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Fae Fantasy


It was so hot, so humid that all I wanted to do was take a swim but I had no suit. Looking around the pond I saw no one, so feeling no remorse at all, I shed my clothes. The cool breeze tickled my skin, causing my nipples to peak. Feeling a little naughty as I dipped my foot into the cool, inviting water, I cupped my breasts closed my eyes and leaned my head back, enjoying the feel. Walking slowly into the water I enjoyed each sensation. Deeper and deeper I went until I stood on the edge of the smooth rocky edge. Pushing off I submerged in the water. Playing and just enjoying the freedom, I relaxed. When I felt refreshed I climbed out of the natural pond and sat on the smooth rock bordering the edge. The sun peaked thru the trees like tiny rays of sunshine glittering. Feeling suddenly tired I lay back to let the sun and breeze dry my body before I had to go back.

Time had passed though it did not seem as it really had. I looked up at the sky but the sun was rapidly disappearing beyond the horizon. Sitting up I looked to where my clothes were to be...but they were gone. Standing I looked around but it seemed as the forest surrounded me. Eyes seemed to be watching me, my skin prickled. Feeling alarmed I readied to move when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. There slowly moving towards me was a creature that I thought long since extinct. Half man, half horse...amazing, all snowy white, with light blonde hair on his human half, he looked like a god. I pulled my long blonde hair to cover my nakedness, just then he spoke. "Do not be alarmed, I mean you no harm. We've been waiting for you," he said.

Blinking I asked, "Who's we?"

He smiled, showing bright, white, straight teeth. "My friends. Come, you've no need to fear me."

As he extended his hand towards me I felt a prickle along my skin. It was as if a million tiny hands were touching me all over, and it wasn't an unwanted feeling. As though it were the most natural thing in the world I took his hand as he guided me to his left side. I knew what he wanted me to do, so I climbed onto his back.

"Hang on," he said in a deep voice.

Putting my arms around his waist I held him tightly as he galloped thru the dense forest. The ride was long, so I put my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes and let him take me.

When he stopped I slowly opened my eyes and viewed what had to be a dream. Brilliant colors dotted the forest trees, every color imaginable. I slid off his back and he took my hand. Picking our way amongst the rocky floor he took me to the waters edge. I looked down at the babbling brook. It was so pretty, but as I listened it seemed to have a voice that was singing to me. I looked up surprised at my new friend and he smiled. We've been expecting you Christina.

"How did you know my name?"

"We know all about you," he said. "My name if Romeus."

"It's nice to meet you...Romeus."

He smiled again and brought my hand to his lips.

I asked again, "Who is we?"

He made a sound and the forest around us moved. Men appeared out of things that didn't seem possible. Spring green some were, so beautiful, and magical. Another appeared out of the water, so deep blue, with eyes that were even darker, and watchful. Different sizes, they all surrounded me. Butterfly colors descended from the branches above, hovering, touching me, playing in my hair. One brave soul, hovered in front of my face. He was perfection even if he were the tiniest of men. Skin the color of deep chocolate, wings painted red, purple and yellow. Smiling at him he took the invitation and swooped in to quickly kiss my lips. I gasped causing the rest of the fairies to giggle.

One by one each of them came to introduce themselves. I lost track of their names. Many kissed my cheek, my hands, my lips. It was truly amazing. My nakedness didn't bother me even though each of them were covered discretely.

I looked to the horizon where the sun painted purple on the sky. "I should get back."

Romeus said, "Not yet."

He took one hand while another of took my other and led me to what looked to be a tree grown into a seat. Each of the winged men brought me a small morsel of fruit. It tasted so sweet and ripe. A small trickle of juice slipped down my chin. One licked the spot causing me to gasp with pleasure. It seemed that my skin were alive with tension and magic. My heart seemed to beat loudly making my ears ring. My body throbbed between my legs. Small tremors of pleasure beat thru me. That seemed to be all the permission that was needed. Hands touched me everywhere, I was standing but don't remember doing so. The man in front of me kissed me as sweetly as a flower opening to bloom. Touches everywhere along my skin made me burn to end this sweet torture. The sky tumbled. I looked up into deep forest green eyes, and a brilliant smile. He touched my hair, smoothing it back from my face slowly as if memorizing every nuance. Turning my head to the left I saw the water man on his knees reaching for my body. I extended my hand to him where he then raised it to his lips. He sucked my fingers making me jump, but that wasn't all. My knees fell open and I could feel cool skin touching me intimately. I closed my eyes to the feeling it caused. Tiny tongues touched and teased my skin. I looked down the length of my body and saw two tiny fairies touching the hardened peaks of my breasts, another kneeling between my legs drinking of my nectar. I moaned. This could not be happening. As though reading my thoughts Romeus's voice spoke, "It is...feel the magic. Feel the pleasure we give you."

I whisper, "yes"

I motioned for the water man to come to my lips, and he did. Kissing him deeply I felt someone enter my body. So long, so hard, velvet encased steel it caused me to gasp. I had never had a man before so it was a new sensation. He swallowed my gasp with a deeper kiss. Tongues touching, tasting, delving deeper, I felt my climax building, higher and higher, until it washed over me waver after wave.

This continued until each and every participant had a chance at pleasure. My body singed! And then I looked to Romeus...his face looked so handsome. I stood and put my hands on his waist. He took my face in his hands and lowered his lips to mine and we kissed. Time spun out, and just when I thought that I could peak no more...he stepped back so I could see him in his full human form. I looked at his body. So toned, tanned and very aroused. Taking his length in my hand I curled my fingers around him and stroked softly. He shuddered, taking my hand away.

"Not yet," he whispered as he lowered me to a soft bed of clover. Covering my body with his, the feeling was overwhelming. When he finally did enter me I cried out causing the birds to fly up and away. Moving in sure deep strokes he touched me in ways I never thought possible. My hands clutched his back, my legs hooked around his hips, rising to meet each thrust, I felt him getting even harder within me.

"Please, please, please" I chanted.

He showed no mercy.

Each climax that ripped thru my body made him thrust even harder. Our bodies glistened with sweat and still he wasn't done with me.

Holding his gaze I felt and watched as we climaxed together. It was truly magical. When his body was spent he didn't move from me but lay heavily on my body. I cradled him with my own and never wanted this sensation to end.

Hearing a voice calling out to me, I looked up and saw that the sun was setting. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I sat up, sweat clung to my skin, my body ached but looking to the side I saw my clothes. Was this really a dream, or just a fantasy? Looking towards the forest I couldn't help but smile. It felt so good to be alive.

Gathering my clothes I quickly dressed and hurried back to the house. This was definitely a day to remember.

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