tagNonHumanFalling Into Darkness Ch. 03

Falling Into Darkness Ch. 03


"That's it baby," James growled.

Her fat, sensual lips slid over the tip of his cock sending a shock of sensation through him as her warm, wet, mouth enveloped him. He groaned as her fingers rubbed his balls, the slut red nail polish turning him on as he watched her fingers gently tease and caress; each touch, each squeeze of her hands making his body spasm in pleasure.

"Fuck," he breathed as she suckled upon him sending a delightful shiver that went from his cock up to his spine making him groan again.

Damn the bitch was good.

He laced his fingers through her satiny gold strands; they were a little short, but the curly bob fit her. She looked up at him with her innocent-seeming honey colored eyes even as she gave him the wickedest ministrations with her mouth, suckling and then teasing him with her hot tongue on the underside of his now purple head.

He watched, mesmerized as she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth, swallowing him back into her throat and then slid up again with agonizing slowness. Those whorish nails were raking the inside of his thighs, lightly scratching his balls, and even delivering gentlest torture-turned-pleasure to the base of his cock. Again she took him deep, this time squeezing his sac as she went down on him making him twitch beneath her.

Unable to contain himself anymore, he took her head in his hands and began to fuck her face, growling hungrily. She suckled hard on him and scratched him with those nails moaning on him, flicking his nipples and rubbing her wet sex against his leg letting his coarse hairs and the delicious friction stimulate her, too.

Before he completely lost control he pulled her luscious mouth from him and kissed her hard, the taste of his musk on her mouth making him smile with possessiveness.

"Come here and take this, baby," he said lying back down on his back, holding his stiff cock up invitingly. She smiled and crawled onto the bed kissing her way up his legs, up his chest taking the time to suckle and then nip at his nipples before she straddled him. She held herself above him for a few moments rubbing her soaked folds over the tip of his cock smiling a mysterious smile. Then she slid down on him with the same agonizing slowness she'd swallowed him, so he could watch his rigid manhood slowly part her lower lips and slide inside her warm, velvety sheath millimeter by millimeter.


Slowly she moved up and down on him bracing her arms on his thighs so he could watch himself slide in and out of her. The round globes of her brests bounced deliciously as she moved and her blonde curls flung wildly about as she tossed her head in pleasure. He reached out and cupped those soft, bouncing orbs, twisting her light brown nipples smiling as she gasped and moaned.

"Harder," he growled smiling as she bounced upon him wildly, and gripped him with her pussy muscles as she moved faster and faster above him.

"Fuck, fuck..." he moaned over and over.

"Have her turn around Bradford," said a cool, smooth voice from the corner of the room.

The girl froze and looked at him suddenly unsure.

"It's okay, baby," said James reassuringly. "He's a friend. He wants to see the show you've been giving me, that's all." He smiled lecherously. "Besides, I want to see your tight little ass this time anyway."

She smiled at him and obligingly turned around to face the new member of her intimate party. Rebecca froze as she looked at the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen. Yeah, Bradford was hot, but this guy, he was right out of a catalogue. He was tall and muscular with dark hair and ice-blue eyes that almost seemed to glow in the dim light. There was an aura to him; sex, power, and danger, and Rebecca liked it. She smiled at him and licked her fat lips enticingly, even as she sat back down on Bradford's rigid erection.

She looked at the new man as she began to ride up and down. She touched her breasts as she went watching his reaction as she palmed and squeezed the soft orbs that most men couldn't keep their hands or eyes off. He didn't even seem amused. Suddenly she yelped as one of Bradford's hands smacked the left cheek of her ass, and the man before her grinned suddenly. Bradford smacked her again and she yipped obligingly noting that her little screeches were turning the god-like man on. She decided to get real noisy. She moaned and tossed her head, biting the thick flesh of her lip temptingly.

James smacked her harder than before causing her to bite her lip and draw blood. She looked up to see the man's attention was solely focused on her. He walked towards her and knelt at the foot of the bed watching her ride his friend.

"Play with your clit," he commanded. "Let me see you pleasure yourself," he growled.

She did as he said eagerly, and soon she was moaning even more, building up to an incredible climax.

"Smack her harder, Bradford," the man commanded watching as she bit her lips drawing even more blood for him. Then he saw it; the pink tone of her skin the trembling of her fingers the glassy-eyed stare a woman gets just before she...

Rebecca screamed as she came, drawing James into the climax with her as the walls of her pussy clamped spasmodically around his erection. At that very moment the man who had been kneeling before her, caught her hair in his hand, yanked her head to the side and bit down viciously on her neck.

She screamed again as her world shattered into a million points of light whimpering as the vampire fed. Her pussy clenched and unclenched around James's now softening cock deliciously even as she continued to wail and moan riding high on those rays of bliss. The vampire satiated his hunger with the woman's endorphin-filled blood and then licked the wounds at her neck sealing them. Then he lifted her almost tenderly off of James's body cradling her sated and sweaty body close to his. Smiling at Bradford wickedly he kissed her lips deeply and then with a negligent twist of his arms, snapped her neck and tossed her to the ground.

"What the fuck!" cried James. "Damn it you killed her!"

"Don't take it too hard, Bradford," said the vampire. "The whole time she was fucking you, she was fantasizing it was me."

James looked at the gorgeous blonde whose head was now hanging at an awkward angle in comparison to her body and shuddered.

"Now," said Kaiden darkly. "Since you've finished your entertainment for the evening, I have something to discuss with you."

James nodded and slipped on a pair of boxers. "How may I serve you, Great One?"

"Tell me about your trip to Alexander's tomb a few days ago," he said, his voice suddenly deadly.

James froze. No one was supposed to know about that. How had Kaiden...

"I can read your fucking mind, you fucking idiot!" the vampire snapped angrily. "You went the vault. You opened the door on the Ancient One's tomb and risked all my YEARS of plotting and planning to get him there. I want to know why."

James Bradford fell on his knees. "Forgive me Great One!" he begged. "I figured he was dead, so I thought I could dump a body in there to hide the evidence."

"You dumped someone in there?" Kaiden said raising his voice in rage. "A human with blood still in it?"

"It was just a girl, and there wasn't much blood left," said James. "Not after I was through with her, that is."

Kaiden stiffened. "Ah," he said in understanding. "The screamer from the other night. You took the girl from the café that I highly advised you against taking, didn't you?"

Bradford shrugged. "She was hot," he explained.

"And she denied you," the vampire chuckled. "She saw right through your façade. That one had a gift; she could recognize an evil bastard even when he appeared to be a good guy."

"The only thing it got her was a ripped body, and a resting place by a dead vampire," Bradford said coldly. Suddenly his eyes grew distant and glazed a little. "But I did enjoy the screaming."

Kaiden shook his head. Sometimes he wondered if the human was even more fucked up than he was. "You risked everything for a fuck," he stated in a deadly voice. "Do you understand you risked EVERYTHING!"

"Forgive me Great One," said James still on his knees. "I didn't think Alexander would still be alive, and I thought it was a safe place to dispose of the girl. Now that her family has been all over the news pleading for her safe return, it was an even better choice than I could have predicted."

"You're lucky," said the vampire. "You're lucky Alexander was either dead, or too weak to attack you. Because if you'd allowed him to escape, I would have turned you and then tortured every day of your life for eternity!"

Bradford said nothing and bowed his head. Kaiden was most unpredictable when it came to these things.

"Get out of my sight," snapped the vampire angrily. "And dispose of your trash while you're at it. Just NOT in Alexander's tomb."

Bradford bowed. "Yes, Great One."

He looked at Rebecca's body a little sadly. She was a really good fuck.


"Anna!" Cael cried.

He drew her trembling and panting body into his arms.

"You did it!" he said hugging her close in jubilation.

She wrapped her arms about him and suddenly began to sob hysterically. Cael held her for a moment and then shook her gently.

"I wish I could just let you be weak right now," he said. "But we have to get moving."

She sniffed, "You should go," she said. "I'm too tired to run anymore. I don't even have the strength to stand."

"I do. Perhaps I have strength enough for us both. Come," he said lifting her in his arms.

He stumbled as he carried her out of that horrible chamber and through the crumbling hallway. He was panting by the time they were out.

It was night; two hours after sunset, and Cael had never felt so ALIVE!

The breeze was blowing gently on his face and tousling his hair. He could smell the sweet earthy scent of the dirt, and the herbal musk of the trees that had opened their leaves to the night. He heard the pattering of tiny nocturnal creatures about him, and the call of the night insects and they sang their songs of evening; songs of mating, seduction and longing. He looked up at the stars; tears filling his eyes as he'd realized that after hardly gazing at them for two thousand years, until this moment, he'd never known how depraved an existence without the sight of those heavenly jewels could be. Cael just collapsed on the ground, holding Anna gently in his arms and exulted in those tiny morsels of life he'd ignored for centuries but had been bereft of in what he thought would be his final days.

The girl whimpering in his arms finally brought him back from his reverie and he tried to stand, but collapsed back onto the soft earth.

"Forgive me," he said to her brushing her ear with his lips. "I can go no further," he said. "I am weak, too."

"We can't escape just to die here outside our prison in weakness," she said with determination.

He didn't know how she could sound so strong when he knew she was so frail. Even as a creature of great power, the tenacity and will of this child was overwhelming to him at times.

"I could hunt for some wary animals tonight and gain strength that way," he said. "Then we could possibly continue on tomorrow night."

She shook her head. "They might know even now that the door has been opened," she said. "They could be on their way." She shivered bravely. "If you drink more of my blood," she said. "Will it make you strong enough?"

"You do not have much strength to give me, Anna," he said. "It could kill you. And..." he stroked her cheek gently with the back of his fingers, "it frightened you so much last time."

She smiled a little splitting her lips once again and a ruby red jewel of her precious essence formed in the tiny wound. Cael kissed away the sweet droplet shuddering at the taste and then licked her with his tongue to moisten those cracking lips. Perhaps at another time it would have been a highly erotic act for both of them, but in their weakness it was only a physical manifestation of their despair and need for mutual comfort.

"I'm feeling lucky tonight, Mr. LeGaulle," she said when he'd finally released her mouth.

His tongue had healed the cuts again; he'd been doing that frequently on her less-serious wounds, though her weakening body continued to cannibalize itself as she faded.

"I believe that luck always comes in threes. The first was the door. The second is my blood...I know I have enough for you. The third is you; my dark angel. I trust you to get me to safety. Let's use our luck before it runs out."

He kissed her lips a little more seriously.

"Okay," he said. He leaned over her neck his hot breath against her skin. "Are you sure?"

She nodded and put her hand on his cheek that she could sort-of see in the starlight, now. "I trust you."

"I will only take what I need to save us, Anna," he said. "I promise I will take care of you and I will get you somewhere safe."

He looked into her pale and bloodied face. It was the first time he'd actually seen anything of her features. She was covered with bruises and her own blood, but he could get a glimpse that she was beautiful.

"You will pass out," he began as he licked the spot on her neck where her life pulsed.

"Okay," she replied.

Her hands were trembling again. He could smell her fear, but he could sense her determination. For a moment he couldn't bring himself to do it. There he knelt with his mouth at her throat; a willing donor, but they were playing roulette now. Could he take only enough? He shuddered with hunger, with need. If he started, would he be able to stop?

"Hurry," she urged. "I think they might be able to tell if we've broken out." She ran her fingers through his hair. "Please Cael."

He laved the tender spot with his tongue, sending a shiver through her body, and bit down upon her neck once again. She flinched and whimpered in pain as his fangs sunk deep into the artery drinking her now dehydrated blood. Even though he'd only fed from her once, he found her taste addicting. He let her thick, dehydrated blood splash on his tongue prolonging the feed but he couldn't help but savor the flavor of her life essence; she was so sweet. He purred in pleasure against her and he wrapped his arms about her tightly and possessively. For a moment he lost all thought; and he started to pull deeply, but with another growl, this time at himself he closed his eyes, shaking. His powerful hands trembled as he fought his desire to consume the last drops of her life away. He pulled away taking a shuddering breath. His control was wavering, but he'd promised. He would only take what he needed. He licked the wound closed and held her close to his chest listening desperately for her breaths and her heartbeat. Satisfied that she was still alive, he lifted her into his strengthened arms again and closed his eyes; feeling, smelling, and using what strength he had to find civilization. He could smell a town to their north; and he made his way there, hoping to reach some shelter before dawn.

What he found was an old motel alongside the highway. He needed to get them a room and get cleaned up. He needed to black out the sun so he could heal and he needed to get Anna some food. He drew out his credit card that he'd managed to hide in the sole of his shoe. He'd learned the lesson long ago about being somewhere without money. Carefully he hid his weakened Anna in some brush wrapping her in his coat to protect her from the cold. He stroked her hair from her face tenderly then he walked into the office alone.

"Hey buddy," said the manager. "What happened to you?"

Cael laughed bitterly. "A fucking practical joke from my friends," he said. "They got me drunk, roughed me up and dumped me outside the city without my car. I've just made it back and blessedly saw your place."

"Wanna call the cops?" said the manager.

"No," he said. "All I want is a shower and a room," he said. "And maybe about five extra blankets. It's been a cold couple of nights."

"You got money?" said the manager.

"Plastic work for you?"

"As long as your bank says it does," replied the manager.

"Here," said Cael. "I guarantee you its good."

"We'll see," said the man.

Ten minutes later, Cael had five extra blankets and a key card to a room. He dumped the blankets in the room and then went back for Anna, moving quickly in the dark to keep from the watchful eye of the motel manager. When they were both safely inside the hotel room Cael sucked in his breath.

After all this time in the dark, he'd never imagined she'd be this battered. Her entire body was covered with bruises and dried blood. After twenty-five hundred years of life, human kind's brutality did not surprise him anymore, but he felt himself aching with empathy for this girl. He filled a cup with water and poured some into her parched mouth gently urging her to swallow. She did without protest and without struggle. She was barely able to swallow. He needed to get her to a hospital. But in the mean time, he was going to clean both of them up in the shower. He stripped their clothes off, Anna's as well as his own and started the water. This place only had a shower which would make things awkward, but he couldn't let her wallow in her blood and defilement any longer.

Even as he thought it, he saw the stains of blood between her legs and growled with that same possessiveness he'd felt while feeding from her. It was more than a vampire's primal urge to hoard its prey. In the last several days he'd gotten to know her. Her discussion, despite her pain and fear had been delightful, her questions probing, her observations astute. She'd listened in dreamy contentment as he told her about his experiences and places long lost to time, asking questions like an excited historian who'd finally found the answers to an age-old perplexing mystery. He knew what she'd been doing; begging him to take them out of that wretched cave into lands of beauty long forgotten. She'd been using his tales to escape the shadowy oppression of their seemingly unavoidable demise, and the act of sharing and listening had done just that- for the both of them.

He scrubbed at her hair using the soap that came with the room trying to remove the oils. He gently cleansed her wounds and washed away the dirt from that accursed prison. The water ran brown with her caked on blood for a while, but when he was done, he was satisfied. He stepped out of the shower with her and dried her off with one of the tiny towels, wrapping her long, black hair to keep it from dripping. Then he wrapped her in a blanket and put her on the bed.

When he returned from his own shower, Anna's eyes were open.

He looked at her in shock. Those eyes were the most incredible blue he'd ever seen; like the azure sky on the clearest of days. For a moment he couldn't move as he looked into those stunning orbs.

"Are we safe?" she asked weakly closing her eyes again releasing him from her spell.

"I'm not sure," he admitted. He poured another cup of water and climbed on the bed lifting slightly. "Drink," he said pressing the cup to her lips. "You're dehydrated. That is my greatest concern right now. You need to do a few sips every few minutes." He looked at their filthy clothes for a moment. "These are the only clothes we have. I'm going to wash them and hang them out to dry," he said. "There is a lone man two doors down," he continued. "I'm going to go feed," he said.

Her face paled.

"Remember, Anna," he said gently. "I do not kill when I feed. It is pleasant for the human. And when I am finished, I will erase his memory of the event. I should gain enough power from him to do it."

"When will you be at your full strength?" she asked.

"I will probably need to feed twice more," he admitted. "Then I will be strong enough."

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