tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFairfax Academy Ch. 04

Fairfax Academy Ch. 04


Dr. Kroft was seated behind her intimidating mahogany desk with her eyes lowered to the official looking document before her. Luke Ryder, the teacher who had caught Emily in the act of breaking several school rules the previous evening, was standing behind the headmistress's high backed leather chair. He met Emily with a sympathetic half smile as she entered the room. To the right of the desk stood a man Emily did not recognize. He was tall and debonair, with an expensive suit and silk ascot around his neck. Marie, the headmistress's personal secretary, was seated in the corner of the room with her usual steno pad, ready to record the details of what promised to be an interesting meeting.

"Emily, please come inside and shut the door behind you." Dr. Kroft commanded without looking up from her desk.

Emily did as she was told and took a few more steps toward the center off the room. There was no chair placed there for her to sit, and she was not directed where to go, so she simply stood nervously before the headmistress, awaiting her punishment.

Dr. Kroft seemed to be silently reading the document on her desk for some time, as the other occupants of the room stood in silence. Emily clasped her hands behind her back and nervously shifted her weight from foot to foot as she waited for some direction or sentence to be handed down.

After what seemed like hours, Dr. Kroft looked up from her desk and folded over whatever she was reading. "I have just finished reading the report of what happened last night in the dormitory, Emily. And I must say I am not surprised."

Emily raised her eyebrows at this statement. She was expecting much harsher words.

"Needless to say, I am very disappointed in your actions, and you will be severely punished. I cannot have my girls cavorting around with boys, from Duncan Academy or otherwise, without proper supervision. Your parents entrust you to us to receive an education. A very specific education. And any extracurricular activities need to be school sponsored and chaperoned. I realize that you were not the only student involved in these events and the others will be dealt with accordingly. But, the other girls, especially the younger girls, look up to you. And I expect you to set an example. Is that understood?"

Emily nodded quickly, not quite understanding where this was going.

"Now then," Dr. Kroft continued. "I would like you to meet Lord Covington, the headmaster of Duncan Academy."

The tall prestigious man in the ascot nodded his chin at Emily and smiled. "Pleased to meet you, Emily." He said in a deep English accent. "Although I would have preferred other circumstances for our first visit."

"Lord Covington and I have discussed what happened last night and decided on a course of action." Dr. Kroft explained, now rising from her seat and slowly walking to the front of her desk "Having two colleges so close together with such a unique purpose raises many questions for us as administrators. Until now, we have had very limited contact between the Duncan men and the Fairfax ladies. This has proved to be very problematic. There have been numerous reports of girls and boys meeting outside the schools for some time now, and now this dormitory escapade. We cannot allow these things to happen any longer. Instead we have chosen to form a much more friendly relationship between the schools."

"Instead of forbidding all contact between girls and boys, we will now plan supervised events." Lord Covington further explained. "We will have students travel between campuses for group classes of certain subjects, social and sporting events, all of which will be under the watchful eye of instructors. We cannot have a repeat of what happened in the dormitory. Is that understood?"

Emily nodded. She could not believe what she was hearing. This sounded more like a reward than a punishment. She knew there must be a catch, but she was afraid to ask any questions. She only waited silently for the punishment she knew must be hidden in this most wonderful of news.

"I want you to come forward and lean over the desk, my dear." Lord Covington said, quite matter of factly.

Emily did as she was told. She was somewhat relived at the request. He meant to spank her, she was sure of it. This was a standard punishment at Fairfax, and one she had endured many times before. She leaned over Dr. Krofts massive desk and placed her cheek to its cool surface. She felt the cool air flow over her thighs and her tiny pleated skirt rose over her hips and revealed her thin white panties. She felt a pair of warm hands lift what remained of her skirt and lay it down on her back. She knew all three instructors were now staring at her firm backside, barely covered by the thin material. The hands returned, reaching under the waistband of the underwear and slowly pulling them below her cheeks. As was standard, they were left around her knees for the spanking.

Emily waited patiently, bracing herself for the initial blow, but instead she felt Lord Covington's firm hand stroke her ass gently. Not spanking, just caressing.

"She has a nice firm bottom." He said to Dr. Kroft and Mr. Ryder. "My boys will no doubt love this."

"And as you can see, she enjoys the attention." Dr. Kroft's said, as Emily felt fingertips run up her thigh to the exposed pussy lips. She shuttered as she felt the fingers move back and forth over her slit, revealing the wetness that had developed.

"I like that you keep your girls shaved naked here." Sir Covington commented. "So much more attractive."

With that Emily felt another, larger set of fingers touch her pussy lips. Instinctively, she opened her legs to accommodate the extra hand. It was taking all her energy not to moan out loud. This was surely not like any punishment she had ever received before. The fingers were moving all over her bottom now, opening her pussy lips, flicking at her swelling clit, spreading the moisture all over her pussy and thighs. She couldn't help but move her hips backward against her teacher's hands. It was more than she could stand. She tried in vain to urge the fingers inside her dripping hole, but they only teased her ripe pink sex.

And then suddenly, the touching stopped.

"You may stand now Emily, and face us." Dr. Kroft's voice commanded.

Emily did as she was told. She stood and turned to face the three teachers, panties still around her knees, breasts heaving with desire. She wanted more than anything to beg for them to finish with her, spank her, fuck her, anything to release what they had built up inside her.

"You are probably wondering what your punishment will be for your misbehavior." Dr. Kroft said. "And be assured, you will be punished. Tomorrow afternoon you and your friends who led this dormitory orgy will be the hosts of the first Duncan and Fairfax Academy event. Since the usual punishment for misbehavior is public spanking at a school assembly, you and your little friends will receive your spanks at a joint assembly."

Emily was somewhat relieved. Spankings were painful and humiliating, but it was a quick punishment, and there were never more than a few whacks involved.

"And since your actions have affected the entire school community. Your spanking will be administered by the entire school. Both schools, actually. And following the assembly, those involved in the dormitory goings on will clean up the stadium." Dr. Kroft added, as if this was nothing much at all.

Emily no longer considered this an easy punishment. That was over a hundred people! And the stadium was huge! She and her friends had to do manual labor after their asses were sore and bruised from over a hundred spanks? The thought of having her bottom touched by so many young men, who would without fail fondle her exposed sex as they were administering their spankings, make her weak in the knees. But, she wondered if she would be able to stand the physical toll this punishment would take on her. No doubt she would not be able to sit comfortably for days afterwards.

"Remove your panties, Emily. We have another garment for you to wear until the big day arrives." Lord Covington commanded.

Emily obediently pulled her panties down to the floor and stepped out of them, handing the silky underwear to Dr. Kroft.

Mr. Ryder appeared again, carrying a pair of panties that were most peculiar looking. They were white bikini panties that appeared to be made of a shiny vinyl or patent leather. Only this pair of underwear seemed stiff, and hard. Dr. Kroft took the garment and explained.

"As an additional punishment, you will be wearing these chastity panties until the assembly. Now, they are not a torture device like those chastity belts of the middle ages. It is simply leather brief with an unbendable gusset that will not permit access to your more sensitive region. It will be unlocked several times a day so you may relive yourself and bathe, but only under a teacher's direct supervision. And during that time you may not pleasure yourself. The panties have also been designed to minimize friction so that you may not take pleasure in rubbing against its hard surface. Is that understood?"

Emily's eyes widened as she listened to this detailed explanation. She was appalled. A chastity belt? At Fairfax? She had never even heard of such a punishment occurring before. She lifted her skirt as the strange device was fitted to her hips and secured with a small silver lock.

"You may proceed to your first class of the day Emily." Dr. Kroft said, as she returned to her high backed chair and motioned to the door.

Marie put down her steno pad momentarily and opened the door for Emily as she slowly walked out of the room. Emily was shocked. She didn't know how she would face her classmates wearing this ridiculous garment. Her first class of the day was grooming with Miss Constance. What would the other girls say when Emily removed her skirt and could not take off her panties?

Emily's skirt gave her some protection as she quickly walked through the halls to her first period grooming class. She pushed open the door and smiled at the room full of her nineteen year old classmates, all of whom were sitting demurely in their chairs, which were placed in a semicircle around the room. The instructor, Miss Haze, was a recent Fairfax graduate and looked the part. Her skirt was barely longer than those of the students, and her blouse clearly showed her pert full breasts. She closed the classroom door behind Emily and asked her to take a seat.

"Alright ladies, now that you are all here, please remove your panties and skirts. Nina, would you please pass out the shaving kits to every other girl." Miss Haze said, indicating a petite brunette at the front of the classroom.

Nina went to a closet next the teacher's desk and pulled out a number of pale blue boxes that resembled make up kits. She passed them out to the class as the girls obediently pulled off their panties and skirts, revealing an array of not-so-recently shaved pussies. Emily tried not to look at her classmates and she pulled down her skirt and stepped out of it. The half naked girls were starting to through Emily quizzical glances when they noticed she made no move to remove her underwear. Miss Haze turned to survey that the class had finished undressing and her eyes landed on Emily's covered pussy.

"I have been informed of your new attire by Dr. Kroft, Emily. And as you know, you will not be permitted to remove your panties until the assembly with Duncan Academy. While we do want you to be well groomed for the occasion, this will be taken care of right before the assembly itself, by a faculty member. Until then, you will participate in this class only by assisting to shave your classmates. As for the rest of you, please pair up and begin by washing your partner's pussy gently."

The girls were used to this routine. Every other girl climbed on top of her desk and sat with her legs wide apart. Her partner sat in a chair in front and opened her kit to reveal all the tools she would need to properly groom her classmate's nether regions. The girls walked back and forth to the sink in the back of the room, filling basins in their kits with warm water and collecting pale blue wash clothes. Emily partnered up with Jeanette, who was sitting next to her, and began to prepare her shaving supplies. Jeanette blushed as she spread her legs wide for Emily. She had been the unexpected star of the dormitory orgy which had gotten Emily in this position in the first place. Emily smiled at Jeanette and she gently ran the warm washcloth over Jeanette's already swelling pussy lips. Jeanette felt her hips involuntarily move to meet each stroke and kept glancing at Miss Haze to see if she noticed.

Emily could tell Jeanette was becoming excited and took extra care when it came to parting her lips and squeezing the washcloth to run warm water over Jeanette's red little clit. She was still washing when most of the other girls had already coated their partner's pussies with thick lavender scented shaving cream.

Miss Haze was making her way around the room and stopped to tap Emily on the shoulder. "Let's move along now, Emily. Let's not let your predicament get in the way of your partner's grooming." She whispered, obviously aware of Emily's frustration in knowing she would not be receiving the same careful treatment of her own pussy.

Indeed, Emily was starting to feel the crotch of her hard confining panties moisten. Since the material was not absorbent, like cotton or cloth, Emily new that as she became more aroused, her juices would simply collect on the bottom of her panties until they trickled out of the sides and down her legs, or worse, onto the floor. She hoped it would not come to this just from shaving her friend's pussy.

Around the room, the girls were doing an excellent job of shaving their partners clean. Each pussy was going from stubbly to smooth and glistening with moisture, both from the shaving foam and their own form of lubrication. As the girls finished shaving, they rubbed body oil on their partner's tender skin, massaging the oil in gently, and for a bit longer than was probably needed.

Jeanette was now noticeably rocking her hips back and forth as Emily finished rubbing the body oil up and down her pussy lips. She was thinking about the night before, lying down on top of her teacher's desk, getting mercilessly fucked by an older boy from Duncan Academy. She remembered how her classmates spread her legs apart and watched as her virginal pussy was stretched by his huge cock. Jeanette closed her eyes and smiled. Somehow she could feel his penis inside of her now, thrusting in and out, over and over. She could hear the other girls start to clean up and hop off their desks. She opened her eyes and looked down between her own legs. It wasn't just her imagination, Emily's fingers were quickly moving in and out of her cunt!

"Shhh..." Emily mouthed quickly to her friend. Jeanette glanced across the room. Miss Haze was inspecting the smooth snatch of a girl on the other side of the room. Emily pumped faster and lowered her mouth to Jeanette's dripping pussy. "Stay quiet." Her eyes seemed to say.

Jeanette bit her lip to keep from crying out. She felt like she was about to explode. Emily's tongue flicked quickly across Jeanette's engorged clit. Pushing her knees apart, she glanced sideways every few seconds to make sure her teacher wasn't looking in their direction. Jeanette knew she had to come soon, Miss Haze was inspecting the pussy of every girl in the class room and she would get to her desk in only a few minutes. She bucked her hips faster to keep up with Emily's tongue and fingers. She was so close....so so close....

"Very nice Lindsey." Miss Haze said. "Very good technique."

Miss Haze turned to face Emily and Jeanette. Emily quickly pulled away and Jeanette struggled to catch her breath. She had to use all her strength to keep from screaming as her friend pulled her wet fingers out of her gooey pussy. "Now let's see how we've done over here." Miss Haze said, walking towards Jeanette.

The young attractive teacher looked down between Jeanette's legs and raised her eyebrows. Jeanette's pussy lips were not only shaved bald but obviously engorged. "Well I see you've enjoyed this exercise, Jeanette" She said, "Emily has always gotten good marks in grooming class. I think this is the nicest job I've seen in quite a while."

Jeanette could hardly speak. She was afraid her teacher would reach out and stroke her bald pussy the way she had with the other girls. Emily had left her on the verge of orgasm, it might only take one touch with those soft fingers and Jeanette knew she would be cumming all over her teacher's hand!

"In fact," Miss Haze began, "I'd like the rest of the class to see what a good job Emily has done. Girls, would you please come over here, I've got a perfect example of a shaved pussy to show you."

Jeanette felt her face flush. The whole class was coming over to stare at her naked wet pussy! Emily stood back and smiled. If she wasn't going to be able to come today, at least she could watch her friend orgasm a bit. There was something about watching Jeanette come that turned Emily on like nothing else. She always seemed so innocent, so surprised. Each orgasm she had was like her first one.

"See how Emily has shaved right down to her ass? Not leaving any stray hairs?" Miss Haze explained to the class.

As she said it, she ran her finger down Jeanette's parted slit, showing how smooth it was top to bottom. "I can run my fingers all over and I don't feel one single hair."

With this Miss Haze used both hands and rubbed her fingers all over Jeanette's sweet pussy, between her lips, across her clit, down her crack. Jeanette felt like a volcano was erupting inside her, she couldn't stand it any more. Just as Miss Haze's finger was stroking her slit she thrust her hips out, pushing the young teacher's finger deep inside her pussy. "Yes! Yes! Just fuck me with your finger! Keep touching me, I can't take any more waiting!" Miss Haze appeared to be caught off guard, and kept her finger right where it was, allowing her writhing student to fuck herself on top of the desk.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming finally!" Jeanette panted.

The girls surrounding her were giggling to themselves; this was the second time in two days they had watched Jeanette be forced into a public orgasm. A few of them were busily fingering their pussies or those of the girls next to them. Emily was smiling as she watched Jeanette throw her head back and moan. A stunned Miss Haze withdrew her wet finger from Jeanette's wet pussy and turned to face the class. She straightened her skirt and cleared her throat. "Well ladies, a good shaving can have a lot of extra benefits, as you can all see. Emily, please help your partner clean herself up. That goes for the rest of you as well. I'll dismiss you a few minutes early, as I have a few things to attend too."

The girls helped each other into their skirts and panties and collected their things to leave. Emily kissed Jeanette gently on the lips and handed her her skirt. "I'll study with you any time." She whispered in her ear before walking to her next class.

As the girls left the room and closed the door behind them, they could have sworn they heard Miss Haze's voice moaning from inside.

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