tagBDSMFalling into Subspace Ch. 03

Falling into Subspace Ch. 03


The next couple of days were strange ones for John. He would wake up in the morning aroused and wanting to masturbate and get the relief he so desperately wanted. Every time he went to do it he would stop himself, hearing Sarah tell him in his mind he had to get her permission before he could come. Fantasy was one thing but this was reality and he knew if he lied to her and she found out it would be over. He kept telling himself he was being foolish for keeping himself chaste for her but he could not disobey her either. As he thought about not disobeying her he felt that falling feeling he had the previous two times she had taken him, wrapping him tighter and tighter into her web. He was starting to feel desperate and knew he would have to ask her soon or forget her giving him her attentions again.

He thought it might be easier if he did not have to see her at work, sitting there in front of him showing of her lovely legs. She would wear blouses that showed just the right amount of cleavage to be provocative, yet still tasteful. He loved when she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and he could see how beautiful and elegant her neck was. He was appreciating every facet of her and was not sure if it was his intense sexual frustration or if she was just such a wonderful, strong woman. She acted as if nothing had happened when he had to interact with her except once in a while giving him a knowing look that said she knew he was starting to squirm. John just felt she had to know what he was feeling, how she was dragging him along just as she intended.

After three days with no release John waited until it was he and Sarah alone in the office to approach her. He finished a call he could hardly remember thanks to another lovely leg show by Sarah and he took his headset off and walked over to her desk. She did not acknowledge his presence until he spoke to her, "Um...Sar...I mean Miss," Sarah looked up at John with a little grin and a twinkle in her eye, "Hello there Johnny is there something you wanted to ask me?" John was feeling that sensation coursing through him with amazing intensity.

"Um...Miss may I...can I uh...can I come again...please?" Sarah's hips appeared to twitch a little as John asked but he knew his eyes must be deceiving him, she could not be excited by this.

"Oh poor baby," her little giggle gave her comment a complete lack of sincerity," is it getting hard to take baby? Can you feel that weakness right now Johnny? Ooohh yes you can I can see it. Why don't you get down on your knees and ask me baby," John lowered himself down to his knees in front of her. It was all so strong and she was just making it stronger when she spoke, wrapping her web tighter. "There, that's better. I don't think I should have to look up at you honey it strains my neck. Now," she slid her foot out of her shoe and moved it to John's lap sliding it up and down on his thigh," what is it you want again baby?" Sarah watched as John's body would shake every time a wave of pleasure washed over him.

"Please Miss Sarah, may I please come?" John's voice quivered as he spoke the words. The falling feeling wrapped his body completely. Sarah's foot was idly rubbing his thigh, every third or fourth time rubbing over his hard cock. John could see that as she rubbed her skirt had started to ride higher and higher up her thighs. He could se her stocking tops and garters but her panties still stayed in the shadows where the tops of her inner thighs met. Sarah's hands had begun to rub up and down her own thighs as she began to fully rub John's cock with her foot," Take it out baby, take out your cock so you can give more of yourself to me," John fumbled with his pants as he hurriedly tried to release his cock to the open air.

"That's better baby, you know every time you come from now on you are giving more and more of yourself to me," letting her other shoe fall from her foot Sarah grabbed John's cock with both her feet slowly rubbing it up and down with her silky, nylon enclosed feet. As Sarah's feet worked her magic John cold do nothing but quiver and moan," Oh yes baby you are soooo weak for me, oh god feel it John, feel you giving all your power over to me," Sarah's right hand had pulled her skirt all the way up and dropped down into her panties. John barely noticed Sarah pleasuring herself at the same time she pleasured him. "Yes you're trapped Johnny, feel my feet grip your cock just the way I've got a grip on you," her motions became more insistent as hand and feet moved in unison. "You are so helpless to me baby, feel it, you'd do anything for me wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?" Sarah repeated the question more fervently letting John know she expected an answer.

"Yes Miss Sarah, anything, please Miss...oh..god..," John's moans were getting closer and closer together, his chest heaving up and down.

"Oh look at yourself, you are so fucking mine now," Sarah's hand was moving in her panties at a furious pace. "OH yeah baby not long now, you'll be totally lost to me soon," Sarah's moans came out thunderously as her hips bucked in her chair. Her feet continued rubbing John's cock the entire time and as her orgasm subsided she gave John two more commands, "now look at me Johnny, look into my eyes as you come to me, come for me and give even more of yourself to me, "with the last comment John erupted looking into Sarah's eyes that were filled with triumph. Stream after stream of come erupted from John as his body shook over and over again even after he stopped ejaculating. Sarah continued to rub slowly, "all of you John, that's it feel your weakness, give me all of yourself because you are too helpless to keep it from me." With her words John felt more little orgasms flow through his body as he collapsed in front of her.

Sarah moved her feet to his face lifting it up, "you made a mess my little pet, be a dear and lick my feet clean for me." John began licking Sarah's feet clean taking special care with them sucking her toes clean through her stockings then work his way up the rest cleaning them with his tongue. "You did such good job baby, here," grabbing John by the hair on the back of his head with her left hand Sarah brought his head forward to her right and parted his lips with her first two fingers. "Have a taste of your Mistress baby, maybe someday I'll let you taste more." John's mouth sucked her fingers clean before finally she forcefully pulled his head away.

"You are doing well Johnny it will only get stronger and you will want to give more and more. Now I was going to finish a few things here but it's nothing you can't handle for me. Just a few transfer forms you can fill out while I go home and get some rest baby. So when you've finished all that you should go home and get some rest too. I know you'll dream about this and wake with a burning desire for more of this, more of my control. Well good night sweetie, "with the last words Sarah giggled as she slid her shoes on, grabbed her purse and walked out the office with John's gaze following every sway of her hips getting his last look at her before he finished up their work and headed home.

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