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Exquisite Torture


A soft whimper escapes my lips and a shiver runs through my body as I feel your hand caress my left breast, making my nipple grow hard. I lean into your touch but you pull away with a soft chuckle. "Someone seems anxious tonight." Another small laugh reaches my ears and I nod vigorously. Sometimes I hate our similar fetish for blindfolds. I want to see your face as you put me through this exquisite torture, watch your hands prepare your tools, and gaze at your gloriously naked body.

I gasp softly as your hand slides between my thighs, urging them further apart to allow your fingers to dip inside my dew soaked cunt. I squeeze the two fingers you slide in, wanting to draw them in deeper and keep them there while at the same time wishing your hard throbbing cock would replace them. However, I know it's too soon for you to end my sweet agony. You stroke my inner walls for just a moment before withdrawing your fingers and gently pressing my shoulders to the ground, lifting my hips. I whimper again as your fingertips dance over my asshole, lightly swatting my ass cheeks. I wiggle my hips against the slight sting.

A slight pressure is applied to my anus, and I feel you slide a small tube deep inside. I groan slightly as water rushes in, slowly filling my bowels. I wiggle my hips again to get more comfortable as i fill more, and I find myself hoping you do not make me hold it long as you slide a thick plug deep in my ass.

You bade me to rise and remove my blindfold, and I open my eyes to find your hard cock in front of me. I lick my lips and raise my eyes to your smiling mouth. "Go on baby, suck my cock." I hesitantly lean forward and tentatively lick your cock, but your soft moans and the feel of your hands in my hair quickly gives me more confidence, and I slide my mouth over the head, gently sucking on it as I flick my tongue under the rim. You groan softly and pull me in closer, your hands guiding my mouth to gently bob up and down your cock. A soft moan surrounds your cock, making a light shiver pass through your body. I suck harder, your hands tightening in my hair and making me bob up and down faster, but as always you're careful not to gag me. Suddenly you pull me from your cock. "Get up on the bed angel, on your hands and knees." Quickly I obey, getting into position. You move in behind me, your hand again going between my thighs, gently rubbing my clit while stroking inside my wet cunt at the same time. I feel your soft lips against my back, your tongue sliding over my ass cheeks. You lay on your back, pulling me over your face as you dip your tongue inside, licking me with long strokes. I grind my hips into your face, moaning from the immense pleasure you bring me from your deep ministrations, begging with my body for you to continue. You suck harder, placing your mouth over my throbbing clit as your fingers thrust in my soaking cunt, finger fucking me hard and rapidly.

Finally I cry out for release, not able to hold back any longer. "Please Sir I need to cum! Please let me cum for you Sir!"

Laughing you pull away and move to a position behind me, allowing your cock to lightly brush against my wet and swollen lips. "No not yet my sweet slut; I'm not finished with you yet." So saying, you quickly drive your cock into the hilt with one powerful thrust, making me moan from the intensity. You grip my hips, pulling me back into the driving force of your cock. I tighten again around you, throbbing painfully with the need for release.

"Oh God Sir, please let me cum!" You don't answer me as you keep thrusting harder, not letting up the slightest bit. I know I won't be able to last much longer, especially with the cramps building in my bowels. Then suddenly I stiffen, losing all control as I explode, the force of my orgasm making me tremble violently as my juices cover your cock. You groan loudly as you yourself stiffen, having reached your own orgasm.

A moment later you roll over, allowing me to move onto my back. I feel your fingers on my face, and reluctantly lift my eyes to yours. "You were a bad girl to cum without permission, weren't you angel?" Again reluctant I nod. "Don't you think you should apologize to me then?"

"I'm really sorry Sir; I tried to hold back, I really did. I'm really really sorry Sir; please forgive me." I whimper softly.

I watch you nod and sigh. "I forgive you angel, but you still need to be punished. For that, you are to keep the enema in for the rest of the evening." With that you get up and walk away, and I it'll do no good to argue.

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