Falling For Mr. Handsome


"I would, very much." After a long pause, I ventured to ask him the burning question, "Are you angry with your gardener for spying on us?"

He smiled. "Not at all. How could anyone help but look when presented with such a sight? As you well know...I could not resist looking at your beautiful breast whenever you bared it to me in the park," he reminded me. As an afterthought, he added, "Oh, but...I did not consider your feelings, love. I hope his attentions did not embarrass you?"

Such a gentleman he is, I thought. It tugged at my heart strings how considerate he always was of my feelings. "No...um, I don't know if you've yet discovered my....my fetish," I began, "but I do enjoy being looked at by other gentlemen. I hope you don't find that...off-putting in any way?"

At this, he looked thoughtful, and again, I was having trouble reading him. Inwardly, I began to panic. Oh, no. No, I should not have said anything yet about my fetish! Oh, what have I done? He won't like it. It's one thing to be aroused by the sight of my naked breast in a public place, but quite another to accept the probability that I may do it again in future to another unsuspecting man. Ian may be the jealous type, and may be unwilling to accept that I am different from other women. This is certainly a problem, since I felt myself falling in love with him, and this desire I have to expose myself to men may create in him a disgust that can never be erased. The longer he took to respond, the more I despaired. Just when I thought he had developed a genuine admiration for me, I frightened him away! Fool! I shut my eyes tightly and bit my bottom lip.

"Actually," he began seriously, "I've long suspected that you enjoy teasing and torturing men with your beautiful naked breasts."

I encouraged him to continue. "And...?"

"And....I find it...exceedingly sexy, and somewhat diverting," he said emphatically.

I finally allowed myself to exhale. Oh God, how great is this? He thinks it's hot! Maybe he'd even agree to help me facilitate such fantasies. What a thought! I gave him my broadest, most appreciative smile and kissed him on the lips. "I'm relieved you don't think ill of me," I said.

"Think ill of you? I was going to suggest you expose yourself on the beach when we take our walk," he laughed, "but it's a bit too chilly out, I think. I wouldn't wish those beauties to catch cold," he joked, as he glanced down at my right breast, which was now touching his belly.

"Oh, dear," I fretted. "I just realized, I'm leaking. I've gotten you all wet! I apologize, Ian, I just haven't expressed enough milk today."

"No worries, love," he reassured me. "The fault is all mine for neglecting my duties." With that, he began licking up the milk that ran in rivulets down my body...and once again, I felt the familiar stirrings and the wetness between my legs. It was shaping up to be a long, enjoyable day, perhaps one of many more to come, I hoped, as I closed my eyes and felt his mouth close on my nipple again.

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