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Face of Love


Face it in this age of electronic wizardry there is not much call for portrait artists. Things were so bad for me I was ready to go do caricatures in the park to try to make my rent. You can imagine my jubilation when Mr. Audrey Van Pelth asked me to paint his daughter for her eighteenth birthday. Of course, I knew who the Van Pelths were everyone in town knew of the Van Pleths, probably the richest family in the state. However, the daughter I had never seen and I was eager to get a look at my new work.

I arrived at their estate early, ready to work. The maid showed me to a sitting room where Mrs. Van Pelth awaited me. "Young man, my husband feels we are taking a large risk in hiring you, a virtual unknown to paint my daughter. Nonetheless, I have picked you for two reasons, I have seen some of your work, and I think you quite good. I also know that you are, as they say, 'A struggling artist' and therefore I am hoping I can convince you to paint my daughter as we desire to see her." "Yes Mam you are entirely correct and it would be my honor to portray your daughter as you wish." Her instructions to me were not to show the extra weight the daughter had gained since school. Mrs. Van Pelth was a known health fanatic and was sure her daughter would be as well once she understood the dangers of extra weight ergo the desire of a portrait of a slim young lady.

We then went to meet the subject and once I had seen her, I was glad I had agreed to Mrs. Van Pelth's wishes before I met her. The girls name was Gwendolyn or Gwen as she like to be called. To me she belonged in a Botticelli, as she looked more goddess than human. As mothers always do, Mrs. van Pelth started right in on her daughter, telling her to sit straight and pestering her with questions about morning exercises, diet, and such. This turned the girl sullen and I knew at once this was the look I wanted from my model. I knew I had to get her away from her mother so I used the ploy of studio light to get what I wanted. It was a arraigned for a car to bring Miss Gwen to my studio at ten each morning until the work was finished.

From the very first morning, Gwen and I became co-conspirators against her family. She hated her mother; she hated her school and most of all she hated the dress her mother wanted for her pose. I told her we would do two works one for her family and one for us. She like that idea and pulled off her clothes leaving only her bra and sexy thong. I told her not to listen to her mother and that she was not fat but more voluptuous than any woman I'd known. She enjoyed this attention and turned out to be quite a tease when not under the thumb of her family. She sat in her bra saying that is how she wished to pose. I told her the bra was too matronly for a sexy young lady and she flipped the bra off her large breasts.

I came close to pose her but what I really wanted was just to be next to her. I lifted her breast and when I heard a soft moan escape her, I knew she wished the same as I. With one hand under her breast, I used the other trying to stimulate her nipple and as I looked into her eyes so dark and haunting I said I needed her nipple erect for proper perspective. "Ah but you see your mouth is not quite the way it needs to be." I leaned in to her and kissed those molten lips large, full, and unrouged. She returned my kisses with passion, and then she brought her nipple so small for so large a breast, to my lips. As I held it in my lips, I teased it with my tongue and still it barely stuck above her large areola.

We were now both enflamed with lust and all pretexts were lost to passion. We went to my bed in the corner where this vixen pushed me on the bed and then climbed on top of me. Her wild and untamed hair hung down in my face and the look from her eyes smoldered. I pulled her head down to taste the fullness of her lips yet again as I struggled with my trousers. As for her, she just moved the scant piece of lace aside and then impaled herself on my rod. Between her strong thighs, I was her willing captive and she rode me wildly until she climaxed with a shudder and I followed quickly.

We cleaned up with tissue and I went to get us something to drink, when I returned she was sitting up in my bed. I told her not to move and grabbed my pad for a quick sketch. Her look was sultry and adult as it showed her true beauty.

I did complete the painting the family wanted and I'm proud to say it hangs in their foyer to this day. Yet the one I'm happiest with of hangs over my bed and Gwen and I enjoy it the most.

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