tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExquisite Humiliation Ch. 8

Exquisite Humiliation Ch. 8


Tricia was dining, in the nude, at an expensive restaurant with her intriguing new lover, and talented artist, Nigel, in chapter seven. The story continues;

He laughed, teasing my upper leg. I giggled along with Nigel, sliding my bottom forward to meet his wandering feet, feeling playful again, beginning to enjoy behaving like a wanton slut for him. He seemed to like me better that way, more down to earth, as he put it.

He parted my engorged labia deftly with his toes, playfully grinning.

"Did you ever tease your wife like that, while you were eating out at restaurants, Nigel?" Yelping, as he found my clitoris with his toe, almost dropping my fork. "You're getting me all randy again."

"Isobel always liked me doing that with her." He chortled. "You saw how lively she was. She was an absolute joy to portray on canvas, as well as make love to afterwards." He sighed reflectively, pulling his toe away. "What did you think of my lovely ex-wife, Trish?"

"You mean--." I choked in disbelief. "I've met her already?" I stumbled my words in shock. "Isobel!--The lady you were married to."

"Isobel was the blonde lady, posing with those young men in the scene I pointed out, earlier." His eyes sparkled. "You didn't think I meant Sylvia, did you?" Nigel roared with laughter. "Heavens! She's a long established friend of mine. Sylvia enjoys modelling, as long as she has sex at the same time. Isobel was the same whenever she posed. As you noticed, I encourage ladies not to use makeup. Genuine sexual excitement highlights the skin tone better than any makeup could." He gazed into my confused eyes. "You'll find out what I mean, later."

I forgot about Carlos and seized on the chance to find out more about my intriguing dinner companion. He wasn't going to ruin any surprises later on, by answering questions about Carlos. That much was evident.

"Why did she leave you then, Nigel, for heavens sake?" I seized the opportunity to change the subject and get to one of my answers.

He was quite open about his relationship with her. As we ate our food he explained, telling me that Isobel fell pregnant to another man and decided that she wanted marry him and have his child, overseas. "Just like that!" I breathed. "You didn't try to stop her?"

"No trauma." He grinned. "Life's too short for petty jealousy." He chuckled. "I know Carlos would like to have sex with you, Trisha." His eyes twinkled mischievously. "You'll need to convince him to pose for a few of those special photos, for Alf. I don't mind in the least if you want to, personally."

"Why not!" I replied, giggling nervously. "You made our evening together exciting, as you promised. I'm going to trust your judgement in my choice of posing partners, as long you're happy about it."

I respected his integrity more than ever. Our relationship grew even stronger, over our meal. We discussed his unusual painting methods. He asked about my first marriage, and I confessed to some of the more intimate details about my obsession with Steve, in the process.

"I know it's wrong but I couldn't help wondering." I admitted.

"I don't blame you." He chortled. "He was a handsome young guy from what I saw of him. You can seduce young Carlos later and then we can see the effects of some hard, youthful flesh on you, first hand."

As we talked and finished eating our meal, I agonised about Carlos's reaction briefly, wondering why he would be interested in making love to an older woman, but left it to Nigel to organise. I realised that what Carlos thought of me afterwards wasn't nearly as important to me as pleasing Nigel. I felt morally liberated, ready for more sex games by the time we were about to leave the table. I realised the value of complete submissiveness to an experienced and more responsible Master like Nigel. The idea of my body being offered to Carlos excited me.

Nigel stood and raised his glass in a mock toast.

"To your continued obedience then, 'T'." He held his glass out of my reach, in order to make me leave my chair, signalling a return to our Master/Slave relationship.

"Absolutely, Master!" I got out of my chair quickly, accepting his toast with shy smile. As we drained our glasses, the Grandfather clock struck ten pm. I was more than willing to be Nigel's sex slave. I wasn't worried about making a complete whore of myself at all. Even more liberating, neither Sylvia nor Carlos knew me socially.

He brought my chair over with me and placed it closer to the log fire but facing the main door to the room this time. He took time, seating me in a more exposed position, before he spoke to me at all. He moved my knees much wider apart and made me shift my bottom further forward before leaning my shoulders right back. The warmth from the fire was more noticeable but I couldn't control the shivering of anticipation. He had me uncomfortably seated right on the edge of the chair. I knew what this was leading up to, of course. With my genital area readily accessible, this was obviously an open invitation for Carlos to take advantage of me. I was completely vulnerable to any sexual advances.

"Wait here, same as before, and I'll bring Carlos in for a more thorough inspection this time." Nigel smiled at the uncertain look on my face. "Do you want to get acquainted with Carlos on your own, like you did with Sylvia, or would you rather I supervised you this time?"

"Whatever you decide, I won't let you down." I assured, pleased that he was giving me a choice. "Should I let him touch me if you're not there, Master?" I asked, more apprehensively.

"I'm certain he will." Nigel laughed knowingly, glancing at my obscenely exposed body one last time. "Anybody would!"

"Then you want me to have sex with him, if he asks, Master?" I smiled confidently, thinking about Carlos's lithe young body.

"Absolutely! Just a word of advice beforehand. He may require a little encouragement." Nigel smiled mysteriously without answering my question properly. "Like most men, he likes to feel he's welcome." He chuckled. "Just make sure you don't disappoint him this evening, 'T'! You're both new to combined modelling by my standards so you probably need to support each other's preferences to some degree."

He winked before leaving me alone with my thoughts. 'What did he mean by that?' 'Did he want me to seduce Carlos into posing with me or was this another way of testing me?' 'When was Sylvia returning from her errand?' 'What or who was she organising for Nigel, later on?'

Those questions and more tortured my mind as sat there waiting. Even after spending time over dinner with Nigel, he had been infuriatingly evasive in respect of his plans for the evening. The provoking hints alone didn't make his expectations of me clear, never mind reveal his personal fantasies. He had left me with little choice but await their pleasure, overtly exposed to the unlocked main door. I knew Nigel was going to leave me alone with the gorgeous young waiter, by that time.

I started to get cramp but I didn't budge. In an strange way, I took pride in the amount of discomfort I experienced for my Master. 'Could this why 'O' accepted being whipped, and later branded?' I wondered.

'Thank God I discussed that with him first.' I managed a smile.

It wasn't as quiet as before. People were walking past the door and I could hear their footsteps and muffled voices as they passed our room and disappeared down the hallway. Each time I heard footsteps slowing outside the door my brow became damp with fear. Analysing every sound or movement around me, I became uncertain. 'Who will see me first?'

I heard raised voices emanating from the room behind me. Finally, the door opened and I heard Nigel talking, to Carlos I assumed. I held my breath, trying to hear everything being said between them.

"You can if you want to. I'm sure she'll be happy to please you and I know she won't refuse." He said in a prideful way. "I'll be in there, taking a few pictures of you both, a bit later on."

"If you're sure this is alright with the boss as well, Sir."

It was Carlos's unmistakable voice, a little shakier than I recalled. I breathed normally again while I listened to Nigel's reply, relieved mostly, because my agonising wait was coming to an end.

"Of course!" Nigel replied. "Sylvia will be pleased with you if you acquaint yourself with 'T' beforehand." He chuckled. "No point in being embarrassed, Carlos. Can't you see she's uncomfortable, waiting for you that way. Now get cracking and get on with it!" He snapped.

The door closed so I focussed my attention on my left knee again and gripped the chair on either side for support. At least I had an idea of what Nigel expected now. He had been thrilled with my reaction to Sylvia but obviously needed to coax Carlos. I was devastated by this. 'Why was he so reluctant to inspect me?' 'Was he undressed, himself?' He had stared at my nipples, longingly, when I took my blouse off at Nigel's request. Carlos described my breasts as "More inviting.", as I remembered it. 'He couldn't be gay!' Although I didn't see his face before our dinner he hadn't hung around staring at my nakedness, like I had expected him to. 'Did the sight of a moistened vulva cause him an erection?' He'd taken the first opportunity to move away, on the pretext of revitalizing the log fire to keep me warm. 'A virile, shy young man trying to conceal his embarrassment within mixed company by walking away.' It made a lot more sense, the more I thought about it.

Carlos finally came behind my chair and very tentatively caressed my right shoulder, his breathing laboured and his voice barely audible.

"Could we talk about this for a few minutes 'T'?" He whispered.

I nodded and smiled but kept my eyes downcast to avoid eye contact in an effort to make the younger man feel less nervous.

"I've never posed for Mr Hawthorne before." He began haltingly.

"Neither have I, Carlos." I whispered. "Don't you like his idea about having sex with me?" I asked tentatively. "I realise I'm older than you, so I understand if you don't want to." I scrambled the last few words together, feeling utterly humiliated at the thought of him rejecting me. 'I can't believe I actually said that!' I thought.

"Sorry, please don't think that madam---I mean 'T'." He hastily explained. "I'd like to, very much." His voice faded. "Do you mind me touching you like this while we talk?" His voice gained in confidence as he moved around my left side, timidly tracing his warm oily finger down my neck, as he moved around my chair.

"It's alright Carlos." I whispered soothingly. "I don't mind."

I could see his lower legs by then, smooth tanned skin as far as his knees, that shone with an oily lustre as he walked to the front of my chair. The muscles in his calves were well defined and I badly wanted to see the rest of him. The electric touch of both his hands ran down my breasts toward my nipples, as he grew in confidence.

I tensed and my body began to convulse into an orgasmic shudder when he reached my hardened nipples. Carlos moaned his approval. He cupped both my breasts together and tenderly kissed the tip of both nipples.

He hurriedly kneeled down between my knees and I could feel his naked stomach muscles rubbing hard against my dripping love nest, making me gasp with the speed of his movement. He groped about my engorged love lips with one hand and I was unable to contain my desires any longer.

I reached out with both my hands to pull him up inside me, squealing with joy. He pulled back with a startled look in his eyes and jumped up to his feet. We were both breathless and evidently taken aback by each others' unexpected reaction. I stared at him in surprise.

Only then, was I was able to see what Carlos was actually wearing, by way of a costume. A tiny black G string posing pouch strained to hide his swollen penis without success. The material was shiny and wet but the outline of his penis didn't look as big as Nigel's. I'd suspected all along that the shy young man had been humiliated by his own lack of self control, earlier on, and moved to calm him.

"You've got nothing to be ashamed of." I gasped in awe, looking at his beautifully oiled muscles. "You look like a young Greek god to me. Why don't you take your thong off." I panted. "Would you do that for me, Carlos?---- Don't be embarrassed." I soothed him.

His confused frown transformed, firstly into a grateful smile and his gleaming white teeth flashed in a wide grin as he began to laugh.

"I think I'd better explain." He fumbled with the fastenings on each side. "I'm not normally nervous but I've got to be honest 'T'. I've never been with a submissive lady like you before so I thought I should ask if you liked it first. I just didn't know how to ask you."

"Didn't my Master tell you, Carlos?" I watched him with growing interest as the thong came off and his penis sprang into new life. "I have to obey his wishes, whether I like what I see or not." I smiled. "But in your case, Carlos, I really don't mind what you do with me." I looked at his quivering penis. Fully tumescent, his manhood seemed to be coated in a shining oily substance. It looked perfect to me, in all it's glory as he approached, completely naked now, aroused by my willingness. Carlos lifted my legs high in the air and hung them over his shoulders as he kneeled between my legs. I gripped both sides of the chair for support, dreamily closing my eyes, amused mostly by his youthful inexperience while he fumbled around in my genital area.

The entrance was well enough lubricated with my natural juices but I really didn't blame him for making certain. I rested on the verge of an orgasm whilst he explored my sex, too excited to care. 'Yes! Yes!

He wants to make love to me, now.' I fantasised. 'Who cares where!'

Carlos's breathing became more erratic when his greasy fingers moved past my engorged lips, wandering even further astray. I tried moving, to help him enter me, but his arms had me pinned back.

Without warning, he plunged a finger right inside my anus, forcing my sphincter muscles to move as he coated them with a slippery substance to ease his path. I began to realise his intentions when I widened my eyes and saw Nigel taking digital photos, with an evil smile written on his face. By then it was far too late alter my fate. I realised in horror what Carlos had wanted, all along. To have anal sex with me.

My spine cramped with agony as Carlos began pressing his rigid flesh forcefully against my tight rosebud, grinning with pure excitement.

"Oh Carlos. You're so big." I squealed as the air rushed out of my lungs. "Please be gentle with me" I gasped as I fought for breath.

I remembered Alf's advice and relaxed, ignoring pain and cramp, while Carlos eagerly guided his member past the tightest point, burying it further inside my bottom. The heat of his flesh and the depth of his thrust took my breath away again but I recovered my wits, once he was fully inside, remembering the joy I experienced with Alf, only a few days ago. I began to encourage Carlos by pulling at his rippling back muscles and trying to milk the shaft of his hot young penis, to make him cum as quickly as I could. The position I was in was too painful to enjoy him, the way I wanted to. A pleading glance at Nigel finally succeeded in my Master taking charge.

"That's enough Carlos!" Nigel sounded excited. "Don't get too carried away. Pick her up and put her on the floor. Change positions regularly so I can capture all of her face. It's important that she smiles into the camera for these next few shots."

"Yes Sir!" Carlos smiled enthusiastically. "Hold on to me 'T'."

I moaned in an ecstatic mixture of pain and pleasure, holding on to him tightly as he lifted me and laid me on the rug, with his vibrant young member still buried deeply in my colon.

"Lay right back 'T' and show me a lewd smile, for your husband. Make it look like you're enjoying yourself." Nigel grinned. "Tell him how much you enjoy having his cock up your arse." He took a shot. "Be much more vocal. I know Carlos listens when sophisticated ladies talk dirty while he's fucking them." Nigel was directing us, like a great Hollywood director in a big budget porn flick. "I want at least seven shots with you on top of Carlos as well, facing the camera, spreading those big juicy cunt lips of yours out wide for me."

There was no doubt that Nigel was ecstatic, watching and recording my ultimate humiliation, as I saw it. The strange thing was that I loved performing for him, knowing for certain that he was fully erect under his smock. I gazed in wonder at his beautiful quivering manhood while he stood over me, even fantasising about feeling him inside me too.

I let myself go, using words I never used, without reservation, never forgetting my position. I gasped the word Master so many times, as we posed, directing my filthy comments for Nigel's benefit mostly.

I was beginning to enjoy it, even though the lubrication was wearing thin. Carlos was an athlete alright, young and eager, but was holding back his own climax. Each time he changed position I was aware of the importance of making him cum, before my discomfort overwhelmed me."Fuck my arse! Yes! You feel so good." I raised my hips to meet each thrust, desperate to make him cum. "I love it!" I sobbed. "Fuck me harder! Oh God! That's better! I love huge cocks inside my arse."

"Let 'T' get on top now." Nigel directed. "Facing me!"

My colon throbbed when Carlos pulled out of my bottom without warning me and stretched out on the floor beside me. It felt like my rosebud was on fire, used and raw. Nigel passed me Carlos's posing pouch and invited me to lubricate myself. I was dumbfounded for a moment when I realised the posing pouch was stuffed with Vaseline. Young Carlos's raging member was rock hard, impatiently waiting for me to mount up.

With an eye on Carlos's fully erect penis, smiling with embarrassment as Nigel took pictures, I scraped my fingers full of lubrication from the masculine scented thong. It was humiliating to squat to lubricate my own bottom, but the alternative was unthinkable. Nigel got closer as I quickly soothed my aching rosebud with gel and prepared to mount Carlos, facing his feet, hovering above him with a lustful look on my face while he held his penis at the proper angle.

"God! Your husband's going to love this one." Nigel chuckled.

He snapped of several shots as I felt the heat of his firm young cock resting on my tortured rosebud. I blew Alf a kiss and waved cheekily.

"Show him how eager you are to get that cock inside you. Smile, 'T', as you swallow his cock again." He laid on the floor to get the best angle. "Get the hair out of your face. Shake your head and smile for the camera." Nigel encouraged me. "God, you look amazing 'T'."

Carlos supported my shoulders and helped to position me as I squatted down and laid my head back. I shook my head and forced a smile while I gently lowered my slippery bottom onto the swollen head of the love tool that had so recently been inside me. I gritted my teeth while my tortured flesh stretched to accommodate him again. When his testicles touched against my smooth flesh I drew a ragged breath and waited for a moment. I forced myself to smile for the camera and played with my lips, pulling my labia wide open to display my shining erect clitoris and vacant love nest for Nigel, focussing on his camera with my eyes. 'Watch this Alf!' I thought, smiling lustfully. 'See this! He's right inside my bum, alright.' My vaginal juices flowed like wine.

"See how wet I am, Master?" I gasped. "Do you want him to cum inside me. I'd love him to fill my arse with his love juices, please Master. God! I'm so horny." I sobbed, wriggling my hips and clenching him tightly as Carlos groaned ecstatically behind me. He was on the point of ejaculating, but I looked to Nigel for his permission.

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