Fairies, Ghosts, and the G-Spot


I am just about ready to start to instruct her about finding her g-spot. "Not now Shawn." From behind me Michelle continue to issue her impossible to ignore commands. "Stand up and pull down your pants. Show Jami how you like to stroke yourself. I want you to feed her your precum she seems to like so much." I hesitate just a second and then again follow her directions. When I push my coated fingers to her lips, Jami sucks on my fingers noisily as she watches me stroke myself for her. Her tongue and lips and mouth all working as one around my finger and I have the urge again to step forward and let her suck me. Again I am stopped by the commanding voice from behind me. "Shawn stand next to the bed so she can watch you stroke yourself easier." I do and Jami's eyes are glued to me stroking myself. Jami starts moaning slightly and I see her reach out to touch me.

"No Jami. First I want Shawn to start to show you where your g-spot is," Michelle says. "Shawn stick your fingers back in her and instruct her." I can hear the wet sound of Michelle rubbing her pussy, but do not turn to look.

My fingers are pulled from her mouth and I trail them down her body. I then run them through her wet pussy again and stop right at the entry. "I am going to take two fingers and push them into you like this, "I tell Jami finally finding my voice again. I am rewarded with a low moan. "Then I curl my fingers up and push here." Suddenly Jami wiggles. "That should be it right about there Jami. Can you feel that?" I ask her.

"Uh huh. Oh...that feels... real good, but also kind of like..." Jami closes her eyes and Michelle comes to her rescue.

"It kind of feels like you have to go pee doesn't it. Good Shawn. That's it. Now make her cum." I hear the wet sound of her fingering her pussy go faster, but I have finally got to a spot where I can ignore her. I am very slowly stroking my dick still and now moving my fingers in and out of Jami but keeping pressure on that elusive spot. I feel an occasional tightening and feel her push down against me finger.

"Oh please... please Shawn." Jami pleads.

I move faster and faster and Jami's hands start to claw at the covers of the bed. Before very long it hits her.

"OH FFFUUUCCKKKKKK!" And with that I know that she is coming. As soon as that one started to die I don't stop my assault of her pussy but instead I speed up. "AAHHHHHHHHHHH!" She comes again and then I hear a similar sound coming from my side and I see Michelle eyes closed with three fingers deep in her own shaved pussy coming along with Jami.

I take my fingers out of Jami and taste them. "And that Jami is where your g-spot is." I say. My hand stroke Jami's thighs and then move back up to her wet pussy and start to rub her clit. Jami starts moaning again and I notice Michelle opens her eyes, stands up crawls up on the bed and kneels next to Jami.

Michelle bends down close to her head. Jami looks up at her and then Michelle just touches her chin and forces her head to look at me. "Jami, look at Shawn's hard cock right there dripping. I think you own him something don't you? Did you pay attention to him stroking himself? Show him you were watching and paying attention." Jami reaches out and swirls the precum over the head and slowly starts to stroke. Michelle's hand pushes mine off of Jami's clit and takes over rubbing.

I start groaning and telling Jami how good that feels. My eyes are torn between watching Jami stroke me, or Michelle fingering Jami. Jami is going at a slow speed and really feels good. Michelle takes Jami's free hand and guides it to her crotch. "Show me that you can find the spot Jami. Touch me Jami." I see Jami's eyes turn away from me but Michelle roughly moves her head back to watching me. "Just watch Shawn Jami." Michelle pulls her fabric aside and Jami guides her fingers in. Michelle closes her eyes. "Not so deep Jami. Now curl those fingers. Push right there. Harder. Ahhh that's it. Now rub it like how Shawn showed you. Mmmm... good girl. Faster. Uhh... that's...it..." Michelle's fingers are rubbing Jami's clit quickly and I reach down and grab hold of Jami's breasts. Michelle then bends down, takes Jami's head and pulls it to her lips. The kiss is brief as both of them start to cum again and Jami stops stroking me. I take maters into my own hands and start to jerk off quickly wanting to cum with the two of them. I take my aim and groan out and splashes my cum all over Jami's breasts.

Michelle's hands plunge into Jami and rub the newly discovered spot and Jami is hit with another orgasm. I step back and watch as the two of them begin to kiss again. This time it is longer and I just watch the two of them kiss. Michelle breaks away from the kiss leaving Jami there longing there still. "Taste me Jami. Takes your finger and lick my juices off." Jami follows her command and eagerly licks and sucks on the fingers. I sit down in the chair and begin to just watch the two of them. I watch as Michelle feeds my cum to Jami; watch as Michelle licks Jami's breasts clean; watch as they kiss again this time with Jami pulling Michelle's head towards her lips. Their hands feeling all of each other's bodies.

Jami begins to pull at Michelle's costume and then Michelle turns to me. "Thanks for your help Shawn in showing Jami her g-spot. I think I can take it from here. Grab your pants and go. We will be down shortly." I just sit there surprised. Not even moving.

"Now Shawn. Go." I got up, pulled on my pants and started walking towards the door. "Wait Shawn. Come back here." I hear Michelle command. I turn back hopeful of participating again and thinking that she changed her mind and went to start to remove my pants. Michelle just grabbed at my costume and I thought she was ripping it to take it off, but as soon as she pulled a couple of long strands of fabric. She turned back a round. "Thanks again Shawn. Pull those up and go."

I was about to argue with her but she just shot me a look that I could not ignore. I pulled up my pants and backed out of the room. I shot a look over my shoulder as I walked out of the door just as Jami was getting her hands tied with strips from my costume. I closed the doors and as I hear the click of the door shutting, and the sounds, smells, and sights stop hitting my senses, I snapped out of the sexually educed trance. I am staring at the white door and it occurred to me that this is my room and my keys and clothing are still in there. I raised my fist to slam on the door and decided that it would be pointless. Let them have their fun. I checked and saw that I at least still had my phone and wallet on me and I could always get another room key. Beside, they will come out eventually I thought. I turned and walked down the hallway and headed back to the now full ballroom and tried to work my way back to the bar.

I did not even get there before I feel a yank on my costume that ripped off a few more stands. "Where the fuck is she?" I hear as I get turned around. Of course it would be yellow bitch fairy.

"Back off bitchy fairy," I tell her forgetting her name. "Jami is with Michelle up in my room."

She let go of me and then just looked at me. "Bullshit! Jami does not swing that way asshole."

"Well she does now." I then proceed to tell her my arrangement with Jami, what happened upstairs, and how I was used so that Michelle could seduce Jami. "And then I was tossed out of my room and they are still there."

She just looked at me fuming. She was pissed. "What room are they in?" she commanded.

I could have told her the wrong room. I could have told her to go to hell, but right now I was hoping for a little revenge and thought that unleashing this little yellow fairy on them would be about the best I could achieve. "Room 312."

She pushed me away, "If she thinks that she can do this to me then she has other ideas. I have been trying for months to get to her." She then turned around and forced her way through the crowd.

I went to the bar got a drink and sat and waited and watched and avoided any other women dressed as fairies. I really did not want to dance; I just sat, watched, thought, and waited. It was several hours later and I was starting to think that I will have to just go and try and kick them out when I got a text from Jami.

"Thanks for meeting me and helping me out. Sorry about Michelle kicking you out like that. Maybe we can find a way just the two of us could meet again for a refresher course, but I got plenty of practice tonight with Michelle and Barbra. Hehehe. Cannot talk more now. Michelle paid for your room and we are heading back home. Will tell you about it later. Good night and thanks again."

Well that's that I thought. At least I may get another chance at meeting Jami, but no fairies this time. I got up and got a new key and then walked to the trashed hotel room and found my bag, a pair of pink wings, and a note.

"Thanks Shawn for setting this up and the use of your room. You really are a pretty good guy. Too bad that you are married; you could have made a great sub for us. Oh, Barbra wanted me to tell you she is still pissed that you did not tell her so she could have had a chance to get Jami first.


Pink fairy

AKA Michelle"

I pushed the wings aside and grabbed my bag and walked towards the door. I then turned around and picked up the note and folded it and put it in my bag. I don't think that I will ever look at a picture of or think of a fairy the same way ever again after tonight.

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