tagBDSMFailure is Not an Option Ch. 03

Failure is Not an Option Ch. 03


On a cloudy, pre-storm Saturday afternoon, Janice attended carefully to her makeup, hair and clothing. She shuddered, imagining how much the blustering Mr. Channing would make her do, picturing the DP that the Dean had predicted. When she wondered if she would be made to service the butler, she was reminded of what a cock-hungry, debased sub slut she was. And she knew that if she displeased Mr. Channing, her career at Kelten – and her relationship with the Dean, whom she regarded as her true Master – would be summarily over. She dreaded the shame and humiliation of moving back in with her father and brother, a failure at her first real job since graduation with her teacher's certification. And they would certainly punish her viciously for being fired.

The Dean picked her up at 5:00 pm and they drove to a hill on the outskirts of town, where Channing's mansion was situated with a commanding view. The sky became darker and the wind picked up. Unsurprisingly, the house was huge but cold and charmless. As they stood under the portico, wind whipping the full-leafed trees, large splatters of rain dropped.

The butler answered the door and greeted the Dean respectfully, but gave Janice a brazenly open, lustful appraisal until the Dean introduced him as "Willum." They were ushered into the foyer. Janice shuddered, turning away from the butler's scrawny frame, sunken cheeks, pasty skin, probing eyes and generally cadaverous appearance. He took their raincoats with his long, bony, arthritically crooked fingers and led them to the luxuriously appointed living room.

"Please remain standing," Willum said to Janice, who stood directly facing the Dean, who sat on a plush chair. Apprehensive, Janice stood in the classic Kelten posture. Practically salivating, the butler examined her and unbuttoned several buttons of her too-tight blouse (intentionally a size too small) until her cleavage showed. Brazenly, he lifted each tit to appraise its weight and size, Janice cringing with shame. Willum took up a poker from the fireplace, inserted it between her widespread legs and lifted till her stocking tops and panties were exposed. Her humiliation swelled at the site of Willum's gloating face and feverish eyes. He departed – scuttling away, practically wringing his hands with glee – to fetch his master.

In a few minutes Channing barged in, full of fierce energy, with the weird Willum trailing. Channing was big and tall – well over six feet – and going to fat, with a receding hairline, reddish complexion, big cheeks and a bullying manner. The lord of the castle and keeper of the realm (the town). He clapped the Dean on the back as he was introduced to the docile schoolteacher. He grasped her chin with his meaty hands, turning her head to different angles as if he was examining a potential possession. "I can't say that you look better than the photos the Dean sent me, but you look good."

"Thank you, Mr. Channing," Janice politely replied, coloring.

"He sure knows how to stretch a pair of tits!" Channing chortled, roughly squeezing her titflesh. He ran his wide, blunt thumb over her thick lips. "Now that I see that sexy mouth of yours, I can see why he used such a big ball gag for it!" Was he always this crude? she wondered. "Drinks, Willum," the master ordered. Channing looked at the long leg and stocking exposed by the slit skirt, and separated the fabric until the stocking top and garter were showing. "Hmmm. Very nice. Now bend over."

He pushed down on her lower back till it was horizontal and brusquely raised the skirt to her waist, admiring her gorgeous legs and toned ass, partly revealed by the skimpy black panties. Janice looked at the Dean, her expression saying that the reason why she was cooperating with this jerk was out of obedience to the Dean, her master. She glanced at Willum, standing in the corner, and felt ashamed to be seen in this subservient position by a servant. He stared at her ass, gloating.

Without warning, Channing slammed one of his meaty paws into her ass. Unprepared, Janice stumbled, wincing from the brute force. "I like," he chuckled.

"Good," the Dean said. "I figured you would. After all, she's remarkable." Channing told Willum to throw a couple of thick pillows on the floor and said, "Kneel." Janice obeyed, sinking down before the roaring fireplace. Willum handed around the drinks, including a triple vodka for the contrite teacher, while Channing lectured. "Ms. Slatter, there have been Channings at Kelten for decades. We don't intend to let a new upstart dictate to us, even a fine young specimen like yourself, do you understand?"

"Yes sir." He signaled to Willum and pointed at Janice, twirling his finger in a gesture that Willum understood. "Yes sir. I understand and I apologize for my poor judgment and rash behavior."The butler bent over Janice and unbuttoned her blouse, roughly stripping it off her shoulders. For a moment Channing was silent, struck by her spectacular shoulders, silken skin, flat stomach and superb, hefty tits encased in a slutty but expensive bra.

"Hmmmph," Channing grunted. Willum undid the skirt and awkwardly pulled it off, even though Janice was kneeling. "Dean, if you please," Channing ordered. The Dean stood up and began photographing the half-nude hottie.

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity," she said, as rehearsed with the Dean. Channing stared at the splendid thighs and stockings, the low-cut panties that barely covered her bulging mound. "I accept my punishment and only hope that I will please you. Please hurt me as you see fit."

"Well then," Channing said, mollified by her sensuality and docility. "Drink up. Dougie was pleased by his session with you, so let's see." Standing in front of her, his groin in front of her, he unzipped his pants and pulled out a long, thick, ugly cock. Janice held it and slowly began licking while she undid his belt. Once his pants fell, she pulled down his shorts and fondled his big balls, looking up admiringly. Channing grunted at the sight of her long eyelashes and large eyes staring up obediently and admiringly as she licked and kissed. In his mind, she adored his huge cock. He became even harder as her thick lips spread obscenely around his cockhead and took it in her mouth, moaning "Hmmmm!" with feigned excitement. She was dimly aware of the Dean photographing her as she slobbered over the shaft and sucked it.

Too impatient to wait, Channing grabbed her ears and began brutally fucking her face. Shouting and calling her names like "Slut!" and "Whore," he found himself on the brink of orgasm only a minute later, faster than with anyone she'd sucked before. He pulled out and she pumped his shaft till it exploded, shooting an opening spurt onto her forehead. Janice felt the impact as the huge shot smacked into her, followed by a second salvo that splattered onto her nose. She gasped as more massive wads struck her cheeks. Channing kept firing away without slowing down or decreasing in amount.

Finally, after ten or twelve long bursts, he was finished. Janice was in shock, much of her black hair and her entire face coated with thick globs of his jism, oddly colored in a sickly yellow. His gunk didn't drip down her, it streamed off her forehead, eyebrows, nose, cheeks and chin in multiple streams, splashing onto her chest and tits, with long stringy ropes hanging from her chin and nipples down to her thighs, splotching the black stockings with spreading clumps of hot spunk.

Channing staggered back and collapsed in a chair, eyeing the obscenely drenched dark beauty. "Not bad," he grudgingly admitted. "You're not to disturb any of my semen before or during dinner, understand?" Still stunned by the bukkake-like amount, cringing with shame at the image she presented, Janice nodded, her pussy spasming with excitement from this degrading treatment, the Dean recording the lurid dripping. The only sounds were the fire, the wind, the heavy breathing of Channing and Janice, and the relentless clicking of the camera shutter. She couldn't avoid the specter of Willum, hovering in the shadowed corner, his eyes gleaming, grinning gleefully about her abasement.

* * *

Brian Channing reclined at the head of the dining room table, the Dean on one side of him, Janice Slatter on the other, and the servant in attendance. Gobs of warm yellowish cum were still dripping off her inundated face and tits, landing on the gleaming wooden table. She was grateful for her second cocktail – another triple, although she was further humiliated by drinking it through a straw so she wouldn't disturb her thickly coated face.

"Willum, I think it's about time we saw her tits." The creepy butler emerged from the shadows and, knowing his employer's preferences, pulled down the sexy 1/4–cup bra till the punished teacher's tits were fully exposed. "My God!" Channing cried. Although he'd seen Janice's large dark areola and jutting nipples in the photos, he was struck anew by seeing their size and darkness in person. He stared as more of his cum slid down her tits onto her dusky areoles and nipples, the yellowish clumps in obscene contrast to the dark flesh. "Pull them," he ordered.

Excited despite herself, the servile schoolteacher grasped a greasy stiff nipple between each forefinger and thumb and extended the stalks, which were much thicker than a pencil, by a half-inch. The Dean took a photo.


She stretched them another half-inch, tears welling in her eyes, as the Dean zoomed in and snapped a close-up. Channing grunted in satisfaction and she released the tortured nubs. He ordered Willum to bring "the devices." Willum opened a drawer in the sideboard and removed several items that he placed on the table. Janice's eyes widened as she saw a black leather bondage harness, a long, thick, black double dildo, three transparent, three-inch nipple pump cylinders and a metal nipple extender. Her cunt flooded with excitement at this display of devices for breast discipline. The harness included two adjustable leather bands for constricting the base of the breasts. Evilly, they were lined with the coarsest sandpaper she'd ever seen.

Channing began beating off. Willum undid her soggy bra, covered with clumps of cum, and pulled it off, freeing the cum-coated breasts. "Stand up and lean over," Channing said. Janice did so and Channing struck each of her swaying tits three times with his meaty hnds as she cried out. When he struck, gobs of cum flew off, some of which splattered onto the heavily waxed table. "Now sit." As soon as she was back in her chair, Willum slid the harness shoulder straps up her arms and fastened the leather extremely tightly, raising the heavy flesh. He then tightened leather bands lined with sandpaper around the base of her tits. He cinched each of the leather bands until Janice moaned, the sandpaper abrading the sensitive flesh, the abused tits bulging distortedly. She flushed with growing arousal as the three men ogled the tit torture. "She can start on you now, Willum."

Pleased, Willum tore off his pants and underwear faster than Janice could have imagined. She tried to avert her gaze from his thin thighs and gaunt, scraggly legs. He lifted his thin, pale prick to her. Grimacing at the long length of his crooked appendage, she gathered up a handful of cum from her chest and used it as lubricant, stroking his scraggy prick.

Grinning, Willum grasped one greasy tit and lifted it, as if inspecting a purchase at the grocer. He placed one of the pumps over a throbbing nipple and pumped enough to secure a firm hold, eliciting an outcry from the offending teacher while the sickly yellowed sauce smeared the insides of the tube. Janice was as absorbed in the display as Channing, now wanking himself faster, egged on Willum, while the Dean shot photos throughout. Willum repeated the application of the pump to the second nipple, grossly distorting the already huge nipple. He then pushed back her chair, pulled her legs apart and up and draped them over the armrests. Willum grabbed her slick, thick pussy lips and roughly spread them open, grabbing the biggest clit he'd ever seen and mechanically squeezing and cruelly pulling. He heartlessly ignored the sub's gasps of pain and arousal. Once her clit had swollen from his fingers, he scraped his master's discharge off the beauty's thighs, smacked it onto the inflamed protuberance and stuck the third pump on it.

Janice was amazed to be sitting at this beautiful table, the room illuminated by dozens of candles in heavy candelabra, the clit and the big thick nipples she was both ashamed and proud of encased in clear plastic cylinders that jutted straight outward. Before the pain worsened, she finished her second triple vodka, careful not to knock the glass into one of the dangling, swaying pumps.

While she drank, Channing stood up next to her, pumping his meat. Willum had lubed the anal part of the dildo. Grabbing her short hair, Willum shoved the dongs into both of her holes. He smirked when she took them both quickly and easily. Janice swooned as the thick dicks plugged her cunt and ass, rotating her hips and squirming to force them as far up her as possible. She smeared more cum on her other hand and began shafting Channing's dick, so thick and heavy compared to his servant's, as Channing chanted obscenities next to her.

Willum connected three leather straps from the base of each pump to the leather band squeezing the base of each breast, anchoring each pump to the aureole it pressed into. He began slowly pumping. Each of the four people gazed in fascination as the nipple and aureole were inexorably drawn up the tube, Channing's spooge smearing the plastic sides of the cylinders, Janice gritting her teeth and wheezing in pain as Willum gleefully pushed the pumps at the tips. The aureole began elongating and distorting from the pressure by a half-inch and then a full inch as she began thrusting up and down on the dildos. With more pumping, the heavy nipples started to extend a half-inch and then a full inch. Then Willum activated the clit pump, till her reddened stalk was sucked over an inch into the cylinder, stopping only when she screamed in pain and panic, reaching her first climax of the evening, grunting gutturally and swinging her head in swooning arcs.

There was more. Willum placed the metal base of the nipple extender's rod against her breastbone. At a right angle to it was another rod, whose height could be adjusted, from which dangled two clamps. He briefly adjusted the distance of the cross piece, moving it slightly closer to her, and attached the clamps to the ends of the nipple pumps. He began tightening the cords that attached the clamps to the crosspiece as the cum-drenched sub's tits were lifted and pulled from her chest. The nipple pumps retained their hold because of the straps that anchored them to the leather bands at the base of her breasts. The Dean was shooting rapidly to record every angle and moment of the fetishized pain slut, apparently enjoying all the bizarre devices and being the centerpiece of such depravity.

As if that wasn't enough, Channing and Willum began striking her tits, belly and inner thighs with thin quirts. Even to a cum- and pain-slut like Janice, the amazing view of her mercilessly tortured, stretched and cum-spattered tits, now striped with livid weals, plus her imprisoned and barbarically stretched, cum-smeared nipples was so bizarre and so obscenely debauched that she was catapulted into an overwhelming orgasm, so violent and all-consuming that her heavy chair swayed and tottered. Channing and Willum let loose at almost the same time, Channing's discharge arcing high up into the air, spreading in scope and raining down on the crazed sub as her massive climax continued. The Dean actually heard the heavy clumps of cum landing on the plastic nipple pumps and saw the globules splash onto her black hair as the frenzied slut whipped her head around. The Dean realized the nipple pumps were now streaked with cum inside and out, which he dutifully remembered to photograph.

His gaze shifted as Willum came, his watery discharge maliciously aimed to hose Janice's face up and down and her freakishly stretched tits. Spent, Channing crashed into his chair and Willum staggered off to the kitchen. Their hard-pressed sub seemed semiconscious at best, her head hanging down, mouth slack, a trickle of saliva mixing with three loads of cum on her lips and chin. It was left to the Dean to first release the nasty suction of the nipple pumps and to slacken the taut cords on the monstrous clamps. However, neither the swollen nipples, aureole nor tits returned to their normal size, remaining engorged and inflamed. Channing roughly massaged the sore, striped tits and nipples. Janice stirred as fresh pain flooded into her from the circulation of blood. The Dean loosened and removed the breast base bands, wincing at the reddened flesh from the coarse sandpaper beneath. He left the double dildo inside her, wondering how she could bear up so well to satisfy Channing's sordid lusts and gluttonous appetites. Act I was over.

* * *

About a half hour afterward, the intermission was over and Dean and Willum half-dragged the stuporous young slut schoolteacher and bound Janice to an overhead bar. Willum bound her ankles as far apart as possible. Behind her, she had left a disgusting trail of cum on the beautiful floor. Willum held a brandy snifter beneath her nose to revive her. He gripped her hair, raised her head and poured a large swallow of expensive, well-aged brandy into her mouth as dried cum cracked in the corners of her lips and drifted to the floor. Groggily, Janice thought she was almost relieved to have the breast discipline over and the flogging about to begin.

Channing strode in, now naked and freshly energized, flogger in hand. Without any ado, he struck the suspended woman's smooth back and strong shoulders, working down to the tempting ass that was still embedded with the dildo. He enthusiastically applied a dozen vicious strokes till her rear side was well-marked, while the Dean administered another dozen floggings to her tits, belly and thighs. The expensive stocking tops became shredded, a look that Channing liked. A heavy coat of sweat mingled with the layers of drying cum. She moaned ever more loudly as they worked their way across her body.

Soon Janice's moans became groans. Willum removed the double dildo to Janice's protests. She felt some relief when Channing fingered her slit and abused her fat clit, putting the flogger between her stretched legs and swinging the instrument into her bare lips about a dozen times till she came a third time, screaming and jerking, her beautiful body now a grotesque mess of welts, cum and sweat and pussy juice.

When Channing's arm tired, he said, "Are you ready Dean?"

"Yes sir." The Dean stripped off his clothes. Channing lay down on his back on the floor as Willum positioned Janice above him, lowering the bar till the freshly flogged sub was astride the big man, his gross belly protruding. She sank onto his cock and he ordered her to do pull-ups on the bar, so she did all the work of fucking. Channing signaled to the Dean, who pushed down on her whipped back till her bruised breasts pushed into Channing's chest, exposing her ass. Willum spread her cheeks and the Dean pushed his well-lubed cock into her dark ring of flesh. Janice's head shot up. "Aahhhh!" she yelled at the double penetration, relishing the ecstasy as the two cocks began pounding her. Willum moved to her face and rammed his long cock into her mouth, smashing a tawse into her aching tits and inflamed nipples. They lied, she thought dimly. The DP had become a TP.

It took less than five minutes before all three men erupted, filling all of her with cum. She grimaced at the taste of Willum's sour semen filling her mouth, but held it there. Since it was the Dean's first discharge of the day, her ass soon overflowed with his outpouring. When he pulled out, a thick white stream immediately poured out of her dusky charcoal ring. He immediately resumed taking photos. The ever-efficient Willum placed a bowl under her holes to catch the Dean's discharge as well as Channing's, who had by now withdrawn from her cunt. Willum stuck a martini glass under Janice's chin and the barely conscious brunette dropped his gruel-like jizz into the receptacle. She hung from the crossbar, the firelight flickering over her ravaged body, cum streaming from three places.

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