tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFalling for Her

Falling for Her


***This story involves voyeurism between a male college student and his female roommate with a boyfriend. If this does not interest you, do not read.***

In my junior year of college I was desperate to find living accommodations. My current housing was no longer an option and since the term had already started, all my friends were living elsewhere. I looked everywhere I could for a room and found a few options.

While the first and second houses were close to school, they were with families and I preferred living with other students. The third house was a little further, but there were three girls living in it and no guys. When I went to see the place, they were surprised I was a guy since my name is Alex, but they seemed very nice and went to my college. The girl giving me the house tour, Kristi, was particularly captivating. To be honest, I immediately found her attractive.

Kristi was maybe 5'4", had brown hair past her shoulders, and this coy smile that twisted towards one side of her mouth. I couldn't help but stare into her light brown eyes as she described the details of the house to me. I was barely listening at times. When I insisted she went first in doorways, I got a great view of her ass in tight jeans that made me want to sign on the dotted line right there and then.

"It will be nice to have a man around the place to help us out. I like to cook, Olivia likes to do laundry, and Emma enjoys doing the yard work. If you could clean the place occasionally with us that would be awesome," Kristi said.

I moved in on a Saturday. By the time I went back and forth from my place to the new house to get all my things it was nearly 7:00 p.m. While moving my belongings into my room I heard a rumbling from Kristi's room beside me.

"No! No more. I am exhausted. We need to eat! Calvin it's almost past dinner time and we haven't even eaten today!" Kristi's words were audible through the wall, and I could hear belts being done up and some jumping around. Then after a minute or so, their door opened.

"So what do you want to eat for dinner tonight? Calvin you too! I am cooking," her smile was back and it lit up the room. She has a boyfriend, I thought, of course she has a boyfriend. "Oh sorry, Calvin this is Alex, our new roommate. Alex, Calvin." We shook hands and said a quick hello to one another. Calvin was a big strong guy, well over 6 feet tall.

"I think I am going to make us quesadillas..."

Preparing for dinner was a little awkward until Olivia came home and helped out. I found out over dinner that Olivia was single, but was dating a few guys to 'test the waters.' Emma was nowhere to be found, but later I heard she was at her boyfriend's place.

After dinner I cleaned the dishes and then went back to unpacking. I heard Olivia and Kristi talking about going to some club with Calvin. I was asked to join, but decided I wanted to get my room and bed in a sleep-able state before doing anything else.

It was after 1:00 a.m. when I finally finished unpacking everything and had my room in a partially ordered state. I lied down in bed and just closed my eyes when I heard the front door open.

"I can't believe Olivia went home with that guy! I mean he was hot but she just met him..." Kristi's voice was hushed by Calvin.

"Don't talk so loud! Your roommate is asleep," Calvin said.

My lights were off and my keys were hanging by the door, so he must have been at least sober enough to deduce my whereabouts, but Kristi sounded drunk.

"I hope he is a heavy sleeper because I need you," Kristi's voice was not quiet.

Their bedroom door opened and closed. I heard her jump him on the bed. "Come on baby, don't I look good in this little black dress?" Calvin replied that she looked incredible. "I bet I look even better out of it," her words were piercing both the wall and my heart. They were going to fool around. They were going to have sex.

Kissing sounds came from the room until eventually I heard someone drop to her knees. "I never get used to how big your cock is. Looks perfect and delicious..." I could only imagine Kristi's eyes and that smile opening as she must have started sucking on his dick based on the slurping sounds I overheard. Calvin let out a small moan before saying "Shhh! Your roommate remember?"

I have only heard a few of my guy roommates have sex before, but that was somehow different. I wasn't attracted to their girlfriends and couldn't see them in any way other than being in their relationship. Kristi on the other hand, was someone I wanted to see myself with. I had been single for over 2 years -- partly due to my studies and partly due to having my heart broken.

Now Kristi was sucking on her boyfriend's cock only feet away from me, a wall dividing us. My cock got hard thinking of her lips wrapped around my cock.

"Quick! Take off my dress," her voice was quieter but still clearly audible. Kissing sounds ensued. I imagined her chest in a sexy black bra. I imagined her breasts uncovered as I heard sucking sounds. I wondered if her nipples were small the way I liked them.

The bed creaked on their side. My cock throbbed on mine. "Your panties are still on," Calvin said. "No time, I don't care, I need you inside of me," Kristi replied. I could almost see her mounting him, getting on his cock and riding it. She didn't even take off her panties. Precum ran out from my cock.

The bed rocked against the wall as she rode him. As much as I tried to ignore them, I could no longer ignore my cock. I slipped it through my boxer hole and felt it. It was a massive erection that already wet my boxers with pre cum. My hot new roommate was being fucked right beside me, and I started to jerk my cock as she rode her boyfriend.

"Oh yes baby, your cock feels so good so deep inside of me. Now fuck me. Please fuck me," she sounded horny and hot as hell. There was movement on the bed. I bet she loved doggy style. She seemed like a bit of slut in bed. I was really falling for this girl even though her boyfriend was fucking her at the time. I heard the slap of skin on skin, of what I assumed were his legs against her ass.

Her moans were clear and segmented by her breathing. "Fuck. Me. Harder. Yes. Yes. Take that pussy. Use. Me." My hand began jerking my cock. I hadn't come in a few days. With the stress of the move I wasn't that interested in sex but here I was now with my cock throbbing as my new crush was being fucked essentially beside me.

"Harder! Use my pussy! Yes! Yes! I am close...mpmmph" Her orgasm rang out. She sounded so fucking hot. Her moan moved from very loud to suddenly silent. She must have been in bliss wrapped around his cock.

"Oh my god, oh my god, yes that was amazing," she said.

"I am not wearing a condom babe, can I come in your mouth?" Calvin asked.

"Yes please. Blow all over my face and fill my mouth!" Kristi was really a nasty slut in bed.

I imagined standing over her as she made that coy smile, my cock in front of her face as she got in some licks as I stroked it. My own orgasm was building. I was getting close.

"Please feed me your cum! I want your cum in my mouth and all over my face!" Thank god his groans were loud, as he must have been covering her with his load of cum, because my own cock began spurting and I gave off the smallest groan. Shot after shot of cum flew from my cock all over my boxers.

"Mmmmhmm. So yummy baby. Thanks for the load," Kristi said and then laughed the cutest laugh.

They rustled around the room once more and I quietly changed my boxers. I couldn't believe my luck. I had moved in to a nice new place with great roommates. The only drawback was that Kristi liked to have loud sex right beside me.

Or was it a drawback?

The next morning I awoke to the sounds of slurping. She must have been sucking on his cock again. My dick got hard almost immediately.

"Come on, let's do it in the shower," Kristi said to Calvin. What a great slut.

I heard them get up and make their way to the bathroom. Peaking out of my door, I saw no movement from anyone else in the house. I don't know what came over me. I began looking into Kristi's bedroom as the door was left open a crack. Her bed was a mess and their clothes were everywhere. Then I saw it. Her panties from last night were on the floor just inside the door.

They were pink and lacy and all kinds of sexy. My cock throbbed. I had always found a girl in panties really hot. My ex had worn similar panties, and pink was my favorite. I don't know why, but I opened the door to her room, and slowly picked them up.

Banging echoed from inside the bathroom, which only made my cock throb more in my boxers. Now holding her used panties, I could feel her wetness all over them. They were drenched from her fucking last night. My ex never wore panties while we fucked. I could feel their wetness and the aroma was absolutely naughty. My cock was aching for attention.

"Umm Alex, I am not sure what Kristi told you, but I do the laundry around here," Olivia's words pierced through me. I was standing in my boxers holding Kristi's used panties. I was caught red handed.


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