tagBDSMExquisite Torture Ch. 02

Exquisite Torture Ch. 02


I lick my lips in fear and apprehension, knowing I'm in trouble. Not only did I disobey a command, but I also came without permission. This was unacceptable to you. Worse yet, I know you are disappointed in me. I sigh softly and lower my head, ashamed of disappointing you. Suddenly, you clamp a pair of nipple clamps on my nipples at the same time, and tighten them painfully causing me to cry out. Mercifully, you loosen them enough to make them barely tolerable.

"You were a bad girl angel; now I have to punish you. I don't enjoy it, but how else will you learn? You do want to be my good girl, don't you angel?" You ask softly and I quickly nod, wanting that more than anything. "Good. Now bend over, try to relax, and just trust me."

I do as you say and bend over, trying to relax for you. Closing my eyes, I breathe deeply and my body settles. You gently start kneading my ass, applying a gently pressure against my anus and I moan softly, thinking you mean to give me an enema. You chuckle softly as you lube my ass, as if you know exactly what I'm thinking, which I remind myself, you probably do. Totally relaxed, I don't expect the large butt plug you slide in forcibly, pressing it deep and causing me to cry out in pain. You gently shush me, telling me what a good girl I am, but I can't stop the soft whimpering coming from my throat at the combined pain from both my nipples and my ass.

Before I am able to adjust and become comfortable with the butt plug, you command me to stand. I whimper again softly in protest but don't hesitate in obeying; after all I don't want to be in more trouble. You lead me over to your Cross, and I turn my back to it but you shake your head. "No angel, I want you to face it today."

That of course would mean my clamped nipples would be pressed hard against the Cross. "But Sir please! That would hurt so bad Sir; please don't make me! I..."

"I said do it, now!" Whimpering loudly I turn to face it, and you press me roughly against it, squashing my nipples and making me cry out again. However, you ignore me and quickly and securely bind my arms and legs. Then you place a cloth gag over my mouth, which warns me I won't like what's coming next.

"I'm very disappointed in you angel. I gave you an order and you disobeyed me. All I asked was that you shave your sweet cunt for me today and not masturbate, and you couldn't even follow my directions. Worse than that, you came without my permission and were going to hide it from me. For disobeying, you will get ten strokes with my cane-", you ignore my squeal of alarm, "- and for cumming without permission, ten strokes of my whip. I know you hate the cane but you will take it for me, won't you angel, because you want to be my good girl." Without waiting for a reply, you swat my ass with your wooden cane, your aim cruelly accurate as it lands over the butt plug, making me yelp. You start out lightly, perhaps because you know I couldn't handle more, but quickly build up so that the last stroke causes me to scream, my thighs and ass feeling as if they were on fire.

"You did so very well angel, I'm so proud of you." You wipe away my tears and then kiss my neck while gently massaging my ass and thighs. "Just a bit more my pet and we'll be done. Hopefully we won't have to repeat this lesson ever again." You move back and I whimper softly as I hear you grab your whip. Again you start out softly, the leather barely kissing my skin. Still, even the lightest of blows to my ass nearly make me scream, the welts from the cane incredibly painful and by the time the last stroke falls, tears stream down my cheeks again and I am sore from my back to my thighs.

You undo my gag and then my bindings, allowing me to step away from the Cross. You kiss me softly as you gently pull the plug out and remove the clamps, smothering my tears with your lips and tongue. Then you pick me up and carry me to our bedroom, placing me on the bed carefully, and slide in beside me, pulling me against you.

"Go to sleep angel; I am very pleased with you. I love you." I sigh softly and whisper the words back, already forgetting the pain as I fall asleep thinking how lucky I am to have you.

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