One minute she was on her feet, blind, bound, and a little off-balance, but at least she was still standing, still in control.

The next she was flying.


Back onto the soft bed, chained hands wanting desperately to reach out and catch something to hold onto...but unable to.

She knew it wasn't graceful, the position she'd found herself in. And she knew he was watching her. Staring at her. Taking in every detail of her form. Enjoying the way the tumble had made her legs fall open like a slut who couldn't contain herself.

She could feel him moving closer, feel the heat of his hands even before they wrapped around her arms.


Frozen by the certainty that she knew what was coming next she failed to move as quickly as he obviously expected and the hand that grasped her chin was not overly gentle.

"You heard me, slut. Turn over!"

She struggled, bound hands getting in the way, to turn over onto her plump stomach. Without his assistance she doubted she'd have made it. He dragged her by the thighs until they draped over the edge of the bed, her knees not touching the floor.

"Such a sweet slut, such a round little ass. That's my ass to play with, slut. Isn't it?"

The force of his hand coming down on her round white cheek echoed through the room and brought the hoarse 'Yes, sir' out of her constricted throat in a hurry.

"I think that little ass needs some attention."

He moved away for a moment and she was almost afraid he'd changed his mind...and almost hopeful as well. It was always this way. She wanted the pain but she feared it too.

He was back and manipulating her knees onto a pile of blankets so that she could brace herself. Stomach on the bed, knees planted wide on the pile of soft blankets.

The flogger was relentless. Back and forth between cheeks, slapping down with a thud but leaving a trace of sting in its wake.

She squirmed, she cried out. She tried to brace herself for the blows...but he kept throwing her off.

Back and forth from one cheek to the other until her body was bouncing on the soft bed, and the motion of it all went straight to her pussy making her so wet she was sure the blankets beneath her were soaked.

She wanted to cry out 'yellow', to make it slow down, soften or stop, but the thought of him stopping kept her quiet. She knew he loved it when she was taking it for him and so she held on, on the edge of a scream, hoping it would please him.

Eventually the blows softened and stopped. She'd lost count.

"That's a good slut. Such a lovely red ass."

His hand came down softly stroking the burning mound of flesh. She knew she was shaking, shivering, whimpering.

His body draped over hers for a second. The hair on his thighs scratched the sore skin of her ass, and it hurt so much she wanted to throw him off her...but to be held after the pain was what made the pain worthwhile. Knowing that even though he said nothing, he adored her for this kept her quiet and still beneath him.

He left a soft kiss at the base of her spine, where he'd dropped the flogger and moments later she heard the tell-tale sounds of ice in a glass and sighed.

As he tended to one red-hot cheek then the other she felt shivers overtake her, and only his hand resting softly at the base of her spine kept her grounded. Eventually they stopped and the world began to look familiar again.

He left her there a moment, as she gathered her breath. She could hear him moving about, and began to wonder what was coming next.

"Up on the bed, slut...hands and knees." His voice demanded as though he'd read her mind.

She tried, but needed his help to get there. With a hand on the collar around her neck he turned her...made her crawl across the soft downy bedspread.

It was hard to keep track of where she was with the blindfold throwing her into confusion but when she felt the edge of the bed beneath her chained hands she knew...Knew what was next...

"Suck, bitch..."

His thick, semi-hard cock was hot against her dry lips. Her tongue seeking to wet her lips brushed the head of his cock and sighing she drew it onto her mouth.

She wanted to take him deep, she wanted to make him groan, but he always kept control, rarely rewarding her with the sounds of arousal he was surely suppressing.

She wanted to use her hands to grasp the base of his cock, to steady herself but his hands held her wrists, chains and all, so tightly that she knew it wouldn't be possible even if she could gain enough balance.

He was big enough to stretch her small mouth, just long enough to graze the back of her throat. She fought the urge to pull away, knowing that the sounds she was making were a mix of distress and hunger.

She wanted this, for him. Wanted to know she gave him pleasure. In a way it took away a shred of the helplessness she felt in this position, bound and under his control. As though if she could just suck hard enough, long enough, he would gentle, go easy on her.

A vain hope, born out of the mixed emotions submitting to masculine power gave her. It would never happen.

"Keep sucking bitch...You don't stop until I say so...Understand?"

His hand, now in her hair...pulling. On her neck, caressing...Back to her head, to push her a little deeper. To guide the rhythm...to make her go faster, deeper...

She knew the garbled sounds of distress coming from her full, stretched mouth only pleased him more.

"I could come in your mouth...I could come all over your face...Such a good cocksucker...But you'd like that, slut. Wouldn't you?"

His voice was hoarse, but almost affectionate. He couldn't quite hide how much he loved that she was doing this. How much pride he had in her. She could feel that pride growing as she tried to answer around his hard cock, but she knew better than to show it. He'd only have to work harder to bring her back to a humbler state.

Fear shot through her with the realization...He always went harder on her after she sucked him...always.

She knew why.

She even knew he had to. How hard it must be for him...all warm and aroused from having her mouth on him, having to bring her back to earth, having to dash the pride without breaking her heart. Knew he had to regain the upper hand.

"Enough, bitch!"

She let him slip from her dripping wet mouth reluctantly, even though her jaws were aching and it was also a relief.

His hand on her collar led her into a crawl and before she knew it she was feeling that familiar sensation of her collar being attached to the chain that was eye-bolted to the headboard.

There was no escape, no pleas that would set her free.

His hand stroked over her still aching ass and slid down to caress the opening to her anus...

No...Not that...

"My little slut needs a good fuck. Doesn't she?"

She tried tossing her head, agitation warring with the need to obey but the chain and collar restricted her movements.

It didn't matter...She couldn't stop him anyway. Not without stopping the whole scene. She gauged her fear, her discomfort as his finger softly pressed and teased the tight opening.

She could take it. She trusted him not to push her any further than she could go. To call 'red' now would be to deny that trust.

"I think that red little ass needs filling. I think that red little ass needs to be fucked hard."

She moaned, fearing that the sound would drive him to gag her. She hated the gag, hated having her mouth stretched and stuffed with anything but his cock.

Long moments passed as he moved around the room. She knew he meant what he said. He was likely getting out the lube, the condoms...maybe the larger butt plug she'd graduated to, just a short while ago...

Or did he mean to finally fill her with his own thick cock?

She wanted to ask, and yet she didn't want to know. Did he think she was ready for it? Ready for him, buried deep in her ass...slamming against her...

She felt the cool wet prod of his finger, felt him massaging her, opening her, pressing...insisting.

With great will she coaxed herself to relax, pleaded with her body to let this happen.

Bit by bit she felt him press inward. Knew he must be knuckle deep, already...Despite the discomfort shocks of pleasure radiated from her ass to her whole pussy...She could feel herself dripping with arousal.

"Nice and open, slut...that's the way...You want me to fuck you, don't you, woman? You've had enough of fingers and butt plugs...You need more...bigger, thicker...driving up your ass, bitch..."

The sound that escaped her was a cross between denial and fear and acquiescence.

"I can't hear you, bitch. Tell me you want my cock."

She heard the words escape her.

"Where do you want my cock, slut?"

He was relentless. She knew she wouldn't get away with anything less than asking for it whether she really thought she wanted it or not...

She heard him asking if she wanted to please him. If she wanted to make him proud...

Of course she did...even more than she wanted to escape the possible pain his cock might cause.

"I want your cock fucking my ass..." she managed.

"Yes, my good little slut...yes, you do..." His voice was soft with pride and affection. She'd pleased him...

Her heart swelled.

She held that thought in her mind as his cock replaced his fingers...as he moved slowly inch by inch, stretching her wider than she'd ever been stretched. Going deeper until she felt that feeling of fullness she'd learned to love and hate.

His balls were snugged up against her ass. There was a burning discomfort, a vague need to push him out of her body...but surprisingly no pain.

"Alright, little one?" he asked, in that soft concerned voice she only heard when he knew he'd pushed her hard. When he needed to know she was still with him.

A nod would not suffice. She told him she was, trying hard not to let her voice tremble.

He seemed to stay forever there, buried deep. One hand came beneath her, stroking her hanging breasts, drifting down between her thighs.

"So wet, slut. Tell me you needed this."

She told him...beginning to believe it herself.

His fingers stroked deep, finding that wonderful place inside her that drove her straight to the edge of orgasm in seconds. He let the sensation build until moans slipped past her lips, until he knew she was on the edge...then he stilled.

His fingers stilled...but the rest of him went slowly into motion.

Slowly by degrees, he began to stroke his cock back and forth...never getting close to pulling out but moving just enough so that she could feel the stroke back in with no doubt.

The burn continued but lessened...melding into the feelings that his hand in her cunt were causing as he softly, subtly, drove her over the edge...

As she screamed his name in response to the waves of pleasure coming from her cunt she sensed him slamming deeper, his balls hitting her ass on the inward blows...

She could feel her body actually rocking back to increase the thrusts, felt her whole body screaming with orgasm...

She knew he was coming too...Coming deep in her ass, where he'd always promised he would...one day.

His free hand tangled in her hair, pulling her head back slightly against the restraints.

The orgasm took off into a higher plane...making her scream out his name again.

She rode the spasms of orgasm for what seemed like forever...thoughtless, wild.

All too soon she felt the burning sensation of his cock sliding out...leaving her strangely empty.

Her knees gave out and she sank in exhaustion onto her stomach, shoulders aching...mouth dry from her screams.

His body pressed her deep into the mattress, his hands working to free her collar, to free her wrists...

She hated being free...

He didn't bother taking off the blindfold and she didn't try. Couldn't really, as his hands were as firm on her wrists as the chains had been.

Rolling into his body she felt him spoon her, heard him murmur 'good girl' into her ear...

And she knew she was...A good girl...

But only as good as he made her...

October 2001 – copyright by C.A.

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