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Fairy Tale Fantasy: Hetta's Tale


Fairy Tale Fantasy: Hetta's Mucked up Tale

Author's Note: For those new to the series and find this confusing it helps to read the stories behind Hetta and her Mucked up Tale please read The Fairy Tale Series. Either way, I hope you enjoy the story and like always, I look forward to your comments. A special thank you to MistressJett for helping edit this final Fairy Tale Fantasy. ~ Red

Inserts taken from Fairy Tale Fantasy: Beastly Legend

Heat cascaded around her and she felt the floor shake under her. She sat up and looked around wondering what was happening. A glow erupted from underneath Collan and Jenny scurried back from it. Fear showed in her eyes as a woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere. "Do you love him?" she asked.

"Yes," she answered without any hesitation or doubt. "Man or beast. I would always love him."

"Would you do anything for him? Relive all of this to have him as yours?" she asked.

"Yes," again no sign of doubt crossed Jenny's face.

Hetta sighed, "Yes . . . so would I." She lifted her wand and watched Collan slowly rise up from the floor.

Jenny swept her tongue inside his mouth and tasted the passions he'd fueled and stoked to a fiery blaze. She felt his arms surround her, lift her, and soon she was against the bed with his cock buried deep inside. They moved as one. Each gave. Each took. Both knew no limits nor asked any. They just did what they knew was right. They loved quickly and without hesitation and as they climaxed together, both cried out the other's name.

And they lived happily ever after... but...

On the branch of a tree outside the lovers' window sat Hetta, her head bowed. She whispered a few words of magic and disappeared. In less than a second she reappeared, though she had slipped into a peaceful slumber, taking the place of a Princess that was supposed to sleep for a hundred years. Daniel had just finished one of his own stories when he found himself face to face with a dragon that was about to spew acid at him. He looked up at the tower before him and grinned. The name Hetta fell from his lips as he charged toward the mighty creature.

All of Fairy Land was in an up roar. Lucas, the King Fairy had ordered a special council to be formed. There had never been one in over 2000 years so he was at a loss as to who could serve and who couldn't. After several hours he sat at the head of a long table. Seated to his right was his wife Bella and on his left, his eldest son Leland. There were sounds of outrage ringing through the air and everyone was trying to talk over everyone else. Finally, Lucas was ready to speak. He banged his hand on table and the groups' muttering slowly ceased.

"Hetta has chosen to live her fairy tale and in so doing her chosen mate has been pulled into the story with her," Lucas sighed. "From the old scrolls that I and my mate have poured over during the last few hours, it looks as if we are to assign a Fairy Godmother or Father to watch over and see if these two can complete the tasks before them."

"What kind?" Leland asked.

"That is not to be discussed. It is up to the Fairy Godparent that is chosen," Bella answered. Her answer raised another round of muttering.

"Who will do it?"

"How will it happen?"

"Will they have their powers?"

Lucas again quieted the group. "The task is up to the Fairy Parent. They will not have magic, unless the Fairy Godparent decides to grant it. As you all know Princess Aurora now rests quietly as does her Prince Charming they will both return to their fairy tale when Daniel and Hetta either fail or move onward." He took a deep breath and continued. "Fairy Godfather Michael will handle the quests."

A hush was heard around the room, as Michael stood to accept his task. He nodded his head and moved away from the table. He would take his job seriously, the others knew this. "I'll begin now," he said. Michael left the room in a cloud of white smoke.

"If they fail?" a voice whispered.

"They become mortal," Leland muttered.

"Oh how dreadful!" another gasped.


Hetta thought to herself, "I did it. I must have. It must have worked too. I can't get up, open my eyes, move, or talk. I'm here... oh butter-fairies... I'm in a fairy tale. I wonder where Daniel is?"

The beautiful Fairy Godmother had made her wish. The ultimate wish of all Fairy Godparents. She was in love with Daniel and she knew the only way to be with him as his mate was to play out her own Fairy Tale. This one was Sleeping Beauty. She knew it was. It was the one that Daniel thought was boring. It was the one he'd been wanting her to muck up for years now. "Well... he got his wish," she thought in her head.

Daniel had been finishing up his charge's fairy tale when he felt a shift in Fairy Tale Land. He at first wondered what foolish Fairy had decided to make a wish for themselves. Nevertheless, when he appeared in front of a huge black dragon that was just mere seconds away from spewing acid on him, he knew exactly who the Fairy had been. His heart did not have time to burst from the love that he felt; he was suddenly seeing acid coming toward him. He charged the creature, the acid barely missing him.

"Hetta!" he screamed. He felt the beasts claws wrap around him. He looked down and saw the sharp talons clenching his chest. Suddenly, he was lifted up in the air and shaken. His body felt like a buttercup being tipped on its side so the butter fell free. Just as he thought he'd get sick, the dragon threw him into the air and he slammed into the side of a cliff. "Good grief," he muttered when he caught his breath after landing on the ground.

The dragon fired another stream of acid. Daniel rolled to the side and heard a sizzling sound coming from his feet. He looked down and pulled off the boot and threw it at the dragon. "We don't die on these quests!" he shouted out. He wondered who the Fairy Godparent was running the tale, but he had no time to think about that. The beast took another deep breath and expelled another stream of green death.

Daniel thought of how to rid himself of this particular obstacle. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the remaining tangles of thorns that the Prince had cut down before Daniel replaced him. He moved toward them. He knew this story... Eventually the dragon would spew fire and that was what Daniel wanted to happen. He hurried toward the thorns. His unshoed foot was soon cut up with slices from the deadly vines. The dragon followed him in. Eventually, it started to spit out flames and burn the tangled branches.

The smoke rolled up and surrounded Daniel. The dragon eventually had to descend and move into the thorns to find the young man. Daniel stayed as low as he could and fought off the need to cough and sputter. The dragon was surrounded by its fire. Daniel rushed toward it, the smoke covering his advancement. His sword sliced the right Achilles heel of the creature and Daniel rolled himself away from the sweeping tail.

His lungs hurt, but he managed to crawl from the burning furnace. Several minutes went by, before Daniel was able to rise to his feet. An image appeared to him and he focused on it. "Michael," he said.

"Daniel," the Fairy Godfather replied.

"How many?" he asked, brushing off the dirt from his legs. His eyes went to the castle. He knew she wouldn't be there. There would be one more test, then another, then another, really they could be endless. It was all up to Michael.

Michael chuckled. "Just being her mate should be challenge enough. Nevertheless, I can't tell you." Michael lifted his wand and disappeared. The magic was already running and only he could stop it. As he traveled ahead to the forest where it all would take place he knew there would only be one task, but it would be a difficult one for the beautiful Hetta.

Daniel rushed toward the castle, hoping that he was wrong and he'd see her laying on the bed of rose petals. Upon entering the keep he immediately headed up the stairs. He took them two at a time until he reached the upper landing. There were wall scones lit; their flames flickered over the rocky surface. He found an opening and another flight of steps. These led to the uppermost tower; he took them three at a time. Once on the landing he saw an open door. A warm glow of light filled the room it led to and he rushed inside.

"Hetta," he whispered. She lay there quietly resting. Her pale blue lashes lay closed on her slightly colored cheeks. Her lips were a soft pink, slightly parted. His eyes took in her beauty as he closed the distance between them. "Oh my love," he whispered against her lips, bending down to kiss her, wanting to seal their fate for all time.

Hetta could feel his breath against her skin. Had she been able to move she would have opened her lips further and tasted his mouth. She'd felt his presence enter the room, smelled him as she breathed, and could almost see him bending to take her mouth.

Prince Charming bent down and kissed Aurora Ann, lifting the curse of Sleeping Beauty. Daniel and Hetta, however, were somewhere else.

Michael lay down his wand and watched his story for the two Fairy Parents begin. Both of them now unaware the other existed. Neither had a clue they'd ever been fairies. They were simply two mortals, a man named Prince Phillip Lochlionn and a woman named Princess Deidra Ann Renault; two people from the same walks of life, but only with the memories Michael gave them.


The castle was in an uproar, a happy one, but an uproar just the same. Prince Phillip Lochlion was celebrating his 21st birthday and all the nobles would be attending in two days. He didn't wish to have the grand celebration, but his mother did.

Philip walked into his mother's rooms. She'd sent a message for him to wait on her at the dinner hour and so he obeyed rather than heading out for a quick hunt before sunset. He didn't expect to find anything, he just wanted to escape the noise. "Hello Mother," he said as he crossed the room to take her hands and kiss the aged fingers.

"Hello dear," she smiled and felt the warmth of love radiate from her son.

"How are you today?" Philip asked. He helped his mother to her favorite chair and watched her slowly take her seat. Her long slim fingers gripped her staff tight and she relaxed into the cushions with a long, heavy sigh.

"I'm tired Philip. Tired and weary, not to mention old," she said. She laid the staff over both arms of the chair. "Philip, the party will be in two days. I am sorry that I am not young enough to plan it all, but I hear from Lord Duncan that the preparations are going as planned," Queen Sarah's weary eyes of blue looked up at her son.

"Yes, Mother, all seems well. But it isn't necessary. I do not need this elaborate ceremony to mark my coming of age," he told her. Philip retrieved a chair from a corner and placed it in front of her. His hands moved and took her pale ones once more. "Mother, this is hard on you. All this noise and all the people that will arrive and add to it. We don't need this celebration."

She smiled at him. He was still so young, yet he refused to acknowledge that he was older too. She sighed and squeezed his fingers, though Philip barely noticed the gesture. "You are to be 21 my dear. You must be wed and this party is for that reason. Choose your bride wisely," she lowered her gaze. "It could have been so different..." she whispered softly.

"I know, Mother. I know how it was supposed to work. I will look over the choices that Lord Duncan parades in front of me, but I have no desire to wed," Philip told her.

"Lord Duncan is a strong man. He was a great advisor to your father and will present only the best for your inspection. I trust his judgement when it comes to women and the matter of state. Without him... well, you were so young when your father died. Without Lord Duncan to fill in while you were a boy I don't know where I'd be." Her eyes dimmed slightly over the memory of her dead husband. Duncan had tried to wed her several times, but her heart was locked on her one love. "If Princess Deidra had lived than this party would be a celebration of your union as well as your birth."

Philip sighed. He wished for the thousandths time that his Mother would not mention the betrothal agreement made at his birth. It had become null and void when word reached them that Princess Deidra Ann Renault and her entourage had been murdered by an unknown assailant. He knew the stories of her and her ladies-in-waiting being torn limb from limb by some unknown beast; he'd seen their bodies.

"I know you trust him, Mother. I'll interview the ladies and I'll let you know my decision after the festivities. Do rest though. Your meal will be here shortly and I wish to take a moment's peace before supping with Duncan and hearing him rattle about the Kingdom and how it is time I fix things," he sighed and pushed his hands through his thick, brown hair that curled at the collar. "I can only fix so much until I am giving the reigns... and Duncan knows this. I do hate the fact that he knows so much of the workings and keeps me only somewhat informed."

Philip rose to leave, the sounds of his Mother's maid reminding him of the hour. "Mother, enjoy your meal. I will be back after the sun sets." He kissed her cheek and headed to his rooms to gather up his bow and arrows. Soon he and several of his friends, who were also his guards, were deep in the woods hunting for anything that would make a fine trophy. Thoughts of Duncan and the requests he was constantly being denied were pushed back. "When I'm King," he told himself, over and over. "When I'm King... Cousin Duncan is gone."

He separated himself from the group, not worried about any unseen enemy; there were none. They were at peace with all the neighboring Kingdoms and that was why the large gathering was growing more elaborate by the minute. Darkness began to descend and the sun faded away.

***** Princess Deidra Ann Renault's bright blue eyes sparkled as she and her three friends moved into the moonlight. Its beams warmed their skin and she found herself hurrying to get home. The girls raced each other. Each one's eyes shined brightly. Once they landed on the rippling waves of the water and swam into the moonbeams that danced across it they were transformed into the beauties that they had truly been years ago.

"Annie!" Elizabeth shouted, as her black curls fell across her brow. "You cheated."

Deidra Ann laughed. "I did not," she said. Her eyes were full of mischief as she continued, "I took the short cut to save my life." She nodded her head stiffly and walked out of the pond. When her feet touched land her body became clothed in a rich gown of emerald satin. Her thick, gold curls fell in waves and she turned to watch her two friends emerge from the water as well.

"I saw no hunter," Elizabeth said. She shook out her pink gown of ribbon and lace. "Only you taking the shortcut." She pushed her curls back and smiled over to the last girl who'd not yet spoken. "She cheated, didn't she, Rebecca?"

The brunette laughed, "No, Elizabeth, she didn't. There was a hunter so Ann really had no other choice." Rebecca smoothed down the sleeves of her gown.

Deidra Ann winked and stuck out her tongue. "Princesses do not cheat!" She laughed and the girls gathered under the large willow tree. "He was a handsome hunter."

Rebecca agreed and Deidra Ann told them how she'd almost gotten shot.

"I was flying the usual route visiting the lands of my father and mother. It was so wonderful to see them again." A tear slipped down her cheek. "The hours were growing late, so I lifted from their pond and began the flight home. It wasn't long before I could see the two of you soaring through the air and I knew you saw me, for your speed suddenly increased."

She straightened her shoulders and a curious expression crossed her face. "Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a warmth coming over me. I had a need... a sense to look to the east. I did. There was a man there, his arrow poised right for my heart. He let the weapon fly and I dived down. I thought he'd grazed me, but as you can see I am unharmed."

The girls gasped. They'd always feared hunters. Yet there had never been any this deep into the woods to truly worry about.

Deidra continued, "I flew faster, darting through trees and branches. He pursued and I heard others yelling for him. "Philip," they called him. I looked back and at the last second the moonlight seemed to shoot at him, blinding him. I got away and," she paused. Her eyes grew wide and merry. "And... I beat you!" Her laughter filled the air as did the others'.

"So glad you enjoyed yourself," a voice called to the women. A chill filled the warm night air and the girls stood up to face their enemy.

"Rothbart," Deidra spoke. The others moved behind her. Long ago they had all been taken by him; long ago he'd changed them all. They never knew what night he would show up. The rule was to be on the pond each night; he told them long ago of all the vile things he would do to their families if they weren't.

"Deidra," he said, then nodded his head to the other women. "I heard your tale. A hunter? Interesting. I will have to learn more, make sure he is not seen near these woods again."

The women said nothing. It wasn't needed. They knew that the evil magician would handle the hunter however he saw fit. "Deidra," he raised his right hand. "Rebecca," he lifted his left. Both women closed their eyes and took a deep breath before opening them and moving to his side. "Elizabeth," Rothbart said the last girl's name. "Remain here. You know their lives now rest in your hands. Do not fail them."

Elizabeth said nothing; she just looked at her two friends, one of them her Princess, and watched the magician lead the girls away. She knew to leave the woods would bring death to Diedra and Rebecca.


Prince Philip had followed the magnificent swan as best he could, yet when the moonlight had crossed over and slammed into his eyes he was shocked by the brilliance of it. He'd never seen the moon spill over with light that was so intense, nor had he ever seen such a magnificent bird.

His friends eventually caught up to him, but he ordered them home. He wasn't ready to return to his castle full of guests, anxious to marry him off. He now sat on the cool forest floor, his jaw open in shock and amazement. He watched a man lead two beautiful women away, two women that just moments before he'd seen emerge from the pond.

He couldn't hear the conversation that the girls had nor did he see where the magician had entered the clearing. Somehow he'd even missed how they'd left. He looked at the last woman and could sense her uneasiness. He stepped forward and coughed loudly. She jumped and looked at him as if he were the devil himself.

"Shhh.." Philip said. He raised his arms as a sign of friendship, showing her that he'd left his weapons behind.

Elizabeth watched the man approach. "Deidra's hunter, I take it," she said quietly. Her eyes darting around to see if anyone else was with him, or if Rothbart had heard him and returned. "You need to leave here. He will kill you without hesitation."

Philip looked through the thick foliage of the trees. He made out the turrets of a castle. "Where is this place? I have hunted these woods for years and never have I been here or seen signs of a castle."

"This is a place that exists only when the moon appears. During the day we are free to fly wherever we like. None of us go far, in fear we will not get back to the pond before the moon dances upon its water. It has been like this for seven years," Elizabeth explained.

"I saw you change. Tell me the magic behind this... tell me about the one I hunted this night. Who is she? Who are all of you?" Philip could feel the excitement burning inside him. He felt as if he'd been led here.

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