tagLoving WivesExposing Sharon Ch. 02

Exposing Sharon Ch. 02


I had it in my mind that my wife, Sharon, would really loosen up after our incident. We had made a little trip, done some flashing, she had gotten thoroughly screwed in the back seat of my old Desoto. My fantasy was now true.

Except she went right back to being the way she was before, it was like it hadn't even happened. I tried to start a discussion about it, but she would cut me off with "That was a one-time thing" and didn't plan on anything like that happening.

So I went back to my job at the mill, stuffing paper bags in bales from 11 at night until 7 in the morning.

Two full years flew by, the bills were getting paid, and Sharon and I got along all right, but no messing around at all.

I took to stopping in the mornings at a local tavern, to have a beer and shoot some pool. I met this guy called Sonny, he was a local garbage truck driver. He had arms the size of trash cans from picking up the heavy cans all day. I was no slouch in that department either, the bales I moved around all night weighed close to 80 pounds.

Just a couple of guys about the same age and the same station in life, we became buds.

Sharon and I had dinner with Sonny and his cute wife Laura several times, we did the campouts and boat trips, sometimes the beach.

One day we were at the beach, it was hot and the brisk breeze off the ocean felt good.

We were just sitting on some blankets sipping beer and talking, I happened to look over at Laura and one of her titties had jiggled loose, about half of her right nipple had slipped out of the top of her bathing suit.

I told her, she gasped and stuffed it back in, blushing furiously. "Don't be bashful on my account!" I laughed, "I thought it was cute!"

That just made her blush more, Sonny just laughed at her, and said, "Let's see the other one, Honey!"

Laura stuck her tongue out at him, I looked at Sharon and told her, "Show Sonny one of yours, Babe, fair is fair!"

Sharon gave me a funny look, then just pulled down her top for a second, exposing one nipple. Sonny looked, and darned if he didn't blush too!

The conversation quickly got into the one about how men could run around with no shirt on but women couldn't, we were all agreeing that that wasn't fair. We were also all getting a little drunk.

I told them the story about how Sharon and I had flashed some guys in the restaurant a few years back, leaving out the part of Sharon screwing Carl on the way home afterwards.

I noticed Sonny was getting a hardon in his bathing trucks, Laura piped up with a shocked sounding "God, you really did that?" and "How did it feel?", she was showing interest.

Then Sonny told us how he and Laura had been messing around out in the woods by the park, and two guys had come down the trail and caught her with her shirt off. He ended it with "They sure got an eyefull!"

Laura said, "Yes, but that was an accident, you guys did it deliberately!" I noticed Laura had squirmed around and leaned forwards, and a hint of the top of her nipple was showing again. She caught me looking, but made no move to correct.

I looked over at Sharon, she was looking at Laura, too. So was Sonny, the conversation suddenly got quiet. We all just looked at Laura for what seemed like several minutes. Laura shifted her arm, the strap of her top slipped over her shoulder. Only faith and hope was holding the one side of her top up, we all knew it. The silence was deafening!

Then gravity won out, the bra cup slid down, and Laura's full breast was suddenly in full view. "Oops!" she said with a giggle, and went to pull it back up. "Leave it, honey!" Sonny said.

Laura looked at him with a flush on her face, and left it. We all looked at her, finally I said, "Beautiful!..Can I see the other one?"

Laura looked at Sonny, who just nodded. Then she reached up and pulled her top down to her waist, and lay back.

The 3 of us turned and looked at Sharon, she smiled and pulled her top down, too!

Sonny and I sat and stared each other's wives tits, enjoying the hell out of it, to be honest!

They stayed that way for over an hour, the sun was starting to get low, so we packed up and headed for our house. We had planned to barbeque some steaks, bake some spuds, and enjoy the weekend evening.

I was firing up the grill, Sonny was buttering up some spuds when the girls said they were going to go change.

Sonny made a wisecrack about why not change right out here? Sharon and Laura looked at each other, but went inside the house. They were gone for at least half an hour, we were beginning to wonder.

Then out they came. Laura was wearing one of Sharon's yellow sun dresses, and the top was way too big for her. The hemline came about 3 inches below the crack of her fanny. Sharon had on a hiphugger skirt and one of those wraparound white tubetops, it made her titties look huge, the bottoms and the tops of her breasts showed as she walked.

The girls did a little spin on the porch, "How's this?" Laura said. Sonny's mouth was hanging open a good two inches, I managed to stammer a "WOW!" which got some delightful grins from the girls.

Laura plopped down in a lawn chair about 6 feet away, I looked and realized that I saw no sign of the yellow bottoms that are supposed to be worn with that outfit. I looked over at Sharon who was moving one of the outside tables over by Laura, and knew instantly that she didn't have anything on underneath, but then she almost never wore underwear, anyway.

I got the grill going, then went over and spread a blanket on the ground in front of them. Sonny took the hint and joined me.

We sat cross-legged on the ground, both Sharon and Laura were sitting in their chairs just a couple feet away. But both had their legs snugged together.

Then Laura reached down and absentmindedly rubbed her leg, letting her knees part a bit. In just a few seconds, she opened a bit more, suddenly she was in view. Yep! No panties!

My breath was coming quickly, I realized that Sharon had opened her legs, too! Sonny was sitting there looking right at her crotch from less than two feet away.

Sharon was more blatant about it, she picked up one leg and set it over the armrest of her chair. Laura just opened hers apart, wider and wider. I realized what had taken so long, the bush that Sharon had allowed to grow back was gone, Laura was clean shaven too.

"Oh, this is nice!" Sonny managed to say, just then Sharon said, "Something's burning!"

I jumped up to tend the steaks, now well done on one side. I got things back under control, and looked over to find Sonny had scooted even closer, he was within inches of Sharon's knees.

I walked over and sat right in front of Laura, close as I could get. She just sat there with a wicked smile, legs apart, letting me look.

Finally the food was ready, we sat around and enjoyed the meal. Both of the girls titties were nicely on display, Sharon's top did little to hide her dark nipples, and every time Laura moved we could see her breasts sitting there in the top that was designed to hold Sharon's much larger breasts.

Our conversation was naughty, too. Sonny went into great detail about how Laura was in bed, even explaining how she would almost lift him off the bed and grunt with each stroke! This got him smacked on the arm from his wife, then I explained how Sharon liked to get on top and make tight little squirming motions against me.

Next thing we knew Laura was telling Sharon that Sonny's cock was circumsized, and had a big oversized head that she could barely get in her mouth. This got a huge laugh around the table. Sharon told Laura that I wasn't circumsized, and she liked the way my foreskin would roll back and forth, and how she could actually feel that happen inside.

The evening finally became cool, so we went into the house. I put some music on, we sat around with our respective wives and snuggled. I noticed that Sonny started playing with Laura's breasts, she made no move to resist. I started playing with Sharon with the same result, in no time we had both of them stripped to the waist.

I glanced over at Sonny, who was rubbing Laura but staring at Sharon. "Want to trade for petting?" I asked him. "Just touching?"

"Sure!" He said, getting up. I walked over to Laura and slid my arm around her. I put my hand on her breast, Sonny did the same to Sharon.

This went on for a very long time, we petted, kissed and explored, finally I had a finger inside Laura feeling her insides. I began to stroke it in and out, she was rubbing my cock through my pants.

I looked over to see how Sonny was doing, Sharon had him unzipped and her tiny hand wrapped around his cock, jacking him off furiously as he sucked her nipples.

I turned my attention back to Laura, finally I got down on my knees and buried my face in her pussy. Lord she was sweet, I licked her to an orgasm.

We twisted and turned, finally I was laying on the couch with my back to Sharon and Sonny, face to face with Laura, who had my pants undone and was stroking me.

Laura looked over my shoulder, then whispered in my ear, "They are fucking!" I turned just in time to see Sharon on her knees, and Sonny's cock sliding into her. I reached down and pressed my pants lower, then allowed my cock to probe towards Laura's entrance. She lifted one leg, I felt myself start to slide in, then it went in all the way!

I rolled up on top, and began to fuck her for all I was worth. I looked over at Sonny, he looked back at me with a grin as he pounded away.

They finished up before Laura and I did, then they just curled up side by side on the couch and watched. I made a big show out of it, first with me on top, then Laura on top. Then I got up and took her from behind. Finally I felt my balls tighten, and blew load after load into her.

Afterwards, we sat around talking. None of us had any guilty feelings, Laura mentioned that I was only the 2nd man she had ever screwed, Sharon said Sonny was her 3rd.

Of course they both wanted to know who the 2nd one was, so Sharon told them about the incident in the car coming back from the coast.

Then I asked Sonny if we could do it again sometime. He said sure, since he left for work at 6 AM, and I got off at 7 AM, "Swing by any morning!"..

That sounded good to me, so I told him, "Swing by any evening!".

The following Monday I took him up on it, and dropped by his house at 7:30 AM. She was waiting for me, expecting me. She wore just a bathrobe, naked underneath! I fucked his wife Laura silly all over his house, then went home to mine.

Sharon started cooking my breakfast as soon as I got home. As she did, she said, "Sonny dropped by last night".....

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