tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFairfax Academy Ch. 02

Fairfax Academy Ch. 02


The tour of Fairfax had been educational to say the least. Luke had seen the school grounds, observed a few classes, and had a chance to set up his classroom. He had planned on working on lesson plans in the afternoon, but the English teacher appeared at his classroom door at one o’clock. “Hi Luke.” She said, reaching out a hand. “I’m Angela Miles, the English teacher. You observed my class earlier today.”

Luke stood and shook Angela’s hand firmly. “Yes of course.” He said. “I’m just settling in.”

“I know it’s your first day and you are busy setting up your room. But Dr. Kroft suggested I ask if you’d like to help me with one of our more interesting teacher responsibilities.” She said.

This sounded interesting. “Sure.” Luke said, wondering what she meant.

“We’re about to have a dress code inspection.” Angela explained. “We do it three times a week to make sure the girls are up to par. You would think 18 year olds could handle dressing themselves. But then again, they aren’t here because they are the brightest in the bunch.”

Luke laughed at Angela’s last comment. “I know, Dr. Kroft explained that to me during our tour. I’d love to help out.”

“Follow me then.” Angela said, leading him out of the classroom. “We do the spot checks in the front hall. Dr. Kroft officiates, but we have a teacher or two to help out. Eventually you’ll be participating on a regular basis, so Dr. Kroft wants you to get some experience.”

Luke nodded and followed Angela into the front hall where Dr. Kroft had gathered the students.

“Alright girls!” Dr. Kroft shouted, walking down the center of the hall and clapping her hands twice for attention “It’s time for a spot uniform check! Line up!”

The girls rushed to put their books down against the walls and form two lines facing the teachers in the center. Luke couldn’t help but glance at several panty covered asses as the girls bent down to place their books on the floor before returning to the line. A few muffled groans were heard from the older girls, but they all lined up with shoulders back and arms at their side, standing at attention as though they were in an army boot camp.

“Now, we have had some problems with girls losing the buttons off their blouses a number of times this month. Any girl found to have less than the required amount of buttons on her blouse will lose her shirt for the rest of the day. Is that understood?” She asked sharply, throwing a firm glance at Emily, in the center of the line closest to Luke.

“Yes, Dr. Kroft.” The girls answered in unison.

“Very well then, Mr. Ryder and Miss Miles will be performing the inspection today. You may begin.” She said, nodding at Angela Miles.

“Come on, Luke, you’ll enjoy this. Just follow my lead” Angela whispered to Luke as she gave him a sly smile.

The two teachers walked slowly down the first line of students, donning stern faces as they looked the scarcely dressed young women up and down. Luke followed Angela’s lead by placing his hands behind his back and pausing for a moment before each girl, taking in the opportunity to stare blatantly at each of the students’ ample breasts and hard nipples pressing against the straining white blouses each girl was required to wear. The first few girls were up to par according to dress code standards. Shirt buttoned below the breasts, nipples hard and visible through the fabric, shirt tucked in to her painfully short skirt, which ended just below each girl’s pussy. Luke nodded in approval as each girl he passed met the dress code standards. Ahead of him, Angela had come to a tall brunette girl named Emily who Luke had seen earlier in the day get reprimanded by Dr. Kroft for missing buttons on her blouse. Her shirt was unbuttoned to the waist, buttonless, yet it seemed she was attempting to hide her predicament by tucking the shirt tightly into her skirt.

“Emily, this is just not acceptable.” Angela remarked, shaking her head as she reached for Emily’s blouse. “You know the rules, I’ll have to take this for the rest of the day.”

Angela slowly eased the blouse off of Emily’s shoulders, getting only inches from her beautiful round breasts as she did so. Emily pushed out her lower lip in a small pout for a moment, but quickly withdrew it as the cool air hit her exposed nipples. She allowed her English teacher to peel the shirt off her arms and straighten her skirt. “You can pick up your blouse in Home Economics class at the end of the day, where you will be required to sew new buttons on before returning to the dormitory this evening.” Angela explained to the now half-naked student.

“Yes, ma’am.” Emily huffed.

“And just because you are topless, does not mean you are exempt from the other uniform requirements.” Angela reminded her as she moved to the next girl, still holding the damaged shirt.

Luke passed several more young women until his gaze came upon a short redhead whose blouse was buttoned in the correct fashion, but her nipples left much to be desired. All girls were required to have hard nipples during the school day, by whatever means they saw necessary. The girls were encouraged to touch and pinch their own titties, as well as invite their classmates to help them with this portion of the dress code. But this girl seemed to have been neglecting her own lovely breasts.

“What is your name?” Luke asked, trying to imitate the authoritative mannerisms he had been observing in the other teachers since he arrived at Fairfax.

“Jeanette.” the redhead replied, looking straight into Luke’s eyes and batting her thick lashes.

“It seems you have overlooked something.” Luke told the girl, raising his hand slowly and placing it on one of the girl’s breasts.

She took in a break sharply as she felt his large hand graze her left nipple. He found her small nub and squeezed it gently between two fingers as he heard a sigh escape from her lips. He gave her other breast a gentle caress as her nipples grew and began to strain against the fabric of her shirt. “Thank you sir.” Jeanette said, as he withdrew his hand. “Won’t happen again.”

Luke continued down the rest of the line of girls as Dr. Kroft clapped her hands once more. “Alright girls, turn around! Lean forward! Skirt inspection will now follow. Those of you with skirts that do not meet the requirements will lose that item for the day.”

As quickly as Dr. Kroft gave her explanation, the girls had spun around to face the wall, thrusting their behinds back just enough to show their sheer white panties from under their uniform shirts. Luke swallowed hard as he looked hungrily at the dozens of firm round asses that seemed to be asking for his touch. He reminded himself again that relationships between students and teachers were not allowed at the school.

“To review the skirt and panty rules for the newer girls, each student’s skirt must be neatly pressed, and extend only as far as needed to cover your school issued panties when standing up.” Dr. Kroft explained in an authoritative voice. “When bent over or leaning forward panties should be visible and most importantly, dry! If you are feeling aroused in class or during activities, you are expected to remove your panties before they become soiled. Any wet panties found during inspection will be confiscated until the end of the day, at which time you will report to detention to collect them.”

Luke smiled as he heard the explanation for this part of the inspection. He looked ahead to see how Angela was carrying out this part of the job, and was pleased to see her raise the tiny skirt of each girl she passed, and even run her fingertips over the covered pussy of each of her students! Luke knew this was to find out if any pussy juice had soaked through, but it seemed that this caressing by the beautiful teacher would have the opposite effect on the girls. Turning to his own line of students, he lifted the skirt of the first girl and determined the skirt was definitely short enough. He then reached between the student’s slightly spread thighs and gently placed his hand on her panties, moving his fingers slowly between her legs. He was secretly hoping to find a violation so he could peal the girl’s panties from her milky thighs. Her pussy lips felt warm and soft beneath the extremely thin fabric, but not wet. He rubbed the girl’s pussy lightly for a few moments, until he could hear her breathing become heavy, and he thought he felt her move her ass back against his eager hand. Before he became the cause of a dress code violation, Luke withdrew his fingers and repeated the same actions on several more girls in the line, finding the same lack of moisture.

Glancing at Angela, he saw her raise a skirt over one student’s round bottom to discover a visible wet spot over the girl’s pussy. Angela sighed and gently rubbed the area with her hand as she reprimanded the young woman for what was apparently her third offense this week. The girl pleaded that she had only become aroused at the thought of her teacher’s inspecting her pussy, and that she was usually very careful about removing her panties before playing with her pussy or feeling herself moisten. Angela reminded the girl that rules were rules, and hooked her fingers in the waistband of the girl’s sheer panties. Luke watched as she slowly pulled the panties over the girl’s firm ass, revealing her plump reddened pussy lips, which were glistening in the bright hall lights. He head the girl moan as the panties grazed her swollen clit on the way down. Luke could tell this girl was a true exhibitionist if the thought of her teacher fondling her pussy in front of the entire school aroused her to this point. Her pussy was literally dripping creamy cum. He could see a trickle of liquid running down one of her thighs as Angela bent down to pull the panties off the girl’s legs. Luke new the student must be aching for release, but the inspection had to continue.

Luke turned his attention to his own assignment and turned to his next student. To his surprise, this girl was wearing no panties at all. Upon lifting this student’s skirt, Luke was met with a familiar looking pussy. It was Emily, the school troublemaker, who had already lost her shirt. Emily looked back when she felt Luke’s gaze meet her hungry pussy. “I’m sorry I don’t have my panties on, Mr. Ryder. I took them off to diddle my clit after gym class and misplaced them in the locker room. I was only following the rules by taking them off before they got cum all over them.” She explained.

Luke took a deep breath as he reached beneath Emily’s skirt and touched her naked slit with two fingers. She was sopping wet and nearly begging to be fucked. He felt her push back on his fingers, wiggling her ass in an attempt to get his fingers into her drenched pussy hole. Luke decided this violation needed to come to the attention of Dr. Kroft.

“Dr. Kroft, it appears we have some lost panties over here.” Luke announced, watching heads turn throughout the room. “What is the standard punishment?”

“Emily again?” Dr. Kroft asked with a sigh.

“It appears to be. She claims they were misplaced in the locker room after some post-gym class masturbation.”

“Emily, you know the punishment for lost panties quite well.” Dr. Kroft said to the still bent over student. “Please remove the rest of your clothes.”

Luke watched as Emily stood up and removed her last article of clothing. As she handed him her skirt, he looked up and down her naked body. She made no attempt to cover her exposed pussy and breasts, but looked down at the floor as if slightly ashamed of her behavior.

Dr. Kroft said nothing else to Emily, but walked along with Luke as he continued to feel the girl’s panties down the rest of the line of students. “Let me explain Emily’s punishment.” Dr. Kroft said. “Our panties are very expensive and made of imported Italian silk. That is why losing them is such a serious offense. Girls who lose them are stripped of clothing for an entire week, and they are required to assist their classmates sexually in any way they desire for that period of time. If a girl in sitting in class and wants her pussy licked, Emily will climb under her desk and bring her to orgasm. If a classmate wants to be fingerfucked in the showers, Emily will do so. Any refusal on her part will only increase the punishment.”

“It sounds like some girls might lose their panties on purpose!” Luke said, imagining the consequences.

“In some cases.” Dr. Kroft said. “But in most cases, the girls become tired with having to be constantly available for each sexual whim of every girl in school.”

As Dr. Kroft finished speaking, Luke raised the skirt of the last girl in line. He smiled with excitement as the girl flinched. She knew her pussy was sopping wet and had soaked her panties through. Luke ran a finger over the wet spot on the girl’s panties and she shivered. This was going to be fun.

“I’m sorry, but it seems you have wet your pretty little panties” Luke told her in his most serious tone. “I will have to confiscate these.”

“Please don’t!” The girl pleaded. “I have never had to go without panties before, and I’m afraid if I am naked down there I’ll wet the chairs I sit on, or cum will get on my skirt!”

“Rules are rules, my dear. I know you are new, but you will soon learn how to control yourself.” Dr. Kroft said sharply, leaving the task to Luke as she left his side to turn her attention to Angela’s line.

“Don’t worry,” Luke said, as he began to lover the girl’s panties. “You might even feel more comfortable with the cool air on your pussy lips.”

Pulling the girl’s panties down to her knees and helping her step out of them, Luke was met face to face by her shimmering wet pussy. Her hard red clit poked out from between her pussy lips. He stopped in front of her pussy for a moment, enjoying the aroma of sex before standing and facing Angela, who had finished with her line of students. Several of the girls had lost their skirts for excessive length, and a few girls had lost panties, as was evident by the collection Angela had in her hands.

“And now for the final inspection, which the girls will perform on each other. Ladies, please turn to the girl next to you in line and complete the pussy inspection.”

Luke’s eyes widened as he saw every other girl turn to the girl next to her and lift her skirt while spreading her legs. The opposite girl then kneeled down and pealed the panties off her partner.

“This is my favorite part.” Angela whispered to him as they presided over the girl’s activities. “All the girls have to have shaved pussies for appearance, but mainly for oral sex. So we have the girls give each other a few licks to make sure everyone is smooth. If any of the girls haven gotten too wet from the inspection their partner is supposed to lick up all the cum before pulling their panties back up. You know, to keep them clean.”

Luke watched, smiling to himself as each girl began licking the pussy of the student next to them. Emily, since she had no skirt to raise, began caressing her breasts with her hands as her girlfriend licked her pussy. Spreading her legs far apart, she began to moan in the middle of the hall, eventually reaching down with her hands to spread her pussy wider for the girl below her. Even from across the room, Luke could see her clit growing harder. Other girls were beginning to moan and grab the kneeling student’s hair as they ate their pussies. Dr. Kroft paced the room, appearing totally unaffected by the display, as usual. “Now don’t get carried away, ladies. Remember, we are looking for stubble, not trying to make a mess.” She reminded the girls who seemed to be taking a long time before switching partners.

A few kneeling girls raised their hands and Angela walked to the side of the one closest to she and Luke. “How are we over here, Elizabeth?” She asked.

“She’s a bit stubbly, Miss Miles.” Elizabeth said.

Angela reached out and ran her hand over the standing girl’s pussy. “Did you shave yourself today, Lindsey?”

The girl nodded, biting her lower lip slightly as she held up her skirt.

“Not too bad, you just missed a few spots. When is your next grooming class?”

“Next period.” Elizabeth said.

“Alright then. Pay close attention in your next class, and make sure the teacher checks your work.”

Elizabeth smiled and nodded as she pulled up her panties. Angela and Dr. Kroft continued around the room, speaking to the girls who had raised their hands and feeling the pussies of their partners. A few of the girls were told to play closer attention in class or to report to grooming class for detention. One girl had apparently skipped her grooming class the last few days and was told to report there immediately to shave. This appeared to be the first part of the inspection that Emily actually passed with flying colors. She was now on the ground hungrily eating out her standing partner while she fingered herself quietly, occasionally glancing at Angela and Dr. Kroft to make sure they weren’t looking.

When all the girls had completed their task, they pulled up their panties and returned to their places in line. Dr. Kroft slowly walked to the front of the room and faced the students. “Dress code inspection is complete. Those of you who have been assigned detention should report to their assigned rooms after school. Please go to your next class.” Dr. Kroft clapped her hands once and the girls quickly collected their books and ran in different directions. Luke took a deep breath as he took in everything that just happened.

Dr. Kroft looked quickly at her watch and began walking in the direction of her office. “I’ll see you two at the faculty meeting tomorrow!” She called over her shoulder to the two teachers.

“See you there, Dr. Kroft.” Angela answered, turning to Luke. “A lot to handle on your first day, right?”

“Yeah,” Luke said. “I think I can learn fast though.”

“You seemed to enjoy it.” Angela quipped as the two left the front hall together.

“I definitely did!” Luke admitted, glad to have someone to discuss his frustration with.

“It’s hard to get used to at first.” Angela remarked as they walked towards their classrooms. “I remember the first time I felt a student’s shaved snatch, I had to back out of the room so none of the students could see the wet spot growing on my slacks! You learn to handle the constant sexual stimulation around here.”

Luke nodded. He was glad he had managed to conceal his semi hard cock from the students during the inspection, but he know it would be difficult to hide his attraction to the half naked students all the time. “How do you do it?” He asked without thinking.

Angela turned to him and smiled. She took hold of his wrist and backed into her nearby classroom, slowly leading him in after her. Luke smiled as he suddenly remembered what the headmistress had said about having many attractive female teachers. Angela Miles was definitely just as sexy as the students he had been ogling all day. He smiled back at her as he closed the door to the classroom behind them.

Angela moved her slim body close to his chest and brought her red lips to his ear. “I usually do it like this.” She whispered, before flicking her warm tongue over his earlobe.

Luke reached an arm around her waist and began to reach under her tight sweater as she pulled his head to hers with her hands. He kissed her hungrily, wasting no time as he pulled her sweater up and over her head. Like so many of the girls, Angela wasn’t wearing a bra, and her firm round breasts seemed to be inviting him for a quick fuck between classes. Angela tugged at Luke’s belt and undid his pants in what seemed like seconds. “We only have a few minutes before the students arrive.” She told him. “But I think it will be enough.”

Letting his pants and boxers fall to the floor, Luke felt her long fingered encircle his cock, which was now at full attention. He hurriedly gave up on unzippering her skirt and simply pulled it up to her waist. He was happy to see that Angela was not wearing the sheer panties of the schoolgirls, nor was she wearing any other kind at all. She laughed as he smiled at her pantiless state and gave his huge cock a squeeze. “Helps not to wear anything that gets in the way.” She said, reaching for his hand and placing it on her hip. “Don’t you think?”

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