Fair Exchange



"She has us surrounded."

"You don't know where she is."

"I do."

"Is she alright?"

"Nothing's happened to her that doesn't happen to most of us on occasion."

"You're a lunatic."

She grinned, "I'm not the one lumbering half naked through the hot woods."

"You're half naked."

"More than half, but it's a hot day."

"Will she be alright?"

The girl considered the question.

"And if your answer doesn't take into account the intent of the question I'll shake you till your teeth rattle."

"Yeeeees," she said slowly, "I'd say she'll be alright. You haven't asked about yourself which I consider strange, one should always think of oneself first, you will be alright too. Both of you will be alright."

"Can you take me to her?"


He stood eagerly.

"But I don't want to," she added regretfully, "You're heavy and I don't propose to lug you about bareback in such heat. Besides it would spoil the fun."

He leapt for her. He fully intended to slap and shake her.

She vanished and a cardinal fluttered into the air at the same time. He fell heavily on his face.

He jumped up and spun about bewildered and saw her not 20 feet away. Her back was to him. She stretched at the edge of some brambles, rising on her toes to reach a difficultly situated blackberry. Her bottom, tensed with effort, seemed to taunt him.

He sat back on the log and buried his head in his hands.

"Here," the girl's voice came from close by.

He looked up. She held out her hand. On her small moist palm lay five large berries. She held them so close to his face that he could see the single green hair that stood on each of their tiny little sections.

"Dream or not," he said, "I have to try. That's the rule of both dream and life. You have to try. I have to go for help."

She ate the berries. "Would it help if I promised to look after her?"

"I don't trust you."

"First smart thing you've said. But I will help her."

"Do it now."

"No need. Part of her's busy with my father and my mother by the lake to the west and's not to be disturbed. Part of her's hot on your trail to the east. She's fine, but you won't be if she catches you."

She leaned forward and kissed him. He could taste the blackberries and heat. Her hazel eyes were so close to his.

With a shout he jumped up and ran back into the woods.

He came to another clearing where a stream ran from a beaver pond. The pond wound shallow through a grassy swamp. He sank dejectedly onto the grass. He was not surprised when the girl strolled up and stood next to him.

"Today meant so much to me," he said sadly, "and I think it did to Eva too. It was her suggestion. I've hardly seen her the last few years. Brief moments, no more than an hour or so long."

The girl was silent.

"All the free time she has she's spent with my wife, not me. I've told myself it's because my wife lives in town, but still it hurts."

"If my parents split," the girl observed, "I'd stick with my Dad."

"I'm sure that'd make him happy."

"I'd sure make sure it did. Here," she added and held out a plastic water bottle.

He took it, sipped and gasped and coughed. It held vodka. He drank again. Then bent and splashed water up on his face.

"Water is what I really need." He felt hot and dehydrated of a sudden.

She waved at the stream.

"It's not safe." he said and she laughed.

She knelt and dipped cupped hands in the brownish water and held them out to him. She put her fingers to his lips and tipped her palms. He drank what she offered. It was warm and tasted of life. She dipped again and he drank, admiring how her breasts swung in her open blouse, how the heat made sweat almost start on them so they looked soft and tender. He drank till he wanted no more. Then she splashed him and he splashed her and soon they were laughing in the warm shallow water of the stream.

She pressed her wet body against him and turned her hot freckled face up to him and he kissed her.

"No," he said. He climbed out of the stream and sat again.

"It'll pass the time," she observed.

"It wouldn't be right. You're too young." She laughed at that. "And I've got to go for help, dream though this is."

She handed him the water bottle of vodka. "Why did your wife leave you?" she asked.

"Maybe I left her," he said.

"I doubt it," she said. When she saw that he looked a bit hurt, she added, "I meant you don't look the leaving type."

"I guess we just didn't want the same things," he said "I wanted to work hard and come home and relax and be happy. I liked activities where we were together, with no one else around. I loved the summer days we picnicked up here, back by the waterfall. We'd always come on a weekday so it'd be quiet. I'd go in and work on a Saturday to make up.

"She liked cruises and resorts and casinos. There is nothing as close to hell on earth as a casino."

"I knew she liked that stuff and we had vacations every year to suit her. I thought she also liked what I liked though. I thought she liked me.

"What she really liked was going out. Out to parties, out to clubs, out of my life.

"When Eva went to college. My wife left. She'd been seeing a guy in town for some time I guess. She moved in with him."

The girl put her arm around his waist and leaned her head against his shoulder. His skin slicked with sweat where she touched him, but he didn't move.

"Well," she said, "My parents like the same things, well one thing mostly, and I think they like each other, though sometimes it's not so easy to tell."

"That's good," he said.

"Yep," she agreed, though without much enthusiasm.

She kissed his shoulder then kissed along his chest to a nipple. With a sigh he put a finger under her chin, tilted her face up and bent and pressed his lips to hers. Their mouths opened wide as one and their tongues entwined.

After a moment he shifted her about so she lay on her back. "In dreams," he said, "When there's sex, I always wake just before the intercourse."

"Great," she said, "You plan to leave just when you've heated me to the brink."

He put his face between her breasts and kissed his way up one. He admired the blue veins that showed through her waxy flesh and the pale little bumps where her skin darkened and rose and her perfect little thimble shaped nipple. He kissed and licked and fingered the nipple then he worked his way down her flat belly to the hot region between her thighs. He did no more than slip his tongue in and run moistened fingers along it then moved on down so that his lips pressed to a knee. He felt its hard bones. He kissed his way up her thigh. The flesh was so smooth. He planted his mouth on her sex again.

"Hey," she said, "What're you doing?"

"What? What's wrong?" he asked. He looked up along her chest and met her eyes. She'd propped herself on her elbows. She gazed at him with wide surprised pleased eyes.

"In my experience, the guy just wants to stick it in and be done."

"Is your experience so very extensive?"

"Only when measured in inches," she said with a laugh.

"For my part," he said, "I've only slept with my ex-wife. She was very particular. Perhaps she's the exception? You don't like it?"

"No no, it's lovely. She can't be such a bad woman."

"If I wasn't such a creature of habit, I'd of course not bother. I could just stick it in if you like."

"Asshole. Get back to work."

He let his teeth lightly touch a swollen lip, then began working his tongue within. He again moistened the fingers of one hand with his tongue and began to play with her. She groaned and twisted and jammed her hips up, pressing her sex hard against him.

She bucked and kicked her feet in the air then gasped "Enough!"

She reached down her hands, took him by the ears and pulled him up to her. She kissed him hungrily. Then when she felt him pressing at her entrance, she whispered "Wait, turnabout is fair play."

She pushed him unresisting onto this back and squirmed down so that now it was she with her face planted in his crotch. She looked up and met his eyes as she tongued up his length. She took him in her mouth and he had only to feel its hard moist roof when he groaned and pulsed his seed down her throat.

"Sorry," he said.

"That's OK," the girl said, "I'll let you have a bit of a recess." She reached for the water bottle.

Just then there came a shout. "Bitch! No way will you take this one from me too!"

They looked up. There was his daughter rushing towards them.

He'd never seen anything so frightening. Thorns had torn her. Her hair was in wild disorder. Her eyes were fierce and narrowed.

"Quick!" Dawn tugged at him. She'd stood up. "On my back!" She turned her back to him. She bent forward.

"What?" Sex was suddenly the furthest thing from his mind. He felt sick with pity for his daughter. He was scared too. She looked beyond fierce. He felt his nakedness and bent and grabbed his shorts and held them in front of himself, as if they would defend himself.

"Idiot! On my back. I'll carry you."

That was ridiculous. But as it was a dream he leaned forward and let some of his weight rest on the girl's hot back. A stone flew passed them. His daughter was but 20 feet away.

Then a pony's hot sweaty back was close under his eyes, it's red brown hair rough on his chest. Its shoulders banged painfully against his nose as it leapt into a gallop. He grabbed frantically for its neck. He almost fell off. He was bounced around like a sack of bones. A close tree gave him a hot scrape on his arm and nearly dislodged him. There were a frantic few moments, then the pony slowed to a jog and then to a walk. He tried to rise and sit but another branch nearly got him so he contented himself with lying flat, his cheek against the pony's withers. Its broad rump rubbed against his cock. The pony seemed aware of this and clearly altered its gate to encourage it.

After a time they came to a trail and almost immediately they were at the edge of the little ravine, looking down at Whately Falls. The swimming hole was deserted. Cool air rose and refreshed his face. He saw his daughter's t-shirt and shorts and his knit shirt cast aside on the rocks. The pony descended the steep bit, clattering and slipping, and stopped by the water.

The girl was again beneath him. "Christ you're hot and heavy," she complained. "Get of..." The word off turned into a sighing "Ah".

His cock on its own had realized against what it now pressed had slid up and in her, with only the slightest conscious help from him by way of bending his knees to improve its approach.

She gripped her knees to steady herself. He clasped her hips and began to thrust in and out. Sweat stood on his face and chest.

After a moment he stopped and wiped his brow. He slid out.

"Hey," she said in complaint.

He sat on the bit of dirty sand and pulled her down. He said, "I'm hot and tired and you're the young one. You do the work."

She straddled him, steadied herself with one hand on his shoulder and positioned him against her sex with her other. She slid hot and tight and slick down upon him. Rather than start she leaned forward and rested against him, her hair pushed up under his chin, her cheek rested on his collarbone. He could feel her hot breath on his shoulder.

"You're a very comfortable man," she murmured, "Your wife was a fool to leave you." She bit him lightly and then she was the one riding him.

They fucked the remainder of the afternoon away. He was aware of little besides his excitement and a haze of her flesh and eyes and hair.

When at last he came for the last time and she could tease no further rise from cock, she sighed contentedly and stretched out beside him. The narrow band of sky they could see above them, through the trees and rocky sides of the ravine, was dark and the clouds were brilliant red. Dusk had fallen. A firefly flashed in some brambles.

"You're tired," she whispered, "Sleep. In the morning, all will be well."

He started to rise. She pushed him back down and lay her head on his chest. "You'll only get lost again in the dark. She'll be here in the morning and all will be fine. I promise. I'll stay a moment but then I'm gone."

She kissed his forehead and then lay still, one slim leg thrown companionably across him

When she thought him asleep she stood.

He watched as she waded two steps into the pool. Till it came to her knees. He watched her splash herself clean, gasping at the cold.

He thought to get up, but could not. At some point, exhaustion, that friend who works even when we can't, carried him off to sleep.


Her husband leaned casually against a tree. The dying light of the sun burned in the west. The first fireflies flashed here and there.

"You're a real asshole," his wife said angrily. "Look at me, you've dropped me into this little slip of a girl. Of all the mean tricks."

He grinned lazily.

"When I get back in my body, I'll make you wish you never were born."

From the ground, he picked up a can of beer. He'd found it half empty by the roadside sometime earlier. He took a lazy swig.

"You know what though? This time you've out smarted yourself." she said angrily, "You know why?"

"Why," he grinned easily.

"Because you fixed me so I want that beautiful man," she paused and sighed at the thought of the dad. "What a man. And I don't want you. For once in my life I'm free of you."

He grinned some more and rutted with his hips.

"Get out of my way, I've no time to waste on you." She brushed passed him in the direction she thought that Dawn had vanished with the object of her desires. She ached with longing.

"Hey honey," it was the voice that so turned her on. She turned. There he was leaning against the tree, balding, average height, tending a bit to bulk, tending more than a bit to middle age. He grinned.

"Jesus you're a shit," she said. She couldn't take her eyes off him.

"What's happening to my body," she asked, beginning to shake with longing.

"It's about to get fucked," he said happily.

"No, I mean what's happening to my real body, the one you stole me out of. The one you married, you asshole."

He grinned, "You're not in the nest anymore, darling. You fell out of that. Then you led me a bit of a chase. Quite impressive. The girl wanted me as much as you want me now, but she managed to run. I reckon your wants are simpler than hers.

"I caught her and then we fucked. What's happening to your body now? I don't know. I left to find out what trouble my wife was getting into. Our girls are looking after you, I'd guess. Your body will be fine, you know how tender they are."

She rushed him and jumped intending to claw his eyes out but when she was in his arms she kissed him hungrily instead. He turned her and pressed her back to the tree. He looked down at her chest. "It's a good thing I don't care about breasts."

She clutched his face with her hands and kissed him again. "I'm glad you're shorter," she whispered, "I'll be able to see your eyes as we fuck."

She felt his cock pressing up against her and she tightened her thighs about him.

"Something didn't scale down with the rest of me," he said happily.

Her eyes widened and she tried rise off him. "Fuck! It's her first time!" she wailed.

"Yep," he said. He gripped her hips and pushed roughly up into her.

The bark ate at her back. She shouted again and struggled fiercely. "It's fucking unfair to go through this twice! Goddamn it!"

He'd torn her. She descended his length loudly complaining the whole way.

She rested gasping. Her ass was flattened against on the tree trunk. She slapped his face hard. Its bones hurt her hand.

The next instant she couldn't help herself. She gripped his shoulders and scissored her legs about his chest. She tried to bounce up and down upon him.

He pinned her back forcibly against the rough bark and began rutting up and down, painfully scraping her skin. When he came, he rested his forehead against the trunk.

She watched a black ant run across his shoulder.

With a grunt, he lifted her off him and set her on her knees, face against his cock. Hungrily she sucked him back to life. He threw her on her back on a bare patch of earth, crouched between her legs and rammed himself back in.

She hollered wordlessly, causing birds to start in the trees.

They fucked through much of the night till in the wee hours she collapsed in exhaustion and slept, even as he still moved within her. Finally he grunted his pleasure a last time and pulled out.

He whistled and three of his daughters appeared from where they'd been watching. "You've killed her?" one asked hopefully.

"Twice in one night," another said.

"Carry her back to the swimming hole, where they surprised us yesterday," he ordered. "Make her as comfortable as she can be. You're to watch that nothing happens to them till they wake."

"Ah, that sounds like no fun at all," was the complaint, "Can't we amuse ourselves with her? She is such a sweet little thing."

"As long as she sleeps and no harm comes to her, do as you like. You will anyway."

"Wait," he said. Now he was looking at a pony and two daughters. The later had the sleeping Eva by the shoulders and feet and were preparing to hoist her onto their sister. They turned to him.

"What of our guest, how have you been entertaining her?"

"Mom's guest is more like it," one of the young women said.

"Unwelcome and unhappy," said the other.

"We could do something about the latter," said the first, "and we did."

"Tell me," he ordered. "I have time to kill before sunrise."

And while the pony grazed and their mother slept, they told him.


"It's dead?" asked a voice.

That was the first thing Eva heard as she drowsed reluctantly back to consciousness. Had she ever slept before in a dream? Then she was surrounded by a babble of women's voices.

"A hit and run victim."

"Look's like roadkill."

"I can identify the owner of the vehicle in question."

"Look's like dinner."

"Bet it's tastey."

"Sisters, behave." She knew that voice. It was Dawn's, her favorite daughter. Or she would be her favorite daughter if she had a daughter which she didn't.

"Let's a have a taste." A finger ran up her sex. "Yum."

"Yep, very edible."

"Give me a taste."

"Definitely dinner."

"There's not much meat on her, she's more like desert."

"Poor thing," Dawn's voice said

"Definitely a poor thing. Let's not waste our time on it."

"And miss such a feast?"

Eva opened her eyes. She was surrounded by girls. They stood in a circle around her, faces shadowed in the light of the sunset.

A hand caressed her cheek and hair, another hand pulled her up enough so that another could offer her a cup. It held sweet water and she drained it in shuddering gulps.

Dawn slipped behind her, stretched her legs out to either side, and helped her lean back. Eva sighed in comfort, her head between the girl's ample breasts.

"Was that your first time?" Dawn voice asked.

Eva nodded. There was general laughter. "Well nothing that mankind can stick you with will be worse than that," one said.

She knew who they were. They were her daughters, but of course they couldn't be, she'd just finished her first year of vet school. She was but 22. She knew their names, Sunset, Midnight, Noon, and Dawn. Her first. The one she loved the best, the one who took after her in looks. Which of course was completely wrong, Dawn didn't look like her at all, not with those full breasts and red hair and round freckled face.

"Here, let us help you," Dawn said.

"I want this dream to stop," she said.

"Surely not while there's so much fun to be had!" one of the women laughed.

They helped Eva to her feet. They helped her step into the brook that flowed around the little islet. They helped her sit in the stream. The water was slow and warm. She was entirely lost and disoriented. They splashed water over her and cleaned and caressed her. They were especially tender and caring of her sex. She lay back with her head at the shallow edge, resting on the soft wet grasses, mosses and ferns. Her legs floated a bit. She felt she could just float off and drift in the dark forever. Only their hands, all over her, kept her tethered.

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