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Faerians: Virgin Dreams


Amaree was feeling rather testy. T'andra had lost her "food" and Amaree was hungry for power. She knew that there was someone on board with sexual energy to feed off of. She just had to get by their upbringing. Amaree thought about it for a moment then smirked. She had the perfect idea. Reaching out for her powers she pulled them to her and then with a happy grin spread the power to the ship and into people's dreams. Everyone would have some nice sexual dreams but it was the sexual dreams of only one that really mattered to Amaree. ~come play~ she crooned as she reached into the mind of her ACMO.

Dr. Trianna Veritas stirred in her sleep. Her Amazonian body stretched in unconscious desire before the dream even began. She was a virgin in body, but her mind held the memories of the lovers that her original had enjoyed before she herself was created.

Amaree was fairly purring in anticipation as she slipped into Trianna's mind and began weaving her power into a dream that even Trianna wouldn't be able to resist.

The dreamscape changed to that of a lush forest, full of life and bright colors. The birds were singing joyfully and in the distance the gurgling of a creek could be heard.

Trianna wandered down the forest path, a narrow path made by the feet of deer who passed this way. She noted the drops of dew on the leaves, like tears on a cheek. She touched one leaf and its sparkling tear ran into her hand. Why it touched her so, she didn't know. Her ears picked up the gentle sound of water trickling over rocks. She followed the path to the bank of the creek.

Amaree sat on the rock, clad in a flowing gown of white. Her long thick brown hair lay in waves down her back and she was singing softly as a deer lay at her feet and fish leaped out of the water in front of her.

Trianna gazed at the Fairean. The large butterfly wings waved idly, as the young woman trailed her fingers in the water to tickle a fish. She peered over her shoulder right at Trianna, her eyes filled with mischief.

Trianna gasped and asked, "Amaree?"

"Hello Trianna. You really do know how to paint a beautiful landscape," Amaree said with a childish giggle. "How do you like me now?" she asked and fanned the air with her wings, her eyes glowing as well.

"This is what you really look like?" Trianna asked in wonder.

"Yes. I didn't realize my father's treachery had started when I was a child. He encountered some Faerians and the tinkering began then. They continued it well into young adulthood. But they made sure everything would lie dormant until he gave the word. When he last kidnapped me, he activated the trigger. Then he became a god, the sick bastard, but by that time, the Faerians had taught me how to hide this form. It was one of the side abilities that came with my "tinkering." No one who I call friend has seen this form," she admitted as she turned and fully looked at Trianna. "Then I got turned into a goddess and well, here I am."

"If you are truly a goddess, why are you aboard the Cook? Is it not a waste of your abilities?" Trianna asked.

"I go where I will. And Starfleet is all I know," Amaree admitted and then she stretched slowly, the dress clingy to her curves and accentuating her lithe body.

A slight breeze wafted from behind Amaree and enveloped Trianna in a honeysuckle scent. Unexpectedly, she felt a shiver of desire! What kind of person WAS this? She searched her memories to find the Faerians in her original's experience. Were they all so .... sexual?

"Yes, we are. Sexual energy is a nice universal constant as is greed, power and lust. They all feed into the other and they are DESIRES. And desires I know best," Amaree purred as the honeysuckle scent grew slightly stronger.

Amaree gracefully slid down from the rock and glided toward Trianna. "I wonder what it's like to have someone else's memories of sex but none of your own? Does it feel strange?" Amaree asked curiously.

"Yes, it does," Trianna answered. Strangely, she felt no repulsion that this creature was making overtures towards her. In her waking state, she would never consider such advances from the same gender. But this was dreamland, and strange desires arose in dreamland.

"How would you like to have one of your own? One that is yours and not your original's?" Amaree was hoping Trianna would say yes.

"I never made love to a Faerian, I mean my original never did. In fact.." Trianna found herself tongue-tied. What kind of power did this being have over her? She took a deep breath and said, "Yes. I would like to have my own memories of love and desire."

"Do not worry. Your virginity will stay in one piece. I'm interested in your mind and desires. You will benefit as will I," Amaree assured her before reaching up and trailing one finger slowly down Trianna's cheek.

Trianna shivered under the touch, a touch that followed a line to her groin! "Doctor..... Amaree...." She exclaimed breathlessly.

"Yes," Amaree murmured her eyes full of mischief and the beginnings of lust.

Trianna's subconscious mind conjured up a man. The crew knew him as "Pops" though he wasn't all that old. Her desire increased.

"That's right, dream of whomever you wish. I can be WHAT you desire. All you have to do is ask," Amaree encouraged as her skin began to glow with its familiar black aura.

Trianna shivered and whispered, "I desire him! He made me what I am. He knows what I am."

"And you want to feel him touching you here," Amaree said, her hand sliding down into Trianna's shirt to cup her breast and gently massage a nipple. In the magical world of dreams, Amaree became Pops and Trianna melted into his embrace.

"That's right," Pops said, "I've wanted to do this for so long," he murmured as he lowered his head and suckled her nipple.

His strong arms held her close as she threw back her head reveling in her OWN brand-new memory. His mouth set her senses on fire! His mouth moved from the right breast to her left breast and he blew his warm breath across her nipple, hardening it before placing his lips to it and sucking it.

Trianna whimpered, "Oh, Roy....."

"Yes?" he paused and looked at her, his eyes expectant.

"Don't .... don't stop.." She gasped, her vision blurred with desire.

If she had been looking she would have seen Pops features change to those of Amaree whose own mouth parted slightly and the glow around her body grew brighter as she drank in the desire energy coming from Trianna.

"I won't stop," Pops said as he worked her arms out of her shirt then gently lowered her to the ground where he placed teasing kisses all over her upper body, stopping to nip her side playfully.

In her dream state, Trianna desired to be nude and her uniform simply disappeared. She began to breath hard as Roy/Amaree's lips and teeth played on her bare skin. She reached her hands to his/her hair and pressed him/her closer.

Amaree's wings flapped gently keeping her balanced as her mouth crept lower toward Trianna's womanhood. Amaree could smell the musky scent of desire and the smell of life. She growled and licked just above Trianna's mound.

"Roy!" Trianna cried out, guiding the skillful mouth lower as she arched her back and parted her thighs.

His tongue slipped down and he began gently teasing her clit with little nips and gentle sucks that seemed to bring fire to her loins and making heat pool in her lower body.

Tears trickled down Trianna's face as the real sensations of lovemaking overwhelmed her. "Oh GODDESS!" She cried out.

"Yes! Say my name!" Amaree growled and then plunged her tongue into Trianna's hidden depths, delving in and out. The sensation hit deep and pushed her budding orgasm closer to the edge.

"ROY! AMAREE!" Trianna cried out as her first orgasm hit her hard and strong.

Amaree purred deep and the sound vibrated through Trianna's body making a second orgasm hit just as hard and strong as the first.

In slow motion, Trianna fell backward into a bed of moss, her back arched in ecstasy, her arms wrapped around the Goddess of Desire. "More!" She begged. "More!"

"Yes, more I can give," Amaree purred and exchanged her fingers for her tongue pumping in and out of Trianna's body with nice even strokes, each going deeper than the last. Trianna was glowing black and Amaree was drinking it all in even as she fed her power into Trianna to double her pleasure.

Trianna's fingers dug into the soft moss and she spread her legs wide. She writhed in nearly unbearable pleasure as Amaree pleasured her as only a sexual deity could.

"You like this, don't you? You wish he was here now between your thighs. Stop denying yourself and him. Tell him what you feel my beauty and then riding him until he's ready to float free of his body. Then you will be fulfilled and so will he. Even now he dreams of you and making love to you. Use your very femaleness to give him some of what he desires," Amaree instructed as she quickened the pace of her fingers, pushing Trianna toward a third orgasm.

Trianna arched her back again and screamed, her deity-enhanced orgasm stronger than the others. For a very long moment she thought she would explode into a nova of light. And when she felt like she could bear no more, it subsided only to peak again and again! She screamed and sobbed, unable to tell her lover to stop, yet wanting it to last forever.

Amaree howled her happiness as she drank in the energy. Oh the glorious feeling, it made her arch her own back like a cat who had been petted into a happy stupor of feeling.

Amaree fed back her energy into Trianna for what seemed like an eternity. Just as dawn showed itself through the window of her bedroom, Trianna fell into a very deep and exhausted sleep. She would not be counseling ANYBODY that day.

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