tagRomanceFaerie Wings Ch. 01

Faerie Wings Ch. 01


The air was wet, and it condensed on the little faerie's skin as fluttered through it. Flying over and below the heavy branches that covered the forest, she landed on bright green leaf, resting in the dew. Breathing heavily, her breasts rose and fell in a steady rhythm. She could smell the dawn awakening, and she happily splashed her wings in the water.

After a short rest, she stood up again, taking off to fly to the faerie home. The atmosphere she felt was not one she expected. The faeries where all somber, and she felt singled out from the rest of the group. The head faerie approached her and spoke without words. She was to be next.

The Big Ones, the horrible creatures who were not Fay, needed their yearly sacrifice. She knew the custom well, a chosen one would drink a potion that would make her big, and she would be left as a sacrifice for the big ones. She would be eaten.

She accepted her fate. Faeries could not live forever, after all.

The other faeries bathed her in rose water. They rubbed honey on her lips, and brushed her hair with a feather from a baby bird. They sang sweet melodies, and danced around her. They flew her to the sacrificial rock, and finally, Mother Faerie gave her the potion.

They scattered like the seeds of a dandelion before she drank it, having no doubt that she would. She placed the small bead of liquid to her lips, letting it flow down her throat.

When she drank it completely, she immediately felt the affects. Her body felt pain, something she didn't even know how to describe since it was something she had never felt before. Her legs stretched, and her toes. She felt herself getting bigger and bigger, but beside just the physical aspect, her feelings were also growing stronger and stronger.

With every inch she grew, she became more scared, worried, nervous, excited. She had never felt so much before. She wondered if it would ever stop, she hoped that it would soon.


That was something new. Faeries always just accepted what happened to them and the world around them. They never thought of the future, only the now.

She did eventually stop growing, her body taking up the whole rock now, her feet hanging off the end. She looked up at the tree branches above her, not so big now.

She wondered if the Big Ones would ever come. She hoped that they would quickly, so at least the terrible waiting would be over, but then she hoped that they didn't. One of her new big feelings was a desire not to die.

She stayed there on the rock partly because she was too afraid to move, and partly because she knew it was her duty to be sacrificed to the big ones.

As time passed, she felt something in the pit of her stomach, something she had never felt before. While it wasn't pain, it was an uncomfortable gnawing feeling.

She saw her wings lying next to her, the only things that hadn't grown. They had broken off and had stayed in their perfectly tiny shape. She felt a wetness on her cheeks as she looked at them, but she didn't know what it was.

Her body was uncomfortable, but she didn't know how to relieve it. She just waited without moving. Waited and felt.


"My God, who are you?" Falcon asked as he approached the beautiful goddess lying naked on the slab of stone, her hair cascading about her like an ebony halo, weaving over her shoulders, one long tress curling about her navel. The tips of her breasts were just peaking out of the luscious black hair, like candle fire in a dark window.

Falcon watched as the girl scrambled onto her knees when she heard him, holding out her palms to him.

"What's your name?" Falcon asked the strange girl with chalk white skin and ashen hair. Her incredibly dark eyes fluttered over his figure, but she didn't respond.

"Do you speak English?" he asked, though it was clear by her vacant expression she didn't.

She just scooted closer to him, holding out her arms in an apparent gesture of offering. Well, Falcon thought, if she was offering herself to him.

He picked her up off the rock slab and was surprised at how incredibly light she was, even for her small size, she was unnaturally light. Falcon was too distracted by her nakedness, and apparent willingness, to really ponder it, though, and he simply laid her down in the soft moss.

He quickly wrestled down his pants, before spreading her thighs and lying between them. He took a moment to check if she was ready, placing his rough hand between her legs, but was disappointed to find her as dry as a desert.

Glancing up at her face, he tried to gage what she was feeling, but she just looked confused. Though he was already hard from just looking at the alluring little creature, and all he wanted to do was plunge his cock into her tight little whole, he didn't want to hurt her. So he started to gently massage her clit.

He glanced up at her face when he heard her gasp. She looked more surprised than anything, and was staring down at his hand on her pussy with wide eyes, as though what he was doing was the oddest thing in the world. Falcon grinned as her eyes filled her face, and continued to play with her clit.

She started to uneasily move her legs, and the surprised look on her face was slowly mixing with fear as the strange sensations he was building in her grew.

Soon she was wet, and he positioned his cock at her entrance. He pushed into her tight whole, glorying in the feeling of her around him. Then he started to arouse them both, bringing himself to the height of ecstasy and dragging her along with him.

As he was pounding into her Nyx grabbed at the familiar moss around her, frightened by the new, but pleasurable, sensations she was feeling. Her astonishment increased when suddenly the burnings between her legs erupted into a sensation like nothing she had ever felt before, like nothing she had ever even imagined.

She felt something spurt into her from him, and then he pulled away a moment later.

The girl quickly sat up, frightened by whatever he had put inside of her. Scared that it might be some sort of poison, she quickly sat up and leaned down between her open knees.

Spreading her pussy lips with her fingers, she inspected her swollen flesh, scooping up the liquid that oozed out of her.

She wiped it off of her hand onto the moss around her, trying to get the rest out as well. In her panic, she dug her finger into her whole that his thing had been moments before, but it was far too deep in her.

"Hey," Falcon grabbed the girl's wrists. Having watched her intently inspect her pussy with much amusement, he decided to calm her when she suddenly seemed frantic to get all their juices off of her.

"Relax, it won't hurt you," he told her even though he knew she wouldn't understand him.

Falcon shook his head as the girl then sat silently, expectedly staring at him. Falcon shook his head and released her wrists, and she let her arms fall back to her sides as he pulled his pants back up and buttoned them.

Standing up, Falcon looked down at the girl, "I have to get back," he told her, "You should go home, find your family." He knew she wouldn't understand him, but it made him feel better to say something.

He turned and started to walk away, only to find the girl following him. "Not that I wouldn't object to having you around, but some of the men might get jealous, maybe you should run home," he said slowly backing away from her, but she just hesitantly followed right after him.

Falcon exasperatedly picked her up by the shoulders and turned her to face the opposite direction. He stood there waiting to see if she would get the idea and leave, but she just stood there as well. He took a moment to admire her from behind, but reluctantly remembered that he was supposed to be trying to send her off. He gave her soft round butt a few quick, hard smacks with one hand while nudging her on the back with the other.

All that accomplished, however, was to knock her right onto the ground. She turned over to look at him with wide, accusing eyes, and Falcon just shook his head.

Leaning down to pick her up, he threw her light frame over his shoulder and started to make his way back to the fort. He didn't know what he was going to tell his men about her, since he himself had no idea what she was. She was certainly too pale to be one of the natives.

He was almost back to the fort, and thoroughly appreciating her inexplicable lightness, when he stopped for a moment at the edge of the woods, setting her on her feet.

"Best not to raise undue trouble by marching through camp with a naked girl slung over my shoulder," he said as he shrugged off his jacket and placed it around her shoulders.

It practically swallowed her up, but she was far too pleased to notice as she ran her hands over the smooth leather in astonishment. He pushed her hands into the sleeves, with no help on her part, for she was far too eager to touch every inch of the thing.

Finally he had her buttoned up in it, and she resumed her position over his shoulder.

He walked back into the fort, and expectedly all the men outside stopped to stare at him. "Who the bloody hell is that?" one shouted.

"Caught myself a mermaid, gentlemen," he announced.

The curious men didn't really know what to make of her. Since her long hair was covering her face and his jacket everything else, except for a bit of shapely calf, they couldn't formulate an opinion based on her looks.

"Where'd you find her, Captain?" another man shouted out, "She sure as hell ain't no native, with that white skin."

"Just found her in the woods," he told them, finally reaching his door, and walking inside the little one room cabin, and shutting the door, making it clear he didn't want to be bothered.

Falcon set her down on the dirt floor.

"Okay girlie, what's your name?" he asked. She seemed too curious about the cabin to even notice him, however, running to the wall and feeling the rough wood with her palm. She looked at the ceiling, reaching up as though to touch it, but her arms were too short.

"Hey, hey," Falcon said walking over to her and turning her to face him to get her to focus. When he was convinced he had her full attention, he placed his hand on his chest and said loudly and clearly, "Falcon."

He repeated the action several times, and the girl simply stared at him. He pointed to her, "Now what's your name?" he asked.

She blinked.

He again placed his palm on his chest and said "Falcon." He then took that same hand and put it on her, right above her heart. He could feel it thumping away, its rhythm felt like a song.

He looked at her expectantly, giving her a little encouraging nod.

"Falcon," her voice was unsure and hesitant, but sweet nonetheless. Not exactly what he was looking for, but better than nothing.

He smiled. "Good. Now tell me what your name is," he emphasized the word "your" pointing at her when he said it.

"Falcon," she said again.

"No, no," he explained, "I'm Falcon," he moved his hands, gesturing to himself, "My name is Falcon. Now what's your name?" he asked, gesturing to her now.

The girl simply tilted her head at him. Falcon shook his. "What a mystery you are," he said kindly, "But what a beautiful mystery."

He ran his hand over her soft cheek, "I shall have to call you something," he told her gently. She was so small and innocent, like a little flower.

"Daisy," he said softly, "Sweet, little Daisy."

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