Part I

"I totally crushed my glasses, can I get a new pair?" he asked the receptionist.

"I'm sure we can help you get your vision back, "she smiled. "I know you've been here before, we have your prescription on file, don't we?"


"Then the men's glasses are on the mirrored wall on the right, at the back of the shop next to the optometrist's office. Take your time finding a frame you like, and I'll bring your information back to Alice, who will help fit you."

He wandered towards the back of the shop to look at the glasses. No one else seemed to be back there right now, so he began browsing through the various frames, trying them on, and looking in the mirrored wall to see how they looked on him.

A door from the backroom opened, and Alice came into his view in the mirror. She glanced at him, but seeing he was busy with his browsing, she busied herself putting away lenses and paperwork.

He glanced at her, then glanced again. "She's new here," he thought. "And nice." She had a soft allure to her. Nice curves under a simple black wrap around dress. Pretty, fine boned face and light brown hair.

As she moved around in the office area behind the customer desk, he continued trying on glasses. But now he couldn't help but spend as much time looking in the mirror and watching her. A bad habit of his, always being distracted from the business at hand by pretty girls.

As she came out of the back office, she noticed him looking at the glasses. She saw he was her next customer, and got his file out. Once she glanced up at him, and saw him looking at her in the mirror. Their eyes met briefly. She smiled, but looked away, as did he.

"That's sweet," she thought, "I think he was checking me out, and he is very cute." Watching him more carefully now as he sorted through the frames, she liked what she saw. He appeared to be a nice, well dressed, professional man. Although she could tell he was watching her, it wasn't in a leering or crude way. She watched him watching her. When their eyes caught each other, little smiles were exchanged.

Now she was beginning to enjoy this flirting game. She was used to guys noticing her, and enjoyed the attention as long as they didn't come on too strongly. But this guy was not really coming on at all, he was just enjoying the view. "He's probably off limits," she thought, "but no harm flirting with him a bit."

When she next caught his eye she held eye contact and smiled and said, "Maybe I can help you decide what you'd really like?"

"What I'd really like . .. ," he started but didn't finish the sentence. He brought the half dozen frames he was considering over to the narrow table. She smiled and they both sat down.

"Let me put this one on for you," she said as she lifted the frame to his head and leaned over the table to do so. "Look up," she said. "Now look down." As he looked down, the glasses stayed on his head but his eyes nearly fell out. He was looking down into a deep valley between her breasts, as the black wrap around dress was now slightly unwrapped. And a red bra was showing. Red bras always had a hardening effect on him.

"How do they fit?" she asked?

"They're really great," he said, "although the fit seems kind of tight, like they're really constricted in there." His eyes were clearly on her tits.

"Silly boy," she said, "I was asking about the glasses. But let me see if I can adjust them." She took the frames off his head, stood up and went into the backroom.

She reappeared a few moments later, and again sat down, leaned forward, and put the frames back on his head. "Can you see better with these adjustments?"

He looked down and she leaned in close to him. It was good that they were in the back of the shop, and that his back was toward the front, blocking the view of her from the front of the store. Because when she leaned forward now, she slipped the belt off and her dress unwrapped. His eyes traveled down in amazement. The red bra was gone. Her well formed breasts were free. Her long pink nipples were hard and just begging to be kissed.

He took a deep breath and leaned forward himself, now looking over the table between them and down. Down her smooth stomach to her legs. To the inverted Y at the top of her thighs. No panties. Light brown pubic hair. She leaned back and parted her legs slowly, until he could see her pink pussy lips.

"Can you see well now?" She asked. He was breathing deeply, breathing this incredibly sexy woman in. Their knees were touching under the table. He slid a hand down and found her knee. She could feel his fingers start to trace their way up her thigh, but he could only reach mid-thigh under the table. She looked at him and saw he was looking into her eyes, smiling, and could read his instructions.

She slid down in her chair and moved her legs more under the table, and spread them around one of his legs. His hand could now move higher up her thigh, and did. Soon one finger was gently sliding up and down her slit, teasing her pussy lips apart. Now she was breathing deeply as she felt the moisture in her pussy releasing. Her pussy lips were parted and the probing finger was just barely touching her clit.

She had never cum so quickly before. He was just barely able to touch her

clit, but she felt the wave of pleasure gush forward quickly. She put her hand over his, on her pussy, as she came. It was hard to stay composed, but she slowly pulled back. Their hands parted, and they both licked her pussy juices off their fingers, looking at each other.

She picked up one frame and put it on his head. "This one suits you best," she said. Looking at what must be a terribly painful hard on in his pants, she said, "Someone else looks very constricted and will need some attention." Then leaning in to him and said quietly, "Buy the glasses, then go into the alley behind the shop,

there's a back door. Meet me there in 20 minutes."

Smiling, and with some difficulty, he stood up and made his way back to the front of the shop to pay for the glasses.

"Was Alice able to help you find something you liked?" asked the receptionist.

"Very much.....

Part II

Twenty minutes later, he was in the back alley. No other cars were parked back there. There were a number of back doors to the shops in the shopping mall strip. This was a little weird. He was in fact, a married man, and the fact that he had just made a total stranger cum from a little touch of his finger was both exhilarating and scary. And now he's in the back alley, not even knowing what door to knock on. None of the doors were labeled.

He knocked on one door, waited, no answer. The second door, waiting, no answer. The third door. As soon as he knocked, the door opened. Alice had been waiting. She opened the door and smiled. He saw her smile, liked the twinkle in her eyes, but his attention stopped when he looked down; No black wrap-around dress, no red "tease me" bra. No subtle hints of light brown pussy hair between smooth thighs. This woman was totally naked and totally smiling.

"Like what you see?" she asked.

He was actually speechless. Not something that happens to him a lot. But hey, how often are you standing in a public doorway with a totally naked and totally hot woman? Life can be funny. "Go with it," he told himself.

But he didn't need to say anything. She reached her hand out to touch his bulging cock in his pants. She liked what she felt. "He may be off-limits, but his cock didn't get the memo," she thought. "This man is for real, and really wants me now."

Taking him by the belt, she drew him into the backroom of the store, and shut the door.

Now he was hers, and she took over. He had been nice enough to get her off in the shop with his little under the table play. Now it was her turn to have some fun with this hard cock. She led him to a work bench in the back room, and pushed him back so he was barely sitting on the edge. Usually, she used this bench to adjust the fit of eyeglasses. Now she used it to adjust the fit of his cock into her mouth. She pulled his pants down and in one quick move slid his cock deep into her throat He gasped, but at that point, all questions, all resistance was gone. He was gone, as she started slowly engulfing his cock, pulling him deep, then sliding out, licking the end, then swallowing deep again.

He could feel the pressure building, but he wanted more. "May I fuck you?" he asked.

She liked sucking his cock, it was fun but she seriously wanted his cock in her pussy. She didn't need to be asked twice. She pushed him back onto the table and climbed up. Straddling his legs, she reached down and guided his cockhead into her already wet pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock until there was some resistance in her pussy, then pulled back up. The second time she came down her cunt loosened, gushed, and took him all the way in. The third time she descended onto him she felt his cock all the way in, past her G spot, hitting her cervix. She signed, it felt wonderful. A hard cock in hot pussy is a good thing. "Give it to me, Now!" she demanded.

She was grinding her whole public area into him with each stroke, she got wetter and started having multiple orgasms. He wasn't far behind, and couldn't hold back much longer. When she felt him start to cum in her, she could feel the spasms of his cock as he emptied into her, she liked the feeling of his hot cum in her. He was a totally satisfied man.

They lay together in a wet sticky overly stimulated heap of flesh. The final pulses of her pussy coincided with little twitches of his cock. They lay together, their breathing finally slowing, feeling the warm of each other's bodies and the glow that comes from release.

Then they became aware that the door that led into the shop was open. Faint light silhouetted the receptionist standing in the door. How long had she been there? What had she seen? What she was seeing now was a spent naked woman lying on a spent semi-naked man on the exam table.

"So Alice was able to help you see again?" She inquired. "I'm glad she knows how to take care of our customers. Enjoy your new glasses."

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