blue tube dress and obviously had left her bra at home. Matt had arrived with Jenna, so we were waiting for Ed to arrive.

Just before 9pm Ed arrived prompt as usual. We made all of the necessary introductions and sat down to chat. I made sure everyone had a drink especially Neva. I know she had agreed to do as I said but I didn't know if she would back down. We sat and chatted and obviously the discussion turned to some of my adventures. Jenna talked about how she has become less inhibited adding that she has a ways to go to be like me, knowing that I will get naked almost anywhere. They all agreed wholeheartedly, as we all laughed.

The time had come to get the ball rolling, as I suggested we get out the cards and pay some poker. Everyone agreed and then Neva announced that she had played before but only a few times and I would rather just watch. My plan was falling apart. I hadn't expected this. Suddenly it came to me.

I told Neva it was fine if she didn't want to play and that she could watch and serve as our waitress. Neva readily agreed and we began to play. We agreed to each start with $50 in chips and when they were gone you were done. I must confess I folded a few good hands to help expedite my losing. I wanted to be the first one out. I had a plan.

I bet the last of my chips and after drawing three cards I had a pair of deuces. I hoped that it would be low enough to clean me out, and it was. I did my best to act disappointed that I was out so soon and that I wish I could get back in somehow. I think Ed saw where I was going with this as he knows how I think.

He said I am sure we can work something out. It was then that I made the announcement that instead of playing for chips I would bet Neva's clothes there was an immediate look of shock on Neva's face as everyone agreed that would be ok. She looked stunned for a minute and then I looked at her asked if she was agreeable to my idea. There was a pause before she quietly replied that whatever I wanted to do was fine.

After Neva fetched us a new round of drinks the game restarted and soon after Neva had lost her sandals. We had made a provision for Neva to have clothes returned if I won a hand so after I had won a hand she got one sandal back. The next hand I lost her sandal again and the next hand I bet her top.

When I lost that round she unbuttoned it and put it to the side with her sandals. She looked so sexy in her black bikini top with the short camo skirt and barefoot. I was hoping that one of the others would win so Neva would not get her top back.

Matt pulled a straight flush and won the hand. This time I let Neva decide what she would remove and as expected she removed her panties. We had Neva get another round of drinks and then I bet her bra and lost. There was just a slight hesitation as she reached behind her and untied the string and pulled her bikini top off.

Neva's nipples were stiff, obviously the result of her standing naked in just her short camo skirt. She was looking so sexy and was without a doubt the center of attention. The next hand had begun and all that was left for me to bet was her skirt. I was very pleased to see I had five cards that made nothing and after drawing three cards I still had nothing worthwhile.

Thankfully Jenna had a straight to the ace and won the hand. I looked at Neva and once again with just a slight hesitation she slid her skirt down and stepped out of it. She picked it up with her foot and placed it with the rest of her clothes. There she stood naked, totally shaved with her nipples standing at attention.

We had played enough cards and decided to move back into the living room to sit and chat. Neva said she would join us as soon as she was dressed. I told her that her clothes were lost and would not be retuned until tomorrow. She wanted to know how she would get home without them I told her that she would be going home naked and would get her clothes tomorrow.

Neva looked like she was going to object but then thought better of it. She agreed then moved into the living room. I was so excited to see Neva naked and I wanted so badly to get naked but this was her night. I then suggested coffee and told Neva to please go make coffee and serve it to us.

She went to the kitchen without hesitating and in a few minutes returned with coffee and for all. It seemed like Neva was getting more comfortable as I noticed her legs were not as tightly closed as before. We enjoyed the coffee and some more conversation and then we decided it was time to call it a night.

Neva again asked if I was really going to make her go home naked and I said yes. Neva asked for a towel or something just in case. I looked at her and told her that she would be fine and not to worry. I told her that she would drive herself home and that Ed and I would follow her as a precaution. She said that her car was a few houses away because there were some cars parked out front when she arrived.

Jenna and Matt said their goodbyes and left, leaving Neva with Ed & me. I had to prod Neva to step outside onto my porch. It was in the low 60's so a bit cool for walking naked outside but I know I love being naked in the cool air. Neva finally stepped outside and looked both ways to see if anyone was outside.

There was no one so she went down the steps and walked down the driveway to the sidewalk. We followed a short distance behind her. She began to walk a bit faster once she reached the sidewalk, trying to get to the safe confines of her car. I told her to slow down and enjoy the feeling of the cool air on her naked body and that we would follow her so not to worry.

Just before she reached her car headlights came into view and Neva had nowhere to hide. The car slowed down as the driver noticed Neva naked and beeped the horn. I later found out that her being seen by whoever was in that car, got her very hot. It was about a fifteen-minute drive to her apartment complex and I am sure Neva was nervous but exhilarated by the drive.

She parked and waited for me to come to her car before she stepped out and led me the short distance to her apartment. I was hoping we would run into someone as I think Neva was also, but we saw no one.

Once safely inside Neva said thank you and said that it was so scary but also very exciting. I told her that I feel like that often, and that I too feel scared sometimes but I push through it. I told her that this evening had gotten me excited also and with that I grabbed the hem of my top and pulled it over my head.

Tossing it on a chair, then I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my skirt and took it off. I tossed it over onto the chair with my top. I told her that since she had left her clothes at my house, it was only fair for me to leave mine with her. I kicked off my sandals and walked out the door back to Ed's car.

I returned to Ed's car and he was not at all surprised to see me naked. He knew that the evening had excited me and that I would get naked as soon as possible. We had a quiet ride home and after getting in the door I asked Ed in but he declined saying he had something to do early the next morning.

I went right upstairs, got on my bed, taking my rabbit vibrator from the drawer in the nightstand and had a wonderful orgasm recalling the events of the night. Since the night of the card game I have had a few adventures with Neva. Sorry to say now that Neva has moved to Tennessee but we stay in contact via the computer and she still does as I tell her. That is a story to be told another time.

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