tagSci-Fi & FantasyFairy Night

Fairy Night


All he'd been asked to do was take the dog for a walk. But even this had proved too difficult for Chris, soon after leaving the house the dog had slipped its lead and made straight for the woods. He chased the dog for about 30 minutes before giving up. Chris never wanted the dog in the first place but because he loved his wife he gave in as normal, but the novelty had soon worn off and he was left to look after it like with so many other things that took her fancy.

He'd wandered through the woods and had come upon a small stream, Chris thought he knew these woods fairly well he'd been walking them for more than 10 years but never had he found this stream. He sat down at the base the large oak which over hung over the water. He stretched out and dosed for what seemed like only a minute but when he opened his eyes the light was already leaving the sky.

Just as he was getting to his feet a light caught his eye, it was only a flicker as if it had shot from tree to tree and then gone out. He rubbed his hand over his eyes thinking he must have imagined it. Chris started to turn and just then he saw it again but this time it seemed to hover between the trees, he started at it but could not work out what it was from this distance. Then out popped another light next to it and a third and before long there were 30 lights all hovering in a group.

Chris was curious to find out what these lights were so he walked to the waters edge and seeing the steam was not deep started to cross the water. Half way across the lights disappeared but Chris crossed to the other side and went to investigate the area where the lights had been. As he has expected there was nothing to be found.

Suddenly Chris shot out his left hand and grabbed at the light that had just reappeared. Bringing his hand to his face he looked in to the gap that was glowing brightly between his fingers, as a kid he had liked to catch butter flies and had learnt to catch things with out crushing them so as he looked he could see something moving inside his grip. To his surprise it was a small perfectly formed female body with wings, a naked female body. He had heard of fairies all his life but never believed in them thinking they were just something made up to amuse children, but now he was sure this is what he had caught.

There was a high pitched noise coming from with in and he thought he could almost hear what was being said. He leaned closer and before long could work out that the fairy in his hand was screaming to be let loose, as softly as he could he whispered in to his hand that she was safe and that if she would clam down he would open his hand. The fairy was so astonished that she could understand him that she stopped dead. Slowly Chris opened his hand and there resting on his palm was the most perfect body he had seen. His wife was beautiful but even her fine looks did not compare to what he was seeing and his body was reacting to the sight as well as he could feel his penis swelling in his trousers.

He was so busy looking at her that he did not see she had flown out of his hand till it was too late. She flew up in the air and floated about 5 feet above him. Chris looked up and noticed she was calling to the others, some unknown fear took over and Chris ran for the stream he did not know if fairies could hurt him but he did not want to find out. But as he was about to run in to the water something hit him on the back of the head and he crumpled to his knees.

As he was regaining his feet he saw that the fairy he had caught was floating in his face, her radiance blurring his vision. But she started to talk to him and asked him to sit down; Chris complied only because he did not know what they would do to him if he did not. He noticed that each of the fairies had a slightly different light emanating from them ranging from pure white through to greens and blues. His fairy came and settled on his hand again and in a soft and quiet voice started to talk to him wanting to know what he had caught her and that she was sorry for hitting him but she was scared and did not know what else to do. Chris sat there listening and feeling better all the time.Then one by one the other fairy came and settled on him till it was as if he was all aglow with fairy light. Xara (his fairy as he was coming to think of her) was asking him how he had found there stream when they had kept it hidden for many years and Chris could not answer her all he could say was that he had just come across it and did not know it was here before. His mind was filling with the fact that here were 30 beautiful naked female bodies all over him and he could not keep his body under control.

He was starting to think on how he could some how enjoy there touch on his skin he knew that sex was out the question as they were so small and he was hung well above average, When Xara started to laugh in a sweet high pitched way. He looked at her and she explained that she had picked up on his though and that he did not know much about fairies if he thought they were always this size and saying that she flew behind the first tree and the light extended and grew till it was almost blinding even with the tree in the way all the other fairies looked up to the tree and flew off to join Xara. They were flying around and around the tree until there was a blur of light.

Then all the lights went out, after so much light Chris was left blind and before his eyes adjusted to the darkness a hand was resting on his shoulder and a pair of lips touched his cheek. Shortly he could see again and as he turned around there she was but not the little inch high Xara he had held in his hand, she was now over 5 foot and dressed in a shimmering gown of white as if her wings had turned in to this garment she now wore. Chris was lost for words never before had he seen a full sized woman this beautiful but more importantly for Chris he had never wanted a woman this much before. He had never cheated on his wife not in the 15 years they had been married but Xara stirred things in him that he never would have thought possible. Chris was smitten Xara had captivated him when she was small but now he would die for her if she asked him to.

Xara looked down on Chris and in a voice the was so elegant and rich asked him if he liked what he saw now, Chris could only nod but Xara was looking at his groin and she was impressed with the way his cock was straining to escape the confines of his trousers. Chris got to his feet and at over 6 foot he towered over her but bending down he kissed her before she could move away.

Xara allowed him to kiss her and while they were close she pressed her hand against his crutch to feel his bulge then with the speed that only fairies have she undid his zip. His cock sprung out all 10 inches as if a catapult had just been released she was surprised and happy when it hit her hand. Chris could not believe what she had done he was still kissing her but stopped as soon as he felt himself released. He looked at her and she sheepishly returned his gaze but she said nothing no words were now needed he knew she wanted him the same as he wanted her.

Their first love making was frantic out of no other need than the lust for each other. Ripping of his clothes he then opened up the front of her gown and lowered her to the floor; parting her legs he forced himself inside her and her moaning and whimpering at his rough treatment just urged him on the more. Soon he was thrusting every inch he had in to her now wet hole and she was bucking back at him. He did not last long and before long mere minutes he withdrew from her and as she sat up he shot his first load in to her face; jets of hot cum hit her above the nose and started to trickle down to her mouth where she eagerly sucked it in and drank it.

After he had finished and the final dribbles were leaking from the end of his now deflating penis Xara came close to him and holding him tightly her head resting on his chest she whispered "now you have shown me the animal within its time for the gentle man to take over". Chris had never had the stamina for more than one round a night with his wife but with this vixen before him he wanted to go on forever. Bending down he kissed her again and they stayed there kissing for long moments before he lifted her in his arms and waded through the stream to the foot of the old oak where he had slept earlier

Softly lowering Xara to the ground Chris took a moment to fix the way she looked in his mind, she was perfect in every detail yet black hair, soft white skin, piercing blue eyes that seemed to have a slight glow in them, breasts that were the perfect shape and size for his hands to caress and hard pointed nipples that seamed bright red next to her skin, firm muscular body and legs that were supple yet strong. And then there was her tight pussy with its heart shaped tuft of hair above and pink swollen lips that shone with the glistening of her juices and a clit that looked like it wanted to be sucked on for days. He knew this was perfect and hoped he was not dreaming. Getting down on his knees between her legs he lent over her and again they kissed deeply more passionately as one hand stroked up and down her soft leg. She drew him down on top of her by wrapping her arms around his neck as they kissed enjoying the touch of this human

She had not expected to be able to take the whole of him inside her that first time but when she had started to feel his balls slapping her arse and the tip of his cock hitting the back of her insides she knew he was the one for her. He had stretched her more than any of her other lovers and it felt like she was going to split but she had loved it and now she wanted it again but there was time for that first she would enjoy his touch and see if he could make her orgasm just by touch alone and then she would make him take her.

She knew she only had this night and he must cum inside her. Her sisters had all left the forest looking for mates and they would not be back till dawn if they succeeded if not then they would not be seen again for they had been cursed many centuries ago by an elf king when they had refused to be his lover but the elves had passed on and man had moved in to the areas that had been ruled but the curse had not been broken. The curse had looked like it would be easily broken when all they had to do was find a man that would fit them like a glove and have him cum inside them, but they were bigger then they had not known it but during there first night of sleep the king had come back and turned them in to the winged little people that they were now and said that only on one night of the year could they become as they were before and on that night if they did not get any sperm in there womb then they would disappear and only when the curse was broken would they reappear in the blessed land.

Chris was looking at Xara when she came back to the here and now a look of worry on his face as he was asking if she was ok, she nodded and said she was just remembering things and to carry on. Chris a little perplexed at her words but in no mind to ask her more started to kiss down her neck slow soft kisses the tip of his tongue just gently flicking the skin with each caress moving lower until his mouth had come to a nipple there he stopped and lingered flicking it and sucking it and all the while his hand was caressing and opposite breast and rolling the nipple between his fingers. Switching between breasts he rolled his tongue around each nipple and softly nipped at them, he could hear her pleasure and feel her body responses and would have continued for longer if she had not asked him to go lower.

He worked his way down between her legs and lifting a leg over each shoulder and lowered his head to her mound, her scent alone was intoxicating the smell of musk with that hint of honey and rose. He lay there inhaling before running his tongue over the outer lips of her love hole, her taste was every thing he hoped for and more, it was like licking up sweet white wine with the headiness of brandy and he wanted to drown in it. Using his fingers he opened her lips and darted his tongue inside her as deep as it would go before running it all the way from the arse hole to the clit and Xara loved it her body was twitching with delight at his touch. Again and again he licked and more and more juice was released until it looked like a river was flowing out of a cave mouth. Chris brought his fingers in to add to her excitement, first one then two and finally three fingers all working inside her twisting about rubbing her insides as they moved forward and back and all the time his mouth was sucking on her now very swollen clit. He dipped a forth finger in briefly to moisten it before gently easing in to her arse and as he did this Xara's whole body went in to fits as she came.

Xara's body had started responding quickly to his touch she knew, He was good knowing just what to do and how to do it never before had a man got her this close to the edge so quickly. She wanted to make it last out but her body was deigning her that privilege and as his finger entered an area yet unexplored in all her long years she could not last and gave over to her body's joy as she climaxed for the first time. Wave after wave of spasms passed through her and all she could do was moan and beg for more, no man had ever bade her feel this good and never had she begged for more perhaps this time it would end the curse and she could go to the blessed land and take him with her.

After a time Xara relaxed and looking down at Chris could see he had a big smile on his face and he was hard again, now she wanted to please him and taste him while he still work on her. Chris laid down on his back while Xara positioned her dripping pussy over his mouth and slowly lowed till she could feel his whole mouth press against her and his deep breath tickled, she lowed her self till she was staring straight at his enlarged member and slowly she started to lick the tip and with a free hand she pulled back the skin on his shaft.

She could feel him eating her and his fingers were playing again but she would let her body enjoy it while she worked on this big dick in front of her. Her tongue worked across the head of his penis while her hand was busy pulling the skin back and forth, Pre-cum was already leaking from his tip as her tongue worked its magick over his tip. Slowly she took the tip in to her mouth and holding there she moved her tongue all around from the gland underneath that got him twitching. Her head was moving back and forth taking in the tip and as much shaft as she could. She started to squeeze his balls while she was sucking away and before long she could feel his sack tighten as her own body was starting to quake but this time she stopped and moved away from him. Xara motioned to Chris to come behind her as she lent up against the tree she wanted him to take her from behind.

Chris was having the best time ever he was so engrossed in what he was doing and loving every second. When Xara had started to suck his cock he thought all his Christmases had come all at once, he was still finding it hard to believe that this beautiful fairy was making love to him. He dived back in to the job at hand and hoped he would be able to get to slide his cock back in to her lovely wet hole. Then she was moving and beckoning him to her again and now he knew the time was come for him to get the best again.

Chris stepped up behind Xara and lifted her slowly and planted her on to his engorged cock. She sank down slowly taking the whole length of him inside her, she could feel each ridge and ruck of his skin as it slid inside never before had something felt so good and once he was fully in he slowly lifted her up again and she had to grip the tree to keep upright. Chris was bouncing her up and down and wanting to keep the feel of her insides against his cock for as long as possible, slow rhythmic strokes and all the time trying to think calm thoughts to stop him going over the edge.

They made love that way for many minutes and neither of them noticed that the sun was starting to rise and just as the first rays of the sun hit the tops of the trees Chris let out a pure animal scream as he let loose his second orgasm and Xara whimpered when her orgasm hit her at the same time she could feel each jet of hot sticky cum hit her inside and as that happened the sun moved up to hit her body. Suddenly her body took on the brilliant light of her smaller self she leaped off of Chris and instead of the shrinking that normally happened she stayed the same size the curse had been broken but she was fading and before she disappeared she reached out and touched his breast finally she shouted "thank you Chris for everything"

Chris just stood there with his cock wilting wondering what had just a cured when he turned around the stream had gone and his clothes were just laying there on the floor. He dressed quickly and headed for home, when he got there his wife flung her arms about him and told him that she had been so worried when the dog came home with out him. He told her that all was ok and he needed a shower. When he got in the shower he looked down and there on his chest where Xara had touched him was a faint outline of a fairy a permanent reminder of the night of his life.

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