Extra Attention

byD Ray©

Jay and Adrian step closer to me so that I can slide my hands over their firm stomachs. Sliding my hands downward as I feel my way towards their cocks. The excitement is rising as my hands glide over warm skin in search of each mans erect manhood. I am more at ease with the presence of Adrian as I turn my head to look at him. I witness the closure of his eyes as my touch excites him. Each man steps even closer to me. I must abandon the two strong cocks in my hands, as I turn my head back to face Jay. I can feel

Adrian’s hard strong cock in my back and Jay’s cock on my stomach. Pre-cum seeps from the tip of Jay’s shaft and leaves a bit of wetness on my stomach as I rise on my tip-toes to kiss him full on the mouth. As our lips part, Jay says, “Tina, I promised Adrian a taste of your pussy for assisting me with rekindling our adore.” Taking my face in his hands, Jay continues, “Let him taste your sweetness.”

My mind is a blur as I stand before Jay. The sensuality passing through me currently makes me weak with desire. I am strong in the Broad Room, strong in player negotiations, strong in financial activities for my team, but when it comes to saying “no” to Mr. Jay Anders, that is simply not an option. Jay and I enjoy threesomes. Jay often watches and then joins in the fun after he is sufficiently aroused. Due to my position and status in life, it is not an adventure we can over indulge ourselves in and Jay is very careful about screening the partners he chooses for us. His muscular build and protectiveness of me may account for why none of our exploits have reached any tabloids or gossip TV shows.

Jay’s eyes never leave mine as he says to Adrian, “Adrian, I want you to take Tina’s hand and lead her to the side of the tub. Then sit her down on the side of the tub. I want you to bend down before her and open her thick thighs. Then take your fingers and spread her pussy lips so that you can view her clit. Adrian, I want you to wrap your lips around her clit and suck her until her sweet pussy juice drips from her twat.”

The intensity in Jay’s eyes as he speaks to Adrian is thrilling to me. My excitement is growing with each word from Jay’s lips. Jay cups my cheek as he continues, “I guarantee you Adrian, you will never find a sweeter, juicier tasting pussy as what lays between my Tina’s legs.” Releasing my face with his hand, Jay kisses my lips deeply and then turns me towards Adrian.

My heart is pounding wildly in my chest as Adrian takes my small hand into his strong hand. The touch of Adrian’s hand on mine feels hot and natural. Leading me to the side of the black and gold sunk-in tub, I place my other hand on top of Adrian’s as I watch his bare firm ass walk to the edge of the tub. Stopping just in front of the edge, Adrian turns his head to look at me. I can sense his excitement as Adrian says, “Tina, I want to eat your pussy until you surrender all of your juices into my mouth.”

My breath is caught in my chest as I listen to Adrian’s deep sexy voice. Each word Adrian speaks reemphasizes Jay’s words of just a moment ago. I can feel Adrian’s eyes penetrate my soul as he pulls me closer to him. Adrian’s deep brown eyes are wide with excitement and reveal the lust that is deep within his spirit. Kissing me deeply, Adrian presses his masculine body against mine. Our nakedness ignites an even deeper wanting between the two of us. Adrian whispers as our lips part, “I want you.”

In one smooth motion, Adrian gently guides me to a sitting position on the side of the tub and parts my legs with ease as Jay steps behind him to watch. Jay’s cock is hard and erect as he positions himself just off to the left of Adrian. I can see Jay stroking his fine specimen of manhood as he watches the preparations of my pussy being eaten by Adrian. Jay slides his tongue over his generous lips and states, “Tina, you make me so hard. I love to watch you.”

My eyes leave Jay for a moment and shift to Adrian who is standing before me. My sitting position permits me to have a full view of the massive tool that Adrian adorns. Adrian’s erection matches the full length and thickness of Jay’s! Seeing two displays of manhood of equal quality, only heightens my arousal.

Adrian descends to his knees in front of me and places his hands on the tops of my thighs. The heat from his hands is soothing as he gently rubs my thighs. Adrian’s powerful hands open my legs into submission. “Adrian,” Jay utters from his vantage point, “I want you to take your time my friend. Do not rush this moment. I want you to eat Tina’s pussy slow. I want you to taste each drop that she leaks out into your mouth.” Jay’s hand is still on his cock as he talks to Adrian. Jay continues, “I want her to cum in your mouth. I want to hear her beg you to stop. ”

The excitement grows within me as Jay gives further instructions to Adrian. The rush I feel as Jay speaks to Adrian sends new shockwaves through my already pulsating pussy. My clit is throbbing with anticipation. Adrian begins to place warm kisses on the insides of my thighs. His hands maintain their diligent parting of my thighs as his lips travel over my soft skin. The fullness of Adrian’s lips and the wetness of his tongue sears my fate with each kiss. My head falls to the side as Adrian makes his way closer to my private flower.

Jay steps to the side to improve his view as Adrian moves forward towards my swollen clit. Jay’s cock is erect as he grips his member and gently slides his hand up and down his shaft. Adrian’s fingers waist no time in locating the lips of my plump pussy. Adrian’s fingers move to tenderly open my pussy lips. Adrian’s touch is electrifying. Adrian inhales deeply my feminine scent as he says, “Jay, she smells wonderful. Her scent is intoxicating.”

Jay replies, “I know. Tina smells sweet enough to eat!” A broad smile encompasses Jay’s full lips as he looks at me and continues to watch Adrian on his knees in-between my legs. Jay’s eyes are full of lust as he watches Adrian lower his head to devour the center of my passion.

My clit is hard and my pussy is wet as the ‘extra attention’ persists. Adrian is eager to oblige Jay as I feel his warm full lips surround my clit. The sensation of feeling Adrian’s lips on my hard clit takes my breath away and my back arches as my head goes back and I open my legs wider. My hips slide forward just enough for Adrian to take in the fullness of my blossom.

“Oh, Adrian!” I exclaim. “Your lips feel so good on my clit.” Adrian’s lips are soft and full as he wraps them around the heart of my womanhood. My breath is coming in quick short gasps as Adrian suckles my hard clit in his mouth. Adrian’s tongue flicks over my hard clit with precision. Each stroke of his capable tongue releases a trickle of juice from deep within my pussy walls. The sensation permeating through my pussy is unbelievable. Beads of sweat form on my upper lip as Adrian lazily licks my pussy. Each stroke of his tongue is deliberate and exact. My pussy bastes in Adrian’s wet tongue and my own juice. My breath is short as Adrian opens my pussy lips even further to plunge his tongue into my whole. “Ah, that’s it Adrian,” breathlessly the words escape my lips as Adrian thrusts his tongue back and forth into the center of my pussy. “Eat my pussy.”

My eyes open slightly to the sound of Adrian licking my pussy. My mind is whirling from the pleasure of Adrian’s tongue and the fact that Jay is standing in the same room watching us. Adrian plunges his tongue in and out of my female core. Adrian laps up any juice that escapes. Adrian’s skillful tongue relentlessly pursues my treasure chest as it darts in and out of my whole. Our moans of pleasure mix well within the confines of this elegant bathroom.

“Adrian, do not allow Tina to hold back.” Jay says. “She has a tendency to not give her all at times. You may have to persuade her with your fingers in order for her to reach her full potential.”

Jay’s strong hand plays with his own tool as he adds this piece of advise. His swollen cock is leaking pre-cum from the tip as he speaks to Adrian. A sound of understanding emits from between my legs as Adrian acknowledges this new set of instructions. Releasing his hold on my whole for just a moment, Adrian replies, “You maybe right, Jay. I can feel a bit of tension right about here.”

Unbeknownst to me, Adrian points to the center of my womanhood. Without any warning, Adrian impales my hot juicy pussy with two of his agile fingers. I bolt upright with my eyes wide open as Adrian’s fingers delve deeper in and out of my pussy – twisting and turning as he fills my whole with his digits. My breath is taken away and my legs rise up involuntarily…opening wider, allowing Adrian to have a clear path to my feminine cavern. I can not contain my sounds of pleasure. “Oh please, fuck me with your fingers Adrian,” I beg.

Adrian’s fingers slide in and out of my wetness as he places his full lips back on my clit. Adrian’s lips envelop the fullness of my throbbing clit. My hips begin to move in rhythm with each insertion of Adrian’s fingers. The liquid lava that is flowing from my pussy surrounds Adrian’s fingers. The nectar of my flower drenches Adrian’s fingers as he drives his fingers deeper and deeper inside of me.

Stepping all the way to the left side of Adrian, Jay has a better view of the erotic assault that Adrian is delivering to my quivering clit. Jay says, “That’s it, Adrian. Plunge your fingers deep within her sweet pussy. I told you she would be juicy.”

My cries of pleasure are reverberating throughout the bathroom as Adrian plows my pussy with his strong fingers. My clit is rock hard within Adrian’s lips as for the first time I feel the contact of Adrian’s teeth dragging every so carefully across my clit. The end result of Adrian using this technique on my clit sends the first wave of a long awaited spasm coursing through my body. Adrian’s method of seducing me into submission reeks havoc within my inner soul.

Jay moves around Adrian and walks towards me. Walking up the first step next to me, Jay holds his cock in his hand – stroking it – kneading it into obedience. Sliding his hand up and down the enormous shaft of his cock, Jay is ready for me to wrap my hot mouth around his member. “Take it, Tina,” Jay urges. “Take my cock in your mouth. I want you to suck me off, baby.”

My mouth opens wide from a scream of passion, as Adrian flicks his tongue over my very sensitive clit. Jay ceases that moment to slide his erect cock deep within my hot mouth. Instantly I can taste the pre-cum at the tip of Jay’s dick. The salty taste energizes me. I slide my full lips up and down his shaft. Jay moans with delight and says, “Damn Tina, you suck my cock good. Um, take it all.”

Jay slides his cock deeper into the recesses of my mouth. Touching the back of my throat with his member. My attention is divided between the pleasure of having Adrian between my legs and giving pleasure to Jay by sucking his cock.

I reach up with my right hand from my sitting position to fondle Jay’s balls. I can feel the tightness of Jay’s sack as I rub and ease away the building tension. Soon I will feel the release of Jay’s cum on my body and in my mouth. Jay is almost ready to explode as he watches me suck his cock and Adrian eat my pussy. The fact that I know I am exciting him affords me the luxury of enticing Jay even more.

I remove my mouth from his hard strong cock. Licking my full lips with my tongue I tease Jay a little. Slowly I slip and slide my tongue downward along the side of Jay’s hard cock. My tongue sends lightening bolts of pleasure as I make my way to Jay’s nuts. I take Jay’s balls fully into my mouth as he says, “ Um, that’s my girl. You know what I like. Lick and suck my balls Tina.” Jay’s words are no longer eloquent, but simply straight forward and to the point. His heart is racing as I stimulate his seed sack. Stroking and sucking his balls with all of the tenderness I can muster.

Adrian continues to cause chaos within my pussy walls. Adrian can feel the walls of my pussy quiver with each piercing push of his fingers. Sensing my climax is close, Adrian fiercely ravages my clit with his tongue. The spasms ripping through my midsection are more frequent and powerful. My juice is over flowing from my pussy as Adrian licks my pussy and his fingers push deeper and deeper inside of me. Out of my sight, Adrian’s other hand is messaging his own stiff hard-on as he concentrates on tasting every drop that escapes my sensual cavern.

The sweet scent of pussy juice, roses and vanilla mixes in the air as the three of us pleasure each other. The sounds of pleasure that emit from our lips can be heard by all, taking our pleasure to a higher level. We can all feel the pleasure, desire and rapture that is circulating through our bodies as our sensual threesome reaches the brink of no return. Our breathing is erratic, our voices are as one as the ecstasy courses through our souls. Each of us feeding off of the arousal of the other person.

Adrian’s fingers pummel my pussy over and over again. My juice saturates Adrian’s fingers as I scream from the sheer pleasure of cumming for him and Jay. As the spasms shake my very essence, I relinquish my hold on Jay’s cock and balls as cum spews wildly from Jay’s manhood and lands on my face and neck. My mouth is open to catch the few streams of cum that land within it’s confines.

Adrian raises up from his kneeling position and forces his engorged cock into my dripping pussy. Thrusting deeper inside of me, Adrian places his hands on my waist in order to delve relentlessly into the interior of my core. I can feel every inch of Adrian as his manhood plows the depth of my soul. My breath is short as Adrian grinds his hips against my open legs.

Jay’s voice is full of excitement as he says, “Adrian, fuck her. Fuck her hard! Go deep inside of her until she screams for you to stop.” Jay’s words are dangerously evil, but they excite all of us even further. Jay reaches out and strokes my forehead as the perspiration trickles down my cheek. The physical exertion of having Adrian inside of me and sucking Jay off begins to take it’s toll on my body as the spasms of climax are coming one right after another. The walls of my womanhood shutter with desire. No longer am I able to control the quivering inside.

One final thrust of Adrian’s cock deeply inside of me, made him yell out, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Pulling out his erect cock, Adrian steps to the other side of me and allows his first load of cum to launch all over my stomach. “Ahhh,” Adrian drones, as the second wave of cum leaves his cock and lands on my breasts. Adrian’s head snaps back and his eyes close as he shakes the last drop of cum from his cock on my bottom lip.

Reaching down, Jay rubs the mixture of his semen and Adrian’s into my skin. Jay says, “Lick your bottom lip Tina. Show Adrian how much you appreciate his ‘extra attention’.”

Without hesitation, I slip my tongue over my bottom lip saying, “Ummm, you both taste so good.” The masculine blind of Jay and Adrian as my ‘extra attention’ comes to and end is divine. Now on to my bath…

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