tagIncest/TabooFalling for Jennifer Ch. 02

Falling for Jennifer Ch. 02


I had not originally intended a second chapter to this story, but a number of readers suggested that many of the details omitted from the first part should be explained. So, here it is. It can be read in isolation from Chapter 1, or as an extension to it. There will not be a third chapter - I have other stories in mind.

Please note that this work contains descriptions of explicit oral and vaginal sex between consulting adults. If any of that offends you, please don't bother to read it.

Everyone in this story who is engaged in any sort of sexual conduct is over the age of 18.

Falling For Jennifer. Ch 02

Prologue. August 2011

Jennifer Elizabeth Robertson stared out of the window, her grey eyes seemingly fixed on the far end of the garden where the tumbledown shed sagged against the fence, partially obscured by the tangle of brambles and hawthorn. Aside from herself the house had been empty for a year or so and it was quiet in the sunlit kitchen in which she stood, apart from the thin cries of children playing at the local school and the low grumble of earth moving equipment two streets down.

Her mind was on the envelope lying on the kitchen table behind her. She recalled the many addresses scribbled on its face as people redirected it, and wondered how it had ever reached her. She remembered the body blow in her chest when she recognized who it was from, and how she had carefully propped it up against the sugar bowl whilst she went about her chores, delaying the moment when she would open it because she wasn't sure if the growl of excitement in her belly was greater or less than the sense of dread of what it might say. Twice she had gone to fling it in the bin but on each occasion she had stopped, aware that not knowing what was inside would be infinitely worse than knowing.

She gave a little sigh and turned away from the window, her eyes scanning the little kitchen that seemed to be her world now. The morning dishes were already washed and put away and her laundry was out in the pale winter sunshine to dry. Her bed was made and the house dusted and there was really nothing to stop her from opening the letter and reading it, other than her own hesitation. She could hear the grandfather clock in the hallway ticking, ticking, reverberating though the old wooden floors and infiltrating her thoughts like a stentorian heartbeat pulsing in the silence of the house. With a sudden sense of dread she imagined it to be his heart and that each beat consumed a little of what was left, and if she waited too long it would wind down and stop - and she would never see him again.

It was the motivation Jen needed, and she sat down and picked up the envelope. It was thin and cheap and stained by the dust and dirt of its journey across the country, but the handwriting was clear and firm and confident. She turned it over in her hand and slipped a finger under the flap, tearing it open to retrieve the single sheet of paper, and she saw that it had only a few lines written upon it.

Hey Jen,

They say that blood is thicker than water, which may be why we battle our own with more energy and gusto than we would ever expend on strangers. Now time and distance have made me a stranger too, so perhaps the battle has moved on? I hope so.

Isn't it time now, my heart? Can't we at the very least be friends?

Call me.



Taped below the words was a scrap of material of faded blue. Jen touched the silken threads and the frayed lace edging with her fingertips and she remembered it even after all of these years, just as he had known she would.

In the little kitchen of her cramped and silent house she clasped the tattered fragment of her past and her mind whirled back to another time - of long sunny days of dreams and laughter when they were young and carefree, when they thought the good times would never end.

And she rested her head in her hands and she remembered.

November 2000

"I just don't know what's got into you two this morning!"

Jen could see that her mother was put out - not really angry, but clearly miffed by what she saw as odd behavior with no apparent reason. She liked her life to be ordered and when something happened without any explanation she was perplexed by it.

"I don't know what you mean, Mum." Jen tried hard not look at David, who was sitting opposite her at the little kitchen table. He was pulling a face that his mother couldn't see because she was behind him, and Jen was trying not to laugh but it didn't work. She felt her lips twitching and hurriedly turned the giggle into a cough.

"There you go again!" Katherine Griffith's eyes were icy blue. "You're possessed, the pair of you! If I didn't know better I'd say you were up to no good." She turned and stomped back to the sink before firing a final shot. "And when you and your brother have control of yourselves - if you ever do - then bring your dirty dishes and wash them up!"

Jen didn't care. It was as if she was on a high, soaring into the dizzy, rarefied air of elation where everything she perceived was crisp and clean and sharp. She could still taste David on her lips and under her dressing gown she could smell exactly what they had been up to - the musky odour of his semen blended with her own juices, drying on the satin skin of her thighs. She glanced at him. He had stopped clowning and was gazing at her, his blue eyes soft like a puppy's. She saw how his hair curled softly at the collar of his shirt and how the breadth of his chest filled it, and she remembered the rubbery feel of his muscles as she clasped him, crying out in the night at what he was doing to her. She felt her vulva open at the memory, releasing a little of what he had inserted there last night.

She shot him a warning glance as their mother turned again, her voice still shrill.

"And where were you this morning, David? Your work phoned at seven, looking for you to come in and when I knocked on your door you weren't there!"

"Er - it's Saturday. I went for a run this morning, Mum. Do you think they still want me?"

She shook her head in exasperation. "Don't bother! The manager said he'd call up someone else to come in. I thought you were trying to save a little money."

David nodded, his eyes on his sister. At seven that morning he'd still been in her bed, her naked and exhausted body curled around his. It was a good job his mother hadn't gone the extra ten paces and looked in Jen's room. He saw that she had had the same thought, her face paling at what might have happened had they been caught.

"Are you listening to me, young man?!"

"Er, yes, Mum. Yes, I am trying to save money, but I can't be everywhere at once. Sometimes there are more important things to do." He looked at his sister again, remembering the vigor of their lovemaking and he was seized by a need to be reckless. "I needed the exercise and I feel much better for having it," he said with a straight face. Jen was looking away, her expression stricken.

"Well, perhaps you could leave a note or something... I felt a fool having to tell him I didn't know where you were."

David imagined the sort of note he would have had to leave. 'Dear Mum. Please don't disturb me as I am fucking Jen in her room. Love, David.' The thought triggered another memory - his sister kneeling on the rumpled bed with her legs askew, the twin globes of her ass as pale as alabaster in the moonlight and the crevice between them in mysterious shadow as he thrust into her. He felt his cock harden and he looked across the table, wanting to hold her again. He couldn't imagine getting through the whole day without being inside her again.

"Well," his mother said. "I can't stop around here all day - I'm out with Gladys this morning." She dried her hands on a tea towel and regarded her children with glittering eyes. "Do you think you'd be able to do your chores this morning, or are you so daft as to be completely useless?" She undid her apron and hung it on the hook by the fridge. "I'll be back about twelve." She made it sound like a deadline.

The two sat looking at each other until the door slammed, and then Jen rose to her feet and practically ran the three steps to his chair. She straddled him, her hands on his face and her lips at his, laughing into his mouth, touching his hair.

"God I can't believe she didn't catch us! We are so stupid, David -" she could feel his hands sliding inside her gown, pushing it open to touch her breasts. Her nipples were hard already, like ripe gooseberries in his palms. "We have three whole hours -"

"I want you again, Jen." His mouth was on her neck, lips caressing the soft skin under her ears. "I can't get enough of you."

She leaned back, her arms around his neck to steady herself. Her gown was open and her thighs were either side of his. She could feel the coarse material of his jeans pressing against her sex, and she could feel the heat of wanting in her belly. "Well, here I am, David, so take me...where are you?"

He reached down and opened his zip, drawing himself out with difficulty. Jen stood up to give him a little room, watching as his cock appeared. It was rock hard, the glans thick and purple and angry. He held it upright and she moved forward and engaged herself on it, feeling the head pressing against the swollen lips of her pussy and she held herself there, poised above him.

"Are you sure you're up for this, Mister?" her eyes were twinkling with mischief and desire.

He groaned at the silken touch of her labia, but held still. "God, yes! Put it in."

"You won't die from lack of blood to the brain?"

"I'll die if you don't put it in."

"Let me check if you're ready." She reached down and seized the shaft, gripping it near the base between her forefinger and thumb. "Hmmm. Is that you, David, or did you drop a rolling pin in your lap?" She giggled and moved her fingers, rubbing the tip against herself, leaving a smear of silver on the purple flesh of his knob.

"Put it in...Put it in." He was panting.

"Tut, tut!! You boys are always in such a hurry." She eased forward and down, peering between her legs to watch the head slip inside her, and she drew her hand away. "Is that better?"

"Ah, yes! Now deeper!"

"Ah-ah. Not so fast. Let him play at the doorway for a while." She flexed her thighs, jiggling up and down a little so that just the head of his cock slipped in and out of her with soft slurping noises. "It's nice to play a little...don't you agree?"

"Yes...oh, God yes. Shit, that's good! You've no idea how good that feels, Jen." He put his hands around her waist, feeling the warmth of her body and the way she moved as she impaled herself on him. Both of them were looking down at the point of their union, watching how his glans appeared and disappeared. It was coated with the thick white discharge of their juices and the soft sucking sound of her flesh added to their pleasure.

Jen lowered herself further and grunted as his cock penetrated her more deeply, pushing aside the tender flesh of her vagina to reach up towards her belly. A sunbeam was streaming in through the little window, falling on them like a spotlight on an erotic act in a show. She could see motes of dust suspended in the air like specks of matter exploding from the intensity of her feelings for him. She observed the glints of red and copper in his hair, and the way his skin was burnished almost gold in its ethereal light. She rested her fingertips on his face, tracing the lines of pleasure and emotion, and she saw the warm curve of his mouth and the glint of his teeth behind the soft lips. A wave of almost unbearable emotion flooded through her.

"I love you." She said softly. "I love you so much."

David laughed. "You didn't say that a week ago." He leaned forward and pressed his mouth to her nipple, teasing it with his lips.

"I didn't love you a week ago."

He looked up at her face feigning surprise "Really? Shucks, you had me fooled. Every time I saw your pussy it was wringing wet."

"That didn't mean I loved you. I was just...horny."

"And now you love me," David said. He had closed his eyes, savoring the delicious slide of his cock into the tight warmth of his sister's body. He thought that he loved her too, but he didn't want to tell her so he tried to be lighthearted. "And I bet you say that to all the boys," he said.

Jen felt the sting of his words but they were drowned out by the intensity of their lovemaking. She hunkered down and rotated her hips a little as she engulfed him, delighting in the groan of satisfaction it drew from his lips.

"No," she whispered to herself. "No, I don't. It's only you."


They both thought that that hot, passionate summer would last forever. Hot nights, lying in her bed playing, playing; sharing kisses like drizzled honey, the warmth and elasticity of her flesh and the rigid hardness of his... slotting together, crafted for one another. So much sperm, pumping, pumping, spraying into her body; and then the slow drip of their juices into the weave of the sheets, staining the linen so that Jen feared her mother would notice and took to washing them herself. The feeling of bruised flesh; the rash on her face from his unshaven chin. The long slow exhaustion of each day, buoyed by the certain knowledge of the illicit pleasure to be drawn from one other each night. Whispering, whispering, terrified of discovery but helpless to resist.

They were seized by a kind of madness and took incredible chances, barely waiting for the click of the door latch behind their mother before falling on each other. At first their bodies were the source of mystery but as time went by they gradually became familiar places - the hills and secret valleys intimately explored, sources of endless gratification. Each learned the ways of the other: where to touch and what to do to prolong the intensity, to hold back the pinnacle of their pleasure for a while longer to allow it to build like a monstrous tsunami until it came crashing down, sweeping them away in a torrent of almost unbearable ecstasy. She saw how his eyelids fluttered when he came, his hands like steel claws on her flesh as he struggled to contain the storm-surge of pleasure - and he saw how she held her bottom lip in her little white teeth to muffle the groans of her ecstasy as her body twitched underneath him.

And after their passion was sated they whispered together in the silence of the night, their minds coming together just as their bodies had done, fusing them into an entity that in their blindness they thought would last a lifetime.

A Saturday in Autumn, the leaves scattered over the garden, clumped together in windrows against the fence. A job to be done, shared together as they so often did now. David stood by the shed, watching her raking and laughing when the little gusts of wind scattered them again. She turned on him. "Don't just stand there, you useless article!" She was laughing too. "Get the bag and help me."

He stooped and she pushed the leaves into the bag but when she turned for more he tipped them over her in a rustling cascade of red and gold. She screamed and flung down the rake and seized handfuls to throw at him, her cheeks flushed with excitement and her eyes sparkling with fun as he flung them back. She managed to stuff some into his jumper and then run away giggling until he cornered her at the back of the shed and held a handful above her head.

"No don't, David!" she was shrieking, trying to fend him off.

"Surrender, then!"

"Never! We're quits!"

He dropped half of them on her head. "Surrender!"

She was trapped in the corner between the shed and the fence, hemmed in by his body and the constraint of his arms. His face was close to hers and she could see the deep indigo-blue of his eyes and the softness of his mouth, laughing with her. There were bits of leaves in the strands of his hair where she had crushed them against his head, and his lips were slightly apart as he caught his breath. Jen stopped struggling and gazed up at him, a surge of longing sweeping over her. She leaned forward in sudden passivity, her face tilted up.

"OK, OK. I surrender...take me. I'm your slave."

David placed his mouth over hers and his tongue snaked into her mouth. The fringe of her hair tickled his forehead and he could taste a hint of peppermint and coffee on her breath. Her arms came around him, holding tight and he could feel the press of her breasts against his chest and the thrust of her pelvis against his. He dropped the leaves and encircled her, one hand around her waist and the other on one of her soft, warm breasts. His heart was hammering. She was delicious - a warm, vibrant animal, and she was his. His cock reared up, painfully constrained in his pants and he felt it pressing against her pubis.

Jen leaned back against the rough timber wall of the shed and lifted one leg to twine it about his, opening herself a little, rotating her hips against his groin. Even through the layers of clothes she could feel his length pressing against her clitoris and her pussy opened like a flower.

"Oh God, David," she was moaning, whispering between the kisses, her lips crushing his. "We can't...not here. Someone will see us."

"There's no one here." He was fumbling with his belt, his mouth against her skin. "God, I need you!"

Jen felt the rasp of his buckle against her and then the clasp of his hands on her buttocks as he hoisted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her back against the shed wall to support her. She looked furtively around, deciding that they were hidden from curious neighbours and from the main house. His fingers were scrabbling against the gusset of her panties to pull them clear and she reached down to help him, wrenching the material aside and locating the head of his cock against her opening before wrapping her arms around his neck. The turn of events had happened so quickly that she was still dry and his cock pressed hard against her without entering. Jen felt him trying to adjust it.

"No!" her voice was low and urgent. "Leave it! Let me take you in when its ready....keep still."

David nodded, his mouth barely touching hers. He brushed over her lips with the tip of his tongue, tasting her again, pushing them open a little. Her weight was pressing down on him, bending his rod as it struggled to enter her and he shifted his hands to allow his fingers to reach her sex. He could feel moisture on his fingertips as her body reacted to him, and he drew her vulva apart to ease his entry. The resistance suddenly melted and he sank into her deeply.

Jen arched her back as he entered her. She could feel the sill of the shed window pressing into the small of her back and she released his neck and grasped it with both hands, levering herself upwards a little. The angle of his penetration altered, pressing against her clitoris, and she writhed against him, sucking him in deeper and rotating her hips to rub against his pubic bone. She could feel the sun on her face and somewhere in an adjacent tree a bird was chirping, but apart from that the garden was silent and she bit down on her bottom lip to stop herself groaning in pleasure.

David grasped her buttocks tightly and began to thrust into his sister, matching the rhythm as she levered herself up and down on the windowsill. Her back was against the window, the material of her coat making small squeaking noises on the glass as she rose and fell; she was leaning forward with her face against his and her hair tickled his neck, and he could feel the tight suck of her cunt as it slid up and down on his shaft.

"Oh, Christ, David!" she was mumbling, almost, her voice disjointed and broken with pleasure. "Ah....yes, oh fuck...yes, baby. So good....do it! Do it faster!" His strokes were long and deep, levering aside the trembling walls of her cunt and her juices were flowing freely now and she wondered idly if it would stain the front of his pants. Her hands fluttered around his neck like trapped birds as the pleasure seized her and she moaned against his skin. "Ah, yes! Deeper...fuck, fuck - deeper, baby!"

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