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Extreme Pleasure


The night is dark and stormy the wind howling outside, while inside the fire is burning, perfumed candles lit around the room giving of a heady scent of lavender. Before the fire is set a large white sheepskin rug a bottle of wine two glasses, strawberries and whipped cream, and my toy box.

You come home a long day at work, the roads dangerous and hectic due to the storm. As you enter the house you feel instantly warm, it is dark and you’re puzzled as to where I am. You smell the fragrance in the air and you smile, then on the door in front of you, you see a note, it reads: Follow the rose petals to find me, don’t turn on lights use your senses. You barely see the ground and take off your shoes feeling around with your toes the rose petals leaving a track down the hall. I hear you coming and lay prepared, waiting for the trail to lead you to me. The rose petals stop at the door to my bedroom, you open the door, no light the thick curtains blocking out all light, and you hear me giggle as I feel you approach. You walk to the bed, and feel around, I am not on it, and you call out

“Hey where the hell are you”

I don’t reply; however my breathing is getting faster. You begin to feel around the room, finally you reach the curtains and feel you touch my arm and I hear you say

“God for a min I did not think you were even here” I giggle and you ask “what is this all about”

I don’t reply you feel up my arm it seems I am naked but then you feel leather, a strap, you move your hands over my body bits of it covered in leather other bits bare. My arms are in the air and you feel along them to my wrists and realise I am manacled to the curtain bar you moan as your hands feel along my body your fingers touch lightly over my breasts, they stop, my nipples are exposed and you feel them encased in nipple rings the tip of the nipple hanging out of the enclosure of hard steel, you can feel the nipple ring hanging off the end of each nipple the nipples them selves long and hard. You pull on the rings then continue feeling down my naked belly tugging on my navel ring and moving lower, I then feel your lips on my belly and your arms go around my waist pulling me toward you, you lick my belly rolling your tongue inside my navel pulling the ring with your teeth. You hear me moan but it is stifled, you stand up and feel my face you note I am blind folded and gagged you laugh a soft sexy laugh and say

“pet you know how to arouse me”

Again you drop to your knees in front of me your hands move to my legs they are spread apart and manacled at the ankle. You hand runs up my inner thighs feeling the soft silkiness of my skin I twitch and moan behind the gag. You run your hand across my mound your finger dips in between my cunt lips and push inside you feel the wetness, and you pull out a finger and lick it I hear you slurp and you moan as you taste my sweet nectar. Then I feel your hands back on my cunt opening me wide your mouth then fixes over my it and I feel you sucking and licking it I feel my body responding to your mouth, your hand reaches behind me and a finger in pushed into my ass I jump and struggle a little against the cuffs that bind me.

I am moaning my head moving from side to side. I feel your tongue enter my hole flicking inside rolling around my walls begin to suck your tongue as they contract. My body arches I hear the sound of the candles hiss as they flicker and burn I smell the sweet combined scent of my juices and the scent of the candle, my skin on fire the burning of my inner body as I feel the orgasm grow. You hear me moaning beneath the gag and know I am about to cum you stand and remove the gag as you love to hear me call and cry out then quickly you kneel again and place your mouth over my pussy ready to drink my juices as they squirt free from my erupting body. I hear you slurp on my juices my cunt muscles contracting pushing them out and I scream,

yessssssssss baby omg yessssssssssssssss oghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

You stay eating me until my body calms back to normal, my breathing heavy my heart beating, your kiss and lick up my body until you reach my lips and hungrily kiss them, I can feel your cock hard and strong against my belly. I tell you to wait and release me I have further surprises for you. You do what I ask and uncuff me, I reach out and take your cock in my hand and feel it through your cloths as I kiss you..

“Sweet baby its your turn now”

Taking you by the hand I lead you to the fire and things I have prepared. I turn on some soft music and begin to strip you down, you can now see me dressed in a nipple less bra and crutch less panties all leather around my nipples are steel shields with the tip of each nipple exposed and pierced with rings. My cunt and clit rings shining with my juices sparkle in the firelight. I stand before you, you lick your lips and reach out for me, but I don’t come to you yet. I ask you to strip for me, your body impatient you tear off your clothes then lung at me, I back off and ask you to lay down on the rug on your back..

You do so your cock now standing tall and proud and throbbing. I reach out and take the can of whipped cream and squirt a trail down your torso around the base of your cock and down each leg, I then arrange the strawberries now dipped in wine along the cream. I begin at your feet licking, sucking eating my way up each leg one at a time, I then move to your torso again licking, sucking eating paying special attention to each nipple circling them sucking them hard into my mouth feeling the tiny hard nubs against my teeth and tongue. Moving my mouth down your torso eating all the cream and strawberries as I go, I circle the base of your cock with my tongue licking slurping, then all of sudden I move my mouth to the tip of your cock engulfing it entirely in my mouth, my throat relaxed as it pushes against it. I close my lips and suck in my cheeks and begin to suck you my mouth moving up and down your shaft my tongue rolling around it as I suck harder tighter, my hand slips to your balls and I roll them in my palm as I suck hard, I hear you moaning your hand moves down and grabs my hair and as your about to cum you pull my head away just far enough for you to cum all over my face spurt after spurt hits my face trickles down and lands on your thighs. I reach over licking it all up as I had the cream licking my smiling lips I lay on top of your body and kiss you. You taste your cum on my lips and tongue and you moan. You pull my body and hold me close telling me you love me, our sweaty bodies against each other, kissing tasting moaning.

We lay like that for several minutes then I fill our glasses with wine and we don’t talk we sip our wine as we look at each other in the firelight. We both reach out for each other at the same time your hands running over my body mine over yours, our eyes closed as we touch each other. You reach out and pull me down rolling me beneath you, you lift my legs up over my head and push your body against mine, you fumble in the toy box and grab a small vibrator wetting it against my pussy you take it to my ass hole and slide it in then guide your cock to my cunt opening, wet and waiting for you I moan as I feel you push against it, and then feel as your cock slides into my body you reach down and turn the vibrator on that is in my ass and as I am double penetrated you fuck me hard. Your cock ramming in and out of my cunt, my muscles sucking your cock in as far as it can go, our bodies move as one my meeting each thrust my body rocking on my back as you have me doubles back my legs held over my head. Your cock thrusting fucking stretching me as you push harder and harder feeling the vibrator vibrate against your cock making you so horny’

Your hands grab my tits and you arch back and scream out my name as you fuck so hard we both climax together our bodies stiffen our cum joins as reach orgasm together. You collapse on me your breathing fast as is mine our hearts racing we kiss and I tell you you’re the best and I love you, you reach down and remove the vib and we fall asleep wrapped in each others arms.

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