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Extreme Investigation


The air was becoming extremely stale and the heat nearly unbearable in the back of the Ford Expedition. The only saving grace was that the van was in a parking garage and out of the direct July sun.

Jake sat in front of an array of sophisticated surveillance and computer equipment built into neat folding desks in the back of the expensive SUV. Despite the heat, his attention never wavered from the video monitors and the headset providing constant audio from his target.

The target, a tall, beautiful and voluptuous brunette in her mid forties had entered the apartment building a little more than two hours ago. So far, even though Jake could tell that the woman was having sex with the man in the apartment from the sounds he was hearing, he had yet to have an opportunity to capture the crucial video or photographic evidence he needed to make the case for his client.

Jake's client, a high powered attorney to key political figures in Washington D.C. had sought out Jake's services as one of the most effective private investigators in the country. The attorney had deep pockets and was more than willing to part with several thousands of dollars for Jake's fees than he was willing to share his financial assets with his cheating wife.

The target had been to this apartment on several other occasions, so Jake knew where she went, who the paramour was and what he needed to do to catch them. Jake also understood that in this particular case, it was more important to get "the goods" on the paramour (in layman terms, the other man) than it was to get court approved evidence on the attorney's wife. That is because the other man involved in the adulterous relationship was none other than Senator Rubin Scott.

Once Jake had learned the identity of the other man, he had sat down with his client and discussed a strategy. The client had originally planned on obtaining substantial "legal" evidence to prove adultery in court and to give the client a distinct advantage in keeping his assets intact, including the three million dollar home overlooking the Potomac River.

However, once the other man was identified, it offered a windfall of potential. Senator Scott not only had his political career to consider, but was also married. His wife, the lovely Jessica Scott was a high profile figure in her own right and was as much at home in the power circles as her elected husband. It was apparent that if Jake was able to get video and photographic evidence on the good Senator, then enough pressure could be applied to make the client's problems go away.

The Senator, they figured, would be more than willing to reach deep into his own pockets and payoff the client's wife to go away and leave both the Senator and the client alone forever. So, the plan was born.

For this assignment, Jake left all the legal and yes ethical rules of investigation behind and pulled out the stops on his talent and resources. After substantially raising the fees he was charging his client, Jake had enlisted the assistance of his old partner TC Jackson. Jake and TC had for several years handled sophisticated covert operations for Fortune 100 corporations. Together they had a wealth of surveillance, counter surveillance, personal protection and defensive tactics experience.

Twenty six days after first receiving the assignment, TC and Jake had disabled the Senators alarm system and breached the apartment. While inside, they had installed numerous hidden microphones and three well placed high resolution cameras. The problem was that the Senator always managed to screw the target in a position that was just out of sight of the cameras. It was as if he knew the exact camera angles.

The frustration was building for Jake and the client was beginning to get agitated at the time and expense of the investigation.

The next day, Jake was Small mouth Bass fishing in the Rappahannock River down near Fredericksburg, when an idea struck him. The idea would be off the charts for most people, but for Jake... well it was exciting and it would solve the client's problems.

Jake called TC, explained to him the idea and after a prolonged silence, TC said, "Yeah, it'll probably work. I mean, sure the Senator would bite, who wouldn't, but it's dangerous man." After agreeing to go forward with the plan if possible, Jake went to work putting the plan in action.

The plan, was that Jake would enlist the assistance of another woman to work her way into the Senator's bed. With the assistance of the woman on the inside, Jake and TC could gain additional access to the apartment and have absolute knowledge of rendezvous times and dates.

After another three weeks of inserting this new woman into the right social gatherings, they began to realize the plan coming together. The Senator invited the new woman, Celeste to his apartment.

Jake and TC had coached Celeste to not allow the Senator to re-arm the alarm system once she entered. Breaching the alarm system while the Senator was away and having a lot of time to do so was one thing. But on this night, time would be of the essence and the Senator might possibly hear the chirps as the alarm system shut down. Celeste was given free reign to decide on the fly how to prevent the alarm system from being armed.

Friday night came and Celeste met the Senator at his apartment. As soon as Celeste entered the apartment, she pushed the Senator back against the wall, dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out of his pants. She smiled a sultry smile at him and lowered her lips to the head of his cock.

The Senator mistakenly assumed that Celeste simply couldn't wait to give herself to him. After all, most women were wooed by his money and more importantly his power. He failed to think about re-arming the alarm as soon as Celeste took his cock into her mouth.

Celeste knew that there were few men who could resist a shockingly swift oral attack and she was better than most at sucking cock.

Shortly after Celeste began sucking his cock, the Senator groaned and came. Celeste stood and pulled off her shirt, exposing her beautiful, large tits and huge areolas. She then took the Senator by the hand and led him to the large master bedroom.

Upon entering, she turned and slowly lowered her skirt, then panties and stood before him completely naked. She took the Senator's hand and placed it between her legs and into her moist pussy. She would later share that she had become very excited knowing she had complete control of this powerful man. She knew he wanted to fuck her very badly and she liked it and wanted him to.

She laid back on the bed and pulled the Senator's face to her wet pussy and told him to eat her. As his tongue touched her, she began to grind against his face and became very loud with her groaning and gasping.

Part of this was Celeste's nature, she was always loud during sex, but part of it was to mask the sounds of Jake and TC entering the apartment.

Jake and TC silently entered the door, closed and locked it. Then they worked their way into the guest suite of the apartment and each of them tucked themselves away into the two closets and began setting up their recording and video equipment.

Celeste was meanwhile building to a climax and knew she had to stop before she came and maybe regained some of her inhibitions. So, she spun around and again took the Senator's semi-rigid cock into her mouth. He groaned loudly as she again began expertly sucking his cock and squeezing his balls.

Celeste then stood and said, "If you want some of this pussy, you have to catch me." She then pranced through the apartment and into the guest suite. The Senator caught her right as she reached the bed in the guest suite and he reached around and grasped her tits and lightly pinched her nipples.

Jake, watched with fascination as this happened. He noticed the Senator was now rock hard and he began to rub his cock against Celeste's ass as he ground into her. Just as the tip slid down toward Celeste's dripping pussy, she turned around and pushed the Senator toward the bed.

Celeste did a slow spin as if performing a dance move, but her purpose was to make eye contact with the narrow gaps in the closet doors where she knew Jake and TC were watching and recording her every move. She knew that TC had for years longed to have a look at her tits and now he was seeing all of her. Jake... well that was a story all it's own, by she wanted to make eye contact with him as well.

Then slowly she completed her turn and again lowered her mouth to the Senator's waiting cock. As she did, Jake realized that his own cock was bulging. He was immensely enjoying watching this action between Celeste and the Senator.

After a few excruciating minutes, Celeste stood and bent over the bed. The Senator again came up behind her and because of her wetness, easily slipped the head of his cock into Celeste. Jake almost groaned out loud as he watched.

Then the Senator sank all the way into Celeste's delightfully tight pussy. Celeste squealed and the Senator grinned in triumph as he felt her pussy muscles tighten around his cock. TC, breaking with all surveillance protocol, whispered to Jake in his lip mike, when he said, "Man, Jake, your wife is hot!"

Jake, smiled and whispered, "Yes, she is." Jake continued to watch as the Senator bore into his wife, Celeste's tight cunt. Jake and Celeste had explored sharing her in their bedroom fantasies and now Jake was watching it happen right before his eyes. He also knew from the groaning and squealing and that far away look in her eyes with her head pitched upward that she was immensely enjoying be fucked by the Senator.

Twice, they switched positions, and finally ended up with the Senator holding Celeste's left leg above his head with her on her side while he blasted away into her pussy. Finally he groaned as he came again and Celeste screamed with orgasm just like she had done with Jake hundreds of times.

Jake couldn't believe how incredibly exciting it was watching someone else fuck his wife. It couldn't have been much more incredible and his friend TC had enjoyed the show the entire time as well.

As TC and Jake parted ways in the parking lot, TC, said, "Man, let me know I you ever want to share some of that with me." Jake smiled and said, "You never know."

Several days later, Jake at across from the Senator in a swanky Georgetown coffee shop. The Senator was confident and cocky as Jake began laying out his case. But the confidence and cockiness quickly went away as Jake slid a glossy 8x10 photo of his wife sucking the Senator's cock and the Senator fucking her from behind across the table.

Jake said, Senator last night you fucked my wife and I have a substantial amount of evidence showing all of it. You, Senator are going to pay off my client's wife in the sum of three million dollars, advise her to cooperate with an uncontested divorce and go away. If you don't, these photos will be in the public's eye before the sun comes up tomorrow.

The heat of the argument was gone. The Senator agreed to keep his sexual romps from his wife and to continue his political career. As Jake walked away, the Senator in an effort at malice and reclaiming his dignity, said, "Your wife was a good fuck." Jake slowly turned, considered the man and said, "It was intended to be that way Senator and it was the best you will ever have." Jake walked toward Celeste as she waited in the parking lot in her new Thunderbird convertible, in her little sundress and a big smile.

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