tagNovels and NovellasExstacy! Ch. 08

Exstacy! Ch. 08


Stacy was in a dimly lit, sensuously decorated room. A four-post bed was against the back wall, with curtains of a semi-transparent material hanging round all four sides. In the corners on either side of the bed a number of cushions had been scattered, and small scented candles burned on low tables. It looked like a scene from an Arabian film. The beautiful young girl was half sitting and half lying on the bed, her elbows propping her up as she stared open mouthed at the middle-aged man in front of her. Her open skirt was round her knees, and the t-shirt she had been wearing when she entered the room had been tossed somewhere on the floor. She hadn't been wearing a bra and her nipples now stood out as hard points on the delicate mounds of her breasts. Her hands were relaxing their grip on the waistband of her knickers, her reluctance to expose herself to the man in front of her beginning to slip.

She stared wide-eyed at the long, thick phallus pointing out at her from Cornelius's open trousers like an accusing finger. 'You want me,' it was saying. 'You want me buried to the hilt in your wet, silky pussy.' If that thing managed to force it's way inside her, it would either kill her, or give her the best sexual experience of her life. But she did want it. She wanted it deep and hard.

With a shudder, Stacy suddenly realised that Cornelius's hands were back at her crotch, gently slipping her knickers down her legs. She hadn't realised till now that she was no longer holding them up, no longer restraining the older man from undressing her. Instead, one of her hands was now open flat against the bed, supporting her weight as the other pulled and squeezed at her right breast, kneading the flesh and rolling the bullet-like nipple between her finger and thumb. Her knickers and skirt now round her ankles, Cornelius stepped forward. He took the hand that was massaging her tit, and guided it towards his hard cock. As soon as her palm touched the warm flesh, she closed her hand around it and began rubbing it through her fingers. Her eyes widened and she bit her bottom lip, as the stiff rod seemed to grow even longer. Cornelius stepped closer, pushing her down onto the bed and spreading her legs apart. She looked up at him, still massaging his throbbing cock between her fingers, with a mixed expression of fear and longing on her face. Taking hold of her ankles, he pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, so that he would be able to reach her without having to get on top of her, then moved in so his cock was only inches away from her slick, wet opening. Stacy stopped rubbing on the thick cock, and began to guide it towards her quivering pussy lips.

Taking hold of Stacy's buttocks, Cornelius thrust forward and forced the head of his cock between the girl's slippery lips. She let out a low moan and lifted her hips off the bed, forcing the hard phallus deeper inside her. Moving his hands down, Cornelius took hold of her ankles and spread her legs wider, holding them apart in a large V shape as he began to pound away inside her. The speed and force of his assault increased, each thrust pushing her a little further up the bed, and then pulling her back down again. Suddenly, Cornelius stiffened and let out a grunt. Stacy grimaced and opened her mouth in a silent scream as the large member inside her expanded, pressing tight against the slippery walls of her passage. Then it seemed to explode, and she could feel the thick creamy fluid pumping into her. She groaned at the sensation of the thick rod throbbing inside her, emptying its contents into her vaginal cavity. Then it was gone, as Cornelius slowly withdrew. Stacy looked down between her legs to see a thin, white ropy trail leaking out of her glistening pussy.


Half eleven on Monday morning, and the beginning of Phillip's first lesson of the week with Jessica. He'd already had two lessons, English, which he didn't share with Jessica, and a free study period. Now he was on his way to Maths, with a surprise in the side pocket of his rucksack. A surprise that would hopefully lead to a night of passion with the girl of his dreams. Phillip turned the corner of the corridor, and looked nervously along the line of teenagers standing outside the classroom. There she was, half way down the line, dressed in a long pair of tight blue jeans and a pale blue blouse tied at the midriff. He stared at her, silently drinking in the sensuous features of the outfit she had chosen for that day. Two buttons of her blouse were undone, revealing a hint of the delicious breasts hidden beneath, their shape and contours accentuated through the material of the garment. He let his eyes drift lower, over the bare, tanned flesh of her belly, to the tops of her blue denim jeans. They were so tight that Phillip was sure he could make out the swell of her mound, just below the teeth of the zip. The thought of those jeans round her ankles, and his own teeth there instead, made his own trousers uncomfortably tight as his cock began to swell.

"Hi, Phillip. You ok?" Lost in his erotic daydream, he hadn't noticed the girl come over to join him. He swallowed nervously and stammered a greeting.

"Sure, I'm fine," he said. "Just thinking how beautiful ... how beautiful ..." He hesitated as he realised what he'd been about to say, then continued. "How beautiful the weather is today." As soon as he said it, he wished he hadn't. It sounded so lame.

"Er, yes," Jessica said, smiling nervously. "Are you coming in?" He looked up to see the last of the students filing into the room.

"Yes," he agreed. "Let's go." As he followed her into the room, he tried to think how he was going to drop his proposal on her.

They spent the lesson working on an essay for their English Literature, but Phillip found that he couldn't get very much done. He kept looking over at Jessica, trying to catch glimpses of her body when she wasn't looking and trying to hide the signs of the stiff rod growing in his trousers. By the time the end of the lesson came, his cock was an iron pole bulging painfully inside his jeans, and he had to readjust it's position between his legs before getting up to leave the room. He met Jessica outside, and together they headed off towards the canteen for lunch.

"Jessica ..." he began, as they made their way along the corridor. She turned to look t him as they continued walking.

"Yes?" He hesitated for a moment, and then continued.

"Have ... Have you got anything planned for this weekend?" Jessica turned back to look the way she was going.

"Not at the moment," she replied. "Why, did you have something in mind?"

"I did have." His legs started to tremble, and he felt his heart start to beat faster. He couldn't do this now. "I ... I'll tell you when we get to the canteen." They continued down the corridor for a few moments, passing other students and pupils of their way to dinner and lunchtime clubs. Phillip found himself glancing at the female students as he passed them, both the other sixth formers in their own, casual clothes and the lower years in their smart school uniforms. He found himself looking at their long legs, at the point where they disappeared into their school skirts, and at the swell of their small breasts under their blouses and t-shirts. Although their young bodies made his cock twitch, he realised that none of them were really exciting him. Not the way that Jessica was. If he told her what he'd done and she turned he down, he didn't know what he'd do.


Back at the clinic, Stacy was just finishing getting dressed. Cornelius had finished putting his clothes back on, and now stood watching Stacy as she slipped her shirt back on and pulled it down her body. Then she got up from the bed and headed towards the door, ready to return to the reception area to make her payment and book her next appointment.

"We're not actually finished yet," Cornelius said, going after her and taking hold of her wrist. "We're going to do it again. But this time you'll have a different partner. And you're going to be blindfolded." A cold chill ran through Stacy's body, and she felt the hairs stand up on her arms. Sex with a stranger? Blindfolded? Now she didn't just feel nervous, she felt scared, too. But for some reason, the fear actually made it more exciting. She remembered her last blindfolded experience in this building, and thought that might have something to do with it. Nodding slowly, she allowed the older man to take her hand and escort her back over to the bed.

"I'm going to blindfold you now, and then I want you to lie down on the bed. Someone will come into the room and they will make love to you." As Cornelius spoke, he leant over and pulled back the drawer of the bedside cabinet. He removed a large, back silk handkerchief, then closed the drawer again and came over to sit next to the trembling young woman. "Once we have finished, we will discuss the session, and I will give you something to do before your next appointment. Now, can you move your hair while I fasten the blindfold?" Stacy did as she was told, and for the second time her sight was blotted out. She shuddered as she thought what might happen to her this time.

There was silence for a few moments, then the sound of the door opening and footsteps as someone else entered the room. Then the door closed again. Stacy lay on the bed unmoving, staring up in the direction of the ceiling but seeing nothing but blackness, her arms at her sides. The sound of footsteps came again as the mysterious visitor walked round the bed, then came to stand next to her. Suddenly, she felt warm, gently breath on her face, and a moment later there was a mouth on her lips. Soft, moist and gentle, more tender than any man who had ever kissed her before. She sighed and opened her mouth, allowing her lover's tongue to slip between her lips and explore her oral cavity. Their tongues met briefly and caressed each other, and then the mouth was gone. The lips, so soft and gentle, found their way to her neck, kissed their way down her throat. Small hands found her breasts, and caressed them through her t-shirt, squeezing and kneading her flesh. The hands were gone for a moment, then they reappeared on her skirt, moving up and slipping under her t-shirt, across her bare skin, pushing her t-shirt up ahead of them as they went. The hands were cool and soft, and she giggled as they made her flesh tingle, her body twitching as she forced herself not to push the hands away. Stacy's secret lover did not remove her t-shirt, but instead left it bunched up around her neck. She felt moist kisses on her chest, her breasts and her nipples, moving down over her belly, leaving trails of saliva as they went. Stacy moaned and whimpered as they got closer to her waist, her pussy lips beginning to quiver and her clit starting to throb.

Still kissing and licking round her navel, Stacy's lover lowered the zip of her skirt and pulled it down. The blindfolded young woman began to tremble once more as two fingers made their way down her lower belly, the part covered by her panties, and climbed the slight mound between her legs. She whimpered as they began to push, and she felt the material of her underwear dip inside her wet pussy. Then they withdrew, and there was nothing for a few moments. Stacy lay, breathing deeply with her heart pounding in her chest and her clitoris throbbing between her swollen lips. Then her panties were being dragged rapidly down her legs and a wet, hungry mouth opened wide to engulf her entire pussy. Throwing back her head and arching her back, Stacy lifted herself almost completely off the bed as she opened her mouth and screamed, her face distorted by an expression of beautiful agony. The assault between her legs was an endless tirade of teeth nipping at her clit and tugging at her labia, lips sucking on her clit and tongues lapping at her labia, circling her clitoris and penetrating the length of her vaginal passage. It actually felt as if there was more than one mouth at work down there. Stacy was now thrashing about wildly, her hands gripping the sheets and gathering them up in tight fistfuls, as she thrust her crotch backwards and forwards into the face of the person who was busy eating her. Suddenly she froze, her body raised up off the bed and supported only by her elbows and her bottom. She screamed as an explosion of liquid squirted from her pussy, shooting forth in short bursts as the walls of her pussy relaxed and contracted.


Amber was sat behind the wheel of her car in the office car, shaking slightly from her recent experience. Moving slowly, she managed to switch of the car engine and extract the key from the ignition. She reached over to the seat next to her, picked up her handbag and her assignment folder, then opened the door and climbed out of the car. Her legs were trembling as she aimed the key fob at the door, pressed the button and listened for the satisfying 'thunk' that indicated the doors had locked. Then she turned and headed towards the car park level entrance to the building. As she climbed the stairs up towards the office, the shaking and trembling gradually began to ease. By the time she entered the room it was little more than a slight quiver. Gently easing open the door, she tried to sneak into the room and creep across to her cubicle without being seen. Unfortunately, the office manager had noticed that she hadn't arrived at work on time, and from around 10 O'clock she had been making regular glances through her window and into the main office, at both the door and at Amber's desk. She had chosen just this moment to look up, and had seen Amber as she tried to creep across the room. She was in the open doorway of the office before the columnist had gotten half way to her desk.

"Morning, Miss Little," the manager greeted her, quietly. "It is still morning, but only just. I was beginning to think you weren't going to grace us with your presence till after lunch." Amber looked down meekly at her shoes, feeling like she was still in High School and had been called to the head teacher's office for some gross misconduct. Making out with the girls behind the bike sheds, for example ...

"I had a ... a doctor's appointment," Amber mumbled.

"A doctor's appointment? Strange, that's exactly what Stacy said. She told me last Friday, though."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Richards. I'll let you know next time."

"Make sure you do." The woman turned to head back into her office, the door already beginning to close behind her.

"Er, Mrs. Richards?" She turned back and glared at the younger woman through the wire rimmed glasses perched on the edge of her nose.

"Yes, Miss Little?" Amber swallowed nervously, still a little on edge from her earlier encounter.

"I ... I have a follow up appointment. Tomorrow, at 3pm"

"You finish at three."

"I know, but I'll need time to get there. About fifteen, twenty minutes?"

"Very well," Danielle Richards replied, a note of reluctance in her voice. "But in future try and make your medical appointments outside of office hours. This is a magazine we're running, not a charity. I can't afford all my staff to be taking time off." Amber nodded.

"Yes, Mrs. Richards," she agreed. Then she turned and headed back towards her desk.


It was lunchtime, and Phillip and Jessica were now sat together at a table in the school canteen. Although it was already quite busy, with students and teachers bustling around looking for places to sit and returning their plates to the kitchen, the two sixth formers had managed to find a table all to themselves. Jessica was munching hungrily at a plate of salad, but Phillip was picking at his pizza and chips with much less of an appetite.

"Aren't you eating that?" Jessica asked, as she watched him stabbing at a chip.

"I guess I'm just not hungry," he said, putting the fork down and pushing his plate away from him.

"You said you had an idea for next weekend?" she asked, before putting another forkful of lettuce and tomato into her mouth. She chewed it slowly as she looked at him, waiting for a reply.

"I was wondering if you'd ... if you wanted ..." he trailed off, struggling to find the words to say what he wanted to say.

"Yes? Jessica asked, breaking into a smile that lit up her whole face, and made her eyes sparkle. "If I wanted ...?"

"Jessica, do you want to come away with me for the weekend?" he blurted out. The expression on her face suddenly changed to something he couldn't read. She put her fork down on her plate before answering.

"You want me to come away with you for the weekend?" Panicking now that he'd actually come out and said it, Phillip reached for the bag under his chair and struggled to undo the pocket that hid the tickets he had already bought.

"I've already booked it all," he said, his face getting warmer and warmer. He wondering if he was glowing as brightly as he thought he was. He finally managed to get the zip undone and dug his hand into the pocket, pulling out the documents. He handed them over and waited, looking up at her as she read through them.

"Phillip, this hotel booking is just for one room. With a single bed." She looked into his eyes, and Phillip struggled to read the expression there. Was it shock? Surprise? Horror?

"I ... I ..." He found himself staring down at the table, unable to look her in the eyes, until a cool hand appeared under his chin and lifted his head up.

"Phillip, do you want me?" she asked him, as she looked deep into his eyes. From a feeling of warmth, Phillip suddenly felt a cold chill spread across his body. Unable to speak, he just nodded slowly.

"If you want me, you can do me right here," she whispered, and leaned in closer until her lips were pressed hard against his. Phillip's eyes widened, and he was unable to respond as Jessica invitingly parted her lips for him. It wasn't until he felt her licking the underside of his tongue that he got the idea, and slipped it into her mouth. After a few moments allowing him to explore her, she pulled away and looked into his eyes, smiling sexily. "Paris will still be nice, though," she said. Then she kissed him again, but this time it was her tongue that did the exploring.


The door of the dark, empty science room was suddenly slammed open with a bang, and two panting, groaning figures almost fell into the room. Pushing and pulling each other across the room, they made it to one of the tables and Phillip thrust Jessica up onto the surface. He carefully began undoing the few buttons of her blouse that were still fastened, but when Jessica began roughly dragging his own shirt off him, he gave up doing it gently and practically ripped the blouse open. A few buttons popped off and skidded across the room. Neither of them saw where they went, and neither of them were bothered. Phillip tugged the tails of Jessica's blouse from her jeans and pulled it from her body, turning the sleeves inside out as they came down her arms. He quickly found her breasts, encased in their prison of frilly lace. Trembling slightly, he ran his palms over the firm mounds of flesh, until Jessica took his hands and guided them round her back to the strap of her bra. Reluctantly, he diverted his attention to releasing the clasp, while the girl began to kiss along his chest and over his nipples, sucking at his flesh each time her lips touched him, and tugging at his skin with her teeth. Each time she came away, she left tiny, little red marks on his chest.

Hissing softly as Jessica nipped his chest, Phillip undid the teenager's bra and pulled the straps down her shoulders. Her tits popped free, medium globes of soft flesh that weren't particularly large or small, capped with small pink areolas and glistening nipples. Phillip thought they looked perfect. Once more he ran his hands over them, this time feeling the warmth and softness of her body, the hardening nipples rolling against his palms.

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