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Fairytale Fantasy


Winds whistle through the moor in this land far way. Sunshine glistens on the running water moving freely, unencumbered. Butterflies move effortlessly through the air while animals search for their next meal.

A strict ruler governs the land; he demands respect and will not tolerate anything less. His wife is well behaved and does what she is told when she is told. Her mind belongs to him; she has no freedom and longs to escape her prison. He keeps her thoughts locked tight in the dark dreary dungeon along with the criminals and rift raft.

Her clothing is tailor made from the finest cloth. Her jewels are crafted and cut special for her. The halls are adorned with fine pieces of art from all over the world. However, with all this her heart is still sad and alone.

Daily life for her consists of making him happy and fulfilling his every desire. She can no longer live in this cold dark place. Evening is upon her when she decides it is time to delve into the world outside these shackled walls, and explore the opportunities life has to offer.

She walks cautiously down the hall, aware of every step and being certain she does not alarm her husband. Moving towards the back doors, she approaches the guard standing tall and confident while he protects the castle's walls. She looks at him and says, "My dear sir, it is my desire to go out these doors."

Peering at her with curiously he replied, "Your Highness, you know I cannot do that, the king will have my head!"

With sadness in her eyes she looks at him and replied, "I am the Queen and I order you to back away from the door! You do not seem to understand, if I am to spend one more night buried in my gloom I wish to no longer live."

"I never saw you this evening your Highness, never!" He replied, as he moves away from his post, allowing her to slip behind and out the door. She is overcome with excitement and disbelief as she moves into the darkness of the night. Looking back at him, she smiles with delight.

She tingles as the crisp night air clings to her skin. The night is black offering little light to guide her adventure. However, the moon is rising up into the clear sky to dance with the stars; she knows it will not be long until its gleaming beauty offers her a path to follow.

She continues to walk as the moonlight begins to light her way. She is frightened yet thrilled to be away from her repressive existence. For the first time in her life, she feels completely free of burden and the constant need to be perfect.

She sees a twinkle on the horizon; it appears to be that of a lantern burning bright. She walks quickly towards the light, as she approaches it becomes clear to her that she has stumbled upon a stable. The light is coming from within the stable.

She can hear the sounds of horses being brushed and cared for. Her curiosity is peeked and draws her closer. The door to the barn is open. She can see a shadow of a man moving his hands up and down gracefully while he brushes out a horse's mane. She must get in closer to see him.

Trees and shrubs surround the grounds. She walks slowly so the sound of breaking twigs does not give away her presence. Getting closer, she sees him. He is standing near the stable doors now looking out into the black; the lantern creates a warm deep twinkle in his eyes. He is tall with short dark hair and his body is very muscular. His appearance overcomes her and she is feels drunk with desire. Her body begins to shake as she crouches down into a shrub to conceal herself from his wondering eyes.

Her heart is pounding so intensely, she has to close her eyes to keep the world from spinning. Upon opening her eyes, she sees him standing directly in front of her. He looks down at her with wonder and said, "My fair lady, what brings you out into the shadows of night?"

"I am a lost soul looking for comfort," she replied.

He ponders a thought for a moment and said, "Would you care to join me in the stable for a spot of warm tea?"

While she wants to join this mysterious man for tea, her intellect tells her to be cautious while her heart screams at her to go.

Her heart wins the battle. "I would be honored to join you for a spot of tea dear sir!"

He puts his hands out too offer her assistance. She gladly accepts and puts her hand into his. His touch is warm and soft, she feels very safe in his presence. Her dress is a bit dirty from her adventure thus far. The couple walks towards the barn together. Entering cautiously, she is overwhelmed by the awesome beauty of the horses inside. They are very well cared for and obviously loved.

He goes to the back of the barn and exits through a small door, leaving it open behind him. She can see a small fire with a rack and teakettle on top. He pours two cups of tea and returns, handing one to her with a warm inviting smile on his face.

He is bewildered by her grace and electric energy. She is taken by his simplicity, but something complicated too. Together they sip their tea until one of the horses starts to neigh. He tells her it is time to strap on the horses feedbag. He asks her to hand him the leather bag lying near her feet. She bends to retrieve the item and loses her balance falling into him.

His strong arms catch her from the fall. He lifts her gently to her feet and their eyes meet, twinkling together like the shimmering stars in the night sky. Passion and lust overwhelm them. He embraces her tightly and with confidence. Both of their bodies are shaking while they hold and caress each other's backs. She glides her hands up and down with fury and hunger. He strokes her long auburn hair softly.

Breaking their embrace and moving slightly away, he takes her face into his strong hands and pulls her lips to his. Locked in a passionate kiss, his hands slide down her front, unlacing each tie from her fastened girdle.

He slowly slips the cloth off her shoulders to her reveal her soft white skin underneath. She removes his suspenders and unbuttons his shirt. His chest is chiseled and firm, she runs her fingers up and down his chest while putting her face close to his skin to smell his scent.

He undoes her dress and lets it flow to the dirt below. Her bosoms are round and firm, her nipples hard. He lowers his lips to her perky eager nipples and runs his tongue around in little circles while his hand moves swiftly over her other bosom. Her breathing increases as his pace quickens.

He pulls back from her, turns around, and grabs a quilted blanket lying near a horse stall. He walks to the hay and lays the blanket on top. He moves briskly back over to her and takes her hand into his. Guiding her to the blanket, he lays her soft curvy body down and removes the rest of her clothing. He is alive with lust and hunger. Her sweet soft flower is before him. He goes to his knees and begins to kiss her white luscious thighs. She moans softly in bliss while he moves leg with desire. She is running her fingers through his hair while she enjoys his kiss on her wet skin.

His face draws near to her flower, she is in absolute ecstasy. He darts out his tongue, and tickles her clit; she wiggled quickly, and moves her bottom up and down. He gently slides two of his fingers into her love hole while his tongue dances on her clit. He is panting and moaning to the sounds of her pleasure. Her hands suddenly grab his hair tightly as her flower tightens around his fingers. She screams out a loud moan, "Yes, oh yes, you are incredible." she says as the juice leaks from her flower.

She grabs his shoulders and pulls him up on top of her. Rubbing his hair and kissing him passionately while her hands glide everywhere she can reach. Flipping him over onto his side, she begins to nibble on his neck and then running her tongue up and down his arms. Her hands caress his chest as they make their way down to his penis. She glides her finger around the outside area of his penis. He is delighted and moaning softly.

Her hand cups his full warm ball and massages them while her other hand finds its way to his long hard throbbing penis. Up and down her hand goes, first slow, then faster. She runs her tongue down his chest until her mouth is directly over his hardness.

She holds his penis firmly with one hand while she licks and swirls her tongue around the tip of him. He is swollen with raw emotion running though his veins. His hands are wandering all over her soft curves and bosoms. He is showering her with butterfly kisses.

Her hand continues to caress his warm balls. She opens her mouth and takes in his hardness with confidence. She goes all the way down holding it there while her tongue moves up and down the side or his penis, sending him into frenzy.

She pulls up and takes his penis out of her mouth moving her face to his balls. She slides them into her mouth swirling her tongue around and sucking gently. His sounds are making her drip with desire again. She moves back to his penis and slides it in. Going down quickly, she moves her head back and forth then moves up. Back down she goes with delight. She slows her pace and milks his penis to increase his desire.

She moves up and down, up and down then side to side licking and sucking his penis always using her tongue to intensify his orgasm. His penis pulsating and ready to explode, he grabs her hair. She can feel his cum about to release all over her face. She moves the penis out of her mouth and rubs his penis all over her face until he release his hot salty cum. He is in heaven as she sucks the last of his cum out of his penis.

She crawls up and lies next to him on the hay. She wraps her arms around him and kisses him with sincerity. He looks deep into her eyes and returns her lovely kiss.

Together they lay rubbing and smelling each other. The sweet scent of sweet love juices fills the air. He turns his head and looks at her with a sexy little smile. She returns a smile to him as her hand wanders to his penis. He is long and hard again; ready to fill her hot flower with his penis.

He lays her onto her side and spreads her legs. He fondles her wetness with the tip of his penis while he plays with her hard nipples. She moans softly, "I want you so bad," she says.

He takes his penis into his hand and slowly pushes his tip into her moving his body around in circles. He is driving her nuts and teasing her, "I need your penis in me now," she begs.

He quickly thrusts his penis deep into her. He can feel her flower muscles tighten around him with every motion. He bangs deep into her then back out. Their moans are loud and fill the air around them. She is wiggling with pleasure while he continues to slide in and out, back and forth. The moment builds quickly as he grabs tightly onto her inner thighs. She is holding tightly onto the blanket. His pace quickens and she can feel his penis growing tense.

Their bodies explode is awesome powerful orgasm. He fills her with his hot warm cum while her juices surround his penis and drip out. He spreads her legs open and begins to lick up her sweet juice sending her body quivering.

They come together on the blanket holding each other tight and close. Each can hear the others heart racing as they lay in silence together. Time passes as they enjoy each others company, talking and holding each other. She knows she must leave and return to her castle. She dresses herself and prepares to go. Walking slowly towards the doors of the stall she looks back and smiles at him.

"I enjoyed you this evening your Highness," He said with a smile sweeping his face. She looked back him quite surprised as she thought he did not know. She smiled at him pleasantly as she turned and walked into the twilight.

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