tagBDSMEyes of Tessa Ch. 02

Eyes of Tessa Ch. 02


Mistress had me bent over the bed, my bottom bruised from the cruel beating she gave me a few days ago. I was still sore, even her gentle pats of reassurance hurt as she secured the front of the chastity belt on me. She put a lock on the front and wore the key on a necklace around her neck.

"You have been very good the last few days. Don't think I have not noticed you trying to be good, Tessa." She said to me softly as she was busy lubricating a plug with a tube of a clear gel. Mistress's smile as so blissful as she pressed it into my abused bottom. I twitched, letting out a gasp of displeasure as he spread her other virgin entrance open. After it was secured she gave my ass a soft pat and then brought up the straps, snapping them on so the front was secure but the back could be undone.

"I have to do this because of how you are acting, Tessa." She scolded. I grimaced, my eyes filling with tears as she reminded me I was a bad girl. Just a few days ago I bathed Mistress and she wanted to soak in the tub for a while. She told me to go change the sheets from her time with the Earl. I couldn't help myself seeing where she laid. I had to lay down a moment and smell her pillow, breathing in the fragrance of her hair and skin. Something warmed me inside so much I could not keep from dipping my fingers under my dress and playing with my clit.

I tried to be quiet. I did real good by biting down on a book beside the bed that my whimpers and moans were so dull. It was going so well and I was almost finished when Mistress yelled at me, coming to the bed and grabbing my hair and pulling my from the bed. She was so cruel, making me bend over and take a belt. Mistress hissed and threatened to have me whipped and broken. After a harsh beating she calmed down and left me hurt and crying.

"You brought this on yourself, Tessa." She sternly told me, fixing my dress so the device would not show. "What if my husband or one of the CatBoys came in and saw you? They would have raped you and made you worthless, Tessa. A mare is a fine obedient beast till she is bred. Their cocks would ruin you obedience. And you relieving yourself without my consent is just as awful. I was going to let you finger yourself tonight when I meet the Augustine twins. But after that display a few days ago you lost orgasm privileges for a long time."

My eyes were full of tears as I looked up, my lips quivering. Mistress looked at me with some sympathy and strokes my head. "Just be a good girl for me again and we can forget about this. Do you want to be a good girl, Tessa?" She asked me. I nodded frantically acknowledging I did. "Then do not be a filthy slut."

I nodded and nuzzled her hand affectionately.

"Take a nap, Tessa. You will be up late tonight. Those men are very young and I anticipate a very late evening." I laid down on my pillows, the uncomfortable plug making a nap difficult, but not impossible.

My eyes opened to Mistress putting on a delicate nightie and sitting down at her make up mirror. "Tessa, come here." She commanded me loud, thinking I was still asleep. I rose and pushed aside my grogginess, walking to the table and helping Mistress with her make up.

Bright red lips and delicate eyes I made helped her amplify her beauty. Proud of how she looked I smiled and went about straightening up the room. She went to the bed to relax and have some wine before they arrived.

Mistress finally called me over to her and had me kneel before her, my mouth watering in anticipation as she tugged my head down. But, suddenly, she stopped and held me there. "Just stare at it a moment." She instructed. I stared down wantonly, needing to lick her. I am an addict for her cunt.

"Tell me, Tessa. What are you looking at." She asked me, a question she had trained me to learn when I was young and learning to be her servant.

"My reason for being, Mistress." I replied softly, not struggling against her but just salivating helplessly. I continued, "I am useless without you to pleasure, Mistress. My being is to be your tool to preform things that you, a superior being, are too far above to do. I am looking at my keeper, Mistress." I told her.

"You are so talented to remember that, Tessa." She told me and then pressed me into her pussy. I started too rough, licking and sucking at her clit like a babe for its mother's milk. I would rather be pleasing Mistress orally then eat.

Mistress stroked my head and made me lick her to orgasm then made me lay on the floor awaiting her guests.

A knock on the door broke the silence of her reading her book, my teeth marks still on the cover as an impression. Putting her book in the bedside drawer I got up and went to the door, peering at the two teenagers outside of the door.

"Mistress Tremaine, I present Ander and Erin Augustine, Princes of Juno." I said eloquently before turning to fetch them goblets of wine.

Before I even had the glasses poured they were already undressing beside the bed, my Mistress watching them lustfully. "I miss you boys since last time my husband and I visited your Palace." She told them. I remembered how much they had filled her and how long she played with them. They never stopped, even after Mistress passed out from their use. She would either be a moaning, wanton receiver for their cocks or a dead weight.

I set the wine glasses on the bedside table and kneeled before their cocks that hung before me. Grasping one in my hand firmly I stroked as I took the other and mouthed it. They were large, but not like the Earl. I could fit each of them into my throat and bury my nose in their pubic head as I sucked at them, making them swollen and ready for my Mistress's pleasure. I finally pulled away from them, licking my lips enjoying the taste as they climbed on the bed.

Mistress climbed on one of the twins, grasping his cock and rubbing it back and forth against her hot cunt. He grunted as he touched her hot wetness, wanting to be inside of her. Pressing her hips down she impaled herself on his gifted cock, beginning to ride up and down slowly to adjust to him. She leaned forward and forced her chest to his face. He pulled down her straps to her nightie and sucked hungrily at her nipples as his brother stood there and looked me with with a grin.

I leaned over and pulled the tube of lubricant from the drawer and then leaned down and sucked at him some more, coating his cock with my saliva before then applying the warming gel lubricant to his cock. He quickly climbed onto the bed and mounted Mistress from behind who offered him her ass very willingly, wanting to be stuffed with their teenage cocks.

He groaned almost as loud as his brother as he pressed into her ass. Grasping her hips he began to take her, the brothers trying to get in rhythm with one another. As one pulled out the other would slam in.

Mistress was having the time of her life between them. She kept having orgasms, moaning loud and bucking wildly at their cocks. She became incoherent after a while, her mind racked with pleasure as they rolled over and tried the new position.

Both brothers were near orgasm, groaning hotly and whispering in each of her ears they wanted to be the one to marry her daughter. That they were the better love. I am not sure Mistress even understood as Erin pulled from her ass and forced into her cunt with Ander. Both of them came hard, tensing up and grasping her tightly as they pumped her womb full of both of their cum.

They rested for a few minutes, laying there sandwiching her between them. Soon they turned her weak body around and went again trading entrances. But each time them both spilled their seed inside of her pussy, believing the rumor in the court that she was trying to become pregnant by a Venusian to anger and displease her husband for not getting rid of Amber till after the child is born he put into her.

A smile crossed her lips as she breathed hard, now limp and accepting of their rough, thick cocks penetrating her. Both of them shared my beautiful Mistress well into the night. At the end she was kissing them and they played with her nipples before they were dismissed. She did not want Malus to find them there in the morning so she always had them gone in case he wanted to wish her a good morning.

As they left I climbed on the bed, my Mistress unconscious from what I thought. But as I kneeled she spread her legs, laying on her back with her eyes closed. Grabbing the back of my head she made me eat her out of all of that fertile seed.

"I love you, Mistress." I muffled against her cunt as I feasted.

It was quiet, but Mistress smiled softly with her eyes shut. "And my cunt loves you too, Tessa."

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