tagIllustratedFaeophobia: Shrinking Violet

Faeophobia: Shrinking Violet


She was still beautiful, she knew. Violet had a sleek, tall figure; expansive, voluptuous hips capped by her firmly muscled ass. The hairdryer evaporated the water from dark bronze hair, freshly washed and styled.

"...And in other news, Customers at a McDonalds in Tallahassee were treated to a visual as well as culinary feast today." intoned the smoothly professional voice of the radio info-babe. "One of the cashiers had imbibed an unregulated breast growth potion, without understanding the parameters of the spell." A sad sigh escaped Violet's pert lips. She combed her hair and prepared her usual regimen of softeners and conditioners that were standard after she showered. The info-babe continued:

"Eyewitnesses remarked that her breasts expanded until they were 'bigger than Beach-balls' as one witness remarked. Paramedics had to struggle a bit fitting her through the door. She said that she did it because she had a crush on her manager, and wanted him to notice her. Which he most certainly did." Stories like that were not too unusual these days.

Violet took a deep breath, and thought positive; she was still a babe! And she knew it! Her skin, moist from her shower, was healthily tanned from her active lifestyle. She had a good body; her figure had always made other girls seeth with envy. She possessed high-cheek bones that shaped a face just exotic enough to be alluringly erotic, yet not so unusual as to be intimidating. Violet always thought of herself as a classical, elegant beauty.

Her deep, purple eyes gazed at her seductive reflection in the dorm room mirror. She couldn't account for them; her eyes for some reason had changed color after her 'accident'. If only she had been satisfied with what nature had given her during those turbulent, high school years.

"No Violet, you've got to think positive!" she reprimanded herself. "I am not a victim! I am in control of my life!" She practically shouted in the mirror, it was a good motivational tactic, according to the self-help books she was always reading. But it was almost time for class; so Violet turned to get dressed in something more substantial than a white towel.

"I....will take....charge!" grunted violet as she took those first steps. Damn! She forgot to close her window! Here at Madison University, most of the dorms were in close-together tower buildings; anyone from across the way had a good chance of seeing into her room! Had anyone done so, their jaw would have dropped to the floor. That girl from McDonalds wasn't alone; there were a growing number of women suffering similar magical mishaps. Ever since the Celestial Conjunction in the earlier 21st century that made magic on Earth possible again, many women saw magic as a short-cut to get the figures nature denied them. And violet was no exception.

Calling her boobs gargantuan was a gross understatement; If Violet's tits had been watermelons, the farmer that raised them would have won the County Fair Blue Ribbon. She was burdened with swaying mammaries beyond all reason or sanity. They warned her, though. The doctors said that magic was strong in her family, (they think they've found a 'magic' gene) and that she should be careful casting spells on herself. But she didn't listen, of course.

It was the same old, same old, type of story that had been going on for years. Girl likes Boy, Boy likes Girl, Boy meets second girl with magically-enhanced tits, Girl looses Boy, Girl gets insanely jealous, Girl steals illegal breast-growth potion, Girl ends up with Beachball boobs.

For years, the FDA had been warning the public about the dangers of cosmetic magic; if you combine two spells at the same time, the result is synergy; magic goes wild and becomes uncontrollable! Violet had forgotten about the spell she had used the same day to tint her hair, and the rest is history. But she'd been lucky; she had gone to the best cosmetic magicians her family could afford, and they were able to help her considerably, but not enough. She tried surgery, herbs, even more magic, but there was nothing more to be done; Using magic to reverse magic many times made the situation worse! And since her breast-growth was magical, surgery wouldn't help; her tits would simply regenerate. Violet would be stuck with colossal boobs somewhat larger than most beachballs for the forseeable future. (maybe her entire life?!)

Luckily, suitable customized bras were easier to find these days; but Violet hated the monstrosity that she had to wear. She had always been pleasantly surprised at the natural buoyancy of the jiggling mountains sprouting from her chest; they sagged far less than what one would suspect, but nonetheless, support was necessary. Without the industrial-strength seat-belt strap bra, the bouncy inertia of her Girls would cause them to sway and leap uncontrollably from their own busty weight, shattering and clobbering adjacent objects. Furthermore, the bra had a set of counter-weights that balanced out her top-heavy torso. Victoria's Secret thought of everything.

Now, after months of therapy, magical and physical,Violet could walk, even jog! Most women in her position would retire from public life, they would cloister themselves away from the giggling mobs and rarely appear outside; finding careers they could do from indoors, or just becoming homemakers. But even that was surprisingly difficult; Violet found that many men were reluctant to approach her! They just weren't sure how to talk to a woman with breasts large enough for a midget to sleep in with room to spare. Most women thought that a man who would date a girl with 'T.V. tits' was some sick, breast-freak that was only interested in women's bodies. What mature man would even think of dating a woman who's boobs could smother a polar bear? They stared. And stared. And stared. But Violet rejected those few that were desperate enough to fumble out the beginnings of a come-on line.

There! Her monster tits were almost strapped in-

*KLUNK* Whoops, there goes her alarm-clock radio; a wall of renegade titflesh had jiggled wildly, insanely wobbling as she struggled to contain her fleshy femininity, knocking her radio to the floor. Violet was a hazard around delicate objects, her Girls almost never stopped jiggling! But none of that mattered. It didn't matter if the boys thought she was some kind of sex-monster. Let them ogle her in lustful shock. So what if the girls giggled both behind and in front of her. She didn't care anymore.

"I....am not...*GRUNT*...A victim!" she proclaimed as she struggled with her tank-top. She was through hiding in abject shame from her out-sized bosoms. No more shrinking Violet! She was smart enough, healthy enough, and determined enough to suceed! Nothing would get in her way! Neither glass-ceilings nor forty-pound breasts would slow her down! She had gotten her G.E.D. (she dropped out in shame after her potion accident), and enrolled in Madison University with a Pre-med Major. She had spent months exercising her legs and back, trying to get a job to 'support' herself. (no pun intended) She was ready, and no spell would stop her!


Maybe it was her imagination, but it appeared to Violet that she was once again the strangest thing on campus; which did surprise her. Ever since the Celestial Conjunction that made magic possible; the legendary Fairy races from ancient times had returned to the Earth, seeking refuge, U.S. citizenship, and men to revitalize their weakening bloodlines. Pixies, Nymphs of all sorts, made their way to classes. Humans and Fairy creatures of all descriptions walked and flitted freely across campus.

You could tell the Fae folk when you saw them; even those that had the same anatomy as humans. They were overwhelmingly female; (the lack of men was one of the main reasons why they sought refuge on Earth) Even those that did not have wings or pointed ears were clearly inhuman. Most of them were female, but Violet didn't really think of them as women. They were too perfect; their legs were too long and svelte, their asses were too gorgeous; always that perfect heart-shape. Of course, all of them had flawless skin, and their hair never seemed to get frazzled. They were hyper-sexed caricatures of woman-hood, their impossibly willowy waist-lines and pneumatic boobs ensured that they were rarely mistaken for real women. To Violet, they seemed more like cartoons than people. It was as if some horny teenage boy, drowing in his own repressed hormones, had been given license to design a race of people.

Yet, they stared at her! Maybe it made sense; she seemed to be human, yet her tits were even larger than the bustiest of the Fae! (They had an easier time correcting back-firing spells) Conversations stopped, men on bicycles slammed painfully into walls, and necks were stretched like rubber. Let them look! So what! Violet was through being ashamed. The Fae were the real freaks, not her.

Of course, she had to admit she was jealous. Any woman that denied being jealous of the Fae was a liar. Back in high-school, Violet had been the numero-uno babe; the one who could get any boy she wanted, and she relished it. But of course, paradise was shattered when that slutty, elven cheerleader transferred to her district and set her sights on Violet's boyfriend. Just one glance from those deep, soulful, golden eyes; just one buoyant jiggle from her creamy, G-cup tits, and Violet's trophy boyfriend was stolen. How could any red-blooded male resist? And for that matter, how did that slut manage to do so much leaping with boobs that big? Well, ancient history now.

Well, she had them beat now; very few Fae allowed their breasts to approach Violet's current size. Too bad the decent guys were so unsure of themselves. Like that one, in front of the building where Violet's first class was. The boy's arousal was etched upon his gaping, freckled face, his tongue would have hit the ground had it been long enough. He was probably from some rural, podunk town, where magic is still just a distant rumor. She was getting tired of this. Narrowing her eyes, Violet strode up to the sandy-haired guy.

"I'm a 36 double-K, since you're obviously wondering! Do you have a problem with that?" she growled fiercely. She had stopped walking, but her silky mountains vibrated furiously, bobbing globes of pure tit boiling up from the open neck of the over-taxed, custom-made tank-top.

"G-gu-n-n-I ah...."

"Here, take a closer look!" Violet stepped forward, pinning the boy's face between her acres of cleavage, pushing him against the wall, muffling his confused mutterings.

"Satisfied, dick-head? Now, why don't you go jack-off in the bathroom and leave me the hell alone!" thundered the towering tit goddess. And all those now giggling over the encounter had no doubt the freshmen would do just that.


"You are a veery fiery woman, I was most impressed." Said the Satyr that was following her after class. Today had been a royal pain in the ass, (or tit) and this bozo wasn't helping any.

"I'm glad I amused you, now buzz-off." snarled Violet, trying not to sound as irritated as she was. Now this guy was a rarity; male Fae were a dying breed, and Violet rather wished he was in a nature preserve rather than trying to hit on her. Most of the legends about the Satyrs were accurate. Except that this guy didn't seem to have goat's legs exactly. His legs seemed human beneath his blue jeans, but with thick hooves for feet. Rumor had it that Satyrs were irrepressible shape-shifters. But he did have the stereotypical goatee, thick facial hair, and little horns. Otherwise he was quite handsome.

"Perhaps vee could study together, I belieeve there is much vee could help each other weeth." proposed the Satyr in his thick, exotic accent.

"You don't fool me, goat-boy. You're just some immature boob-freak that thinks I'm desperate for whatever I can get! You can go jack-off in the stall next to the first guy!" And Violet stormed away angrily; struggling to keep her balance against the swaying careen of the mightiest tits on campus.

Maybe she was being unfair; if the guys were afraid of her, that meant they were cowards, if they approached her, they must be sickos. She had to give them a chance, at least. Although Violet wasn't that worried about the Satyr; his kind had a well-known reputation, and it wasn't for chastity. Pretty crappy day for the most part; even the professors couldn't stop staring at her boobs. She wondered how long it would be before they got used to her?


*CLICK* She unlocked the door to her room, but as usual, Violet slid in backwards; usually safer that way. Even before she got a good look, she could hear stirring and rustling. Must be the room-mate they saddled her with. Well, let's get the pointing and the staring over with.

"Greetings," said a musical, feminine voice. "You must be Violet, I am to be your roo-oomaaa...."

"Alright!" proclaimed Violet. "Let's get this over with." She swung around to face the girl; and sighed. They had given her a Fae for a roomie. The girl had a flawless complexion, skin with a clean, pure color, yet not so pale as to seem sickly. She had shimmering, platinum blond hair, that seemed to be flowing down past her back. Her eyes were unusually wide, like silvery pools of moist compassion. Although, her nose did seem a little long, for some reason. And strangely, a patch of skin on her forehead was colored in the shape of some sort of golden starburst. How odd, she wasn't an elf, probably not a nymph either.

But of course, she had the same ridiculously voluptuous figure that Violet had come to expect. Wide, birthing hips, impossibly willowy waist, and while Violet couldn't see her ass, she was sure that it formed a perfect, symmetrical cushion worthy of a rapper's girlfriend. Her lips were too full, too rosy, like a smooshed strawberry as they stammered in innocent chagrin. Her eyes and the brows above them were delicately upswept as though her facial features had been painted onto her skull with a calligraphy brush. The fact that her beauty was impossible to deny only made Violet all the more agitated.

But what exactly was she? Violet wasn't sure precisely. Why was her hair so long? Why was she wearing those strange, golden slippers? Well, Violet would have a semester at least to figure it out. Violet reached and unfastened the latch on her bra. She then began pulling up her tank-top.

"Wh-what are....are..?" the Fairy girl stammered.

"I've seen this before," began Violet. "You're gonna stare at me all day, ask yourself a bunch of stupid questions about my tits, and never give me a moment's peace." Her bra loosened, she pulled off her top, and prepared for the wobbling that could throw her off her feet if unready.

"Let's get this behind us right now. Get used to these tits, They're here to stay. I know that you're going to be sneaking glances, and probably try to touch them when you think I'm asleep." Violet had to stand ram-rod straight for a few seconds, as her wobbling mounds gyrated luridly for several moments.

"I didn't mean....It's not that-"

"Yes, it is that. Let's get this curiosity out of your system now." Violet began slowly stepping forward, not wanting to move too quickly with her swaying udders. "Go ahead. Go on and grab my boobs. Fondle them, squeeze them, whatever you want. I know you'll want to, so let's just get it over with right now; so you can leave me alone later." The mammaries in question still bounced slightly; buoyant globes of incredible proportion, their ripe voluptuousness beckoned with the primal attraction of a siren song.

"I-I did not say that I-"

"SUCK MY TITS, YOU FAIRY SLUT!" Demanded the tanned goddess; buxom globes inches from the girl's face. A soft hand squeezed the right boob. A soft sigh escaped the Fae's lips as she marveled at the silken pliability of the bulging bosoms. Their size would have put the grandest Halloween Jack-O-Lantern to shame, yet they yielded to the touch with a tenderness somewhere between a pillow and a water-bed. More fingers joined the first, and soon, shot-glass-sized nipples were moistened with a delicate tongue. Violet couldn't help but smile; Her chest was an incredible burden, but she had the Fae beaten in this area. Roomie's breasts were lovely and perfect of course, but they were only a little larger than bowling balls to be honest; she seemed almost immature compared to Violet's mountains of titflesh.

Oh....oh my...Violet had almost forgotten how sensitive her Girls were! She sucked in a sharp gasp and slipped backwards onto the bed; as foreign hands, tongue, and lips all became buried within a chasm of cleavage. The Fae girl was clearly fascinated; she seemed to be loosing herself in the busomy grandeur of these feminine spheres. They were worlds away from the false, silicone tits of 20th-century strippers; as superior to them as a calculator is to an abacus.

Violet was assaulted with waves of passion! She had not permitted herself this sort of sensual pleasure in years...in fact...come to think of it...she hadn't had sex ever since she first expanded! A mischievious thrill coursed through Violet as she noticed the Fae girl removing her floral-pattern shirt. Why didn't these Fairy folk ever wear bras? No matter.

Violet normally didn't like other women, but this cartoonish slut was getting her all hot and bothered. Soon, amidst an ever-increasing wave of rubbing, fondling, squeezing, and slurping of T.V.-sized tits, The aroused human noticed that her pants and panties had been removed, revealing her moistening snatch to the lusty ministrations of her supernatural roommate. *SLAP*

The bitch just gave Violet's boobs a side-ways slap, watching them jiggle in wonder. The wobbly mounds quaked and careened in semi-circles all over the human's chest, their own fleshy inertia animating them with a dynamic sway above and beyond lesser tits. *GRUNT* The sheets beneath them were moistening with Violet's flowing fluids; as her hungering pussy drooled with fiery arousal. She felt a soft brush against these tender folds; the slut had removed her own pants now, leaving both of them slurping and fondling each other with wanton abandon; writhing animalistically upon the Fae's bed.

But wait....what the...Even through the intoxicating coital haze, Violet instantly noticed something amiss; She had thought that this Fairy girl had long, platinum-blond hair descending past her pants line...but no! The hair on her head was little more than shoulder length, but there...right above the girl's naked ass, was a soft plume of blond hair, almost like a braid or a-

"Tail?..*UNNGH*" Violet's attempts to ponder this oddity were interrupted as a hand switched from breast, to moist pussy, fingering her dripping folds as though in preparation. But her breasts were not neglected, the irrepressible Fairy began to growl savagely, and delivered a fierce love-bite with her teeth against the velvety nubs crowning the best boobs on campus.

"BIIIIITCH!!!" Shouted Violet, as she wrapped her legs around the pelvis of her lover, pulling her nude figure in closer. But as she continued her teasing torment of the mammoth mounds, again Violet noticed something odd; Her own feet were bare, as she raised them over the body of her lusty partner, but the Fae's feet were still wearing those strange, golden slippers...wait....huh? They...they were cloven through the middle!? what the...They were hooves! This girl had golden hooves instead of toes! They were shaped like the feet of a woman wearing slippers, but up close it was clear that they were bony! They were hooves like a...like a... She needed some answers.

*SHLURPLE* "Wh-whoa there g-girl..." moaned Violet as agile tongue and deft fingers caressed tit and pussy respectively. *SMACK* wet lips slurped loudly in the small room. "Wh-What exactly are you supposed to be, anyway?" she asked. It took the Fae a few seconds to answer, since at the time she appeared to be attempting to suck Violet's entire left tit into her churning mouth, saucer-sized aureoles dripping with her saliva.

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