tagNovels and NovellasExstacy! Ch. 09

Exstacy! Ch. 09


Stacy lay panting on the bed, the blindfold still wrapped around her face. Her skirt and knickers were round her ankles, her t-shirt remained scrunched up just under her chin. Until a moment ago her hands had been screwed up into fists, gripping at handfuls of the bed sheets as violent orgasms tore through her body. The mattress and sheets between her legs and under her bottom were wet and soggy with the liquid she had just squirted from her pussy. Apart from her own heavy breathing, the only sound she could hear was the spring of the mattress as someone kneeling at the end of the bed pushed down on it as they got to their feet. A few moments later the door opened and the mystery visitor who was responsible for Stacy soaking her sheets left the room.

"You may remove the blindfold now," the voice of Cornelius informed her. The young woman pulled the black silk handkerchief from over her eyes and blinked at the sudden glare of light. She glanced round her at the dimly lit, sensuously decorated room. She was lying on a four-post bed, with curtains of a semi-transparent material hanging round all four sides. In the corners on either side of the bed a number of cushions had been scattered, and small scented candles burned on low tables. She swallowed nervously when she saw that, as well as the sodden patch between her legs, she had also sprayed spots of liquid as far up the bed as the pillow, and across the room as far as the door.

"Who was that?" Stacy asked quietly, referring to the person who had just left the room.

"It's our policy not to reveal the identity of our volunteers," Cornelius explained. "Unless they choose to do so themselves. How did you feel about the experience?" Stacy tried to remember the last time she had been eaten like that, and couldn't. Since she had never squirted during orgasm before, she couldn't really compare the incident to any previous sexual encounter.

"It was ... fantastic," she admitted, a slightly embarrassed smile playing across her face as she began to pull her clothes back into place. Her sense of embarrassment increased as she realised her t-shirt, knickers and even the thick material of her denim skirt were all soaking up a considerable amount of liquid from her body now that they were back in place. "How much did I ...?"

"Quite a bit," Cornelius revealed. "Your partner got quiet a lot of it all of over them. Which did you feel was the best experience, the first one or the second? Please be honest, I won't be offended." He smiled at her as he spoke the last words.

"I ... I think I enjoyed the second one the most," she said, sliding her legs of the bed and getting up into a sitting position.

"Did you ever come like that before? Squirting, I mean?" Stacy shook her head. "And how would you compare it to previous orgasms?" The older man asked. Stacy didn't need to think about the answer.

"I've never had one like it before," she admitted. "Except ..."

"Except during your last session here?" Cornelius finished, when it became clear she wasn't going to finish the sentence herself. Stacy blushed as she nodded.

"In Ecstatic sex, pleasure is greatly increased by the unknown," the consultant explained. "If you don't know what's happening, or what is going to happen, the experience can be greatly intensified. Your mind will fill in the gaps, and the mind can be a very powerful tool."

"I think I'm beginning to realise that," Stacy said with a smile, as she remembered her trial session.

"Now, I'd like to give you something to take away with you and try before your next session," Cornelius continued, as he rose from the bed and crossed over to a wardrobe on the other side of the room. Opening the top cupboard, he removed a small box and brought it back over to the bed. Stacy looked down at the package, a small box of thin white card with no writing or markings on it other than a serial number on one side. Ideas of what could possibly be inside began to race through her mind, and her pussy began to quiver. She shuddered at the sensation and Cornelius raised an eyebrow, smiling mischievously. "You okay?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied, returning a mischievous smile of her own. "My minds just filling in some gaps, again."

"I hope their having a pleasant effect," he said, his smile widening into a grin. He opened the box and Stacy peered inside. "We call this a Persistent Arousal probe," the consultant explained as she stared at it, and a shudder of excitement rushed through her as she listened to the name.

"What does it do?" she breathed. The object inside the box was made of metal and plastic, two balls connected by a short tube with an adjustable wing on either side. One of the balls was large than the other, and the larger of the two had a short pointed rod at the end of it.

"It stimulates your genitals," Cornelius explained. "The smaller of the two balls will rest against your clitoris, while the large one will sit between your labia. The rod will penetrate you, slightly if you are at rest, more deeply if you are in motion, or engaged in physical activity." Stacy felt her clit tingle as Cornelius explained the tool, and she shuddered. "I'd like you to wear it for six hours a day, everyday, between the hours of nine in the morning and nine at night. Between now and your next appointment." Stacy's mouth fell open.

"But I work. And I go out. People might see me aroused ..."

"Most definitely," Cornelius agreed. "They'll probably see you come, as well. Unless you manage to hide it."

"When ... when do you want me to start it?"

"Now," he said. "I'd like you to put it in before you leave."


Stacy gingerly followed Cornelius down the stairs back to the reception area, the instrument in her underwear alternately applying pressure between her pussy and her clit as she walked. The staircase seemed much longer than it had on the way up, and Stacy was struggling to keep her breathing under control as she descended. Flares of heat ran up and down the length of her pudenda, causing an endless shudder throughout her body.

"I ... I can't spend a ... a day like this," she gasped, stopping about a quarter of the way from the bottom. "I'm going back to work now!"

"That's perfect," Cornelius said. He stopped where he was, about a dozen steps further down the stairs, and turned his head to look at her over his shoulder. There was a wicked smile on his face, and it occurred to Stacy that he was enjoying the discomfort she was in. If you could call it discomfort. She was actually quite enjoying it herself, her only concern was the fact that other people were probably going to see her enjoy it, too. "A good opportunity for you to practise concealing your enjoyment. Now, let's go and sort out your payment plan and book your next appointment." With that, he turned round, and continued down the stairs.

Cornelius was waiting at the bottom of the stairs when Stacy finally reached the ground floor, and she met him in front of the reception desk. She noticed that the receptionist was looking a little flushed, and her face and hair seemed rather wet. Maybe the girl had gotten a little warm working down here and had been to splash some water on her face, Stacy thought. Must have really drenched herself, though. Even her white uniform blouse seemed to have gotten a little wet, and a bit of her bra was showing through the now transparent material.

"Enjoy yourself?" Elizabeth asked, pulling the appointment book towards her and turning over the page. Stacy couldn't be sure, but she thought a brief smile had been exchanged between the girl and Cornelius, who was standing behind her.

"It was ... ok," Stacy breathed, clenching her buttocks in an attempt to reposition the metal instrument between her legs and ease some of the pressure on the throbbing pussy.

"Just okay?" Was there a hint of disappointment in the girl's question? No, of course not. What could she have to be disappointed about?

"I ... I'm not feeling myself at the moment," Stacy replied, in an attempt to bypass the question. "Can I just pay you and make my next appointment?"

"Of course," Elizabeth said, turning to the laptop computer on her desk. "We charge £5 a session, with an offer of £50 for a block booking of twelve."

"I'll make a block booking," Stacy said, stretching as she reached into her pocket for her wallet and grimacing as the pointed rod dug deeper into her wet pussy. She managed to trap the whimper in her throat and handed her debit card over to the receptionist. The girl swiped it through the slot on the machine connected to her laptop, then passed the box over to Stacy.

"Can you enter your pin, please?" Stacy tapped in the four digits, then hit the green enter button. There were a few seconds while the transaction was processed, then Elizabeth removed the card and handed it back to Stacy, along with her receipt.

"Now," Elizabeth continued. "Your next appointment. I can fit you in for tomorrow, the end of the week, or next Wednesday."

"Tomorrow sounds fine," she replied quickly. The less time she had to wear this thing in public the better.

"Make it Friday," Cornelius suggested, with a smile. "She needs some time to try out a little toy I leant her." Stacy scowled at him, after checking first to make sure he wasn't looking at her. As soon as he glanced over at her she stopped, replacing the expression with a fake smile.

"I can fit you in at three in the afternoon," Elizabeth said, glancing through the book.

"That might not be such a good idea," Stacy replied. "I'd have to finish early to get here, and my boss doesn't like us taking a lot of time off. She was reluctant to let me come today."

"I could fit you in at one O' clock," the receptionist said. "It would have to be with Fiona, though. Cornelius has another appointment."

"That'll be fine," Stacy said.

"Okay, see you at 1pm on Friday, then." Stacy smiled her goodbye, then made her way out of the building.

The walk from the reception desk, out the building and to her car was the furthest distance she'd had to cover since the Persistent Arousal probe had been inserted. She made her way awkwardly across the reception of the clinic, whimpering softly with each step she took. The larger upper ball of the device, originally just resting between her lips, had now slipped a little inside her. It continued to move, backwards and forwards, as she walked, the sharp rod scratching at the sensitive walls of her inner passage. She finally made it to the front door, the analogy of the short passage she had just walked down reminding her again of the instrument inside her. Stepping outside, she closed the door behind her and looked round. Breathing heavily with exhaustion and with beads of perspiration running down her flushed face, she look out across the great expanse between her and her parked car. She didn't notice the fact that Amber's car, which had also been parked outside the converted Victorian house when she arrived, was now gone. All that she cared about were the people who might see her. And there were people. How come quiet country roads were only empty and deserted until you actually wanted them to be empty and deserted? They weren't even rapidly shooting past in cars, either, they were slowly walking past on foot. A middle-aged businessman in a suite with a newspaper under one arm was walking along the road on the opposite side. On this side, a little old lady with white, cloud-like hair sticking out from under her hat was pulling her trolley after her. Even though it wasn't raining, she wore a long green raincoat that covered her whole body. Going in the opposite direction were a group of boys from the local grammar school. The knots of their ties half way down their chests, their shirt tails were hanging out over their trousers and half the buttons of their shirts were undone. Through the gaps Stacy could make out various grunge and gothic-style t-shirts, though the motifs and captions were too far away for her to see clearly.

Stacy considered her choices. She could wait for these people to pass and hope that there wouldn't be anyone else after them, or she could ignore them, make her way down the drive to her car and hope they wouldn't see her. This wasn't really an option, though. The businessman and the schoolboys had already seen her, and although she wasn't showing signs of heightened sexual arousal, she was still looking flushed and uncomfortable. There was half a chance that one of them might think she needed help, and would come along to offer it. She decided to take the chance and set out across the gravelled driveway. With each step the metal rod glided backwards and forwards, in and out of her slick, throbbing passage, each inward motion taking it a little deeper than the last. Taking slow, shuffling steps she made her way down the drive, wide eyes glancing left and right at the people watching her. The teenage boys were now staring at her, laughing and pointing. She wondered what they thought was wrong with her, and what they would think if they knew. The thought of these young schoolboys knowing what was going on in her underwear sent a new wave of excitement through her, and she had to stop where she was. The sudden halt caused the head of the probe to press hard against her g-spot, and she had to struggle not to scream, clenching her throat and jaw in an attempt to keep the sound in. Her breath coming in short, hoarse gasps, she waited for the boys to pass. By now the old woman and the businessman were already out of sight.

The boys disappeared, looking over their shoulders at her and grinning as they went. There was no one else in sight. The car was about five metres away. Gritting her teeth and clenching her fists, she made a dash towards the car. She slammed into the side, clawed for the handle and tugged it open. She only just managed to collapse into the driver's seat before the orgasm hit her. Shuddering like a pneumatic drill, she clutched the steering wheel with one hand while the other pressed against her crotch. With each contraction of her vaginal walls the probe, which was still pressing deep inside her, was sucked back into the folds of her pussy. Each time they relaxed, it was pushed back out. Stacy twisted and squirmed, pressing into the back of the chair and pushing her head back over the headrest. The waves of pleasure slowly began to subside, and she gingerly moved to relax in her seat. The movements of the device against her entrance as she came had left a tingling sensation that was still growing, but the major throes of orgasm had subsided. Placing her hand on the inside of the steering wheel to support herself, she leant over to pull the driver's door shut. The movement forced the rod deep into her pussy and the pointed head dug into her g-spot. Hard. The door slammed shut and Stacy fell forwards onto the steering wheel, her breasts pressing hard against the horn in the centre. The sound of the horn blast merging with Stacy's ear-splitting scream rose over the empty country fields. There was a twitter and a flutter of wings as flocks of birds, peacefully resting in the branches of the surrounding trees, were disturbed by the noise and took to the sky.


Phillip and Jessica were lying naked together underneath the table they had been screwing against a few minutes before. Jessica was idly rubbing at the remains of the drying, sticky white cream on her breasts, the bits that she hadn't been able to wipe off with the paper towel.

"I'd always wondered what it would feel like to have a man come on me," she murmured, rubbing some of the fluid around her nipple then lifting her finger away from her body and watching the string that formed between her finger and her nipple. It continued to stretch for a couple of inches, then finally split. A little remained on the tip of Jessica's finger, but the rest of it splattered back onto her breasts, leaving tiny white spots all over the soft mounds of flesh.

"I'm sure it would have felt much better inside you," Phillip replied, his eyes not on her but looking out the window on the opposite side of the room. From where he was looking he had a good view of the playing fields and the playground in the distance, with the lower years still playing their lunchtime games.

"I'm sure you wouldn't have minded if it had been me coming on you," she laughed, rolling over and running a finger round his own nipple. She smiled as she watched it rise up from a soft flat pad to a harder cone, almost as pointed as her own. "Girls can shoot too, you know. And when we shoot, we shoot. It's like a gushing tap." She made the sound of vast amounts of gushing liquid, then laughed and leaned over to try and suck the nipple she'd been playing with into her mouth. But Phillip pulled away from her and she was unable to do so.

"How can you enjoy it?" he asked, still looking away from her as she spoke. "Isn't it degrading, having someone ... do that to you?"

"I guess it would be, if I was doing it for him and not for me. But if I wanted it too, so what's wrong with it?"

"But doesn't it make you a ... a ... you know ...?" Phillip couldn't bring himself to say the word.

"A slut?" From the expression on his face, Jessica knew that was the word he had been looking for. "What's wrong with that?"

"It's disgusting. It's wrong!" There was a look of horror on his face as he looked at the girl he thought he'd loved.

"Why? I'm 18 years old, I'm a grown woman," she said. "It's not as if I'm doing anything illegal."

Suddenly there was a noise from behind them, and the two teenagers turned to see the shadow of someone at the door. Quickly snatching up their clothes, they hurried in the direction of the only other door in the room, the class stores. Closing the door at almost the exact same time the other one opened, the young couple held their breath and listened for any sign that they'd been spotted. The sound of footsteps could be heard cross the room, then the sound of drawers being opened. The two teenagers silently slipped back into their clothes, then backed away from the door, heading towards the back of the storeroom to where they knew there was another door to a second classroom. Quietly, Phillip pulled down the handle and pushed. The door opened and, silently, the two of them slipped from the storeroom and into the second deserted classroom.


Stacy was sat behind the wheel of her car outside the magazine office. After a few minutes to recover from her intense orgasms, she had managed to position herself properly in the driver's seat and start the car up. Since she was only moving her hands and arms, she had managed the short drive back to work with only a slight tingling in her clitoris. Now she faced the daunting prospect of not only leaving the car and getting to the office, but getting there via the use of three flights of stairs. The thought of the effect this would have on her already tender pussy both excited and terrified her. With a final deep sigh, she released the car door, pushed it open and climbed out. Then she locked it with the button on her key fob and, taking extremely small steps, she crept towards the rear entrance of the building.

Unnoticed by the attractive young woman, a shadowy figure in a dark suit was watching her from a window on the opposite side of the road. As soon as Stacy disappeared into the building, he removed a mobile phone from an inside pocket of his jacket and called a quick dial number.

"She's arrived," the figure said into the receiver when the person on the other side had answered. The figure listened for a few moments while he was given his instructions, then without another word he hung up.

Ten minutes later, Stacy had made it to the office. Slinking into the room, she made her way as discretely as possible over to her desk and sat down, sliding her handbag off her shoulder and discarding it under her desk. She looked across at Amber, but she was busy working at her own terminal. Exactly what the other woman was working on she didn't know, as Stacy knew she had finished her assignment for the current issue at the end of the previous week. Settling into her chair and trying to find a position that prevented the Persistent Arousal probe of pressing too hard into her throbbing slit, Stacy started up her computer and began looking through the material she had on her current project.

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