tagBDSMExtreme Creme for Men

Extreme Creme for Men


My doctor described several aspects of sexual ecstasy with the two major pleasure points being what most people refer to the "orgasm", the blissful feeling of intense pleasure and the second being "ejaculation", which seemingly must occur for the body to relax. There is a point where one triggers the other, but most men can agree that the "orgasm", in itself takes priority over most other natural bodily functions!

You may be wondering why a healthy guy in his early 40's would be asking a doctor about these things. It's a long and frightful story, but one that I believe I must share with the masses. For there is a new product on the market called "Extreme Crème" that is more powerful than any drug ever invented. Believe me when I beg of you to approach your congressman to have this product banned for eternity, or at least stop the sale of the product during ladies home demonstrations.

It was a Thursday evening and I was planning to do nothing but sit on the couch and watch my local hockey team come one game closer to elimination from playoff contention. Then I remembered that my wife Donna was having a gaggle of women over for some product demonstration. That quickly ruled out the HD set in the living room, so I was to be banished up to my office where I could be alone with my old 19" set. I never made it to my office and to this day, I don't know if the hockey team won that game, or the six others that have been played in the ensuing two weeks. You see, I've had nothing on my mind since that last Thursday evening than applying Extreme Crème to my cock and masturbating for hours!

When I got home that Thursday, Donna had arrived earlier and was setting the room up for gathering. I noticed that there was a long black curtain, a sheet actually, hanging from the stair banister. I didn't think twice about it, though, because I thought it was supposed to be some type of backdrop for the presenter. This was supposed to be one of those buying parties, where female creams, lotions and potions would be displayed, discussed, and sampled.

I took a shower and prepared to set-up the office for the game, when Donna came in and asked me if I would help her with something in the living room. We walked downstairs and she instructed me to lift the curtain to a higher banister rail. While my right arm was stretched to it's limit (waiting for her to secure the curtain), I suddenly felt one of our padded handcuffs being applied to my wrist. By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late, I was attached to the banister rail! I began to protest, but Donna came down to me and started her sweet-talk routine.

"Come on honey, I need you to be behind this curtain for the demonstration. Believe me, you will like it. All of the girls from work will be here and you are going to be my bracelet holder."

"Your bracelet holder?" It was all I could think of asking. "Yes", she replied. The presenter will hang bracelets on your hard on and all my friends are going to walk by and inspect them." By the way, I'm glad you shaved your cock and balls, tonight. The girls are going to love you!"

By now, she had secured my other arm to another rail and my feet were tied to the legs of a coffee table that had been placed in front of me (the display table, I guess).

"What if I can't get hard in front of everyone?"

"Don't worry about that. Remember the iced tea you drank when you came home? I laced it with our favorite herbal supplement. Once you get stimulated, you're going to be hard for hours! Remember last Friday?"

I did remember the previous Friday. I took a supplement designed to put a large smile on my face and I was hard for the entire evening. We fucked and I came three times! And I never lost my hard on…it never even became soft once! What a night it was, but I didn't think I could ever live through that again. Boy was I wrong.

Then Donna did two things that I still can't believe. First, she placed a hood over my head so I couldn't see any of the people in attendance and then she got behind me under the stairs, lubed my ass, and shoved a small egg shaped vibrator inside. I had purchased the vibrator as a gag. It had a remote on-off switch, and I wanted to have her wear it in public while I rocked her world with the variable speed settings.

"I hope the batteries still work on this", she said. "It will guarantee that you rise to the occasion right on cue."

I heard the doorbell. Donna quickly dropped the curtain in front of me and began to welcome her guests.

It happened so quickly! As soon as the group gathered in the living room, my ass came to life under the power of the small lithium battery powered egg. I couldn't help it as my cock began to rise, pushing the sheet out in front of it. I can only guess how obscene this looked to the prim and proper ladies on the other side. Within minutes, my cock was at full mast, standing proud as it assumed a 60 degree angle toward the ceiling.

"Ladies," I heard the voice shout. We are here for one reason, tonight. I have a new product that will help you cure your men of their bad habits. This product will keep them away from the television, away from you when desired, and most importantly, away from their secretaries at work. We all know what little tramps and sluts they are and they want nothing more than to take your man's cock!"

"This is a cock", she continued by patting my pecker through the blanket. There were a smattering of cheers and giggles from around the room. "And this cock is going to demonstrate a product that will help you take control of your life, your marriage, and most importantly, your man."

As she finished, the blanket was lowered and I stood, bound, gagged, and blindfolded in front of a group of about 20 women. Now the cheers and jeers really started. My ass, pits, cock, balls, stomach and chest were completely shaved and I stood like a pussy slave in front of the crowd. My biggest fear; that my cock would soften from the embarrassment, did not materialize as the herbal remedy kept me hard as stone, despite the conditions.

"This is Extreme Crème ladies, now watch this demonstration." With this, I could feel her hand as it clinically rubbed a very cool substance all over my cock, taking care to coat the entire surface, including my balls.

She stepped away and I began to feel an outstanding sensation in my groin. I could feel the veins in my cock begin to bulge the way that they do when I wear a cock ring. Something else was also happening. I immediately began to sense that I was close to an orgasm, but that it was still a few strokes away (you guys know what I mean). My hips began to pump back and forth as I attempted in vain to fuck the air or to hit something that might help me go over the edge.

At the peak of my frustration, I suddenly felt my right hand being freed from the banister, but it was held firmly in place.

"Ladies," the voice repeated. "The demonstration will now begin. This animal is ready to take his medicine." My hand was freed and without thinking, I immediately reached for my cock and I began stroking myself frantically, trying to achieve the orgasm that was poised over the next horizon. The women in the room were roaring, now, not having suspected to catch this good of a show. They were also gathered close to me and the temperature of the room began to increase rapidly.

Almost as soon as I started stroking, I achieved the orgasm of a lifetime! I expected it to stop and for my cum to fly into the crowd, but neither happened. My cock achieved the peak of pleasure and stayed there. I continued stroking, hoping that the feeling would begin to subside, but it didn't. I stroked for five minutes, straining and barely standing, while the pleasure peak remained. This was better than any drug ever invented! My body was now dripping with sweat and every muscle was becoming rigid. My legs were getting cramps, but I didn't care.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled it away from my cock.

"NO!" I shouted and fought valiantly to resume the pleasurable stroking.

"Watch this", the voice said. "If you stop for less than 30 seconds, you can resume without interruption of the pleasure cycle. If you wait longer, ejaculation will occur and the process will need to be restarted."

God, she sounded clinical, but I just wanted to grab my cock again. She let go of my arm and I re-grabbed my throbbing cock. As soon as I began stroking, the orgasm returned and I nearly passed out from the pleasure. It was getting hard to stand, and as I felt myself hanging from the stairs by my left arm, my hand was once again removed. Then, after a short delay, I felt myself ejaculate. Then it was over. I was still hard, but I didn't have the strength to touch myself again.

The women gathered close to me as I was laid on the black sheet covering the floor. I could feel the pool of cum against my back as I was laid to rest in it. But, it didn't seem to matter to me, I was still trying to recover from the pleasure. Oh, that was great.

"Now ladies," the voice said again, "You can see how wiped out he is. Watch what happens when I apply more cream. Several women around me grabbed my arms and legs to hold them in place while the woman applied more cream to my still rigid cock.

It took about 30 seconds, but then I sensed the orgasm approaching again, right over the horizon, if I could just touch it.

"OK, let go of his hands." They did and both my hands shot directly toward my cock. As soon as I began rubbing, the pleasure returned. My orgasm was back!

She let me rub myself like an animal for another ten minutes while she explained product pricing, ordering instructions and the like. Then she said something that rang in my ears for a second (until I became all consumed in the rubbing). "This lotion does nothing for a woman. In fact, it is a perfect sexual lubricant. In this state, he could fuck all of the women in this room, repeatedly, without ejaculating and ending the cycle. That is, as long as the next woman jumps on within 20 seconds of so after the last woman jumps off. And just imagine, while he's in this extreme pleasure state, his cock is as hard as it will ever get. It will provide you with great pleasure. Donna, please come here, lift your skirt, and climb aboard."

My hands were pulled away and I began fucking the air, again. Then, I felt a familiar pussy push down over my cock. The pleasure picked up again and was incredible, although it was decidedly not as good as the pleasure that my own hands could provide. She rocked, rode, and fucked me until I heard and felt her cum hard on me. Then she jumped off and my hands were set free to play.

I knew that I was about to die from the pleasure, my entire body was rigid, it was hard to breathe, and I was hotter than I had ever been, but it wasn't enough to make myself stop stroking. I felt that I was going to pass out when my hands were grabbed and pulled away. Shortly, cum shot all over my stomach, chest, neck and face. I could taste it as my mouth was open, gasping for air when the shooting started. The ladies gasped and applauded. I'm sure many were rubbing their clits wishing that they could benefit from Extreme Crème.

Later that night, after a shower and a hearty meal, I found the hiding place for the lotion. I took it and hid it in my secret place. That was two weeks ago. I've not been back to work since. I spend my days laid out on the bed stroking my Extreme Crème covered cock.

If this product makes the mass market, and I think it will, our economy is going to crash! Stop this before it runes the world.

Where did she hide the other tube?

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