tagLoving WivesFaithfulness and Fidelity

Faithfulness and Fidelity


This story is part three of a series that started with "Faithfulness," then continued with "Faithfulness and."

Just as her late husband had prescribed for her, Janine married her brother in law Ben just a few weeks after the funeral. The ceremony was a very small and quiet one at a chapel several miles from the city. All the arrangements had been made so that by the time they returned from the ceremony, Ben's things had been moved into the large house. Janine had decided to keep on all of her staff, which was fine with Ben since he knew many of them anyway.

In keeping with low profile arrangements, Ben and Janine planned to simply spend their honeymoon in the same hotel where they used to meet before Janine's husband died. The only real difference was that instead of simply spending just the afternoon in the room, they would have it for a full week. The plan was for Ben to head directly to the hotel after the wedding and Janine would meet him there, wearing just her fur coat, just as they had often met in the past.

It was mid afternoon when Janine arrived at the hotel and as she walked inside to pick up the card key, she felt the same tingle in her stomach she felt the last time she came her. As she walked across the lobby wearing just the fur coat, a garter belt, stockings and some shoes she could feel the men watching her, wondering if, fanaticizing about the possibility that she wore nothing else. When the doors opened, she stepped into the elevator, pressed the open button to hold the door for her driver who was carrying her bags, and then, she pushed twelve. They rode up to the twelfth floor in silence.

Stepping out into the hallway, she turned right and led her driver to the room, where she pushed the card into the slot and stepped into the room, noticing Ben was already in bed waiting for her. She stood there wrapped in her fur coat while her driver carefully placed the bags on the ground. When he finished he stood there for a moment until Janine looked over at him and said, "Thank you Gil."

Instead of heading for the door, Gil walked over to Janine and, standing behind her, he reached out and helped her remove her fur jacket. He grabbed a hanger and carefully hung up the jacket as Janine slowly walked toward the bed. Ben watched in amazement as she walked to him, seeming unaware that the driver was still in the room. Glancing over to the driver he could see the man watching her from behind, admiring her tight ass as she demurely climbed into the bed.

"Aren't you going to wait for him to leave?" Ben asked.

"Wait for whom to leave?"

"Your driver."

"Oh Ben darling, you don't understand, Gil will be joining us."

"But this is our wedding night," he replied indignantly.

"And this is our marriage Ben," she said, glancing over at Gil who was getting undressed.

"I don't understand, you always promised to be faithful."

"And I am darling. Just as David wished it, as he became incapable of satisfying me I vowed faithfulness to you until his death. Now with you and Gil I can promise complete fidelity, faithfulness and fidelity, that's something you always wanted."


"Faithfulness and fidelity and half of David's money, that's what you really wanted. With Gil you can have it all, my faithfulness and fidelity to both of you and you get your share of David's money."

"How will we..."

"Why Ben, that's going to be half the fun, figuring out all the possible combinations. Now look at his cock," she said, looking up at Gil, who was standing next to the bed, "You think if you watched me suck his cock you could get hard enough to fuck me while I do it?"

Ben nodded, and noticing the way his cock immediately began twitching to life, she guessed she might have struck a chord with her husband. She reached out and pulled Gil onto the bed and kneeling over him, grabbed his cock with one hand and sliding her mouth down over him. As she began stroking him with her hand and sucking on the head of his cock she felt her husband's cock poking against her thigh.

Moving her mouth and hand from Gil's cock, Janine reached back and helped Ben guide his cock into her pussy. She then turned her attention back to Gil's cock once again taking it into her mouth. The salty taste of his precum excited her and she began to stroke him with her hand as she bobbed her head up and down.

Behind her, Ben had taken hold of her hips and was driving his cock in and out of her pussy, his balls bouncing on her with each of his thrusts. Janine knew Ben would not be able to hold out very long, he never had, but now when he came inside her to quickly, she had another option. She reached her free hand back under her body and toyed with her clit, but just as she feared, with just a few more thrusts, Ben moaned loudly and shoved hard against her as he came, spurting his cum into her cunt.

As Ben eased his cock out or her he moved onto his back and tried to crawl up under her. When Janine pulled away he complained, "But you didn't come, I want to eat you and make you come."

Pulling her mouth off of Gil's cock she said, "You can eat me, but only after..." she stopped talking as she turned on the bed, swinging her ass in front of Gil. He moved forward immediately sliding his cock into her wet pussy. As Gil began banging away inside Janine she finished her statement, "...only after Gil finishes."

Gil responded quickly too and Janine realized she'd need to figure out a way to get these two to hang on a bit longer. Perhaps next time she'd just line them up, let them take turns fucking her. If they got close she could make them switch, yes that would be fun. Just as she was beginning to enjoy Gil's rougher fucking, he arched his back and came, flooding her pussy with his cum too. He held her tight for a while, his cock shoved deep into her and she hoped maybe he would stay hard enough to continue, but after a few minutes he pulled out of her and Janine rolled onto her back.

Looking up she saw Ben waiting eagerly for her so she slowly spread her legs wide for him. He paused a moment seeing the foamy cum oozing out of Janine's pussy, but after thinking about it for a few seconds he dove in, lapping up some of the cum and then moving up to her clit. Surprisingly, no sooner than Ben had moved his mouth up to the clit, he felt Gil's head pushing him to the side as he also slurped her pussy. All Janine could do was close her eyes and enjoy the sensations as the two men took turns licking her clit and slurping the cum out of her pussy.

Ben had always been very good whenever he went down on Janine, but now, with both lovers between her legs she was in heaven. Just the excitement of feeling a tongue on her clit at the same time one plunged into her pussy had her coming almost immediately. When the two men continued she simply squirmed a bit as they moved and in no time she arched her back and came again, this time grabbing both her lovers heads and clamping her legs shut.

"Guys, guys, we have a whole week here, let's take a rest," she said resting her head back on the pillow. The three of them spent the rest of the afternoon sprawled on the bed as Janine's mind drifted to her late husband, David. "Yes," she thought to herself, "this would have been an excellent story to tell him." She wiped a tear from her eye and then sat up, looking over the two naked, sleeping men in bed with her. Feeling a tingling between her legs, she reached out to awaken Gil.

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